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Thousands of high quality 4K wallpapers - anime, dark, space & more.
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🎉🎉 Walli wallpapers are featured on Google Pixel devices and Google Wallpaper app. We are very proud to be selected by Google. 🎉🎉

On average, nowadays, we check our phone over a hundred times a day. Our phone wallpaper being the first thing we see, it can really influence our mood and it is also a great way to express our unique personality.

This is why we launched Walli, a creative wallpapers app, to make sure you always have a cool wallpaper at hand. We think it’s important that you can easily find inspiring and beautiful wallpapers that will make you happy and feel great every time you pick up your phone.

This is not just another wallpapers and backgrounds app, offering the same usual photos of flowers, cars and landscape

Creative wallpapers | Walli is a high quality, selective collection of unique and cool wallpapers exclusively made by artists, for your device. Your phone and tablet have never been so good-looking 🙂

A community of top artists | Walli is also a selective community of artists from around the world, each one with their unique style, selected carefully one by one by the Walli team. We searched after the best graphic artists around the world so you don’t have to. Discover new talents, browse their artwork and find your next favorite wallpaper for mobile or tablet!

Artists get rewarded for their work | By using our app, you will be helping artists getting recognition for their art. We reward each participating artist by sharing our earnings with them.

Walli’s Main Features

New Feature! Automatic wallpaper changer: change your wallpaper in an automatic way with the new Walli Playlist feature. Select the images that you like, press PLAY and your wallpaper will shuffle automatically at your preferred frequency. We hope you enjoy it!

– Browse easily among our awesome wallpapers with 3 main sections:
+ Featured: check which wallpapers the Walli team recommends.
+ Popular: find out what are the best wallpapers according to other users.
+ Recent: discover the newest wallpapers on the app.
+ Collections on different themes

– Like your favorite artworks and find them later quickly in your personal profile.

– Set a new wallpaper without leaving the app: choose your new favorite wallpaper and change your phone background directly from the app. Simply tap the image and choose “set as wallpaper”.

– A large selection of wallpapers on various themes: photos, 4, black, amoled, anime wallpapers, dark wallpapers, car, space, manga, animals, abstract, funny, colorful… We offer backgrounds for all tastes and moods!

– Multiple sizes of wallpapers available: before a wallpaper download, Walli will point you toward the resolution that fits best your device.

– Get to know your preferred artists: each of our hd wallpapers is linked to the artist profile page. You will be able to see all her/his available artwork and learn more about the artist thanks to a small bio and direct links to their website and social networks.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get to know (better) our community of artists, to learn about upcoming artists on Walli and also to discover new and cool wallpapers.

On Facebook: www.facebook.com/walliapp
On Instragram : www.instagram.com/walliapp

Reminder on Terms of Use: All the artworks offered on Walli are for Personal Use only! If you are interested to use one of the artworks for a commercial purpose, please contact the artist.


Fix for downloading wallpaper to gallery and set to home/lock screen

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40 comentarios en "Walli – 4K Wallpapers MODDED"

  1. Sean King dice:

    Beautiful. . .when it works. . .it rotates about 10 wallpapers then stops for some reason. I have to restart the app and start the process via the play button. . .outside of that, it’s a great app with a large variety of beautiful high res wallpapers to fit any phone.

  2. New Eyes dice:

    easy to use, nice variety of art, the ability to set lock & home screen with different selections, setting that will change your screensaver as often as you like from the selections you’ve put in your playlist, or you can change it to what you want when you want. It’s versatile & fun to look through all the different art, find a favorite artist & check out the new releases. There’s an art style, & artist for everyone covered here, nature, colors, inspirational, patterns, landscapes & more.

  3. Rich F. dice:

    Downloads now work. Thanks for addressing the problem. Previously: Downloads do NOT work even after a supposed fix for it. If you enjoy looking at photos and backgrounds and that’s all then this app may be worthwhile. Otherwise it’s not worth the aggravation. If and when it’s fixed I’ll adjust my rating. I’ll check back sometime in the future.

  4. I was a bit frustrated by the fact that I have had this app for a very long time. I purchased the premium way back. Then they recently changed it to subscription. I have since then lost all premium features. It feels a bit unfair. I didn’t even get at least a year free or anything. It just took away all options. The app itself is amazing. Just sad to see how they didn’t really reward faithful followers and want more money, but also maybe they deserve it. I might subscribe to premium

  5. Despite the limited selection and sometimes poor quality photos, I like this app. The customer service is garbage however. After days, I’m still waiting on any reply about an issue with my playlists not transferring onto my new phone, and I’m getting irritated. What’s the point in putting effort into putting together playlists if they aren’t saved in my account, and I’m unable to transfer them onto my new phone in any way?

  6. Overall, great app! I like the idea of a playlist, I have always been one to get bored of a wallpaper and change mine frequently so the playlist is cool. However, it is annoying how unreliable the switch is. I have mine set to change every 2 hours and if I lose service or don’t have internet, it will not change the wallpaper. It would be great to see an option to download the playlist.

  7. I used the free version of this app for 1 day before I decided to take the plunge and buy the full version. So fun to have an ever-changing wall papers and with so many great options of artists/photographers. The only critique I have is that the browsing function is maybe not super intuitive to me. I like being able to browse a board with lots of backrounds displayed. Currently you have to scroll through each individual background or artist. Still have it five stars because it’s great overall.

  8. I admire the rarity and quality of the wallpaper images presented. However, finding one of choice is a bit time consuming. The categories are a nice touch, but ultimately they serve no purpose, because the amount of available photos are limited at best. If there is an update that expands the category limits & allows users to choice wallpapers at a larger and much faster rate then I’ll reconsider my rating.

  9. Incredible!!!! I used the free version for one day and fell absolutely in love with it! It was so hard to narrow it down to ten images because they’re what seemed like thousands of the most beautiful backgrounds!! I realized after that day I needed the full version and I’m so glad I bought it!!! The images are crisp and bright and all visually stunning!!! The one time price was totally reasonable and I would recommend to anyone who loves a personalized experience!!!a

  10. I’ve enjoyed the collection so far, the playlist is a nice feature too. I understand the need for ads, but there is almost one every download. Banner ads are fine but I personally draw the line at full screen video ads. My next point; is that I would buy this app, but for some reason (it’s not just you guys) developers are starting to hate one time purchase options. I want an ad free experience but as a heavy app user, if I had to subscribe to them all, I’d be in financial ruin.

  11. A.C. dice:

    The wallpapers themselves are beautiful. No complaints there. The random playlist function is poor. I get cycled through the same wallpapers again and again, and it makes me think that I don’t have 600+ wallpapers available to the playlist. I wrote to the company about this before, but nothing seems to have changed. Hopefully, they will consider improving this function in upcoming versions.

  12. It’s HD, boiiiiiiiiiiiiiz! It also has a great selection to choose from and new wallpapers are added frequently. You can also make a playlist of up to ten pictures at a time, and what it will do is change through the wallpapers after a set time (you can set it but it cannot be under an hour). That is only just the things i have explored. Maybe i will update this post when i discover some things.

  13. This is a good app. Its great. It automatically changes your wallpapers to the ones you choose and they have a great selection. However. All of their photos are slightly blurry. Not by much. And its hardly noticeable. But its just enough to notice that something is slightly off and nag at you the longer you look at it. Overall their app is great and it works nicely but the photo quality could be better, hence the four stars.

  14. I keep setting my singular playlist to change every hour, and instead it gets stuck on the same wallpaper for over a day. I’m not going to pay for this app when the base functionality doesn’t work. Also, don’t prompt me to buy premium every time I open the app. If your product works, then I’ll buy it. The pop-up just makes the lack of functionality more frustrating. Finally, I was hoping my Home Screen and Lock Screen would be DIFFERENT images from the same playlist.

  15. Shy Cat dice:

    Wow, looking for the best wallpaper for my phones, i was amazed at how many different types, colors, abstract, animals, weather, and on and on. It was a difficult choice. You can also make playlists of your favorites so if you ever want to change up they are easy to find again. That said this app does not include any live wallpaper.

  16. I’ve had this app for years now & bragged about it to everyone I know… The huge selection/variety is amazing, plus most if not all can’t be found anywhere else. I’m all for supporting indie artists. However, after the update now limiting the # of wallpapers you can download, unless you get the paid version…it kinda ruined it for me. The price is not an issue, in fact it’s very reasonable, and I can deal w/the ads. I hope one day this limitation is no more. Still the BEST app for wallpapers!

  17. Love this app!!! It has billions of pictures and there are more than you can look at in a day. I like to see the ideas from others and the way they see things. I plan on downloading pictures to keep and then have them blown up and use for home decor….much cheaper, one of a kind prints not found in store’s, colorful or muted, the lost is endless on many levels.

  18. SO HAPPY that I found this app, the artwork and photography are the BEST you can find, and the fact that if you just love more than ONE, dont worry!, they have a playlist, of wallpapers!!! Crazy right? Not just a slideshow, but a customizable playlist, with so many options, and you will never get bored with your wallpaper.. I have mine set to change every 24 hours, but like I said you can customize it all the way, I definitely recommend this app to anyone who loves intriguing and beautiful art!

  19. erica joi dice:

    It’s great to see Walli continue to evolve; well worth the cost of being a premium subscriber! With that said, however, I’d really like to see two changes. 1) Images should be available tailored to different aspect ratios. My phone is 19:9 & I’m losing parts of designs when applying. 2) There needs to be a way to know whether I’ve already saved an image before. It’s frustrating to be unsure until I try to start sorting them. Lots of other inferior wall apps have been able to do this, for years.

  20. Amanda D dice:

    Needs ability to make multiple playlists. I got the paid version so that I can have more than 10 images and I can switch backgrounds more often, and the app is great. The variety and quality of images is amazing and having the option to make more than 1 playlist is the only thing that could make it better and make me give it get 5 stars from me!

  21. J Walker dice:

    I didn’t want the subscription trial and I clicked it by accident because it popped up immediately on the screen when I opened the app. And then the app didn’t let me confirm to cancel before the subscription trial went through! If I hadn’t realized what had happened, I would have been charged money in 3 days. This is not the right way to try and get people to subscribe by essentially forcing them into clicking on it because it shows up as a pop up. Obnoxious as hell. Please change this.

  22. Great wallpaper app! I love that I can choose art, heart, save, and have it shuffle/change at whatever interval of time I choose. I only wish there was a way to have different playlists because some of the wallpaper in my playlist is seasonal and, while I don’t want to lose track of it completely, I don’t really want to see it during seasons that it isn’t relevant to. Perhaps an option or switch to “turn off/on” specific wallpapers would work in lieu of allowing multiple playlists? Thnx! 🙂

  23. This app is easy to use, super simple design (similar to instagrams layout in a way), and it has a few unique features like the ability to follow your favorite artists and receive notifications when they post a new design or picture. The only issue I have had so far is image downloads for the correct sizing for my device (galaxy s7 edge) are off or they clip the design in some places, but I’m not sure that it can be helped if the artists are uploading as one size and its constantly formatted to another.

  24. Maxim dice:

    Rich image base. 2 stars for numerous bugs and missing features: wallpapers are not cycling in random order, but cycle through a set of same images; the app stop working after several days (this is not related to deep sleep). Those issues are not addressed since Feb 2020. There seems to be a lot of development in the app, but the app is VERY buggy. For instance, the app was updated a few days ago and it keeps crashing ever since; I cannot start it (cache was cleared).

  25. Favorite wallpaper app. The selection is the best for my tastes, and the images are unique. I haven’t seen any of the images I see recycled on other wallpaper apps. It’s not setup like all the other apps I’ve come across- I particularly enjoy having a feed, the personalization makes it much easier to find wallpapers. The only issue so far is that after leaving a page, the heart button is no longer highlighted, so I’m having difficulty remembering if I’ve already liked the image.

  26. I don’t like themes that change your icons as well as changing your homepage and lockscreen. This app makes it possible to get new backgrounds while keeping your icons looking the same. It has a large variety of pictures to choose from by very talented artists that you can follow. That way you get updated when they add new photos. Also has a shuffle feature where you can add photos to a playlist and have them auto change every specified hour. Great App!!

  27. Breathtaking & Captivating! I absolutely love how simple to use this app is, first of all; I get lost in all the galleries of art for hours on end feeling as if I’m in my own private museum open only for myself. I can control all the settings! I thought this would be a simple wallpaper collection but believe me I tell you: it’s so much more, there have been some unbelievable emotionally captivating moments from the artwork that I truly never anticipated experiencing – Thanks to WALLI! GREAT WORK

  28. Good walls, poor experience. I understand why there are ads. I accept that there are ads. I will continue to use this app to get wallpapers I like. But I don’t like the ads. They’re everywhere and pop up on every other click… And I’m only leaving a review because the app has asked me to so many times. Otherwise, I’d have just kept my opinion to myself.

  29. My only complaint is that there’s no ability to flag certain posts for being tagged incorrectly. Occasionally you’ll come across wallpapers in the AMOLED section that are blatantly miscategorized, and you don’t have a way to let anybody know. It would also be nice to have a randomizer help you find stuff that is neither “New” or “Popular”. Thanks for the great app!

  30. Smooth app with a great concept. Love being able to associate, follow, and show love to the creators of all the artwork I love, and this app makes it very easy to do. Also love the Playlist feature and how the ads are optional and unobtrusive because it makes me more likely to opt to watch a video to add more for free. Dowload feature is sufficient, but more resolution options and an icon would be nice.

  31. Wonderful photos, excellent functionality. Doesnt even slow my phone down or drain the battery and I have photos switching every hour 24/7. Only thing i would add would be to have the playlist continue on a loop, it is a minor issue to go back in and get the playlist going every time, but the only annoyance I have with the app or its function.

  32. Lots of high resolution, unique designs. From photos, to vectors, to sketches–anything you can imagine! So many artists and art styles, this is the first time I have ever had the issue of having too many great wallpapers to choose from! Love the features, including the ability to set a different wallpaper for every day of the week.

  33. Impressive… virtually endless amount of top quality, high def content that covers a vast range of themes. Search function if you know what you’re looking for and pre-sorted categories if you want to see what the imaginations of the artists offers up. Even the free version is quite good; the adds that make it possible to have a free version are entirely tolerable. Personally, I couldn’t be more satisfied.

  34. I love this app! Has an amazing selection of wallpapers built by such a top notch community. The option to have it randomize a select few of wallpapers through a playlist is such a nice feature. The only gripe I have is the ability to add your own to the selection process, but it doesn’t deter the 5 star rating. Keep up with the updates!

  35. Great idea with some technical issues. I bought Walli premium a while back. I generally like the app and the selection of artist’s work. But, there are ongoing technical issues. Walli often stops running in the background then my wallpapers don’t change. I have to go back into the app and hit play. It often stops on the first image anyway. Today, it says I have no internet connection and I can’t access the app. If I’m changing then manually, it doesn’t offer much over other apps.

  36. Excellent! Truly impressed by the quality and selection of images. Literally anything for any taste. I also love having the option to create a wallpaper slideshow that automatically rotates between 10 images of your choice at a set time internal of your choosing. Very well thought out app with a visually appealing layout and intuitive navigation. Highly recommend! 😎👍

  37. One of the more solid Wallpaper apps. What makes this app unique is the quality of its offerings. All of the walls here are actual art. Easily view a given artists portfolio. One highlight is the Playlist feature; browse the app, mark your favorites for playlist inclusion, then select how often you want your wall changed. One thing which would be appreciated is the ability to select playlist order. Correct me if im wrong, when using playlist, your next wall is determined randomly only .

  38. Overall a great app. However, the category images look great but are not first when you enter the category, making them hard to locate. Many users have multiple devices, the premium purchase should allow for multiple playlists to be created for ease of change during holidays, devices, or just because.

  39. Great wallpapers from a wide array of artists but it comes up short in some areas. It’s s 5 star app if it had 2 additional features: 1. The ability to shuffle wallpapers in premium. 2. The ability to add all of an artist’s current work. It’s tedious and bothersome to add each wallpaper one by one. It’s time consuming for the users that like to frequently add and switch wallpapers.

  40. Some of the wallpapers are really nice. It’s a bit hard to navigate around on the app and I have some difficulty wading through all the ads that happen every time you download a wallpaper. With that said, I appreciate there are so many free wallpapers and that you can use the app to discover talent out there. You can follow artists you like.

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