Wallpapers MODDED 2022

Make the most of your display with beautiful wallpapers and advanced features.
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Make the most of your display with beautiful wallpapers and advanced features. Choose one of your own photos, an image from the Google Earth collection, a scenic landscape from Google+, and more. Change it as often as you like, so your phone always represents your style.

• Enjoy a collection that keeps on growing. Access images from Google Earth, Google+, and other partners.
• Double your fun. Show the world one wallpaper on your lock screen, and keep one for yourself on your home screen. (Requires Android™ 7.0, Nougat, and above.)
• Start each day fresh. Pick your favorite category and you’ll get a new wallpaper image each day.

Permissions Notice
Photos/Media/Files: Needed to allow you to use custom photos as wallpaper.
Storage: Needed to display the currently set wallpaper and to allow you to use custom photos as wallpaper.


UI improvements and bugfixes.


58 comentarios en "Wallpapers MODDED 2022"

  1. Ja Le Gr dice:

    There are some great photos, but it doesn’t tell you where the photo is taken which would be nice, and as white is the default Android notification font color, sometimes it displays a light enough background that you can’t see the notification bar or what’s there; which then makes me have to go in and manually choose another background (sometimes two or three times). And lately, the wallpaper selected in the app isn’t the same as to what’s applied to my phone.

  2. Kindly, update the collection from time to time. I’ve been seeing same set of wallpapers since eons. The collection has only been updated once since the application’s launch! Furthermore, upon applying the wallpaper, it sets the region of display which is not what user has selected. Lastly, there are a large number of photos which are of poor quality. Google Inc. should set certain protocols related to the quality, resolution, etc of wallpapers being uploaded. A potent app, needs refinement!

  3. BEAUTIFUL photos! I love that I can enlarge and move the photo around to get exactly what I want out of it for my wallpaper. I didn’t even realize that at first! Like in “Landscapes”, I’ll use a tiny portion blown up. Can barely tell which photo I’m using. 😉 I’m really only into a few of the series tho. E.g., in “Seascapes” the shots don’t differ a whole lot. And I can’t figure out how to get my own photos in there although there seems to be a spot for them. But all in all, I love it & so easy!

  4. Another great idea that has been left to languish by Google. Live wallpapers are one of the few features that are unique to the Android space. Maybe live wallpapers aren’t as trendy as they once were, but it’s something that makes my Pixel 3 fun to use. And I would really miss them if I switch to iOS. Why not add new ones from time to time? Why introduce the feature if that was not the intent to begin with? So, thanks Google for letting another interesting feature become just stale.

  5. It’s good, but I’m getting increasingly frustrated with the fact that I can’t upload a live wallpaper. The only thing showing up for me is a black video that isn’t on my device, nor can I find it in my storage. It doesn’t look like how it looks like in the preview, which would be fine but it restricts some of the extra stuff like timing backgrounds. It does do great with quality, but otherwise I’m simply frustrated that no matter what I try I can’t get a live wallpaper.

  6. This used to be my daily highlight! I loved and looked forward to seeing the beautiful changing (landscape photos) I don’t know what happened. It’s not been working, I turned phone off. I went into settings, tried a few things. I was going to uninstall to reinstall but it said I couldn’t because it’s an App already installed ( I think factory from my phone)? it’s upsetting and frustrating that I have to see the same thing daily

  7. Jim Gysin dice:

    The available images can be scrolled from left to right as you review them, so I assumed that if I picked a certain portion of an image before setting it as my wallpaper, the app would crop the image appropriately at that spot for my phone screen. But it doesn’t seem to do that. Instead, it makes the image into the home screen, but makes its own decision as to which part of that image is shown. This is not acceptable, and I don’t see any settings options that might allow me to overcome this.

  8. I love it to look at the pictures. But usually the pictures interfere with what you can actually see on the screen. I take a screenshot with my hand over the lens so it’s black. That’s my. Kind of like dark mode. But it can’t have colors. with my option you don’t have something written in white at the bottom of a waterfall. I’m sure you’d experienced

  9. I think it’s a great idea to get feedbacks on Wallpapers and tell them Something went wrong and explain what happened when it comes to getting Updates from Google Play Store. For example, I’ll have to go to Settings at the top of the Home screen. I’ll have to get Troubleshooting steps to get it fixed right away. I’m going to write a review and tell others what you think before Installing it from US Cellular Phone. Once I clear the Cache and Storage Memory from the App, then try it again. Thanks.

  10. Please fix the shifting!! I chose the wallpaper I want, look at the preview and when I click set wallpaper it’s either shifted to a whole other place. I’m giving it 2 stars cuz overall it pretty easy to use and I like the preview feature but the whole shifting thing is just very annoying and takes the purpose out of the preview. Oh and another thing, for the home screen wallpaper, could u give us the option of weather or not we want to move the wallpaper along with the screen. Thank you :3

  11. Would be perfect if it had more scenic photos. Has a lot of abstract, colors, cityscapes, etc. But very few scenic mountain, rivers, etc for all 4 seasons. Only 1 for Autumn, which happens to be my favorite season, and that’s a boring picture. The best part is the wallpapers are AD FREE.

  12. This app sucks to begin with it’s hard to use. Now if you want to write a short review it is quite frustrating even though you are given the opportunity I don’t believe they really want you to write a review because of the way it’s set up when the keyboard on your phone comes up and then you look at your message to see if it’s writing correctl if you go back and forth you will find that although you could use the keyboard it covers the message you’ve been writing. And if you check to read the message, you have to move the keyboard out of the way. Now if you make a mistake that requires fixing you are doing nothing but moving the keyboard so you can read message, moving message so you can type on keyboard, moving keyboard so you can read message, moving message so you can type on keyboard moving keyboard so you can type on message me

  13. Awesome selection of wallpapers, however, the app has not been updated since 2017. It would be nice to see some new wallpapers. One issue I have: I try to save the wallpaper with the whale so that it is on my screen, but once I set the wallpaper, only half the whale shows! Not sure how to fix that.

  14. This app will not allow you to select an image from your gallery it repeatedly crashes when you select images from gallery. I had to download a 3rd party app to actually change my wallpaper to an image from my phone and this is disappointing as this is a default app. One would think Google would take pride in developing apps that work reliably, but this is evidently not a priority for this company

  15. Ken Vu dice:

    This app has not seen any additional wallpaper pretty much since the begining. While new Google pixel phones have new wallpapers, they don’t bother adding them to this app which we’re all part of the Google ecosystem. Photos are poor quality and low-res when applied. Most become pixelated once set and there’s pretty much no options or controls you’re allowed to do. If you are to keep this app on your store. Please put some effort in updating the app and add more contents.

  16. There’s quite a variety to choose from. I prefer the scenery wallpapers that don’t have pictorial detail that oscures important textual information one needs to be able to see clearly. So I look for this. Plus I like to set the wallpaper to suit the season where I live eg cool scenes for summer heat,warm ones for wintry weather,spring scenes for spring etc. Improves my mood and attitude to the day/night ahead.And, if sick of the same wallpapers,I can always use a photo I take, as a wallpaper.

  17. This app has some very nice looking and high quality wallpapers. However when I set a wallpaper to my lock screen or home screen, it’s as if the wallpaper was zoomed in on the left half side and the right half can’t be seen at all. This fault pretty much makes this app useless. If the entire image was visible or there is a setting to crop the image, this app is 5 stars. Written on Galaxy S9.

  18. Excellent wallpapers! -1 star for not being able to position them! Like… what??? Also, -1 for not being able to save, or even star your favorite wallpapers. Once you refresh the wallpapers in the app, you can’t get a wallpaper back again! -1 for always taking you back to the app’s start page after viewing a wallpaper. You then have to navigate back to where you were every time. These 3 issues turn an otherwise excellent, ad free wallpaper app, into a frustrating experience 🙁

  19. Good app. Works as described. However the library if wall papers seems small as I get plenty of repeats. With Some of them particularly the architectural ones you cannot see icons and notifications on your screen. Needs to be updated with more pictures, option to add your own and other basic features. Come on Google. 1/2 a days work for one of your programmers!

  20. Khen dice:

    I really appreciate the wide range of wallpaper selections within the app. The wallpapers are neatly categorized which makes it much easier to find what you’re looking for. Plus, the wallpapers are really pleasing to look at. Material You’s dynamic theming is also a huge plus.

  21. The wallpapers collection under each category is great but limited. The App has also not been updated for the past two years. Seems like Google is not working on this App. Would like this app to periodically update its collection from Google’s database so that we never run out of great pictures. No issues with the wallpaper scaling on this device.

  22. Simple, easy, and stable. I thank google for their ever expanding suite of apps for the amazing utility and intuitive design. I would, however, like to see some improvements such as a menu/options selection, as well as the option to make custom categories and folders for daily rotation. If that were implemented, I would be wonderfully happy to give 5 stars.

  23. This app was working great, till it completely vanished after the new android update. When you access it from the play store, it shows that it’s still installed. I uninstalled the app, and even though it took a few trials to reinstall, it did. The app is working fine now, and you can access it from your phone like it was before.

  24. It’s way too bare bones. It only changes the wallpaper, Not the lock screen wallpaper. Wish there was an option to change both. Collection is limited and there is no option to fix the time of Wall paper change . This app has been here for quite some time now and it’s imperative and about time there are some radical changes in the UI and the functionality.

  25. Needs improvement. Trying to set different galleries one as lock and one as home screen wallpapers doesn’t seem to work. A missed opportunity. And while in the beginning it asks if you want to set a wallpaper for lock or home, latter it decides to remove that option for you by not asking. Maybe new inexperient programmers are assigned these apps in Google? I expect more from Google than half working apps.

  26. Seems unnecessary for the Pixel device specifically because it already has the ‘Pixel’ wallpapers. This still comes preinstalled which isn’t adding any value. I did used to use it on my old device and I thought it was very good. I would love to see some new wallpapers though, it feels like they’ve kept the same ones on it for years already.

  27. C Durham dice:

    For the longest time when I would try to download some of these wallpapers it would say download failed try again later. I would try again later and the same thing would happen. Then for some unknown reason, I tried downloading these wallpapers yesterday and they were able to be downloaded. Once they’re able to be downloaded a lot of them are very pretty. I like the multi colored ones best.

  28. Deceptive & nothing described was available. Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) running Oreo-8 found instead the generic wallpaper selection process. While I was able to link up with my various cloud storage services, after selecting a picture despite a toast notification of a download it could not be found on my device. Choice of an offered picture to choose the described options was further confirmation of the lacking features. Not even a cropping option. Given the date & state of equipment available… this is a few versions of Android backwards!! 👎

  29. It’s good for the most part, but I really wish it included live wallpapers from all past Pixel devices. There are so many beautiful live wallpapers from each generation that are just seemingly thrown away, and that’s a shame. Even downloading the APKs don’t mean they’ll work. At least on the Pixel 6, I’m assuming because Tensor is different than Snapdragon, only a handful work. I just don’t think there should be any reason older live wallpapers aren’t included

  30. It stopped updating my wallpaper background daily like it says it will. I have to go into the app and manually click to have it change. The app also disappeared after an update. I came to the app store to see if it uninstalled or something but I noticed another comment with a similar review. Other than the the images are really nice when it was working.

  31. Google once again trying to fix what wasn’t broken and failing miserably. On a different Android phone I bought about 2 or 3 years ago, I could set a static (doesn’t scroll between screens) wallpaper through the default gallery app. I don’t have this option anymore – when I set a wallpaper from my phone’s storage, it becomes was too zoomed in and scrolls with the home screen. It’s 2022, why do I need to rely on a 3rd party app to set a darn wallpaper?

  32. The wallpapers are really great and high quality but there are some problems with the app, one of which being the inability to set the wallpapers as your lockscreen. I’ve had this issue for a while now and have updated the ap multiple times but to no avail. It will be really appreciated if the devs looking into this.

  33. I really love this app; but now all of a sudden i don’t get a changing picture anymore on my lock screen; i’ve a Blackberry Key2, and it used to be so that everytime i tapped to wake the screen, it would show me a different picture. That was a quality i really really liked. It does still give me a new homescreen pic every day, and i’m painfully trying to figure out what happened, what did i maybe do to loose the other function, but i can’t find anything really changed in the settings.

  34. Im on a google pixel 5A. On other devices, there is an album called “geometric shapes”. But in my google pixel, it is completely missing. I know that the wallpaper choices in this app should be the same no matter the device, but this pixel has a modified version of this app baked into the system, and the google pixel exclusive version does not have the geometric shapes. Can they be brought back by any chance on Google phones?

  35. The best wallpaper manager. I got a OnePlus 8 pro. I’ve always been a fan of MI UI super live wallpapers and since the new update i can’t see the super wallpapers that i have downloaded separately on my device wallpapers. I downloaded this app and it shows my pics, app suggested, and BOOM manually installed Wallpapers. I’m blessed with this app.

  36. Useless. Even the smallest graphic gets blown up to GIGANTIC DIMENSIONS THAT SPILL OVER ALL MY SCREENS. You would think even Google can’t f’k up this one. ((WRONG)) I also followed my mfg’s instructions to the letter to make it easier for the App to TAKE THE GRAPHIC: resized to the exact screen width of my phone=HUGE; a tiny version of the graphic, 400px wide=HUGE; a flood of the exact dimensions of my screen — there is literally no way Google could f’k this up — ABSOLUTELY GIGANTIC. Uninstalled

  37. Decent selection of wallpapers for most aesthetic inclinations. I like that the wallpaper changes automatically. I wish they would add more wallpapers, as it seems like it’s been the same wallpapers for years now.

  38. Paper KP dice:

    I don’t know when it was updated, but the last time I tried to change my wallpaper it worked perfectly. Now, it zooms it in for a preview, then when it’s applied the wallpaper is zoomed in even more than they showed it would be

  39. What should I say the wallpapers are just amazing but there’s one fault , whenever i change the wallpaper , after sometime it gets changed and a default wallpaper appear . This happened to me multiple times and now I’m seriously irritated. Please fix this issue urgently..

  40. K Zizo dice:

    A lot of wallpapers have washed out blacks and there is no way to tweak them. Nor you can make your own playlist of wallpapers to change daily from multiple themes with both in-app pictures and custom ones from your memory. Otherwise this just a pack of wallpapers, not much you can do inside the app and no user-created themes from others to reach online safely. Some wallpapers look great though.

  41. S H (S D) dice:

    I’m not saying that this is a bad apple of an app, but in my personal opinion and based on this app’s behavior, e.g. like the application acting sticky, or the application, as it’s applied to a Linux-based system, i.e. an Android 12.0 OS, it changes it’s icon color and design to being almost indiscernible from it’s original, Google approved cover icon. Icon changes were fairly dramatic: I found this to be true in the App’s listed in settings on my Moto g Stylus 22.

  42. It has a very good selection of colors for my home screen and a good selection of Earth’s natural beauty in photos, too!! I can switch them back and forth, as I so choose. However, it would be perfect if each photo of nature and places would have a notation of where the photo was taken and when!

  43. Totally broken now Used to allow you to open image files on your device or stored on a cloud service. Dunno why that changed but now it doesnt even open locally stored files, just a small selection of included landscapes and junk. Disabling and clearing the cache, and re-enabling permission, nothing works. Just broken.

  44. Why the black (000) wallpaper from solid colour wallpapers section got removed. It was my fav for my amoled screen. Add wallpapers don’t remove them. The app is decent with easy user interface. But, the wallpapers seems to have bared updated since years so it seems, not very sure. Which makes it boring and I prefer more amoled supportive wallpapers.

  45. Not really clear how this app is different from the “setting as wallpaper” when choosing from your own album. Supposedly has an auto changer once a day, but the option to set it up, as mentioned in various websites, doesn’t show up on my phone. Seems this may be poorly maintained.

  46. When I am going to change the wallpaper style by holding on the background and clicking wallpaper, it shows “App isn’t installed”. Also that option is not showing in the settings. But when I go to play store to re-install the app, it shows app has already installed.How do I fix this problem. This problem happend after I restart the phone.

  47. Pixel 4a Android 13. Google nerfed Wallpapers and Live Wallpapers. The interface looks nothing like the images here in the app description, it’s so much worse. I select a wallpaper, it previews it but then gives an error when trying to set it. Worked fine on A11. Yet another Pixel ‘triumph’ just like Sounds. I’m so looking forward to my iPhone next month.

  48. The wallpaper allways you have to change it doesn’t changes automatically every day and also it doesn’t apply any changes on lock screen no doubt there an option available for lock screen wallpaper but of no use. I have given 2 star as because the wallpaper available are nice and for nothing else.

  49. Most phones have their own internal ability to apply wallpapers. This software does not seem useful, feels like software bloat, and worse, can apply annoying notifications to the phone. Sorry folks, I don’t like it.

  50. I am a great fan of this app when it comes to wallpapers. I am using OnePlus 7Pro, and after the last couple of updates from OnePlus OS, this app has stopped changing the wallpapers automatically with the daily wallpaper feature. Pls fix this issue, as this is a great app for daily use !

  51. On a ‘Pixel’; Wallpaper & style has been acting weirdly for sometime now. Under Living Universe are unavailable on download. For fun section has pictures with a clever front Cam cutout, but they’re now zoomed/cropped, so they’ve lost their purpose. Bad bad experience.

  52. Ever since Android 13 the come alive wallpapers on the pixel 4A are bugged out. Most of the colors aren’t working. Those live wallpapers are a big part of the pixel experience, so it’s frustrating that the bugs survive to the beta and are still a problem with the stable edition.

  53. Downloaded this app with the expectation that I would be able to create my own slideshow. That functionality does not exist, and you can only use one of the preset slideshows. A waste of space.

  54. Screw the zoom in feature on the wallpaper app. It ruins the image or wallpaper by permanently keeping the wallpapers at a fixed zoomed display which ruins what you want to display. I should have stayed at Android 10. There’s nothing special for this app’s Android 11 update. It’s utterly trash.

  55. I like this app but the wallpaper options have not been updated in 2 years! Also, not every image is identifiable. Many of them are beautiful and it would be nice if you’d put up a caption stating if not obvious – what they’re of and where they were taken. If you do update this app, please consider doing this. PLEASE update this app!

  56. Really useful application that has helped me with some of my old live wallpapers that no longer show an icon in the application list, so now I can open them and adjust the settings straight from this application. This has a nice clean interface and a great selection of wallpapers built-in. It is a great application….

  57. Updating my review. Unfortunately the issues I had previously mentioned are still apparent. Still unable to back out of testing wallpapers without it going to the all folders window, unable to set options such as auto change, create album, button switching etc. While clean, this app functions like an app from 2008. Google should be at the forefront in this space considering its the default app on pretty much all phones, yet here we are. Will continue to lower the score the longer this goes on.

  58. This is a wonderful app with beautiful wallpapers and smooth integration. 2020 is a long time ago since an update….I’d love to see updates & further personalisation abilities (across device colour changes etc. – Motorola/Samsung have now 🌸🦄💞). I’d love to see Google further taking the android system reigns, improving/offering new apps/updates to system apps which improve the android device operation and capabilities, adding new Android 12 features to Android 11/10 devices pleassse 💞🦄🌸.

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