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Nova Launcher is a powerful, customizable, and versatile home screen replacement. Nova brings advanced features to enhance your home screens, but still remains a great, user-friendly choice for everyone. Whether you want to completely overhaul your home screens or are looking for a cleaner, faster home launcher, Nova is the answer.
• The Newest Features: Nova brings the latest Android launcher features to all other phones.
• Custom Icon Themes: Nova supports thousands of icon themes available in the Play Store.
• Night Mode and Dark Theme: Have night mode come on automatically at a specific time, or just leave it on for a dark theme.
• Customizable App Drawer: Vertical or horizontal scroll, page effects, and card or immersive options are just a few of the things you’ll find available for the app drawer.
• Subgrid Positioning: With the ability to snap icons and widgets in between grid cells, it’s easy to get a precise feel and layout with Nova in a way that’s impossible with most other launchers.
• Backup and Restore: Moving from phone to phone or trying new home screen setups is a snap thanks to Nova’s backup and restore feature. Backups can be stored locally or saved to the cloud for easy transfers.
• Speed: Nova is highly optimized, with smooth and snappy animations that will even older phones a fast and fluid feel.

Do more with Nova Launcher Prime
Unlock Nova Launcher’s full potential with Nova Launcher Prime:

• Gestures: Swipe, pinch, double tap, and more on the home screen to execute custom commands.
• App Drawer Groups: Create custom tabs or folders in the app drawer for an ultra-organized feel.
• Hide Apps: Remove apps from the app drawer without uninstalling them.
• Custom Icon Swipe Gestures: Assign swipe gestures to home screen icons or folders for custom actions.
• …and more. More scrolling effects, unread counts, and others.

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This app uses the Device Administrator permission for optional screen off/lock functionality.


Fixes for Android 12L
Bug fixes and optimizations


64 comentarios en "Nova Launcher MOD 2022"

  1. I have used this for years and it has been great. I like the flexibility of making small tiles and sweeping the app drawer left and right amount others. Very recently I lost the ability to do split screen, which I use a lot. If I switch to the system launcher it is no problem. Please fix. oneplus8T latest update (which is probably when the problem started)

  2. Nate dice:

    One of the best launchers out there. You can seriously customize nearly everything. Launcher remains super fast and intuitive to use. With Prime, you can create a folder, and then select apps to be placed in it. The launcher remembers what apps are in the folder, so if you select other apps, the ones already in there are selected automatically. This really makes it easy to organize your home screen, especially if you have a lot of apps.

  3. Pikapeww dice:

    Been using nova for easily 7+ years. Loved this app but their disregard for foldables has been frustrating to say the least. I’m only upset because I want to use their product but can’t and they seem not to care. It sucks when your faves basically say your dumb for wanting to try a new piece of tech that at this point seems like it’s going to be a part of the mobile landscape for a while. I hope the change their minds and make a stable version for foldables.

  4. Now have the Pixel 6 Pro and things have gotten worse. There are problems with the recently used button, the home screen goes blank and numbers are gone forever. The new update, Version 7 has caused more issues than it helped. A lot of icons that never had numbers, now do. Facebook & Instagram no longer have numbers most of the time. All the icons are difficult to see what they are. And support blames everything but their app. It’s too bad that a great app has gone down hill. Very sad.

  5. Nova launcher is amazing I’ve been running it on all Android devices since 2013.. cuz unlike what Google thinks I don’t actually ever want my home screen or my app drawer to ever change it should just stay the same if you want to.. I like all of them being boxes.. I like all of my home screens to have the app drawer at the bottom center. I never want to pull up from the bottom to open apps that’s unnecessary and you accidentally open apps you don’t want to.

  6. What happened to the dock setting where you could use a photo for the background?? And what happened to the setting where you could change the search bars color in the folders? I used this app for a while but some things recently went missing and now my search bar is stuck pink and I would like to put a picture as my dock instead of just changing the color.

  7. It really is a phenomenal app, however, selling out to Branch analytics is just way too uncomfortable for me. You will be opted in to Branch’s data collection by default and supposedly will have the option to “opt out,” but for how long? Will you get opted back in every update? Are you fully opted out of ALL collection? Branch does not have a comfortable track record. Real gross to sell out such a long running and supportive user base. So long and thanks for all the fish I guess.

  8. It has worked great over the past 6 months, no glitches or issues. My old homescreen is still saved so if I ever wanted to go back to it, I still have it. The settings can be adjusted easily and are not hard to navigate. The editing process is quick, there isn’t many clicks required to change the icons. EDIT: I cannot seem to find the photo widget that used to be there. It was there until recently and now it’s disappeared. I use an android s20.

  9. On the whole, Nova is a great launcher. I’ve used it for years across multiple devices. It would be nice to get better support for foldables, particularly the ability to have different layouts from the front to inside screen. The latter has much more real estate than the former so when you switch between the two, the smaller screen makes everything squish, especially widgets.

  10. Patrick dice:

    Definitely recommending the Nova Launcher to any Android user, who look for a bottomless list of customizable but user friendly settings for your smart phone. Similar to a PC, allows you total control of your device. No more mandatory carrier or brand malware. Any phone is a computer in your pocket. Why not be able to control your experience? If you want a clean home page or a cluttered mess with overlapping icons. DOWNLOAD NOW!

  11. relay lowe dice:

    I’ve been using this app and the premium for over 3 years now. It’s amazing. And everytime I migrated to a new phone i backup and restore my previous home screen and it makes installing apps a breeze. Even Samsung smart switch misses some. Customizing with calendars and folders makes it fast, efficient and organized. Very Highly recommend the paid version.

  12. Kaitlyn M. dice:

    One glitch that’s bothering me is that when I flick away the app tray to get back to my home screen, it lags for a noticeable amount of time and the wallpaper is shown, home screen is blank, and icons aren’t there. Just for a brief second. If that lag wasn’t there, you’d never know this wasn’t the stock app! It is beautiful.

  13. Great launcher that had all of the cool features before any other launcher! Unfortunately, I removed 1 star because my Dock will arbitrarily disappear & I’ve no idea why. This is problematic, as the Dock is my go-to area for the important apps I want instant access to; their sudden, inexplicable absence always messes with me and messes up my flow, as it seems to occur at the most inopportune times (e.g. when I quickly need to make a phone call or immediately send a text message).

  14. Love this launcher! I’ve used it for years and my new favorite feature is the backup and restore…I just upgraded my phone and I was back up and running with everything back to normal in a few minutes😇. I’d forgotten how much Samsung would love to control how you use ur phone 🤪! I love to tweak the settings and all that too, but restoring all my apps and styles on a new phone was fantastic!

  15. W Graziano dice:

    ALMOST. Falls short on a few basic elements. 1) Widget text is too big even when set to the smallest font. There goes the advantage of having a full screen widget. 2) Folder window title has no font customization. You’re stuck with condensed bold, AND IT’S NOT EVEN HORIZONTALLY CENTERED. 3) Unable to swipe up to go from the apps drawer to home screen- only down. Not even interested in purchasing until these basic elements are fixed. Only advantage is having more control over app drawer and folder window background transparencies instead of the muddy background of One UI’s dark mode.

  16. Mike E dice:

    I really like the launcher, enough to pay for it, however as of Android 12, if you tap the square more than a few times in rapid succession it stops working. Works fine on the built in launcher. It’s the only thing I’ve had trouble with but it’s a significant issue. 5 stars otherwise for the customization and flexibility…

  17. M W dice:

    Superior, way above and beyond better than stock and especially Samsung UI in every way possible and in every way that matters to me. Nova has the options, look and feel most people really want. I would not have stuck with Android this long without NL Prime as an option. I’ve tried other launchers over the years here and there, but always end up coming back to this one. 😎👍

  18. lj Roma dice:

    The Best Launcher available in the Playstore. Versatile, reliable, customization, runs smoothly, easy to use. I really enjoy the ability to reshape my icons. ADW once had the best customization for icons by allowing you to edit and then choose to apply theme to individual icons, etc., but now Nova has unique editing tools as well. Besides these developers at Nova have proven to be the most reliable for years and constantly updating and addressing their customers concerns. Worth the upgrade. Ty

  19. After a bit of a learning curve, I like this just fine. While I like that it’s similar to the original Android home screen, I’m not sure it’s so much better. I got this simply because I wanted to re-order different screens, which Google stupidly took away. It works well for that, and seems to operate similar to the old style, which I prefer.

  20. F-Lambda dice:

    Feature-rich launcher with extensive customization. Allows to set custom search providers. The only real annoyances I have is that it’s impossible to completely get rid of the default orange accent color, as it still shows up in the search icon and in the settings menu.

  21. I’ve used this launcher exclusively across three android phones and really like the ability to hide apps in the drawer, and the customization. Lately, I’ve had issues with the wallpaper picker not centering images, and the wallpaper bouncing back and forth when opening the app drawer, despite having wallpaper scrolling turned off. Overall, a solid launcher if you can’t stand the stock android one.

  22. Just the right amount of depth. Maybe slowly add new features. but instead of trying to fit everything in, it could use some space for a creative mind and since 30+ min at least deserves some attention on the feel of going through the pages of possibilities. Smashing success. But there’s more…

  23. This is a great launcher and provides so much customizability! I use it as my default launcher and I’ve had no issues. One feature I would recommend is for transition effects. I think it would be cool if we could select a few different transitions it could cycle through as your swiping between your home screen pages. But nonetheless this launcher is the best launcher I’ve used so far.

  24. Marissa B. dice:

    I’ve been a longtime user of Nova Launcher Prime & have always loved it. Unfortunately a recent update removed the ability to insert a background img w/in the dock (Home screen > Dock > Dock Background) & now there is only the option to select a solid color. I understand the devs probably had a good reason, but this was one of my favorite & outstanding features of Nova. It sucks to see personalization options within a launcher app taken away, when over time they should only be added to.

  25. This is the first thing I download whenever I upgrade to a new device. The features are amazing and very easy to figure out. The interface is so smooth and I love all the icon packs that are compatible with this launcher. Hands down the best one on Google Play. The customizations give it a more personalized feel. 10/10

  26. By far the best launcher on Android for any device going all the way back to the first gen nexus 7 and up to a Galaxy note 20 ultra. I’m currently using this on a chuwi hipad X and it’s pretty slow on the stock launcher. But not a launcher not only looks better but makes the tablet feel quicker and more responsive. I love the customization this launcher has. Being able to increase the amount of apps on the home screen and decrease the space between them is great for a tablet with a high ppi.

  27. So much better than standard desktop. Recently moved from Samsung Galaxy to Pixel 6 Pro. Liked my Galaxy, just wanted to try something different. Didn’t like a few things with Pixel so searched for directive launchers. Tried a couple, they were mostly junk. Tried Nova, liked it right away. Still using it months later. Will pop in once in a while and look for settings to play with, usually tweak something just for fun. Have never had an issue with something not working.

  28. Great launcher. Didn’t like Samsung default launcher on my a13 5g. Wasn’t as smooth as would’ve liked it to been. Then the icons 4 icons per row. I prefer 6 due to the large screen size. I can get more of my favorite apps on my home screen. Nova 7 great. Nova 7 is just a better overall experience. Love the customization of folders. Overall I recommend.

  29. Red Fox dice:

    Best app for changing your home screen, but recent changes leave me with no choice but roll back to a previous version. They took away a lot of customization, but never fixed existing issues. When I change my wallpaper, it has to fit my screen exactly, or shifts off-center. When I change an app icon, it over-writes badges placed by other apps (i.e. the badges created by a work profile/ secure folder). These issues have me questioning the developers’ dedication to this app and it’s users.

  30. Very nice launcher with lots of customization options. Finally I can make my homescreen look exactly how I want it to! The gestures are also very handy. My only complaint is that it doesn’t work super well with Android P gestures (swipe navigation bar). It does technically work, but it makes it feel janky. Hopefully this is something they can fix in the near future.

  31. W JAMES dice:

    The new update, version 7, is not great. Going from 5 stars down to 3. Seems to be more battery drain now. In the dock, the 3d platform is impossible, now just a flat stripe (and no, being able to round its corners isn’t enough). In folders, there is a different visual problem with the 3d platform being too far down. I could go on, but what’s the point? Version 7 is something of a mess. I rolled the *. apk back to version 6.2.19, where I plan to stay until this mess gets cleaned up.

  32. The update has me really confused. A lot of my settings didn’t transfer, and the options to change them back seem absent. The biggest example would be scroll speed, which affects everything. It was set at the maximum speed, but now it’s excruciatingly slow, and the sub-menu that describes changing it back has the function missing. So, it seems, there is no way to undo the damage at this point. Not super happy :/

  33. This used to be the best launcher anywhere and I’ve tried most of them. But version 7 is a bust. Along with the issues others have had, the removal of support for Tesla Unread was an unforced error. Sure, it isn’t available in the store anymore but there are still lots of places to get it. And it works so much better than the new built-in feature that I went back to version 6 just for that option. I will never update from version 6 until version 7 is fixed.

  34. This app is so great. It allows much more customization. It also allowed me to get rid of that icky search bar that’s default on my Pixel 2 phone. This app has it all: app & folder shapes/colors, the ability to change the size of the home screen grid, and more. It also allows the use of custom icon packs. All of this allows me to enter what I call “full aesthetic mode”. It’s simply amazing.

  35. Juan Borla dice:

    The “upgrade” to 7 is a complete disaster. Fewer options for customization and performance that’s just horrendous. How do you have a bad frame rate on a LAUNCHER?? The worst part is that there are no new features or options to even balance the ones that were removed. I downgraded to 6 even though I now have to redo all my settings, and will stay there.

  36. Outstanding! It’s fast, customizable and has a great backup system when it’s time to restore or upgrade devices. I’m glad I bought the prime version—what a value! This brief review doesn’t do it justice. You can get started quickly but the power of it only becomes evident as you dig in and start to learn its formidable capabilities. Hats off to the developers. 👍

  37. This was hands down the best launcher on the market, and I recommended it to everyone, and I’ve used the pro version for years. Version 7 seems to have removed in ver half of the customization features that made it excellent. Even with the pro version, most of the granular tweaks that made this great are just gone. Extremely disappointing update. Hopefully the developers fix this so it can get back to the 5-Star software it used to be.

  38. It’s a good app for what it is, it’ll emulate a stock Android experience on Samsung devices. However, I had some in app problems while using nova launcher for the past few months. Instagram would often crash while I was using it or it wouldn’t playback videos when they were loaded up in my feed, it’s also play audio while the app was frozen. I also had an issue with Spotify where I would skip songs in my feed and the songs would continue to play, but the album covers wouldn’t correspond with the song playing so you’d never know what song it was. Aside from those minor glitches, it’s a stock Android experience for free that’s quick and snappy. You can’t really complain.

  39. I know you guys were trying to do good and it looks good. However it crashes both of my new phone, Galaxy A71 and my tablet. It causes lagging on everything. It is very resource intensive. Not only that, anytime you close out a screen from something else it pops up this other screen it has all the apps and everything and I don’t really like that either. I wish you would revert it back to the old software because it worked so damn well and I loved it so damn much. And yes I’ve uninstalled and rei

  40. I’ve been using this launcher for years on a few different phones. No problems, always talking it up and raving about how you can customize everything. However Android 10 update happened a month or so ago on my Pixel 3 and now the darn launcher crashes every day, sometimes more than once. I won’t even be using it at times and it will have lost all my settings. Also, even with a simple restart it would lose my settings. Not sure what’s going on here, but it needs fixed. I had to uninstall.

  41. I like it overall; however, there seems to be a tie between it and Google as to which is slowing down my phone. On a hunch I turned on Data Saver and disabled access to all except a small few apps needed for work. Unfortunately, yours is not allowed free reign. Before I turned on Data Saver I was having to reboot my phone almost every day, sometimes more than once. Peace has been restored.

  42. The launcher is a 5 Star, 10/10 app. I love it, and would still be using it if I hadn’t upgraded to a Z Fold 4. Unfortunately the launcher isn’t optimized for that specific phone. It doesn’t support features like the dock or having a separate layout for the inner and outer displays. If they eventually add an update for those features I’d switch back to it in a heartbeat. So if you have the Z Flip or any other standard android phone/tablet, get this launcher, otherwise, wait for an update.

  43. kittimer dice:

    Been using this launcher for 3 or 4 years now, love the freedom it gives me. Now that I have a new fold phone (ZFold4) though, it would really be better if it had better support for foldables. At its current build, there still is no way to change the open-inside layout independently from the closed-outside layout. Personally its tolerable, but it means that both screens mirror the same layout, and when you switch between the two screens, the launcher simply stretches the aspect ratio to fit. :/

  44. Chase dice:

    Have always avoided using third party launchers but finally gave this a try. VERY impressed. I don’t want abnoxious overlays or drastic changes. Just needed the ability to customize a few things. Very pleasantly surprised that you can make minimal ajustments while keeping the overall looked and feel of the default theme.

  45. Just started using the launcher and so far it’s been pretty nice with the widgets specially considering that I have one of THE most basic Android phones you could have. I’m able to set up the home screen as it’s I had a Galaxy or something. Also so far the App hasnt crashed, returning my setup back to the basic Homestep settings like a lot of other launchers seem to do. Next I’ll be paying attention to how much my phone slows down because of the App, which is another common launcher problem.

  46. The launcher is very fast, fluid, and a great recommendation for people who want a launcher! Just wish you could make folders in the app drawer (except the list) to get better organization. I’d also like to see an accent color added in so when you change settings, everything isn’t orange. Overall great launcher!

  47. Please consider updating the application to accommodate the foldable technologies. ❤️ [ Long Time User : Foldable Integration Bad ] Love nova; supported the paid prime version when it came out. Used the launcher on every device since then & its still one of the best options for most devices. I recently bought into the foldable series (ZFold4) & have had a less than pleasant experience operating the launcher. Slow, bugged, missing features, and not allow dual screen integration.

  48. used to love it, each update makes it harder & harder to use… tapping home to bring up search doesn’t work if the phone is in car mode, making it impossible to reopen recent apps with a quick pull to the side of the road or by a passenger… search itself just works weird… if I type “pay” it doesn’t find Google Pay… if I start typing it changes from recent to starts with (for example, every time I type “a” I should see Amazon, but I don’t see it until I type “ama”)

  49. I made a mistake and deleted this and had to go back to the Google Pixel4 wallpaper experience. I don’t like having all their garbage forced upon me and taking up space. This one is great. Also, you can back up your configuration. I downloaded the app again, opened it, and it asked if I would like to restore and everything was back to normal. Love it!

  50. I recently purchased a new Pixel 6a after having a positive experience with the 3a. When I got it, I wasn’t impressed. Oh how the mighty have fallen! I was kind of desperate to find a different launcher that would breathe life into my new phone, and Nova filled that niche. It’s fast, highly customizable, and looks enough like stock Android not to be offensive. Would recommend.

  51. Jerry Park dice:

    It just got even better with Nova 7. I really didn’t know what was coming in Nova 7 but I always wished that I could assign actions to swipe down of an icon. What a nice surprise! Other than that, I don’t really see much difference so far after installing the update about a few minutes ago. All as usual and the best launcher ever! Being too lazy to look for the proper way to request features, I wish there were more swipe options on the folder, for example swipe left and swipe right.

  52. I’d really like to explore this app more, as it temporarily changes the entire theme of Chromebook. However, it’s compatibility with Chromebook is EXTREMELY glitched and causes major bugs. It causes everything to glitch if I try to make it the default launcher, as Chromebook won’t allow it. I can’t give it Device Manager permission bc one, Chromebook hides that setting, and two, it causes my mouse to not be able to interact with anything. Once compatibilty is fixed, I’ll redownload it.

  53. This is a great app. Have used it forever, allows much customizing. I am running into trouble on all my androids, of which I have several (4 at least). Always on varying brands with various default launchers, every single one (even different android versions) I keep getting asked on every boot and sometimes in between, which launcher I want to use for ‘home’. It’s driving me up the wall. Yes gone through permissions and selection of which home launcher to use for default.

  54. My favorite launcher! However I’d like to submit a bug report. My phone is slow mounting the SD card on boot, and I have some apps saved on it. If I had a shortcut to one of those apps on the desktop and the SD card isn’t mounted and loaded prior to Nova, that shortcut is deleted and needs to be re-added. The way other launchers handle this is by showing a greyed out icon until the link is resolved.

  55. Using “Private DNS” and need to switch it off quickly? Add a Nova launcher “Activity” widget and then scroll down to “Settings”. My phone shows three. Tap on the one with hundreds of options. Scroll down to “Network and Internet” and choose that. You can edit the name of the icon to “DNS Changer”. Now the next time you’re on free Wi-Fi, but you’re disallowed access because of your private DNS, you’re not going to be fumbling around looking for that setting.

  56. Overall i do like this launcher. It seems stable for the last month, it has nice features and it’s not super expensive (I bought the pro version). One of my favorite features so far is the ability to have widgets overlap. One of my biggest gripes is that resizing icons barely works: I have to change the size in Androids settings for it to work even remotely as one would expect.

  57. I’ve been using Nova for a few years. It’s always one of the first apps I install. It gives you a HUGE variety of tweaks to choose from so you can really customize how your phone operates, and it presents these options in a simple way that even someone who is not tech savvy could easily navigate and change. You can tweak almost any behavior that has to do with the home screen, app drawer, notification panel, dock, icons, gestures… and it isn’t heavy on your processor. One of my favorite apps.

  58. Excellent, but the gesture navigation setting turns off on some reboots and most updates. I have to keep an app drawer opening icon just so I can change the settings back. It’s a small issue, but takes a lot of effort to work around, and it’s an issue with one of the most basic jobs of an app launcher. I’ll be going back to my stock launcher for a while. I’m extremely fed up with this.

  59. I’ve used this launcher for a long time. I’ve used others, and I always go back to it. I guess one change that would be cool is positioning icons in immersive folders. Mid or low position would be good, instead of default high, at the top of the screen. Re-ordering folders in app drawer would be nice too. But otherwise, nice experience. It’s as clean or busy as you want it to be

  60. I keep going back to this Launcher again and again. Better than any of the others out there. The Settings is easy to use and understand. Everything looks and runs so smoothly. SUPER customizable, even in the free version. Icon shapes, colors, swiping effects, grid layout is easy, flexible, anything can be placed anywhere. Infinite scrolling. I can go on and on about how amazing this Launcher is. Apparently it’s been around for awhile, I’ve just discovered it in 2021. THE BEST. 5+ Stars! 🙏❤️

  61. Used this for years to make my Moto and Samsung phone look like I want it. Now unusable. Wasted a day trying to figure out the issue, and find an alternative. Found an old list of bugs for Nova 7 on Reddit, which helped me find words to describe the issue. Please fix the issue with the dock not scrolling in landscape mode. Also, the new position of the dock so far from the navigation buttons is taking up too much space on my home screen. Thanks for the good times, but I may have to move on.

  62. Excellently customizable launcher. I have been able to get my phone working just the way I want it. Better than the Touch Wiz launcher by far. So many options. Especially, like the customizable gestures snd I really like being able to back up my layout and settings. Only issue I have run into so far is that it says it is not responding more often than Touch Wiz. I just click wait and it works fine, but still a small annoyance.

  63. Matt Seng dice:

    Been using this for years. Love the ability in version 7 to use the old style icons which can have their own shape with a transparent background. SO much easier to quickly find what I’m looking for. However I’m disappointed that the dock background styles are less flexible now. I used to use the style that looked like a rhombus, with a 3D appearance. Now that’s impossible.

  64. This review is to express my disappointment with the update. Everything is super animated now. I don’t like it when things are super animated, it makes me motion sick, but having no animation makes things seem to pop in from nowhere. I like minimal animations and had everything set the way I wanted it. Some things I can turn back, but not all (no option to change opening a folder.) I can disable all animation but that looks bad. I paid for nova and used it for years… Time for new app?

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