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Create, Save , Edit any 3D or 4D wallpapers, let your creative juices flow
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It is a platform to show creativity, user can create, download , edit and customise 4D or 3D wallpapers.

350+ official 4K wallpapers with 4D depth effect that let you feel real 3D Live Wallpaper.
Every 3D/4D wallpaper is editable, customisable and adjustable.

Even you can create 4D background using Camera or Gallery photos or choose from our collection.

A beautiful app that gives a AMOLED 3D experience to your home and lock screen, currently we have 350+ official HD wallpapers and we are continuously updating our store whilte in user section we have more than 100K HD & 4K wallpapers.
Search according to your need you will find cool personalise moving parallax wallpaper, all parallax wallpapers are desinged to optimized battery.

If you have AMOLED or 4K display device like Xiaomi,Huawei ,OnePlus, Samsung choose wallpaper from our official 4D collection to feel real 3D with 4D depth.

Note : to give you best parallax effects and 4D experience we your device’s motion sensors gyroscope and accelerometer.

Best & Top 3D/4D Live Wallpapers categories Animals 4D wallpapers, Nature 4D backgrounds , X-Mas, Dewali, Eid, halloween, moutains,abstract,dark, galaxies and many more.

🔥 Support all devieces screen with dynamic aspect ratio
🔥 3D themes to customise mobile screen
🔥 4D holograms and parallax moving backgrounds
🔥 Instant app support , share your creative wallpaper with your friends.
🔥 Superhero Multi-layer collection
🔥 We support 3D till 8th layer. ( 8 layer 3D support)
🔥 We suport 4D till 3rd layer with 3 depth ( 3+3 4D suport)
🔥 You can add effect to your created 3D wallpaper
🔥 Very easy tool to understand how to create 4D or 3D wallpapers
🔥 Turn on or Off ads from the setting, just feel ads free experience
🔥 Become part of 4D creator community to get likes & followers
🔥 Very smooth 4D themes
🔥 Best 4D wallpaper app and we need your support to take it at higher level, just check and let us know by writing review.

You can also submit your own theme for our official collection, That would be published publicly to all users with your name.

Feel free to contact us about any issue or feedback at [email protected].

Thank you


Fix issue from the last update
Scope storage implemented
Bug fixes
Performance improved
Soon a New & Unique feature is coming for all user


40 comentarios en "3D Wallpaper Parallax – 4D Backgrounds MODDED 2022"

  1. Love this app and I use it for my go to wallpapers! I say that in a plural because of the settings that let’s you download multiple wallpapers and set up automatic changes for a time you can pick, hours or minutes! Update on the problems with the app that is being posted on some reviews. You can download multiple wallpapers and set up automatic changes in the settings button on the left side of home screen. You can also check the box that let’s you change to the next wallpaper by tapping twice

  2. There are some really good wallpapers available for free, you can turn on ads to get a few premium wallpapers for free. Where I had to uninstall was when it said the ads would not interrupt the experience and this may just be a difference in what an experience interrupted means, but I was expecting banner ads and stuff. Not full page ads.

  3. The only problem with this app is that every once in a while my wallpaper would disappear and go back to default. Its hard to find wallpapers I like but there is a specific artist I get all my wallpapers from so that isn’t a big problem. Maybe add an option for lock screen only too. Thats really it, everything else is good. Nice and simple to use ui, nice wallpapers, haven’t had a problem with too many annoying ads.

  4. It has high quality parralax backgrounds, giving the convincing illusion of being 3d. There are tons of free backgrounds, and you can buy access to all the backgrounds for life for a small one-time fee, rather than being forced to use a subscription. It’s the first background app I’d reccommend to anyone.

  5. I’ve been experimenting with 3d wallpapers for my phone recently (both paid and free) and this one caught my attention. The install was fast, the downloads and transitions were seamless and basically I was just impressed with how it all worked the way it was supposed to. i have yet to see an advertisement and whoever programmed this app seeemed to know the shortest distance between two points and made it apparent between his idea of a wallpaper app and the end user!

  6. I really like this app, so I decided to pay the $3.00 to go premium. I assumed that going premium would give me access to all of the effects, but apparently you still have to pay for each one. What is the point of going premium if I cant even choose from any effects or extras without paying for each individual one I would want? That was disappointing.

  7. Awesome high quality images and the 3D effect works flawlessly on my s10. Great variety of different wallpapers, it plays a short ad after you preview 5 or so wallpapers, but because of the quality of the wallpapers and the fact that it’s free I don’t mind, also pleasantly surprised it does NOT randomly play ads when the app is closed, unlike some of the others I’ve tried. Great app overall 10/10 would recommend.

  8. I have had to reinstall the app almost it feels like to me every time I create a wallpaper. I tried reaching out to those at the email address given to us in my experience I got nowhere. Now regardless of how many times I reinstall it the app shuts down on me and I cannot create a wallpaper. It obviously has something wrong with it but in my experience I cannot get anyone to hear me so it stays unfixed

  9. Absolutely excellent. Full version 2.50 Pro version is 4 bucks. Free version gets 4 full layers to play with and share which can make some fancy looking stuff. Up to 8 layers for 3d with no resolution scaling requirements. Can upload freely and rate other users and comment. – Only feedback I have is the ability to free rotate layers to any degrees should be added . Currently only have horizontal and vertical flip and left and right rotations.

  10. App worked great for my purpose until I bought it. Making my own layered image and having the option to “freeze” a layer was exactly what I needed to accomplish, but then after accomplishing a rough draft of my goal for free, I decided to support the app and pay for the pro version. After that, the toggle to “freeze” layers disappeared – rendering my *completed* long search for a particular feature wasted. Pls fix and you’ll get 5 stars.

  11. Honestly I adore this app. Got pro in the first couple days of using it since I loved it so much xD. I have been searching for a long time for an app like this since my last live wallpaper app went obsolete, One issue I continue to have though is that when you put a picture in from your own gallery (love that feature!), it decreases the quality of the picture exponentially, making it look pixelated and rather shoddy. I really hope that you can fix it soon!

  12. Great app. Really utilizes your phone’s capabilities to a greater extent and makes the interface more intricate. To me, it’s the best Wallpaper app available. My phone never crashes while using it. There are no ads (none that I’ve ever seen). It it is great!!

  13. Great wallpapers, and I like the double click changing option. But every once in a while it turns off and I have to go back in and turn it on. This is not a big deal, but whenever this happens some of my saved wallpapers are missing, and that has been disappointing.

  14. For free, this app does exactly what I expected: let you use an image of your choosing to make a parallax wallpaper. Quick, easy, simple. Apparently you can also add layers and have them move at different speeds so they look more distant or closer.

  15. it’s not 3d in the way you see in some videos. there’s not a 3d effect like you can look through the screen but that’s a technology problem. i don’t think that kind of screen exists yet. it’s not 3d in the way that you can see *around* the pic as you tilt the phone but that would require more than just a simple still image. it just moves the picture around in response to the phones motion which is pretty good. it gives the phone a nice effect and I’m cool with that but it’s not 3d.

  16. UPDATE: Crashes frequently. Very annoying. This app has alot of bugs and glitches with setting the wallpaper and then the wallpaper disappears and the app crashes and close. Lastly, I do like the new interface layout. When working its very smooth. That’s why I gave this 3 stars.. Fix the crashes, bug and glitches I’ll update to 5 stars.

  17. Definitely the best 3D & 4D app out there. I still have 3 main problems/requests: (1) Please as a dark mode option to the settings. (2) Solve the issue that cause the free premium wallpaper/ free effects/ free pro license to reset when the app is closed (thus making those features unattainable!). (3) The battery saving option in the settings doesn’t actually do anything. It doesn’t take you to any system settings option related to 3D wallpaper energy saving or anything like that

  18. The software seems to work until it randomly crashes, but the selection of images is absolutely horrible. Fake, badly photoshopped elements in colours pushing the laws of physics for luridness, landscapes marred by boats, helicopters etc, stupid superheroes, cartoon characters. Wild animals that have clearly been brutalised to get the photo. Just abysmal. I’ve found just one that is half OK. Can’t find any I actually like. Better selection needed for grownups, basically.

  19. It’s the best wallpaper app I’ve ever had and know of till date. The way it feels is just amazing but just a tiny bit of problem that I face ruins it all. After applying the wallpaper, if I exit the app(removing it from the memory to release RAM) the wallpaper also get removed. Why ain’t I able to have it all the time. It’s just impossible to keep the app running in the background forever. Please help me out.

  20. Just paid for super user. While i like the wallpapers not many with animation (like the castle with fire/lava). Actually i manage to find only one. If there are more it would be good to insert extra option in filters. So for now i will give 3/5 but i’m willing to change as soon as i have more option to chose. Too bad that some wallpapers didnt have an animation like spiderman in the rain… Edit: This app is sitting on the top in battery consumption and its too much for what is doing.

  21. Superb, but not working properly for me, when ever I unlock the phone, all the layers just goes to the top corner of the screen and no parallax effect. To make it work again I have to go into the app once and come back to home screen. This happens every time when i unlock the phone. Some one plz help me with this problem.

  22. That’s really cute app, though there is one sufficient bug: For some reason wallpapers ,that I download, disappear in “download” menu in app, so I can’t remove them. At the same time I can till use them by doubletapping on my screen. BUT I do really want to get rid of them! Please. Thank you.

  23. In a single word, awesome! The effect is very good. Wallpapers are too good and the perfect blending of the 3d effect with those wallpapers created an eye candy effect. Unlike other app this app didn’t produced annoying things like repeated request for rating, rather it let me try and test for 3 to 4 days and then asked for a rating which I liked most. There are lots of free wallpaper to use. I must say that this app is well crafted in all possible ways.

  24. App works as charm. Battery usage is high tho, it seems that for this parallax effect to work, the gyroscope must be used all the time. Phone heats up often too. It would be great to add a battery management feature that would not use the sensor in background, but only when you are in the lock/home screen.

  25. This is the most intrusive app I have ever seen do not install it! they are spying on everything on your phone I installed a internet tracker by app and this app is constantly contacting the internet like by the minute sending data and who knows what it’s sending cuz it’s all sorts of different addresses that it’s sending it to! this app is a data mining app first, but you don’t know about it!

  26. Everything is prefect. The best part is you get to create and share and use your own 3d wallpaper with all the resources included for free. Edit: Sometimes I don’t know what happens, it won’t let you select online pictures.

  27. Very easy to use. Worth the cupla bucks to access all of the premade screensavers. Will add an extra star when pic editing options are added to cut out portions of a pic to use. Also recommend to the devs to autosize the wallpaper to fit when screen orientation rotates. Generally speaking though, a very cool, very fun app.

  28. It’s quiet impressive. A complete 3D parallax effect can be seen, but it stops after sometime. Motion sensors doesn’t work after your phone is locked for sometime. If this issue will be fixed, then this will be the best app for 3d wallpapers.

  29. It was working great. At first try I can select between home screen only and both lock and home screen. But now the feature seems to disappear cuz everytime I tap “Set Wallpaper” it automatically sets to both home and lock screens. Please fix this bug it’s the only thing that bothers me a lot.

  30. Great app…does make your battery loose power quicker but that’s to be expected. ..I like the art work ….and the fact that..yes…there is an advert or two..but that’s it…iv changed my wallpaper 5 times…and searched the list for about an hour or more…..2 adverts…that’s all I has to watch….keep up the good work guys.

  31. Update – 12-12-2018 – had to uninstall because after installing it, I started getting frequently annoying full screen ads and intrusive small 4×2 size adds. It is seriously annoying and appears at a very important time. ———————————————————————- Absolutely fantastic wallpaper, I am finding it hard not to keep looking at the screen like a child….Thank you guys, fantastic job.

  32. Before I installed it I thought that this is a fake app. But it can literally make 3D wallpapers. The only problem is when I place my phone vertically the wallpaper starts to shake.So I had to put the phone down the desk to see how it work properly. Maybe it is my phone’s problem. But the thing is my phone is new as barely a month old from when I buy it.

  33. Very nice app..you should definitely install it once…but i think that..wallpapers which we have to buy by paying money..those are awesome. But a little improvment needed in free paralax wallpapers..( in my opinion!!! ) But amazing app Install it once for sure ! ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

  34. Conker dice:

    It sucks that you have to apply every wallpaper to your home screen as well, in order to have it as your lock screen. There is no option available to add wallpaper only to your lock screen, in the end you have to add it as your home screen as well. So that’s really unfair, even after buying the $4 pro membership, but other than that it’s an amazing app with a ton of amazing 3D wallpapers. Highly recommend

  35. anon164 dice:

    love the 4D backgrounds to use with my CM Launcher. only reason it’s not 5 stars is because most times it doesn’t apply itself on the lock screen. but the desktop screen gets set. there’s not a lot of ads in it either which is great. not too intrusive. if I changed my background every day then I would probably consider a paid version but for my very minimal use it’s just not logical when you can download 4k photos from the web. this is more convenient and easy to pull back up previously.

  36. Very nice app. Very usefull. I had got to about it in a youtube channel, then I used it. It has very beautiful and attractive wallpapers. But there’s a problem. Every wallpaper that I use is not constantly active on my screen. It disappears after sometime and the inbuilt wallpaper of my phone is back. I have to update my wallpapers every time. Please fix this then I will surely give u full 5 stars.

  37. I paid for the pro version but am very disappointed. When i try to make my own backgrounds the search feature will more often than not tell me there is a “network problem” both on wifi or on cellular. Yet it has no problem at all downloading other things. If i had the option to do over, i would not have paid for this.

  38. MANGDA dice:

    ***** CAUTION ***** Norton Antivirus scans this app as “Unusual Behavior”. Not a good sign. And notice the empty Data Safety section on the app page. No way would I download this app to my phone. Too bad, because I’d really like to use it. But not at the cost of data mining my financial info, or worse.

  39. This is a pretty neat program. Sure there might be a few more immersive parallax viewers out there, but this is the only one, to my knowledge, that allows you to make your own 3D-ish wallpaper. I’ll likely be downloading the premium version when I have a bit more time to experiment with this new little niche of creativity, a few weeks from now. For the time being, there are plenty of free backgrounds to download for free.

  40. I honestly think this is a great at the only thing I think it needs fixing in is resolution when making your own you can see that the images are not digitized the right way even if you create your own Vector the app still find a way not to make the edges smooth making everything look a little nasty other than that if you guys can just figure out a way to process images better and make them cleaner is that would get amazing reviews and might be able to actually make it pretty far

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