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Transfer your live wallpapers from Windows to Android using Wallpaper Engine!
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The Wallpaper Engine mobile companion app allows you to import your live wallpaper collection onto your Android device with ease. Connect to Wallpaper Engine on Windows and transfer your existing live wallpaper collection to the mobile app or import local videos and GIFs and use them as live wallpapers with ease!

• Supports videos, GIFs and interactive 2D / 3D scenes as wallpapers.
• Connect to Wallpaper Engine on Windows to transfer your desktop library onto your phone.
• Allows you to customize the look and feel of your wallpapers.
• You can set up a playlist that automatically cycles your wallpapers in regular intervals or depending on the time of day.
• Wallpapers automatically pause when power savings mode is activated on your phone.
• The app is completely ad-free and also does not track your behavior.

For support with the app, please visit the Android section on our help website:

• https://help.wallpaperengine.io


Added inverse kinematics for puppet warp animations.
Added support for user imported textures/videos in scenes.
Enabled Wallpaper Colors API on Samsung devices again. Previous versions of Android caused the app to crash on Samsung devices. If you experience crashes on Samsung devices after this update, make sure that your device is up-to-date.
Added long-press dialog to apply button to revert back to the default Android wallpaper.
Fixed wallpaper rotation when exiting a landscape app.


40 comentarios en "Wallpaper Engine 2022"

  1. Setting up your preview can be extremely buggy. If you’re setting up a wallpaper that involves changing settings, you might have an experience where the preview just flashes the wallpaper for a second before turning black repeatedly. You may also encounter wallpaper settings not being applied or difficult to adjust. They got a lot of polishing to do. This is extremely frustrating.

  2. Happy to finally see wallpaper engine come to Android devices! The UI is simple, allowing a quick and easy setup. There aren’t any ads, truly being a free addition to those who purchased the desktop application. Many of the negative reviews I have seen either lack understanding of how an app like this has to function to work or rate it overly poorly due to lacking features they want. It does what it needs to do and it does it very well.

  3. It works. You need to have it on pc for it to work. What it does is it syncs the mobile compatible version of the wallpaper from the desktop app, and downloads it onto your phone. It was a tad annoying getting the pc and the phone app to “see” each other but it’s doable and all good. I recommend.

  4. Does what it says on the tin and incredibly well at that. If you have used wallpaper engine on pc this has the same level of quality and it seamlessly integrates allowing for a simple click to transfer wallpapers over. In my experience exporting in anything but video greatly decreased the wallpaper quality but it likely depends on a lot such as phone model.

  5. Almost works just as good as the desktop app. I did run into an issue trying to open a PowerPoint document (forgot I didn’t have the PowerPoint app installed), for some reason it was trying to use Wallpaper Engine to open it by default. This crashed the app and required a full uninstall and reinstall. Obviously not a huge problem and very easy fix, just something that I thought should be addressed.

  6. Sai dice:

    Amazing to finally have Wallpaper Engine on mobile! However, that doesn’t come without its issues, namely; wallpapers have a considerable amount of aliasing around the edges which were not present in the source video/wallpaper. This issue also manifests itself when importing video files from internal storage. This may due to the app not supporting the 4K resolution of my phone screen or something to do with the rendering backend but who knows. We are so close to achieving perfection! Pls fix

  7. Very much enjoy this app, but since updating to Android 12, GIF wallpapers have a severe playback issue. I have a large and smoothly animated GIF that would look incredible on my OLED screen, but the animation is only smooth for all of two seconds. before slowing or outright stopping. I’ve tried all manner of rate settings, frame rates, unoptimizing battery use, it’s just stuck. Still a great app, but would love to see large smooth GIFs work better.

  8. There are many good things such as it running on my phone flawlessly and having high quality and zero ads, but I have inconveniences too like slow downloading for the live and image wallpaper being transferred to my phone. Also on some wallpapers I can’t even align them well, and there needs to be more options like on the steam version where you can choose themes. Now I’ve had a recent issue where it crashes when I try to open the app. I lose all wallpapers. Unsatisfied.

  9. Rhys Yap dice:

    Great app and does what it should do. Similar to the PC version but it seems it uses/takes control of certain functions, ie in particular the viewer for PowerPoint slides sent via email or even when downloading to drive it puts that app as the only option. Unfortunately I need my document viewers to be functional or else would keep using the app since i use it in my PC.

  10. Been hoping for this long before it was announced. It’s unfortunate that wallpapers can’t be downloaded directly, but that can’t be helped at the moment, seemingly. I wish the app had more options adjust wallpaper settings, though. Not a full-on editor like on Windows, but something more than what we have. I also wish the app allowed wallpapers with audio to play their audio, though I’m not sure Android allows for that. Overall, this is a good app. I just wish it had a bit more to it.

  11. P o P dice:

    I was unable to connect to my PC via wireless connection, so I had use a USB to transfer it. Once it was done, it worked like a charm on my phone. Two things I would want in a future update, if possible, is the option to have audio play on the homescreen and mabye add more display options so that wallpapers fit better and not get cropped out.

  12. Exceptional. The app so easily connected to my computer where I was able to transfer over the wallpapers. The performance is great as well with plenty of options for each wallpaper. I’ve had only two problems; when I first applied the wallpaper I was given the option between home or lock screen but after choosing home screen I can no longer choose the lock screen. The second problem I had was that the pre-rendered option for the wallpapers didn’t work for me and just showed up black.

  13. Ian o/ dice:

    So far, this app has been fantastic. I have a Pixel 6P and using this app with material you is so cool man. The app is insanely easy to use and the fact you can run wallpapers along with their settings is cool too. There are some bugs, but more importantly I think there’s just some things lacking. My pre-rendered wallpaper jumps when it loops back, there should be a better transition. We should be able to change settings of a wallpaper and then render it.

  14. Almost good. Missing a lot of features but hey it works. They can only improve the app from here. Would be nice if I didn’t have to keep the app running and it would run a background process instead. No audio either but that’s understandable, would be nice if you can choose to have audio or not but whatever. A zoom in/out feature would be nice too as cover zooms in a little too much. Good job regardless

  15. J A dice:

    Syncs well with PC, able to upload wallpapers easily from PC. Uploading is slow. The only issue I have with my Samsung Z Fold 3 doesn’t work well with it the app. It doesn’t recognize the difference between external and internal screens. If you assign a wallpaper, when the fold is open, it applies to the internal screen. Once you close it and open it again, it’s gone. The external front screen seems to work regardless. Maybe add option in settings that tells the app it’s using a Folding phone.

  16. Jasper R dice:

    Honestly a good app. Lets you use most of the same wallpapers that you can on the PC version, allowing you to pick from an essentially endless library of cool user created wallpapers. Does require the PC version, though, which is only a few bucks. Connecting the mobile version to your PC is simple, only requiring you be on the same WiFi network. The wallpapers look great, allowing much customization still. Do note though that some more visually intensive wallpapers may crash the app.

  17. Zack Rock dice:

    Didn’t even know this was coming out and got super hyped when I saw it. Very exciting road ahead of this app. Sadly, I’ve gotten a bug a couple times that makes the app crash repeatedly. The only fix I’ve found is to reinstall, forcing me to have to re-transfer my wallpapers and reupload the ones from my phone. This really sucks (obviously) and will probably put me off using the app deeply until Android or the app dev comes with a fix. Regardless, I know it’ll come around eventually. Cheers.

  18. Love that it’s on mobile now. Been trying to find something close to wallpaper engine for a while but nothing really ever felt the same. I use a Galaxy S10e and see no battery issues while it’s on in the background. And it works fine with battery saver on, you just have to make sure you enable that in the app settings. I think my 1 complaint would be that you have to connect to a PC to get other wallpapers other than the default ones. Other than that, great app 👍

  19. kali dice:

    I absolutely love wallpaper engine. So excited it’s got an app now. Sending the wallpapers from my PC to my phone works perfectly. I had to experiment a little with the settings to find what works best for my phone but once I got down it works amazing. I see minimal effect on my battery life, wallpapers with too many additional features (audio responsive, multiple effect layer, etc) were eating up my RAM so I just chose other ones from the workshop

  20. This app works amazingly! I was so excited to hear this app was coming to mobile and the wait was worth it! My only complaint is that the wallpapers don’t seem to play audio like the PC counterpart. I was also confused with setting the wallpaper cuz after choosing between home screen and lock screen it doesn’t ask you again, but I found out that holding the button gives you the prompt to choose between the two again. TLDR; Amazing mobile port, wish they added wallpaper audio like the PC version

  21. Looks and seems to work fantastic on a Samsung S10+. One thing I noticed is I couldn’t get any audio responsive ones or ones with audio to react/play audio. I don’t know if it’s a bug, setting I missed it just not implemented yet. But high hopes for this app, as it’s the counter part to one of my must have desktop applications.

  22. Leviticus dice:

    Great experience thus far! Well done to the software designers. A couple features that I would love to see added.. 1.) Folders to separate wallpapers 2.) Ability to change quality on demand (download to phone in high quality and cycle between them afterwards) 3.) Ability to have multiple playlists that you can select from (weekend vs weekdays). Thanks for reading this far.

  23. This is great. I’m not sure if it’s just me but after a min or so it disconnects me from my computer (stays paired) and sometimes I have to disconnect and reconnect from wifi for it to show up my computer again if it doesn’t automatically reconnect. I hope there will be a way to also set wallpapers up separately on lock screen and home screen. 😀

  24. I find this quite enjoyable and easy to use. The pairing is a little different, bit otherwise works fine. Audio Visualizers don’t seem to work, atleast the ones I have tested,which may just be a bug, since there is audio recording options. Wallpaper Audio doesn’t play either, but that may just be a thing for mobile users since wallpapers don’t usually create audio. Overall it is quite enjoyable.

  25. I’m new to wallpaper engine, but this app is really amazing! I would love to see wallpapers being able to go on the second screen of a dual screen phone (such as my LG V60). Unless there is a way to do that and I just missed it, I would like to know how. And like other’s have said, the difference between high and balanced is enormous. Other than that, this is probably one of the greatest apps ever.

  26. So excited for this, so far the only downside has been needing to have users from Steam Workshop agree to the new terms. This is slightly problematic, for example if a user has died and can no longer update their submission. Maybe the team can find a workaround, maybe allowing us to download a copy and use that in place of the original. Other than that, love it!!

  27. Been waiting for it to come out since it was announced in September and now that it’s here I can tell you, it lives up to the hype. Haven’t even connected to my computer yet but the default options are so good on their own that I’m happy! I’d like it if support were added for separate lock screen and home screen though, aside from that no complaints.

  28. I was very excited by the announcement of this app and I was unable to connect my phone and PC on day one. Today, after WE’s update, I was able to connect the two but I’m left a bit disappointed. Most wallpapers really aren’t meant to be used as phone backgrounds. We’re limited a specific cropped section which is underwhelming. It makes me appreciate Wallshow’s approach to making some images scroll-able (L + R). I’d like to see WE implemented this vs a static section. Not switch to WE’s app yet.

  29. Humberto dice:

    When I heard that wallpaper engine was going to be in Android, I was hype and as soon as it was released I downloaded it and it doesn’t disappoint at all. For starters you can bring over your steam wallpapers to the Android version of wallpaper engine and it doesn’t affect the wallpapers at all but, it only changes the size said wallpaper, you can also change the effect that are seen in the PC version if the author add support for the effect like changing the color. All in all it’s a good app

  30. Overall, this is pretty solid. There are a few hiccups, like trying to go from “Home and Lock Screen” to just “Home Screen”, sometimes it doesn’t change or sometimes it will. I think adding a “Lock Screen” only option would do wonders, and I think asking each time which screen we wanted each time would be nice.

  31. Edit: 4 stars because can’t zoom in wallpapers, please fix. — I’ve been waiting for an app like this for ages since I’ve owned Android, and I finally have it! You’ll have to pay like $5 for the PC version to use all functionally of the mobile one since they’re WiFi-paired, but even it works like a charm too! And the best part? NO ADS! I’m sure they get all their funding through Steam purchases.

  32. Fantastic everything is great but here are my 2 suggestions: 1- the dialog for selecting whether to apply the wallpaper on home screen or homescreen and lock screen is entirely gone, i cannot find it anywhere. Please add it in the settings. 2- add a way to manage the desktop app within the phone application. Like when the device is paired with pc then on the phone app we can see a list of wallpapers that can be transferred and the whole process could be done within the phone app itself.

  33. Great but some major drawbacks. Easy to upload and apply wallpapers but you ca t switch between having a single wallpaper and having it on the Playlist without removing the extras from the Playlist. The biggest drawback is the amount of ram it uses, force closing the app freed up 1.5gigs of ram which is a lot for a phone and I instantly saw better system performance.

  34. Great app and easy to use with the desktop program. I do often have a problem with certain parts of my background (time and date) either disappearing or doubling up in each other becoming unreadable and the only fix seems to be to reapply the wallpaper. Overall a minor bug and I love the app.

  35. Paired but can’t be used on my Samsung s21 ultra. The preview is amazing, but it crashes every time when I apply a wallpaper and sets the wallpaper to the default. My system is Android 12. I hope this is helpful to you to solve this issue. Edit: thanks for the effort of wallpaper engine team, after updating this app, it can run on my phone. Now I can apply the same wallpaper with my PC, it looks fantastic!

  36. John Bray dice:

    Desktop Live Wallpapers on Mobile! I have used wallpaper engine on my systems for a long time and am overjoyed at this app launching for mobile! It does require a license on pc and a connection to said pc in app, but the sync does not take long and configuring wallpapers is easy! A few things that do need work: Setting wallpaper for just lock screen and/or multiple screens (ie galaxy fold) License agreement restriction. Perhaps a way to bypass for a few days, then resync?

  37. jake greb dice:

    Samsung s21+ user here. The app keeps crashing when I pick a wallpaper like not fully crashing but the wallpaper crashes and goes back to Samsungs default wallpaper. Also pairing doesn’t work my pc doesn’t show up to pair with. But I’m sure these issues will be fixed or someone will tell me I’m not doing something I should when they read this. I have had the app on pc since it came out how ever many Years ago now and I love it so 5 stars and I can’t wait to see how far the mobile app goes

  38. The “home screen scrolling” feature seems to barely move. Also device motion entirely ignores image boarders when I would prefer motion stop at edge of wallpaper. Overall a good app but it could use a bit more optimization for phone use. Also on a side note can the workshop have a search function for wallpapers made with phones in mind? Really hard to find good wallpapers that actually fit the phone screen.

  39. I really like this app. It runs smoothly it’s only crashed once but I have one problem with it. I wish I didn’t have to make it lock and home screen I wish there was an option just for the lockscreen. There one for just the homescreen. I think it would be nice. Totally understand why there it might not be a thing.

  40. Audio responsive wallpapers sadly don’t work for me on mobile because on my version of android there is not an option to allow the app to record audio when it is not open, only if the app is open. This means even if I minimize the wallpaper engine app the audio responsive wallpaper doesn’t receive any audio to react to. I would say this is androids fault but there must be a workaround somehow. Other than that, I love the app.

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