Essential 3100 – Wear OS Watch Face Ambient Second FULL

A simple and clean Wear OS Watch Faces compatible with new ambient mode
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These watch faces run on Wear OS and have an ambient second hand that works on watches with the 3100 chip.

Essential 3100 does NOT run on Android Wear watches running Android 6 or any Samsung branded watch. If your watch does not have the Play Store app, it is not supported.

Watch Faces (Switch in Wear OS app or by long-pressing watch face):
Crucial Watch Face: Free
Dauphine Watch Face: Free trial. Unlocked with purchase
Bold Watch Face: Free trial. Unlocked with purchase
Moto Watch Face: Free trial. Unlocked with purchase
Deus Ex Watch Face: Free trial. Unlocked with purchase

-Smooth, ticking, or disabled second hand with ambient mode for supported devices (Watch must have Snapdragon 3100)
-3100 Enhanced complications including digital time, military time, day of week, and month
-Pick any accent color
-4 complication placements
-4 Tick styles
-4 Hour styles
-4 Hand styles
-Pick any background from a complication provider


-Made short text priority over icon for complication


4 comentarios en "Essential 3100 – Wear OS Watch Face Ambient Second FULL"

  1. Dustin Huynh dice:

    Clean design. The date complication is a bit off centered. Thursday and Wednesday are too close together. The other negative is this watch face seems to be using battery even when I’m not using the watch face. There seems to be a bug where if you tap the screen, the second hand speeds up. Also, it would be nice to have the hour and minute hands rotate if you double tap the screen. This would allow you to see the complications because the hands block them and make it hard to see sometimes.

  2. Paul H dice:

    Only 12 hours to test it out?? Seriously?? I mean I understand it’s a business and all but that’s a short amount of time made even worse when someone ends up getting this app before heading to sleep. Guess it should have a warning BEFORE you download like on the main page. “Careful you’ll have only 12 hours to enjoy before you have to shell out real money” Otherwise it does give options I like. Just wish I could have tried it for a bit longer time frame. Otherwise the 1 star would be 4 stars.

  3. Jacob Thomas dice:

    Love the faces, great color customization. My only complaint is the battery complication visual is unconventional and doesn’t look amazing. Developer commenting on my review is awesome, thanks for helping out. Beautiful color and designs but you have to pay for each one and that wasn’t super clear. Also I cannot set a ‘complication’ or watch face feature to ‘none’ which for me makes the face feel too cluttered

  4. Caroline Dyck dice:

    Update: Joel, thanks for reaching out so quickly to my review and for your instructions! Problem solved! I’m loving the clean look of the chronograph watch face and its customizable features. If I may make a suggestion, for a future update, please make ambient mode a bit more customizable. It would be great to be able to turn off the outer ring of minute/second tick marks and/or the numerals, to conserve battery life and avoid potential screen burn-in. Thanks again for your help! —- Original Post: Disappointed! I purchased this Wear OS watch face because I liked the look for the simple chronograph watch face. When I installed the app on my watch I got the Essential 3100 Bold Digital watch face…not the chronograph one I was expecting!

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