Nova Launcher Prime MODDED 2022

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Do more with Nova Launcher Prime
Unlock Nova Launcher’s full potential with Nova Launcher Prime:

• Gestures: Swipe, pinch, double tap, and more on the home screen to execute custom commands.
• App Drawer Groups: Create custom tabs or folders in the app drawer for an ultra-organized feel.
• Hide Apps: Remove apps from the app drawer without uninstalling them.
• Custom Icon Swipe Gestures: Assign swipe gestures to home screen icons or folders for custom actions.
• …and more. More scrolling effects, unread counts, and others.

Nova Launcher Prime acts as a license to unlock these features in the free Nova Launcher App. You will need to install Nova Launcher first.


Nova Launcher Prime acts as a license for in the free Nova Launcher App. You will need to install it first.

Updates are released as part of the Nova Launcher app, please see the changelog there.


40 comentarios en "Nova Launcher Prime MODDED 2022"

  1. ca mez dice:

    Just purchased the paid version. I’ve been using the free version of this app for about three years. I’ve only used prob half the features because that serves my needs. There have been no issues, no confusion, frustrations, no in-your-face “Don’t you want to upgrade???” pop-ups (actually, there were none at all, just a few locked features). Straightforward and easy to use. The only reason I purchased the paid version is to say thank you to the developers for creating a great tool. Thumbs up

  2. Nate dice:

    One of the best launchers out there. You can seriously customize nearly everything. Launcher remains super fast and intuitive to use. One of the main reasons I use this is because of the folder features. You create a folder, and then select apps to be placed in it. The launcher remembers what apps are in the folder, so if you select other apps, the ones already in there are selected automatically. This really makes it easy to organize your home screen, especially if you have a lot of apps.

  3. It’s not many apps that deserve 5 stars but this launcher is an exception. It is so user friendly, has lots of choices to spice up an otherwise boring and bland home screen. Once you get everything set up with your choices, you can then backup your settings to the device or cloud. Excellent App that I recommend to everyone with an android phone. Sucks to be you Apple!

  4. The best launcher overall, with a few caveats. I wish it supported quickswitch, though I understand and respect the dev’s decision not to go through the massive effort (per android version) to support it. Perhaps with Android 13 we can have a standardized API for it for all versions going forward, and then maybe it’ll be readded someday. Other than that though, it’s the best bar none. Drawer tabs, drawer folders, overlapping widgets, Google discover integration….the features list is unrivaled.

  5. Anvoid dice:

    This launcher is perfect. From being able to resize app icons, to changing how things open, to hiding those pesky pre-downloaded apps that you can just never seem to get rid of. This launcher can do it all. The only draw back is that it takes a little bit of time to get setup just how you want it. But once you have it just the way you like it, you can easily move that layout to all other devices running Nova! 10/10 Update: 15/July/22: This layout manager is still amazing. Buy the pro version!

  6. Nova was my second launcher, and ive been using it since my S6e. It’s wonderful and reliable. It’s crashed maybe twice, but that was years ago. $5 was well spent for an app that dictates how well your phone can work with/for you, and is insanely customizable. My only gripe is that you can’t put folders in folders (at least not that ive found)

  7. Isaac L dice:

    I’ve been using this launcher since I swapped from iPhone to Samsung back when the s7 edge was brand new. I love the look and feel, the customization, the frequent updates. Overall I recommend this to anyone who wants a better homescreen experience. My one request from the developers, is that there is an option to separate locking of homescreen, and locking of app drawer.

  8. Just downloaded this for my new moto g power. It replaced 5 years of using golauncher. So far I love the customization and ease of use. My only complaint is that when you increase grid size, the icons automatically get smaller when they don’t need to be. There’s plenty of room for the icons to remain the largest size and sit side by side. I’ve looked at the “buffer options” and have them turned off but it doesn’t change anything. If there’s a way to work around this it’d be a five star rating

  9. Great launcher, but… If you’re a theme changing maniac, like myself, this is a bit disappointing for one specific reason. You can’t run apps like Parallel Space with it. Other launchers I’ve tried work just fine, but this either doesn’t launch, or won’t show up the list of available apps. Had I known, I would have purchased a more flexible launcher. Still, overall, it does what it says and runs pretty well. I’ll update my review, if I can find a way around this limitation.

  10. Excellent Launcher. Flexibility is second to none. Would be 5 star (and will be) once a few minor kinks are resolved. Intermittently adds an app to the new apps list even if that app is in a folder elsewhere. Move it to that folder a you have two of them! It will go away but requires a reboot. New apps dropped on a home page sometimes fail to get an icon, just the background. Again, reboot fixes this. Lastly, sorting contents of a folder does re-order the icon, but not alphabetically!

  11. My first and only launcher. If you haven’t tried a launcher app yet because it seemed a bit of a jump into uncharted territory, well, it IS. BUT, it’s completely safe and can be uninstalled just like any other app. Launchers have a learning curve with a lot of trial and error. And you can always go back to the stock look in settings. Tap 🔎, type in “default”, and switch from one to the other. I chose Nova because it’s the Gold Standard the others are compared to. After messing around with other apps to add swipe gestures, I realized the Nova paid version had that built-in. The Backup feature saved all my customizations, and everything was exactly the same when I bought a new phone too.

  12. I bought this a while back, wasn’t as much of a fan then original launch. I decided to redownload it cause I did like it. I’m glad I did, I can see so much work in it & honestly everything about it is perfect. I love that I can add more on home screen like wedges & apps on grid layout also I can customize it by putting pictures/whatever on top of whatever picture/wedge by using the overlap. please dont remove this or anything else. Highly recommended & worth the download.

  13. I can not think of one bad thing about this. Maybe it crashed a few times? Nothing catastrophic. I’ve been using this launcher for years because If I HAD to think of something to nitpick, adding on an option to resize wallpapers. Rather than editing the photo in an external program. If you use the free version, just buy the full thing. You’ll be happier and the devs have earned it.

  14. Absolutely love this launcher. I bought it many years ago (with the premium for added functionality) and I don’t regret it one bit. Gives me endless customization, is super dependable, the backup – restore function makes swapping phones easy, and the launcher itself is very easy to become proficient with. Additionally the developer has never abandoned it, they’re keeping up with new releases and features.

  15. Great launcher, however; very often when I use the navigation icons at the bottom of the screen to return to my home screen, I get a blank screen with just my wallpaper background showing. There are no icons present. I have to click a different navigation button and then click back for the icons to reappear on my main screen. Please fix this. This is very annoying. I’m a premium user. Thank you.

  16. Best ever! I’ve tried soooooo many home screen replacements and this is by far the best! Example, new phone and you don’t use every app. In this case, you don’t just want to restore all 350 programs. The solution is restoring last saved Nova. It places all the apps in the same place and leaves a greyed out icon for the apps not installed. Press on greyed out icon and a search bar opens up asking if you’d like to search and restore that app. Gives options for galaxy store or play store. Very easy

  17. I’ve been using Nova Launcher since I was 14. At 25 I think this review is long overdue. It’s crazy customizable, relatively easy to navigate/use, has a ton of useful features, and is above all reliable. I’ve used it on several different brands & models of android smartphones and will likely continue to do so for a long time still. Thanks to Nova Launcher whenever I switch to a new phone it’s been a breeze to return to a familiar, comfortable & tailored to my preferences experience. <3 {SFG}

  18. User for several years. All shortcuts, independent of application, started disappearing at intervals of a few months and are not restored from backup. I contacted support who pointed me to a known issue with chrome – I don’t even use chrome-and added shortcuts are not backed up for security reason. When a backup is not backup, for whatever reason, you know a business is not trustworthy.

  19. Did everything I needed it to do. So much customization readily and easily available. Love that I gained more real-estate being able to shrink down icon sizes and increase the number of visible icons. Simply a great interface that doesn’t interfere with existing functionality but simply enhances it. I bought this interface before even trying it. It did not disappoint in any way. In fact, I got pleasant surprises I wasn’t expecting. Simply walk your way through the many settings available. Enjoy!

  20. Overall, really great launcher. I’m using this on my s8, and the only issue I have is with the app drawer. The options you have are pretty limited, as everything is always in alphabetical order, and you can’t move apps around. Also the fact that you have to go into the launcher app to create folders and then pick out apps to put inside folders, instead of just being able to create one inside the app drawer, is super frustrating and time consuming.

  21. Needs ALOT MORE. Still very cool app but it was not what I was expecting. What about totally modifying the status and notification bar adding icons for it. And everything else that could have been modified or changed within the device that was appropriate, legal and was, just an “A-OK down right good ‘ol time, HEY! you there… Gotta, “Follow the guild lines and behave yourself.” To all the higher-ups that control over it all. And it keeps crashing all the time I cannot get on my home screen to do anything I have to go through settings to get onto a app of any kind and it has only been 3 days if that and it’s been crashing!!!??? Bad deal man, really don’t appreciate it, or care for that to much. But it is a very cool app you can do a lot of things but besides that, I want some answers on why it’s crashing all the time when you try to go on home screen!! What can I do, and anything else that can be provided for extra help and support would be thankful. Thank you.

  22. I’m enjoying it. It’s very granular with how you can set it up. The only con I’ve seen so far is minimizing YouTube doesn’t bring up the mini window. I have to swipe up from my dock, which brings up the app search, for it to appear. Not sure if it matters but I am running this on a Pixel 4 XL. Some sort of feedback on this would be great. The only reason why I’m so critical of it is because this is the first android I’ve owned in a number of years and the feature is cool and convenient.

  23. Kay Bee dice:

    Bought it years ago and have used it since. Love it, I tried a few different ones a long time ago and this was the best. I’m not even sure whats out there, phone customization wise, but I have no want to change. Though, I do miss the old color wheel when color matching things. The new one isn’t as good, and it’s easy to tap out of it going for the sliders.

  24. I’ve been using this launcher for quite some time. I especially like the ability to scroll the docker in addition to and independently of the region above. One thing that came in especially handy recently when I upgraded to a new phone was the ability to export the detailed set up, including apps, folders positions and so on. The transfer app I used forgot a lot. The launcher didn’t. I was able to get back things the way I had them, using the shortcuts to apps to download what was missing.

  25. Great app. It works great and is very responsive with tons of options! I wish there were video tutorials and more detailed instructions since there are so many options. You can fumble your way through and figure it all out because it is designed very well but instructions would have been really nice. I would like to see settings widgets and also access to news feeds as found on a dedicated android screen.

  26. This is the best thing on the store. I’ve tried many launchers and this one is the best that doesn’t require root access. Very reliable, and lots of customization settings gives you almost complete control over this application. I’ve searched far and wide for something similar, and always the others fall short. You might as well quit looking cuz you won’t find anything Even close. Hats off to the devs of this amazing and versatile work of art.

  27. I been using the free version for two months. Because I recently got an Android 9 phone and the stock Android 9 UI is trash. And I got the free version and loved it and saw this on sale. Damn I need to get it. And I did. I can not write much to say how pleased i’m with this app. The level of customization is amazing and even better with the gestures. You can add more rows to home or dock. I like that you can choose the style app drawer and with colors. I recommend buying this totally worth it.

  28. They don’t bombard you with ads what so ever. It’s simple yet efficient and above all, reliable. They politely reserve a few fluffier options for the paid version. I absolutely love that. I didn’t decide to get the paid version until I decided I wanted it. Every other app developer should take note of that. I don’t rate things often if ever. But this app is well worth the paid version. And the free version is practically essential. I have had this app for years now, by the way. Still has yet to let me down.

  29. I’ve been using Nova Launcher Prime for about 4 years now, through about 3 phones, and I’ve got to tell you, it lasts and performs on another level. It functions really well on old devices, and new devices even better. the animations are clean and my phone really feels optimized to work well with who I am and what I do. It takes some tweaking but your phone will stand out when people see it.

  30. Nav Stark dice:

    Its amazing! The only problem is that everytime on home screen when I swipe up the home button (s21), im unable to do anything for the next 1 second. I cant swipe up for menu, down for notifications or use any other gesture for 1 whole second. I know its just a little lag but when it happens everytime it becomes annoying. Other than that I love absolutely everything about this launcher. Oh, if you could just let us rearrange the apps in the drawer it’d be great ✌🏻😄💚

  31. Absolutely love the depth of possibilities. Very well done. Probably not for the novice launcher user but it is certainly learnable. I enjoy the constant upgrades and integrations. You can actually design your own phones layout in such a way that someone other then yourself wouldn’t be able to use it even if they got past your security.

  32. I bought this when it was on sale for 1.99 just because I had the points to burn. When I first got it I was completely content with Samsung’s OneUI launcher, but after playing with It I realized how great it was. The amount of customization was daunting at first, but turned out to be incredibly easy to do and understand. My only issue as of now is I cannot figure out how to change the default color from the default red. Other than that it has exceeded my expectations

  33. Used this for years, literal years. After a few crashes in the early days, probably brought on by my $100 phone, I’ve never had an issue since. I’ve seen this app updated at the drop of a bug report. The team behind this launcher are no longer just making an app, they’ve made a unique experience that let’s you change everything, or keep the layout you’ve had since 2015 like me. Thank you guys.

  34. This is fantastic. Every time I think of a feature I like, it’s already available. My phone’s original launcher had a feature to swipe down to access the notification shade and when I first installed Nova, I lost that feature. This feature along with a bunch more are included in the Prime version. For the price of a cappuccino, I found a launcher that makes my phone easier to use

  35. I bought this app launcher some time ago for my Galaxy Note 8 and recently migrated to a Galaxy Note 10 Plus, and the “backup and import settings” worked great. Not one for the complexity found in TouchWiz or One UI, I prefer a simple vertical slide up to expose my app icons, and I love being able to “hide” apps that I can’t uninstall. I recently discovered the “screen lock” with a double-tap on the screen, so now I twist the phone to wake-up and double-tap the home screen to lock it and sleep, no more power button. I am more than satisfied with Nova Launcher Prime. Keep up the good work!

  36. seems to be abandoned at this point (Prime’s app page says updated dec. 2018, but also that the changelog is on the normal version’s page, which hasn’t updated since early 2018). it’s still pretty good and adds a lot of features to your phone, but don’t expect any improvements or added features from what you’ll get right now.

  37. The customization is limitless. There’s simply no boundaries. For example, my favorite is grid customization (for my S9+ I use a 5×9 with a 5×1 bottom dock, totalling 10 high) which the dock too can be given pages just like your standard home screen, or it can be negated altogether. Additionally, which I use all the time, is icon customization. Much like you’d find on a Windows device. I could go on, so much freedom.

  38. This really is the most consistent launcher with Android. It has everything users could want and then some. The only thing missing is Google allowing third-party launchers to have access to the Android 10 gesture navigation. Not in the developers control though. Definitely worth the price for the premium version though just to keep development active.

  39. Been using this app for about 3-3.5 years now and I gotta say, one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. My phone is fully customized to my liking and I couldn’t possibly go back to not having it my way. Simply being able to swipe on one app to open another adds so much functionality! For example, if I tap the camera icon, it opens the camera. If however I swipe on it, it opens Google Photos. Absolutely brilliant!!!

  40. Love all the functionality and support. One thing I’d been hoping to see, when editing icons and using an image from my own gallery, it doesn’t allow for slightly rounded corners. There are some options within the icons section, but it doesn’t apply when editing to use your own image. I’d really REALLY love to have this?! xo

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