Radii Watch Face for Android Wear OS 2022

Designed based on the dynamics of a planetary system
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The motion of our planet along its orbit and around the sun brings time to pass in our realities. We were quite intrigued by this fact and decided to recreate this idea in our next watchface.

Radii takes inspiration from the dynamics of a planetary system and simulates its workings onto a digital timepiece. The centre—our star—indicates the hour while a sphere carrying the minute rotates around it along its striped orbit. You will also see a tiny moon gliding around this sphere in sync with each stroke of the second hand.

What’s more? The watchface also has a scale that displays your battery life and a crescent that shows the day.

In the event that the watch does not automatically notify you to set up Radii you can manually do so by following these steps:
• On the watch, press the side button and go to Play Store
• Scroll down until the section “Apps on your phone” appears. You should be able to see Radii listed under this section.
• Under Radii, tap on “Install”. Once it is installed, select “Set Watch Face”.

8 Color themes + Customizable color options.

Android wear smart watch required

Compatible with:
• Moto 360
• LG Watch Sport
• LG Watch Style
• LG Watch Urbane
• LG G Watch R
• LG G Watch
• Asus ZenWatch
• Huawei watch
• Sony Smartwatch 3
• Samsung Gear Live
• Tag Heuer Connected
• Fossil Q Founder
• Fossil Q Marshal
• Fossil Q Wander

or any wearable running Wear OS by Google (Previously known as Android Wear)

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• Roto 360
• Tymometer
• Time Tuner
• Roto Gears

Created by
Gaurav Singh &
Krishna Prajapati


German and Italian translations


4 comentarios en "Radii Watch Face for Android Wear OS 2022"

  1. Jonathan Nuñez dice:

    Fairly good app, original, just one thing. The 7 dots that represent the week days are useless, we can fit a date that gives the month, the day of the month and the day of the week all in one, no need to spread it almost across the whole circumference of the left side of the watch, in any case, they should add a setting where this is customizable 👍.

  2. Brian Johnson dice:

    Neat design, basic color controls are plenty. It would be nice to change the size/scale perhaps. But the lack of good burn-in protection is bothersome. I don’t feel right using this on an amoled screen for long periods as some of the larger, always-lit sections do not follow burn-in prevention methods. An outline ambient mode or similar option would make this a daily-use face as almost all watches are amoled now.

  3. Allan Walmsley dice:

    Excellent watch face that works perfectly! Love the battery meter! Although could do with the option to add complications as there is probably room for one or two. An option to save your colour scheme in the app would also be useful.

  4. Eduardo Delgado dice:

    Very nice watch face. It’s the only one I’ve actually liked out of all the ones available for Watch OS. It would be nice if the other background colors had presets though feels like each one I do isn’t the same and it bothers me a little bit lol

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