Outline Icons – Icon Pack MODDED 2022


A Colorful and Minimal icon pack in an Outline Style - Over 9100 icons!
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SALE – Outline Icons 5th Birthday 🎉and reaching over 9000 Icons!

An icon pack like no other, Outline Icons transforms your home screen with your familiar app icons in an outline style. Featuring bright colors and precise designs made to material design standards means your icons will stand out from the crowd whether on phone or tablet.

Each icon is created by hand in an outline style at the highest quality (xxxhdpi) ensuring your icons are sharp and detailed on any screen. Included in Outline Icons are a selection of high resolution wallpapers that compliment the icons minimal and subtle style.


• 9100+ Hand crafted HD icons with amazing detail
• 32+ Launchers supported
• Icon Masking for unthemed icons
• 26 High Resolution Wallpapers (Royalty Free)
• Dynamic Calendar support (Google, Today, Business, aCalendar & System Calendar)
• Category Folders in various colours
• Alphabet icons – Alphanumeric icons in 10 colours!
• 192 x 192 pixel icon dimensions (xxxhdpi) means your icons look great on phones and tablets
• Clean, colorful, minimal icons that look great on dark or blurred wallpapers (AMOLED friendly)
• Alternate Colors System icons in a variety of colors
• Icon request, search and preview feature
• Premium Icon request Get your icons fast!
• Regular updates with new icons and wallpapers
• Donations via In-app purchases
• No Ads


Nova Launcher Users – PLEASE READ
Go to Nova Settings > Look & Feel > Icon Style > make sure Autogen is checked and make sure Reshape legacy is Off. This will make your icons display normally.

Nova Launcher, Lawnchair Launcher, ABC Launcher, Action Launcher, ADW Launcher, Apex Launcher, Atom Launcher, Aviate Launcher, Blackberry Launcher, CM Theme, Evie Launcher, Flick Launcher, Go EX Launcher, Holo Launcher, Holo HD Launcher, LG Home, Lucid Launcher, M Launcher, Microsoft Launcher, Mini Launcher, Next Launcher, Niagara Launcher, Nougat Launcher, Pixel Launcher (using Shortcut Maker), Poco Launcher, Posidon Launcher, Smart Launcher, Solo Launcher, Square Launcher, V Launcher, ZenUI Launcher & Zero Launcher.

Compatible but not Included in Apply Section
Apply icons from your launcher settings if there is no apply button inside the app.

ASAP Launcher, Hyperion Launcher, Cobo Launcher, Line Launcher, Mesh Launcher, Peek Launcher, Z Launcher, Launch by Quixey Launcher, iTop Launcher, KK Launcher, MN launcher, New Launcher, S Launcher & Open Launcher.

Premium Icon Request – Fast track your requests ahead of the queue. This helps out with development plus you get your icon requests by the next update. Standard icon request will be fulfilled based on demand.

Stay updated on Outline Icons via XDA Forums

Thanks for the support!


• Now over 9100 icons!🎉😃
• 142 New icons added
• Updated many icons
• Added missing activities
• Fixed icon masking bug


40 comentarios en "Outline Icons – Icon Pack MODDED 2022"

  1. I’m impressed. I’ve always been one to customize my stuff. I’ve been through numerous icon packs and even the ones I liked, they only supported half my apps. I have over 80 apps on my phone, and this icon pack covers all but one. That’s impressive! Worth the buy and one I’ll be sticking with for a long time! Great job!

  2. You can request apps that haven’t been added for free. However, if you want, you can pay a small amount for priority. The prices were reasonable and the apps that I was missing an icon for were quickly added. Even the obscure ones that I use for work. Overall a sexy icon set.

  3. Incredible icon package!! I have a boat load of apps installed, many of which are rarely include in custom packs. After installing on Nova Prime I was completely blown away by how few of my apps were not sporting these beautiful icons. I just sent in a request for some of the missing ones as i really wanna have everything themed!! I just can’t begin to express how happy I am with this product. Believe me when i say I’ve bought over 30 packs over the years and this is way up there in quality!!

  4. I love this icon pack and I’ve never been the kind of person to clean my icons but it just looked really appealing, visually. I like the amount of custom icons included with this particular set compared to some of the others I’ve seen, numbers at least and it just looks really really clean once you have your space and launcher set up how you like. The delicious wallpapers that are included are just an added bonus.

  5. Just a beautiful set of icons with quick response from the developer. Gives you the choice to request apps for free OR buy a ‘premium request’ for quicker response. I haven’t changed icon theme in YEARS but this one made me want to. It themed almost every app I had! I’m very impressed with the selection and quality. Looks excellent on a black/dark themed background.

  6. Really loving the art style of the icons. I was previously using another line icon pack that IMO was the best, but this one may top it. MEGA PROPS for having an icon for the LA Fitness app. I’ve tried a dozen icon packs over the last few years and none of them had an LA Fitness app icon. I originally docked a 🌟 for not having a default masking icon, but the developer personally responded to my complaint in this review and added the feature. Really appreciate the developer making such an effort!

  7. I like this icon pack a lot because it looks pretty good even for the icons that are missing. I’ve never found an icon pack that has all the icons I need, even though they eventually add some of them by request. This one does a good job making the outliers blend in ok (though it’s certainly not perfect, and would be much better if it covered all my icons natively).

  8. Very nice icon set, definitely so with a dark/black background and a live wallpaper. Many supported applications. Only a pity there are so few different category folder icons compared to other icon sets (hint!).

  9. John Hoit dice:

    Outstanding! This really shines when using a very dark background. I rotate through several Icon Packs and this is on the very top of my favorites. I can’t believe how many icons that they have made for this collection. Awesomeness 👍

  10. Tammy H. dice:

    Interface works really well with Microsoft launcher settings and it looks really good. Its the icons I have been using. Lots and lots of Kool icons. Thank you!

  11. A freakingly awesome icon collection, but I had to drop one star only because I can’t access the full collection from either of the launchers I currently use (Nova & Ruthless). If either of these is ever added to the supported list then I would gladly bump it up to 6 stars were it possible. Update – The Nova issue has been resolved (my bad, wasn’t looking hard enough), and soon the Ruthless one will be too. Amending my rating to 5 stars!

  12. For those complaining about the icons being transparent and all, try using it with the Niagara Launcher, I believe that will be the best combination ever and they have some amazing dark background images, you just need to know what’s best for you. I absolutely love it, the icons design are just amazing. Congratulations to the creative team behind this 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾. Best icon pack I’ve ever seen and I dare to say it will always be the best out there.

  13. A icon search function during assigning a new icon to an app is needed. So we don’t go thru the thousands of icon. If you can’t do this, how about categorized them alphabetically?

  14. Love the the icons, they look great but currently can’t use them as most of my wallpapers are moving and have bright colors sometimes where my icons go! If at all possible could you add an option to add a dark gray (or any color) background to the icons so they are not transparent!

  15. Best icon pack on the play store in my opinion. It looks great and has a ton of icons built in and the few apps it’s missing they get added quickly after putting in a request.

  16. No response from developer after repeated mailing…requested for new icon to be included..still waiting for response after 6 months to get any timeline…why to buy if there is no support from developer side

  17. Been using this pack for years, tried many others, always end up comming back to this one though. Top notch-sleek look. ONLY negative, blends in withgetn a lot with “busy/ complex” wallpapers.

  18. Absolutely amazing icon pack – seemless integration, ease of use! Adds icon requests quickly and with quality. Definitely worth the purchase!!

  19. The best icon pack by a long shot! Perfect for a minimal launcher.

  20. Covers just about every app. Looks good with all the backgrounds i use.

  21. This is the only icon pack I’ll use. I’ve tried others and this is far superior.

  22. Awesome icon pack. Love the transparency and the very cool style.

  23. By far the coolest icon pack I’ve ever used. Looks great with a black minimalist background and a custom, white outline Search bar in the Nova launcher! It has almost 4000 apps coverd, so it’s one of the icon packs with most icons in the play store by far. All major apps and many, many more are covered. Its incredible how such a Work-intensive icon pack manages to have sooooo many icons. Really glad I purchased it, keep up the good work!

  24. All of my icons changed overnight. They’re all wrong and I can’t get them to go back. Seriously loved this pack until I woke up unable to find any apps.

  25. Andrew N. dice:

    Love the clean minamalist icons with over 8,700 icons, your apps are covered, and if they’re not there, you can pay $1 to get your icon request fulfilled faster.

  26. Sam Galea dice:

    Have to say a beautiful icon pack but for some unknown reason (may not be the devs fault), it continually crashes Nova Launcher Prime. Unsure why this is, considering other icon packs have worked flawlessly, but I waited for at least 2 weeks before changing back and it definitely seems to be the icon pack. It started happening immediately after changing and continually crashes the entire launcher and the phone as a result. Never had this happen before on any device. Running a Note 10 Lite.

  27. G M dice:

    Great job! They just need a way to search for specific icons of our choice in the midst of great icons made!

  28. S W B dice:

    A beautiful collection of high quality icons, very colourful, unique, and extremely pleasing to the eye (especially on a dark background). Exactly what I was looking for! It’s also nice to see the regular updates, with icons being added/updated every time. In my opinion… Totally worth the asking price! 👍👍

  29. I love this icon pack! Not too boring and not too distracting. It’s clear the devs put a lot of work in to it! My only issue is the icons are not persistent after restart. This only happens if I use the Microsoft Launcher, no issues when I test with others.

  30. Can’t give it one star since it worked beautifully on the note 20 ultra. On the s22 ultra the icons do not display correctly and look like the colors are inverted. Even the app icon doesn’t look right in the app drawer. Hope it gets fixed soon! Edit: solution offered by dev fixed the issue with nova launcher, back to 5 stars!

  31. The Most Beautiful Icon Pack I’ve Found. I have tried many but this icon pack stands out for a few reasons. The icons themselves are absolutely stunning, particularly on dark wallpapers, the range available is fantastic and several options for the most common apps, the in-built ‘Icon Request’ feature is a great addition and the developer is very quick to respond with regular updates/additions. I cannot post a screenshot here so strongly recommend trying these icons for yourselves. Transform the look of your device and bring a smile to your face every time you unlock your phone – try these Icons! (You’ll be glad you did.)

  32. BrandonF dice:

    Gorgeous icon pack. Some icons look so good it makes me wanna get the corresponding app just so I can have the icon on my home screen. The DuckTales icon is a perfect example. Regular responsive updates with lots of popular & more obscure apps is another reason this pack is so great. For real the most complete icon pack I have, and I’ve literally used hundreds over the years. It’s so complete that even other designers icon packs are represented here, now that’s complete & gracious!

  33. Searched far and wide for an icon set, and was extremely happy to stumble on this. Only limitation I suppose is that they are best suited to a dark theme – but that fits my needs perfectly. So much so, my wife wanted to use them via our family account and had to take photos of our son with a darker background to suit as a wallpaper! Thank you, looking forward to the odds and ends of UK apps being added to the portfolio. An easy five stars

  34. I’m perplexed by the integrity of the app and the amazing yet innovative job with the design of the icons, I was skeptical at first to purchase this but no regrets whatsoever because it was a total redesign for my home screens which felt pretty bulky and crammed but this way it feels like I can show off my backgrounds and it’s still easy to find the apps I need ! Well done lad!!

  35. really love this app! Just a nice outline of the original icon in a fluorescent or almost fluorescent color. Needs an icon for folders that shows the apps inside as well as some icons of apps that I am using. I don’t expect any icon app to have all my apps, but over time new icons I need may show up in some of the updates. Stay healthy and happy (and go wash your hands 😂)

  36. This is the best icon pack I’ve ever come across. It’s sleek, colourful, incredibly full-featured, and has the coolest dev (just one person!) ever. The amount of work they put into this is astounding. I’ve requested probably around 10 icons, usually in bursts of 1-4 at a time, and they’re always there within a month. The options for premium requests (what I did, only like $1 per icon), donations, or just using it for free is the perfect execution of “pay what you want”. 15/10, would recommend

  37. I want a refund,pressed refund button within half hour and now it’s telling me refund against their policy. I wouldn’t have purchased the item if I knew that, just wanted try the icons before deciding whether to purchase a later day. Never had this issue before with any other app, refunds always straightforward and if I like something I’ll buy it at a later date. Edit: Developer got back quick to offer a refund. I’m pretty impressed with the icons so almost certainly gonna buy them anyway

  38. Cameron W dice:

    I’ve used a lot of different icon apps. Most of the time I would have to download other icon apps just to fill in the gaps for the icons that were missing. The only apps that were missing from the list were apps for local places that I wouldn’t expect to have icons in the first place. Overall I’m very impressed!

  39. Incredible – heaps of Australian and local apps have icons, love to see a request feature too.

  40. SOO many apps supported and they look so good! Don’t usually but themes or icon packs but this is worth the money!]

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