Bing Wallpapers MODDED 2022


A gallery of Bing homepage wallpaper images, updated daily.
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Bing Wallpapers features a collection of beautiful images featured on the Bing homepage over the last 10 years. Browse images, learn where they’re from, and set them as your mobile wallpaper.

Each image tells a story
Discover details on what makes each image special, including info on the location, photographer, and why we featured it.  
Browse what you like
Leverage the filter to choose the kind of color, category, and locations you want to see. Stick with a simple solid-colored background when the mood suits. 
New images every day
Just like the Bing homepage, our app is updated daily. 
Get automatic updates
Set your wallpaper to automatically update and every morning you’ll get a brand new image. 
Powerful Bing image search
Leverage Bing search to find specific wallpaper images for your device. 
Supports landscape mode
The app supports both portrait and landscape mode.


'Bing Wallpapers' is the official gallery of Bing homepage wallpaper images, updated daily.


40 comentarios en "Bing Wallpapers MODDED 2022"

  1. Photos are lovely, but auto update isn’t consistent. It’s especially noticeable when there’s a holiday or special occasion, and the appropriate photo doesn’t show up until days later (if it shows up at all). That pretty much defeats the whole purpose of the Bing *DAILY* wallpaper!! There’s not even a way to refresh it to get the current photo if the app doesn’t do it automatically. Also, I miss being able to click on “Bing” to see the photo details, instead of having to open an app to get them.

  2. I have not had this app for very long and the wallpapers do change for me daily, which is great but the problem is- I keep getting the same three pictures! I get the sail boats with the sunset, the mountain goats and cute little otters! but other than that it won’t show any other pictures! What the heck is up with that? I know it’s not my phone setting being the issue because it’s changing daily but ONLY three different pictures!

  3. It breaks and starts uploading in reverse meaning all the pictures you’ve already had will start going right back up . It’s a real shame. This app works for a little while and then starts loading images from the day before. Why Microsoft? Why must you always send products out that half work. I get it, you’re a monopoly but, seriously, please fix this annoying bug for crying out loud. Or maybe don’t fix it. Because when Microsoft “fixes” one bug it usually causes a litany of other bugs.

  4. Solun dice:

    Once you set any wallpaper, you can never change it because if you do, you cannot go back. All wallpapers in this app are only shown for a few days and once they are not featured anymore, you can never use that wallpaper again. There’s no option to save it to your device or even a profile in the app. It’s a shame because many of the suggested wallpapers are beautiful.

  5. While the pictures are absolutely breathtaking the app doesn’t always change the wallpaper automatically which is annoying and ontop of that as some users have mentioned some images are copyrighted and can’t be set as a wallpaper. That’s just about the dumbest thing a WALLPAPER app can do! In other ways it would be nice if the app allowed scrollable backgrounds.

  6. Josh Man dice:

    I like this app and the wallpapers look awesome, but I wish there was a way to select categories you like. Such as Beach themes, space themes, Forest themes, etc.. That would be awesome. Also some of these wallpapers have weird patterns and they make it hard to see your clock and notifications on top of your screen. (I have a galaxy S7 and certain wallpapers really hide the notification bar.) So they should be more careful with the wallpapers they pick. But other than that, great app!

  7. Needs to have a feedback option so I can reach out for help instead of just describing problem in a review. The problem with this app is that android or Samsung keeps stealing back the wallpaper control so I have to go back in and turn on the auto change wallpaper function at least once a week when the boring generic background comes back instead of beautiful Bing images. Otherwise thanks for creating this essential app.

  8. I love the bing daily wallpaper. Have it on my computer, it regularly delights me. This phone app is a hot mess and is so ridiculously buggy that I’ve considered uninstalling just from the sheer frustration. The setting to auto change my wallpaper every day CONSTANTLY gets turned off and I have to switch it back on and half the time it still doesn’t change to the day’s wallpaper. Please, developer, fix this app.

  9. I love having a new wallpaper everyday that also matches the wallpaper on my desktop/laptop. But the daily auto-refresh is broken so often by copyright images that can’t be set as wallpaper! Why have images that can’t be used?? The PC version doesn’t have this issue. Everytime this happens, it breaks the auto-refresh until I go disable and re-enable it 😤

  10. Jim M dice:

    The photos are beautiful. Now that I’ve said something nice, the app just doesn’t work well. Instead of updating daily, it often gets stuck. Lately, it has put the Bing B logo in the middle of my screen. It’s distracting, ugly and detracts from the photo.

  11. J M S dice:

    awesome photos. i use walli too but for landscapes and just overall beautiful, interesting photos DAILY..this is the app..i often research the pics, which they conveniently provide links for (albeit to bing – pls just merge with google already).. there are a few tweaks that need updated.. panorama instead of all crop on all screens, there is a glitch where it repeats a previous day’s image instead of doing the newest one (fixed temporarily by resetting the auto change)..add hourly frequency..

  12. Beautiful pictures it started off good I had the fox, the dragonfly, the starfish and cabbage. I had the cabbage for 3 days and now I’m back to the starfish. I’ll keep the app until the end of the week to see if it cycles through the same pics that I’ve already had and if so I’m going to uninstall the app. Im also running this on an android.

  13. Love the images as they are some of the best around. The issue I have with the app is that when I try to set it to turn on the auto-update feature from within the app the slider keeps turning off.

  14. The app sometimes fails to apply the daily wallpaper. If it fails, it will sometimes start changing wallpapers in REVERSE order, so you see all the same wallpapers again. Love the wallpapers, but the app fails at it’s core function.

  15. The app is excellent t, but the daily auto update for the images fails often. There is a setting for auto update that you can select but it keeps switching itself off, so every few days you have to go back in and switch it back. If this part were fixed it would be an easy 5 stars.

  16. Please add an option to set the daily wallpaper to only show up on the Lock Screen, instead of Home Only and Home & Lock. Also, please add an option to save the photo to internal storage. I would like to keep a blank home screen but an eye-catching new wallpaper when I go to unlock.

  17. You had just one job! This app has only one job to change the wallpaper daily and it fails to do that every day. Every time I go back in the settings the auto change keeps turning off.

  18. Update I guess Microsoft doesn’t care. After reading all reviews seems the app problems will never be resolved. Uninstalling on my phone and laptop. Laptop works fine. Won’t work on my Galaxy S10+. Not sure why. I’ve checked all the settings the app has all the permissions it needs and the battery app doesn’t put it to sleep so I don’t know why it doesn’t change.

  19. About damn time Microsoft released an official app to automatically change your wallpaper to the Bing image of the day. Unfortunately some images are copyrighted and can’t be set as wallpapers, both on your PC and in the wallpapers app. Is this a wallpaper app or a gallery app? Also the auto wallpaper change keeps turning itself off, and when it does work, it doesn’t show today’s homepage image. It reuses the same images multiple times.

  20. App won’t turn on after downloading to my Android phone. I enjoyed it all of last year, but this year the auto update kept getting turned off. but now it won’t display at all even after uninstalling and then downloading and installing again. Please fix this, Microsoft!

  21. I have given up on auto daily rotation as the app seems to not set the “current” daily Bing Wallpaper. So instead I am manually setting the wallpaper daily to keep it matching my Windows Desktop which does have the Bing Wallpaper correctly auto-updating daily.

  22. Love that there’s an official option for this now, but it doesn’t actually update automatically – I keep turning in the setting, and even made sure to disable battery optimization for this app, but it just won’t update automatically. The setting just turns itself off every time I turn it on.

  23. Forrest S dice:

    Great images, when they are not overly compressed. Seems to be using low res images. Lots of compression artifacts visible. Same problems on bing desktop when using monitors with higher than 1080p resolution. Give us some higher def versions of the images please.

  24. There’s Microsoft that is user friendly, and then there’s this app! Wow, rather get Google’s app – just as many wallpapers, and Google has better HD+ screen resolution wallpapers for my device – it’s really a graphics browser in a way. I can download the same on Chrome on Microsoft’s Edge browsers. Nice try, but no cigar!

  25. Mitch dice:

    Needs to be updated. Often times the daily image is copyrighted and can’t be set as a wallpaper. That’s the whole point of the app! Overall it feels like a half baked app that hasn’t received any support since release. Very disappointing coming from Microsoft.

  26. Dennis E dice:

    very nice… when it works. Not sure why but sometimes it won’t set the wallpaper correctly on a new day and defaults to a random Google wallpaper or an old Bing one. I tried clearing cache uninstalling reinstalling, did not work. I have no desire to troubleshoot a wallpaper app. they are in background by definition and should just work. try again. I am uninstalling.

  27. While I do like Bing daily images, this app is not ready for daily use. At least 3 of the past 7 daily images have been copyright protected and could not be set as the wallpaper. This is a *WALLPAPER* app—not a photo gallery. Only those images that *can* be set as wallpapers should appear, and I should never have an interruption to the daily auto-change wallpaper feature due to a copyrighted image that cannot be used as wallpaper. I’ll give this another try in a few months.

  28. Fred R dice:

    I always like the daily Bing wallpapers on my PC but this mobile app version has a bug. I can not turn on the auto change display feature so it will not change the image daily. What is the conflict? Battery opimization is off and the app has permissions for storage. What is the cause?

  29. Luke dice:

    Great photos. I tried getting my phone to sync up with my computer for new dailey wallpapers but unfortunately the “daily changer” in the app gets hung up very often and causes problems. This feature doesn’t work as it should. Will give 5 stars when this is fixed.

  30. Thanks for bringing my favorite part of Bing to my phone. Using random photos makes it very difficult to find my icons, especially with white text on bright photos. Can you please add the ability to only set my lock screen photo? Would be nice to have the option of showing the image description on the image / lockscreen as well. Thanks!

  31. I LOVE THIS APP!!! I easily get bored with wallpapers and need something new every couple days without going through process of searching new ones on intenet. I have the same app installed on my windows laptop and when I see a new one updated on my laptop, I jump on this app and apply the same wallpaper on my phone!!

  32. It does update wallpaper automatically in reverse order like others have stated. When you try to manually set as wallpaper it states, “image is copyright protected and cannot be set as wallpaper.” Which is literally the whole point of the app. Desktop version works. Mobile app is broken.

  33. This app waste, but there are many problems. 1. I set the wallpaper to change daily but it is not changing and is remaining the same. 2. When I open the app, the is showing white screen and it is taking forever to load.

  34. Pamela dice:

    The automatic daily image setting shuts itself off and I have to manually turn it back on. Also, some of the daily pictures that come up: this image is copyright protected, cannot be set as wallpaper. This has happened for the last 3 days.

  35. 5 star for the idea, 2 star for the execution. On the Samsung s20 series the app sometimes doesn’t change the wallpaper (besides the copyright ones), and sometimes the auto update becomes unchecked. Sometimes = too many times a week. Hopefully an update is on the way.

  36. Why no updates in months? The app still kind of works, but it does not automatically update the wallpaper on my Pixel 3XL. Also there are some out-of-sync issues with the wallpaper currently being displayed on my desktop or laptop, but this is really more of an aesthetics issue.

  37. John Z dice:

    Pretty sure the difference between time a new picture posted and the time the wallpaper changes daily is causing the backwards updating. Interesting that Microsoft can not fix this fatal flaw, the whole point of the app.

  38. Scott T dice:

    Doesn’t seem to change backgrounds automatically. Bug? Wish you had a widget icon option that when clicked will change image but not launch app. The Microsoft launcher has that option native, but this app could do it for Google launcher and others.

  39. Anyone that wants a workaround, Microsoft launcher included bing daily wallpapers and the daily refresh works, it works too well because the only way to stop it is to uninstall the app. Anytime you change your wallpaper, it will be changed the next day.

  40. Keeps crashing. It used to work perfect (besides copyright issues for some images). Now it won’t let me turn on auto refresh. I have no problems with it on my laptop.

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