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Microsoft Launcher provides a new home screen experience that empowers you to be more productive on your Android device. Microsoft Launcher is highly customizable, allowing you to organize everything on your phone. Your personalized feed makes it easy to view your calendar, to do lists, and more. Sticky Notes on the go. When you set up Microsoft Launcher as your new home screen, you can either start fresh with your favorite apps or import your current home screen layout. Need to switch back to your previous home screen? You can do that, too!

This version of Microsoft Launcher has been rebuilt on a new codebase to make new features possible, including dark mode, personalized news, and numerous performance improvements (improved load time, less memory use, better battery performance, and fluent animation).

Customizable icons:
· Give your phone a consistent look and feel with custom icon packs and adaptive icons.

Beautiful wallpapers:
· Enjoy a fresh new image from Bing every day or choose your own photos.

Dark theme:
· Comfortably use your phone at night or in low light environments with Microsoft Launcher’s new dark theme. This feature is compatible with Android’s dark mode settings.

Backup and Restore:
· Easily move between your phones or try Home Screen setups through Microsoft Launcher’s Backup and Restore feature. Backups can be stored locally or saved to the cloud for easy transfers.

· Swipe, pinch, double tap, and more on the home screen to easily navigate on the Microsoft Launcher surface.
This app uses Accessibility Service Permission for optional gesture of screen lock and recent apps view.


Improved performance:
· Microsoft Launcher now loads faster, uses less memory, is more battery efficient, and offers fluent animations.

By installing this app, you agree to the Terms of Use ( and Privacy Policy (

Downloading Microsoft Launcher gives the option to replace the default launcher or to toggle between device launchers. Microsoft Launcher does not replicate the user’s PC home screen on the Android phone. Users must still purchase and/or download any new apps from Google Play. Requires Android 7.0+.


- Known bugs were fixed and performance improvements were made.


45 comentarios en "Microsoft Launcher FULL"

  1. John Bruno dice:

    Pretty good so far.. I like that it has a troubleshooter, like Windows does. The first time I ran it, it drained my battery pretty quick but I ran the troubleshooter for Fast Battery Drain & got some tips to reduce it. Works great now. It’s starting to lag & sometimes unresponsive, so now I’m gonna run the troubleshooter for laginess. I hope it works just as well as the other one… it should.I like that you can add Blur FX without buying anything too.

  2. ×UPDATE× : After digging through every setting I tracked down the source of the problem. Every time it installed, it automatically set the wifi and data restriction to ON. I set it to WiFi unrestricted while still restricting mobile data. Now it loads and functions as intended. Ive used this app and program on pc for a cew years and enjoy being able to sync all my devices (pc, phone, laptop, tablet). Its easy to use and saves large amounts of physical space on your devices.

  3. I’ve tried a good cross section of launchers and I found this one in the top 3 for stability and extra features. All for free, mind you, with no ads. So you can’t beat the price. The Microsoft defaults are good for users of Office products and X-Box One and up. The drawer is pretty basic, there’s plenty of apps for that. It all depends on what your looking for. Left swipe menu is nice and user-friendly. Overall, it’s basic enough to work in most situations and is less likely to install adware.

  4. It is a good concept with good features, but if you don’t have a powerful phone in your pocket, it seems to slow down certain things, such as opening apps. Sometimes my taps are unresponsive when trying to open an app, which was new after installing the launcher. I think some background work needs to be done here in order to make this app more efficient, because I can’t really have MS launcher on my phone if it’s going to slow my phone down this much.

  5. I’ve been using this launcher for a while now and it’s very good in being responsive and reliable everytime. I also like the options to using on-screen gestures for certain commands. Overall, it’s easy and fun to use, definitely would recommend this to anyone. Not to mention, the daily wallpapers you can have for that fresh look and to reflect the lock screens on Windows computers.

  6. Just purchased a P6a yesterday and was just about ready to return it after discovering there was no way to remove the search bar or the “At a glance” area from the home screen. Yeah, I should have done more research before my purchase but it was in my budget as it was on sale. This awesome Microsoft launcher allows me to do what I want with MY home screen (duh Google). Funny and ironic that I have to use a Microsoft tool to get the best experience on my brand new Google phone.

  7. This is really perfect because I’m heavily immersed in the Microsoft ecosystem. I love being able to see my calendar, tasks, stickies and files at a glance. It would be great if I could add more than one work account though. Right now, there is only the option for one personal and one work/school account.

  8. If I could give 4.5 I would refine it to that. I like a lot of the customizations, fluid, functional, very nice product! Where I get confused is the lack of customization swiping right into the glance and news section. This part feels a bit lack luster. On the flip side you have Microsoft Start which feels like an app trying to be a launcher but has better controls for is version of glance and news can be better customized. Unfortunately for me, Google’s data collection builds a better news feed

  9. Great home launcher app. Looks good and functions well. I love that the dock can have so many apps in it, both because you can make it expandable with extra rows, and because you can set it up to display plenty of apps per row. The UI for configuring the home screen(s), dock, and app drawer is easy to use and lets you make plenty of customizations. The gestures you can configure are useful too.

  10. C W dice:

    UPDATE: Backup and restore function outstanding for new phone transfer. Has placeholders for apps not installed yet. Great to use in coordination with Samsung transfer utility!! ORIGINAL: It seems that since the last update the text messaging badge notification is messed up. It keeps showing 1 unread message unless I open the app then close it. All other settings for notifications were not changed. Otherwise I love the launcher.

  11. SB09 dice:

    Been using this since I got my android years ago after windows phone died. Love the features and ease of use but for the last 2 months I would have to turn off the access feature in the settings then turn it back on to get the double tap to go to sleep feature to work properly.

  12. Fantastic so far! Installed on a phablet I got from Con### Cell#$#$. The user interface was too simplistic and unacceptable! Was going to return it. Installed this and tweaked EVERYTHING and now I have a phablet I’m PROUD of! Note; The old interface kept fighting to load, just keep hitting the right response when you get the notification and it stops. Been using this 2 days and no problem! The options for setting up your phone screens are numerous and I just can’t say enough!!

  13. I am blown away. I hate the default launcher for my Pixel 6, how it has that google search bar you can’t remove. Not only does this launcher let me get rid of that… The whole thing looks better, functions better, has a bunch of really awesome features that came as surprises… I am so glad I switched! Microsoft, I don’t often say this to mega corporations but… you did good on this one. Huge props to the dev team! Never looking back.

  14. I really do like this app. One bug that has caused me to stop using it is when installing new themes on my Galaxy s22+, the icons that are included with the new theme do not get installed. I found that occasionally restarting the phone will cause the new icons to appear, but this does not happen all the time.

  15. Excellent! After install, remember to press and hold on a blank part of screen, choose Add Widgets, and add the little six-dots (“Apps”) widget to your screen to easily access ALL apps. One ASK: It would be great if the re-sizable widgets in the Feed/Glance could be placed next to each other, on the same row … otherwise, why re-size them?

  16. Good job Microsoft for creating an all around stable experience on my Galaxy S21. So much better than One UI Launcher. Love the Vertical App List, Integration with Microsoft Services, just one thing though. The Bing Wallpaper does not work at all. Tried the independent Bing Wallpaper app, Start, and this launcher but none of them work at all with bing wallpaper.

  17. I used to love it and used it on all my phones, but since the Aug/2022 Update the launcher asks me everytime I go to my home screen which launcher to use and constantly asks me to set it as my default, no matter how many times I set it. I have the launcher on two phones and it’s the same on both. Planning to uninstall here very soon if it isn’t corrected.

  18. LOVE THIS LAUNCHER! BUT, As someone who’s very BIG on grouping my apps into folders 📁. The process of locating the apps WITHOUT the ease of a search🔍 bar where one can start typing the name of the App you’re attempting to place into a folder is LESS time consuming for the user 🆚 sifting across all my apps alphabetically is something Samsungs launcher does that I really wish Microsoft Launcher would do. Also, moving apps in general should be drag & drop 🆚 folder to folder “➕” add ons

  19. So much better than my default launcher. I literally went to the store to buy a new phone because I hated my default launcher then I found this one. I love that you can sync other calendars besides outlook. I also love the feed you pull from the left that high lights calendar events, weather and recent apps. Plus the layout is 100x better than Motorola’s default. Thanks!!

  20. Munchkin dice:

    I really liked this launcher, it gave me so much freedom and personalization on my Motorola. But if you don’t have a good, high end and great running phone. It will slow it down, or make it freeze from time to time. If I had a better phone I would absolutely have this launcher on it. Just not on my current phone. Aside from being slow on MY device, I highly recommend others to try and see how it does on theirs. If you experience problems, see if removing the launcher fixes the problem 🙂

  21. Justin H dice:

    I love this! I had mediocre Samsung launcher, and this is a major upgrade. Vertical app drawer, various gestures, etc. However, I keep getting “Grant accessibility permission” pop ups when I use a gesture. I’ve done it many times, and still, every now and then, I have to turn off accessibility and give it back permission for the gestures to work again. Quite annoying, but it’s otherwise a solid app, so I’m keeping it.

  22. So I recently bought the new Pixel 6 pro and I love my phone. Love it. However, I was not happy with the interface and I couldn’t pinpoint what exactly it was. So a few – ironically – Google searches later and I realized it was something as simple as the launcher. With Microsoft launcher I was able to customize exactly how I wanted my phone to operate and now everything is smooth and seamless. I’m not a huge Microsoft person but I have to say based on this product I’m impressed.

  23. HxHippy dice:

    Was excellent, now it’s not. Everytime I use the home key or use a button that triggers the dashboard or homescreen it requests verification on which launcher to use, and the settings won’t stick. It’s an annoyance I worked through for a month, now I’m done waiting for it to update/fix that. I’ve got patience, but not enough for this app. Other apps don’t have this issue.

  24. Jay dice:

    I was looking for alauncer to replace the Google launcher on my P6. I felt as if it did not give me options to work with. Microsoft launcher is great. I can find my emails and calendar quickly with at a glance. The dock allows me to add my favorites so that I can quickly access them. Now, if Microsoft only perfected there text message app, I’d be happier

  25. I’ve been using the launcher for about a year without any issues, but a recent update broke something. You no longer get notification dots on app icons. I’ve checked everything but it just doesn’t work. In particular, I liked getting the dots on the Microsoft Outlook app. I switched to another launcher and the dots work as expected. Too bad because the MS launcher was an overall decent app.

  26. C W (Ogre) dice:

    I thought this was a good Launcher, but it has issues with the functionality that it has when you want to go to settings the page loads slowly and the system times out. Then you have to reload the Launcher, and this is very tiresome for me ,having to do this 3 to 4 different times. It just seems to not want to go there in the first place. The system is slower in reaction timing. Wish it would work better on my Android phone.

  27. The launcher is very good, my favorite and one I’ve used. The only problem is the notifications. Whenever I clear my notifications in the menu by pulling the screen down. It makes the red dots on apps disappear. I only have a problem with this because sometimes it glitches and I don’t get every notification. So I end up replying late or seeing something late because of the notifications. I also saw someone else comment the same thing. I might switch launchers soon, if the problem isnt resolved

  28. As a software skin, I prefer it over Samsung’s OneUI. However, since the Android 12 issue I’ve had a frequent issue where randomly I will click an app to launch on my home screen and some other random thing will launch instead. This issue has persisted between two different phones, so I don’t think it’s a hardware issue. It could be a bug in OneUI for all I know, I just don’t want to switch to OneUI to make sure.

  29. It’s lackluster and semi annoying on my Surface Duo 2. There’s little customization, the blurred areas sometimes remind me of Windows Aero when you reduce Windows to 16-bit color mode instead of 32-bit (in other words, the blur is of poor quality and doesn’t appear smooth when over certain colors). If I tap and hold on app icons, nothing happens almost always. I just keep on tapping and holding until it brings up the menu. The icons on the bottom tray don’t always shift to the other screen too.

  30. I hate the stock Samsung launcher. Scrolling should be up and down, not sideways as a small examples. There were lots of UI problems that were making me hate my phone. And then I installed the MS Launcher. It kept the good of the Google launcher and added a few tweaks. Best of all, any changes I did not like were really easy to change. So far, I am loving it.

  31. D.N D.N dice:

    Doesn’t work anymore had to go 3rd party because of a microsoft application on a microsoft phone… If it doesn’t work on their flagship phone then why would you trust it on a different manufacturers device? Surface duo 2. App crashes won’t open. Reinstall has no effect. I use an android launcher now. I have had no issues with. Yes. Please fix the crash on start issue.

  32. My phone crashed. I inadvertently restored it to the standard launcher. That’s when I realized how Great Microsoft Launcher really is. I instantly missed all of the Personalizations I had setup like groups, icon shapes, sizes, colors, pages, navigation, etc. Once you try it, you can’t go back!

  33. This launcher works very well. It’s easy to customize the Home Screen and App Screens with personal pictures. The color, layout, and size of individual App Icons and Widgets are customizable independently of the Home Screen/App Drawer size and layout. In my experience, Microsoft makes plenty of great apps, and this one seems to be a great app. I’m still getting accustomed to using this launcher, so I will come back and add any pertinent info IF my opinion of this App changes.

  34. Robert dice:

    Reinstalled the program. Only way to update it. Has screen saver flaws with manufactures screen savers. Detecting them. But other then that it closes back doors where android leaves them open. Still has bugs to work out. I don’t see my lock screen downloads. Have to use system settings to change. MS is making it into a confusing program to operate. 6-1-22

  35. An excellent Launcher that isn’t too bloated with a crazy amount of “bells & whistles” and no ads. Integrates nicely with other MS apps and environment. Give it a try. I did and this is now what I use. Only one thing: I wish I could remove the “Search Bar” as I never use them or like them taking up precious real estate. LG V20, V30, V40.

  36. On Surface Duo 2 (not sure about others), there’s a new problem in latest update where Launcher crashes regularly now, which renders whole phone useless — can’t launch or switch apps. Only solution is to restart the phone. A crash window appears that says to restart phone and to Reset Launcher if problem continues. This wiped out my config and widgets, and crash problem cont’d. A window pops up to send the error to Microsoft, but I think it’s so broken that message is not being sent to them.

  37. Really like having access to Google News. Microsoft’s works better on a laptop than a phone. Some apps don’t recognize the microsoft launcher. Had trouble when I changed phones and tried to use a few apps I had on the previous phone. Disappointed with the lack of creative and personalization features. Like organizing the apps and having colors for the envelopes.

  38. Loved the launcher on my other phones, however the Galaxy z fold 3 is riddled with issues. When phone is in tablet mode the feed page doesn’t load. The most irritating issue is when you close the phone from tablet mode the front screen app folders are way out of scale. I really hope they look at improving the app for foldable phones cause it’s the best launcher out there as far as I’m concerned.

  39. Adds functionality to Android that feels like an upgrade on a device that is no longer receiving new Android builds it gives you that new OS feeling many power users crave. The recent activities widget helps keep you on track, don’t waste time hunting for that last app or clipped text. Customize your UX and make your phone feel rooted without the risk.

  40. I like the optimisation features of the launcher, but the one annoying thing is that the badges or even notification dots are not working with Outlook on my new android phone. This worked fine on my previous android phone. This is really something I need working, I have spent hours uninstalling re installing, clear cache and changing notification settings, the dot works (No numbers) with the pre installed launcher so now at a loss.

  41. It’s good except for one thing. If you use the accessibility the permission keeps getting revoked automatically almost every other day. Very annoying and there’s no way to stop it. Edit: It happens randomly over time. I could have permission for 1 hour, 1 day, or 4 days. it’s lost permission overnight just sitting on my table. since this launcher is always open it shouldn’t be one of the “unused” apps that gets its permissions revoked.

  42. Its the best if other apps in system leave permissions alone The one good thing about the app is that it doesn’t do the extras like ringtones or wall papers that’s why you have the phones apps and the store apps for wallpapers and such. Thiscapp concentrates on doing exactly what it’s suppose to do. Launches system and phone apps to your preferences.

  43. There was a patch at the end of May that fixed widgets not updating and some graphical issues. A few weeks later, they released a bug fix and unfortunately, the widgets no longer update again. My music app widget (Samsung music and Spotify both) shows the last song that was playing when I opened the app. It can play for 20 hours and will still show only that first song. Even if the music is stopped, it will show the pause icon. Please fix widgets again or undo what went into the June patch

  44. It’s a great launcher and all but I would surely recommend to let us use third-party news feeds like Google News or other ones, and some of my apps are stored in an SD card in my phone and after a restart it takes time for them to load back in but the Microsoft launcher does not remember where they were so they just disappear from the home screen, and the icons are very small in landscape that’s really about all the problems I have with it.

  45. Herren dice:

    I had to reset once and lost all my settings. It should also allow for speakers to be activated when away from your ear like in windows phone. It should have more ways to pin content and group apps with a larger icon. Over all a great launcher. Keep up the good work.

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