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A logo maker for text art with custom typography text editing and fonts
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Logo design has never been easier on your mobile.
With a wide selection of calligraphy logo fonts and vast word art options, the user can now make his own business name in minutes.

We have delivered a simple and elegant font application user interface that does not obstruct your creative flow.
Simply by sliding your finger across the screen you can customize your next social media logo, poster, business card logo, or brand name.

With this logo creator app, you can design a logo with over 400 handwritten fonts and text art textures.


•400+ Beautiful typefaces you can combine with text effects for customizable original logo typography, our new fonts will make your creativity flow
•Every style of logo font is covered such as tattoo, script, handwritten, etc.
•A logo designer app made for Facebook covers, Twitter posts, Pinterest graphics, posters, flyers, social media graphics
•You can export your name logo in 3K resolution with transparent background if you wish so that you can add text to photos
•Bend text to adapt the best logo design
•Add text art textures for colorful text. This feature is perfect for blog logo and website logo
• High-resolution font sampling technology ensures accurate cool logo designs
•Variable outline text option allows professional logo makers to adjust their own logos as they please. The text outline option is available for all font styles
•Letter space adjustment and line height adjustment gives you the ultimate control over the final text image
•A special wave font effect slider allows for fine text editing so that you can have an original font logo image not seen elsewhere

Your next business name art maker with the most advanced logo editing tools is here for you to make logo. But wait!

This lettering app is not a simple logo generator!

You can also find many different uses such as

•Designing a text tattoo
•Calligraphy font paper tracing
•Make book covers
•Design better graphics for your company brands

It is such a convenient little text designer for word art. We have selected only the most beautiful fonts for all your text lettering design needs.
We have genuinely tried to make the easiest-to-use text logo designing software out there.
Try it and create your own text logo in minutes with free fonts.


-Improved the quality of some fonts.
-New fonts were added.
-Some old fonts were replaced by new ones.


40 comentarios en "Fonts – Lettering Font Design MODDED"

  1. Four stars because it scrolls waaayyy too fast for me to choose any one font! On the upside, there are literally hundreds upon hundreds of really awesome and sophisticated fonts to choose from here, so if it’s variety you’re after, you’ve DEFINATELY stumbled onto the right app here. Also, lots of different ways to play around with your text sizing, colors, patterns, etc… You won’t be dissapointed. That’s for sure! 😃

  2. All the fonts are extremely similar. The color charts needs to be fixed and why is it blurry. The symbols on keyboard don’t work at all. You can’t position the text or use font combination. I couldn’t get the background fuction to work. Its proving very difficult to find a good name art/logo design app that can accomplish mediocrity. And there’s no undo button. So needs some work.

  3. Very impressed. I’ve created about 10 designs and I must say that not only is the app easy to use, the possibilities are endless. I do a lot of sublimating, and personalize my designs, and I love the variety of fonts as well as the amounts of colors that can be added as well as the letter placement. This is totally customizable, and now I’m finding that I can create multiple names with different color varieties. I’m loving the app.

  4. Pretty cool app would give 5 stars but the features are pretty limited in what you can actually do. Would be cool if you could resize, rotate, and move each individual letter. Mixing fonts would be a great feature, like the first 2 letters are font A and the last 3 letters are font B. The ability to add drop shadow and pick the color would be great. Just a few ideas that would take this app to the next level. Hope to see more features added in the future.

  5. Such an unexpected BONUS! I love this app. The interface is so easy it’s almost too good to be true. No bugs as of yet, and quite honestly the ads situation is superiorly minimal compared to the rest of all the different apps available. I think I used the app twice before I even had an ad pop up. It is a great and unexpected bonus for sure.

  6. I Love The App. It has so many font to choose from & you can style them any way you like. My only request for is to come up with a (not going to say ‘better’ but, instead say *Different* because it isn’t a bad concept!) way to adjust the layout for the fonted word styles! A way that’s a little more precise & adjustably accurate on the image layer!! Other then that its a brilliant & enjoyable app to interact with! NICE JOB, & Keep Developing It! Got a feeling it can become one of the most useful!

  7. QC Jess dice:

    I am loving this app so far! This app has the most fonts I’ve ever seen in one collection in an android app. The customization options are truly commendable. For example, you can have multiple designs and colors within the font itself, (multiple gradient choices as well), multiple formatting options for your fonts layout..(not just half circle), transparent capability, etc. I honestly am impressed. ❤️ The app does need a bit of work. i.e. undo option, friendly UI, option to design your own font

  8. It’s a fantastic font app, super easy to use, has lots of parameters to adjust the text, color including gradation spacing line thickness all with sliding scales to get just what you want italics, and more, let’s you save with a transparent background to your gallery, no adds and lots of really great fonts and it’s free! All I wanted in a font app and more, big thank you to the developers, ♥️🙏🥇🏆 One humble request, ( could you add one or more currency style font And some 70s style fonts?)

  9. Just starting using today. Amazing all the many different fonts. There is just one small detail. It would help a great deal if you could somehow slow down the scrolling if the fonts. Way to fast for me. If i see one i like when i tap it it taps a totally different one than i wanted. Other than this the app is awesome. Thanks guys

  10. Pretty cool app!! It has so many options to choose from almost makes it hard to decide. You can easily spend an hour without realizkng it just checking it out. So if your trying to pass time this is the app for you!!

  11. Excellent choice of fonts. Very easy to use. You can change the size and position of the font. How wide or close together you want the letters to be. You can even change the colors. No ads makes it an awesome app!

  12. It’s a one-stop, have all app for fonts. Eliminating the searching, and searching.. blah blah blah, for an ok font app. Well here, a plethora of fonts, amazingly put out, and made to do more than…. you know what, go try it for yourself. Guarantee you won’t UninstalI. Your search is over. Thanks developer, amazing app.

  13. Most creatively made and quite useful. I’m making bumper stickers and chose this app first and I will use it and learn it. That I will become successful in creating hundreds of bumper stickers I will owe any and all thanks to this app. It’s great and perfect, again, it’s very well made, simple, basic and I enjoy it only having worked a couple minutes. Thanks!!

  14. Lots of options, easy to save ones you like. I use them as examples for my bullet journal headers. Would be nice to enter font and see a preview while you scroll, but overall happy with the app so far!

  15. abel vera dice:

    I have only looked at three font apps this time, I can say without a doubt that this is the one for me period. What I am trying to say is that this one is the best most fonts easy to go thru and can type and save with a snap.

  16. Cool designs, Awesome colors, being a tattoo aprintance in my younger years about 30 years ago. I remember letters was a good thing for me to do. Paid good and was actually fun to do.. . What a Great selection of different stiles to choose from..Some designs I never seen before.. lots of fun and time doing, Fronts and letting for sure

  17. Just downloaded the app and was thrilled with so many different styles. Wanted this app to put script writing on pictures or cards. Please tell me if I’m able to do that. Can not find a way to pick a picture or card I have on my phone to write a message. It isn’t giving me any options.

  18. Very easy to use, it is giving a different view to my design and also have found some impiration with all the fonts and features its has. Thank you for making it free!

  19. I like the app . Lots of different fonts /styles/ to choose from !! Simple to use !! So far only one ad but I’ve only been using for 10 minutes -time will tell but for now 5 stars -will update if a bunch of ads pop up

  20. No image transfer or font overlay, limited pallette of face and limited border, no for illustrators. Did have a lot of font choices from, but a good font library. It’s only commercial app.

  21. What a great app! Don’t even remember loading it but there it was’ ,so I started playing around with it and wow I was really impressed! Great fonts easy to use and look very artistic while very professional! Don’t know where I got it but thanks!

  22. I love the selection of fonts included here. My only suggestion is that these fonts could be imported to video-editing apps. Could you do that in a possible future update, please? Other than that, it’s super easy to use

  23. Awesome app! I love that it has a built-in editing tool that allows you to change the font thickness, spacing etc. It’s super user friendly and there are minimal ads, which is nice, because that’s the one thing that makes it possible to keep the app free. Definitely a keeper! Thank you!

  24. I think that it’s really cool also frustrating because there so many it will literally take a week to find the right one . But that’s really cool if you think about it because it’s just one app that your dealing with at least that’s my take on it.way cool font style…

  25. I have only used this app once so my first impression is so far so good. I used the fonts to print out and a message that I used to emboss a gift for my roommate. it’s perfect for all kinds of things I’m sure..more reviews to come after I figure out all the features. Thumbs up though

  26. *Requests*; would like to see the name of the font be listed insted of the fix text “Font Stylel”. plus would also like user selectable characters to be List as well. Perhapes in a fix place on the screen, which changes as the list is scroled. and a search facility on font name &/or font characteristicd/property. lastly: be able to edit in a text box/values in the control sliders. otherwise a good app for creating grapic controled text. with the requests listed above: it would be a great app!

  27. This is a good app. Really good. I gave it 5 stars because it asks you in what moderation do you want ads. The ads are necessary but not they are few and far between. That goes along way considering barrage of harassing ads on other apps. Thumbs up guys. Thanks for the consideration.

  28. Ok app. Nice selection of fonts. Only gave one star because you have to scroll through all the fonts to find something, which is painstaking annoying. Like the date apps where you have to spin through 50 years to get to your age. Make a way to search for a particular font.

  29. I Love this app. It does everything ii need plus they’re constantly adding new features! Just when you think it can’t get any better… BOOM! It just got better. Ty. Fun and helps make my work alot easier and fresher and cleaner than my competition. Definitely my secret weapon .

  30. This app is Amazing!…I downloaded it randomly to check out your fonts and Wow! there’s a lot of extra stuff to personalize, etc. Very Impressive–i’ll be sharing it to my daughter who’s been meaning to have a tattoo finished but was still unsure of the style of font to use in it. Keep up the great work and Thank You for keeping this free to use 🙂

  31. Audrina dice:

    This app is great for selections of fonts however, you can’t use them in different tabs without having to type first and then saving what you typed to your gallery to use for something else which really makes it ineffective for social media and watermarking photographs. Five stars if they can change this so you can do these things.

  32. Great app! I have some issues with saving the projects, but still learning. Amazing options and good editing tools, the only thing I miss to be able to embelish/edit the letters itself individually

  33. It has a wide variety of fonts on the free version, and is really easy to navigate! I use it to add text to my art because im not that grear with the text feature on my art program.

  34. Great Fonts app, probably the best so far, But I do think the font editing options are abit confusing and somewhat cluttered if that makes any sense at all LOL, But overall a really great Fonts app 4 stars Easy !!

  35. So many different fonts, I can’t decide what to use. I love the many different looks and styles offered!! DEFINITELY recommend this app to anyone in the graphic arts, tattooing, creative writing industries and so much more!! Keep up the good work!

  36. Super easy to use and tons of cool styles, colors, spacings, to pick from. You can create exactly what you want. Awesome app! Wish I found it sooner!

  37. Love Love love this app!! So very many choices. Easy to navigate and I want to thank who ever made the call to eliminate the ads!! It’s such a pleasure to use without Interpretation. . 5 star worthy for real !!

  38. Al Tapdat dice:

    It has a lot of good features when it’s comes to customizing font color and shading, the interface is a bit confusing at first but after a few minute It became easy

  39. Tracy A dice:

    Really easy to use multiple variations to darken,lighten, position ect. Above avg. In selections. Great for certificates,letters, business cards ect. Nice job!*****

  40. You can’t do anything with the fonts, they just stay in the app, with is very useless. I tought you were sepose to be able to copy it and put in somewhere else..

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