Mirror: Emoji meme maker, faceapp stickers creator MODDED 2022


Customize emoji & zmoji avatars. My own facemoji keyboard, bitmoji for Whatsapp!
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Nice to meet you on the app page of the Mirror AI – advanced 3D avatar maker! Create your own character, cute pics, memes, memoji AR stickers, avatars and big emoji stickers! Build your own personalized emoji keyboard for Android and make your chatting experience more fun.

It’s time to add your personal touch to the standard set of keyboard stickers! You can use smart emojis and send your stories to the most popular social networks, chats and messengers. Mirror helps you to create stickers for whatsapp and customized avatars for your phone: Samsung, Huawei, Google Pixel, HTC, Meizu, LG, Sony etc.

The in-app character maker has a great facial recognition feature. With just one picture Mirror easily creates a personalized big avatar that looks almost as good as the real person. Use your own anime face to show your reactions. You can also try a celebrity packs creator. Make a personal sticker your online signature!

🌟 🌟 🌟 Features of the portrait maker Mirror AI 🌟 🌟 🌟

★ Put anything you want on the Decide Wheel and check unique roulette picks.
Let us help you decide in our special way! Get easy answers with a unique emoji wheel. Sticker making can be much more fun than you think. Spin the wheel and know which ultimate decision to take. Our wheels of fortune are full of surprises, every decision you take shows you options with a cartoon face yourself. It’s better than just a coin flip. Lucky wheel helps you to find the right answer. You can ask any questions. Make your decisions in a fun way. Spin and share results with friends.

★ Try facememoji – emoji maker from your face! Custom personalized avatars can be more effective on social media than traditional photos.
Stand out from the crowd while still being yourself. Use a unique, personalized, cartoon photo of you together with different stickers and emojis. Surprise your friends and followers with colorful stickers and gifs starring you! Go a step further, change your face and use our photo editing tools to insert your avatar into real life photos – all using one powerful app.

★ Personal Emoji Top Stickers Keyboard for Android
Check out personalized animated gifs and keyboard customization! Share bitmoji like stickers to any dialog via Mirror sticker maker: GIF emoji stickers for Whatsapp, Snapchat, Telegram or Twitter. Mirror avatar maker gives you suggestions for Smiley and Emoji prediction so you can express yourself fast. Add in phrases like “I love you” or “Happy birthday!” and send your personal presents for texting.

★ Welcome to the meme emoji generator.
Choose funny memes and send to your friend in any situation. We add new popular meme stickers every month! Our application works with different art styles: pixel art, anime, 3D, line – you can even make a caricature from a picture.

★ Texting is an important part of communication.
Use Face maker to get animated emojis for Android. You will love moving your personal giphy avatar. Send animated faces to messages or social networks to impress your friends with animoji.

★ Customized Personal Text for Emojis.
You can add phrases to your sticker. Send custom smiles and dollify avatars with Mirror smart emojis keyboard for Android!

★ Style and outfit.
There are many applications where you can create your own character and live your second life.
Try a cool meme avatar editor. In a character creator you can change hair styles, makeup and glasses. Customize your own photo with a lot of makeup, cosmetics or funny cute hats, and make personal stickers!

Mirror is a combination of the most popular features – it’s simultaneously a cartoon maker from photos, stickers creator and anime avatar creator. Fun chatting starts with Mirror!

Please contact our faceapp via [email protected]


Thanks for using Mirror! In this update, we fix a lot of bugs and made Mirror better!


40 comentarios en "Mirror: Emoji meme maker, faceapp stickers creator MODDED 2022"

  1. I really like this app, and the way it allows us to edit our facial features, as well as the choices of captions. I am disappointed however, with the lack of spiritual suggestions, such as pray for me; I am praying; or bless you. Although we do have the options to put captions on some expressions. Over all, a great app.👌🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  2. Lily Frey dice:

    This is a cute app to replace Facebook’s terrible ugly “meta upgrade” avatar that ruined mine. I love that there’s a ton of options even with the free version so I can make avatars that look almost exactly like me and people I know irl. Just wish there wasn’t the generic skinny body for everyone. On me it looks a little “off” and on my partner it just looks plain odd. A few bigger sizes as well as a couple different levels of muscularity (even like 5-6 options) would make a huge difference.

  3. Found out about this app from two girlfriends. It is so much fun! Once installed the steps were easy to follow! Love it! I did not use the keyboard feature, as did not understand it and did not want to change from my Samsung keyboard. Why did the display change? It is very confusing. The categories along the top was a better dr display to locate what you wanted. I’m downgrading to 3 stars

  4. App is pretty good, haven’t had problems, no adds, and I can use it free! Has many facial features, like a variety of eyes and noses. Just hard to see the nose you choose, makes it time consuming to find the right one. Hair colors add streaks to brighten, nice. Would be nice have light facial lines to give character. Clothes would be great! I don’t like the keyboard it wants to download, so I start from the app!

  5. Well I finally found an app that comes close to looking like you in a cute way. But I have one complaint, the keyboard! You can’t swipe and I love swipe because its quick and easy. The keyboard is too short and you can’t change anything about it and the number row should be in top every keyboard should have that I think. So customizations for the keyboard and I’ll give stars but good job other than that!👍

  6. Fun to explore the options, though frankly I wish there were more available (probably I should spring the cash for the premium, but I didn’t see too much that tickled my fancy from the choices labeled ‘premium’). Totally unrecognizable as an avatar of me; sorry. Wish the choices weren’t so arbitrary, and yes, I am being picky, but I’m also a programmer. Could use options for face shape, for example, or right hairstyle, but fuller or longer.

  7. On my first day of using the app, IT SEEMS AWESOME!!! The avatar looks pretty close to my picture. There are many cool stickers and emojis. The “friends” feature is SUPER-COOL! I was able to add a pic of a friend, and now I have stickers of my friend and I together, in the same stickers! I have not seen ads yet. I hope this doesn’t turn out to be a free trial that becomes an expensive subscription. Galaxy Note 5.

  8. Head shapes need to improve. All of the shapes are elongated. I wish the background on the stickers for WhatsApp was transparent instead of white. I would also like the app to integrate better with WhatsApp to directly send a sticker from mirror to someone in WhatsApp without having to install it. Or to have the option to send as image or sticker. Other than that I loved it. It has tons of variety and fun stickers.

  9. Terrible app. So many other apps that are great,& by far, so much better. This app is technically so beyond out of date. The only thing you can control,& make look remotely like you,are colors & hair style. Developers,advise…get up to date on technology. Apps already out there allow the user multiple options for facial,eye,lip,nose,cheek,etc structure. Even wrinkles.I’m very upset that I was charged a ridiculous amount for such a POOR app.Even the best apps don’t charge this horrendous amount!

  10. You’re want people to subscribe when I don’t see any new stuff. I subscribed once but it’s a waste cause not much new stuff. If u add something like u can change outfits not just the color. If the color choices are few. Hairstyle are few, accessories are few. Basically everything have few choices. If u change all these stuff and add more things to do people will subscribe.

  11. I downloaded this app and tried logging in with Facebook. It kept giving a 1675030 error code. Then I tried with phone number and then Email. It just kept going in circles and would never load. That was 15 minutes of my life wasted that I will never get back. At this point, thus app is a paperweight and I will be Un-installing immediately.

  12. Update…I’ve been using this app for awhile now, and I had to download their keyboard to use. Their keyboard needs a lot of work. It doesn’t self correct. The best avatar I have found but you can’t just reply with the Avatar in a message. You have to look for the person you are replying to again in order to send it. I even downloaded their keyboard. I might be able to do all this if I buy premium. I am on a limited budget and can’t afford this. I will probably be going back to using bitmoji.

  13. tommy0820 dice:

    The emojis are fun and look good, but to use them you have to install their third party keyboard which is a pain to switch back and forth to, and my phone gave me all kinds of alerts stating the new keyboard would be used to report what I type back to the developer which was very unsettling. I will download this again when the emojis are accessible from the regular texting keyboard

  14. I couldn’t get it to make me look like a Grandma starting to have my hair turn more grey with white. I liked the other I could put the kind of clothes I would wear. Can’t show hearts for love. Can’t show someone I care about praying for them. That avatar was more me than this one. There were very little options with the new one. Liked the old one better. Had lots of good words with the avatar. Just disappointing.

  15. Already bought premium subscription for lifetime but couldn’t add any sticker pack to whatsapp and no single response even after sending emails to the developer Worst service I ever faced from the supporting team

  16. I’m alive again! If you were an original user and had to delete app and reinstall….I lost my mind as this is the best out there because it looks just like you!!! In change the style of your sticker…STAY WITH MIRROR ORIGINAL…like I said original users…that new mirror line is awful since you don’t look like you…SO THRILLED I came back again and stumbled on it!

  17. Tarah Lee dice:

    I like that it’s easy to create multiple avatars but without being able to customise the noses they never look as identical as what you can create using other apps. Would be 5 stars if they were more customisable like this.

  18. They’ve tried to make it like Bitmoji, but it’s not the same thing… I mean, all the “stickers” are actually photos. It is good, but there’s a lot to improve, like, there should be more options on clothing, more updo hairstyles, Eye shapes, eyebrow shapes and colors… Lots of things need to improve so that this app is a great app.

  19. It is a wonderful app. However I would like to ask from you something. In the app u can chose the view between mirror original and mirror line. Why don’t we get to chose the avatar from the “line” and have it in the illustrations of the “original”. Avatars in the “line” section are more close to the real figure. Kindly if you do this it will be more awesome. Many thanks for the great app and appreciation for the creative team.

  20. I like this app and it looks like me alot . However there hasn’t been anything new in over a year, I keep getting notifications saying new stuff but when I click on it ,it says nothing new . This is disappointing!!

  21. Awful All I want to do is cancel this account before the 3 day is up I couldn’t get the app to open it was of no use to me and I want it gone you’d better not charge me

  22. Not bad, but it’s missing many customizations. After your avatar has been created from camera, you cannot change the shape of the nose, ears, eyebrows. It does not have the right beard combination, this should be more granular. You also cannot add additional skin details, like freckles. What me borders the most are the many useless poses, but you cannot create your very own.

  23. doesn’t seem to work well. Doesn’t want to work on message+ so sad!

  24. I used to love this app but now the characters look like their muscle men instead of women and the faces look ridiculous I wish I had the old version back

  25. I don’t want 2 update, I’ve it in Galaxy Store. It’s Free in Galaxy Store ❗so STOP hassling me about your update I understand what u saying but u needed 2 understand me; I don’t have like that with money ‼️🤷‍♀️

  26. I paid for the full version of this app, and for almost a year, it worked perfectly. I especially enjoyed how the personal emojis looked so much like me. Now, all my emojis that were imported to WhatsApp are not showing up. When I try to re-import them, Mirror says they’ve already been imported, or, the new thing it’s doing is it just keeps spinning when I try to export to WhatsApp, and then nothing happens. Whatever you guys did to the app over the last weeks has made it unusable for me.

  27. Cheryl B. dice:

    I purchased the premium for this app but everytime I get a notification that Mirror has new stickers for me and I click on the notification the app says there is nothing new to display. Is there something that can be done?

  28. Doesn’t let you make emoji from gallery or camera – defaults to face emoji all the time – the option to select a picture can’t be selected!!!

  29. I find that the top half of my face (from nose and up) looks so much alike, but the lower half of my face looks too round and cannot be edited. Happens to my freinds’ too so I hope this app can allow us to edit a bit changes of the shape would be awesome. It’s a little pricey but the free version already offers quite a lot! Thank you Mirror Al!

  30. I really don’t like the style of the app, I tried both art styles, but I just look really creepy or evil either way, as I noticed there is no way to change the face, eyes and eyebrows shape. Not comfortable using the stickers because of this. If this was changed to be a little less creepy in looks, I would recommend and use the app. Sorry.

  31. This is so cool! I wish there was an option to change the face features tho… My front camera is broken so I had a hard time finding a photo of mine on which I look straight to the camera, but once I did, as expected, my face features weren’t quite acurate… Also the vision glasses are kinda dark in the lens area which still looks realistic but it could be great to turn off and on the tint 😅

  32. I was unable to try it. I uploaded a pic of me for the app to use and it just sat in a continual “holding pattern” … could never get beyond that point, so had to uninstall. It’s a shame as a friend of mine on FB uses it and I really liked the look of the avatar(s). It would be nice to make avatar without needing photo (make taking/uploading photo optional).

  33. Ok so I have downloaded this before and it was fantastic it looked like me it was just great but now the update the pictures don’t even look like you anymore please do fix that.

  34. This is an amazing app. Very funny and love to send some nice messages to my friends. Not give 5 stars because, after I edit a friend, it doesn’t keep the change forever. After awhile reset for the original one. Also, I can’t reset the friends face, if I scan by mistake other face. Pretty anoying this, but still a great app.

  35. lots to choose from. need more facial features and hair colors to choose from but lots of fun. Very upset with the premium labels! There are ones I could get before but now I have to pay for them! Dropped my rating to 3 stars! Considering removing!

  36. Honestly it’s pretty good but I would suggest you give a little bit more control on the features. Looks kinda like me but if I was able to tweak it a bit, would be a lot better. Also the keyboard needs some work as well. I use swipe a lot and it doesn’t have it yet and not as smooth using it. Hoping next update will add a chance to edit the avatar more.

  37. Unless you subscribe it only let’s you make cartoon emoji of yourself. I wanted to make one of a Pic in my galley.

  38. Limited Variety! Uninstalled within minutes. It APPEARS to have many face shapes. But they are mostly just long and thin! (Which also ensures the the nose length stays long). It APPEARS to over many lip shapes, but NONE ARE FULL. Not real variety. It APPEARS to offer lots or eyes and makeup BUT all the eyes are the same size within the (limited, long) face shape and if smokey eyes are a signature look…no! Nope. Once you click on ANY of them to insert there is little real variation.

  39. I was using this app before you started charging. Original customers should have been allowed to keep some basic emojis and stickers with the option for paying for premium service. Your keyboard needs to be upgraded besides the many bugs still needing to be fixed before you start asking for such high premium prices. Very disappointed! Will be looking for a better service.

  40. awesome and fun to send! Would give 5, but you really can’t edit it to how u closely look. for example, lip size, eyr size, shape of face, eyebrow shape, etc. if u would design this app where it would allow you to do all of that, then this app would warrant more than 5 stars!

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