⌚ Watch Face – Ksana Sweep for Android Wear OS MODDED 2022


Customizable, elegant, analog & digital watch face. #1 among watch faces.
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✪ The ultimate in customizable luxury ✪
An easy to use, top modern, uniquely interactive, analog & digital “Wear OS by Google” (was Android Wear) watch face that combines classic style with latest smartwatch features & offers a multitude of customization’s.

Use any of the provided backgrounds, or add your own via a Wear 2.0 complication app. Choose an accent color that goes well with your background. Maybe use your monogram as logo & perhaps a sweeping second hand & roman numerals? And why not put your name below the logo?

You can customize Ksana Sweep to be very informative with step counter, calendar, world clock, battery level, digital clock, date, app shortcuts to installed apps + complications (e.g. weather, sports & fitness data) provided by other apps.

Or you can be more minimalistic. Perhaps just date, calendar, battery & a world clock?
And – no matter how you want Ksana Sweep to look, & what complications you wish to use – you can make all changes directly on your watch!

» A clean & luxury watch face, designed for both round & square Wear OS watches.

• Data provided by installed apps (e.g. weather, activity tracking & fitness)
• Steps (Google Fit)
• Date (day, month, weekday)
• Calendar/agenda
• World clocks (multi time zones [world time, not just dual; but quadruple]. Up to 3 analog & 1 digital world clocks for any time zone, custom name [e.g. NYC for New York])
• Watch battery
• Phone battery
• Watch & phone battery combined
• 24/12 hour digital clocks
• Custom text
• Logo: monogram, emoji (e.g. ☂ , ☸)

• Change accent color
• Change background (carbon, metal, linen, space, black, or custom)
• Many ambient modes
• Adjust second hand (sweeping, ticking or no second hand)
• Choose dial numerals / numbers (western arabic [12], roman [XII] or no dial numerals)
• Add app shortcuts to any app. Not just built-in apps such as Weather or Heart rate. Perhaps add a shortcut for a health & fitness app to a pedometer / step counter?
• Customize the action button
• Personalize monogram
• Custom text below logo
• Modify display sleep
• Customize Unread notification indicator
• Presets (save watch faces)
• Let it snow (& choose when you want that Christmas feeling / snowfall effect [at once or around Christmas])
• Force English for months & weekdays
• Burn-in protected
• Ambient mode as luxury designed as interactive mode.
• Adjusts for chin

6 interactive areas
• Upper top
• Lower top
• Left
• Right
• Bottom
• Lower right/left action button

A tap on a content area will expand & display its content in more detail.

Ex 1: If you’ve chosen Date for lower top area it will display the date in short form when minimized, & a full calendar view with the day of month highlighted when maximized.

Ex 2: A Step counter will display your steps when minimized, & both steps & step goal when maximized.

– Either double tap, or tap a maximized complication’s top right action button, to open full details view.

– Change content by tapping a maximized area’s left or right arrows.

» This interactivity – not found on other watch faces – is customizable.

Watch face settings
All customization’s can – unlike on many watch faces – be done on your watch.

On smartwatch:
– Long press the watch face

On Android phone:
– tap Ksana Sweep icon on your phone
– or tap Ksana Sweep gear icon in the Wear OS app (in the list of watch faces)
– or tap “Open on phone” in Ksana settings on your smartwatch

Designed for Wear OS watches such as
TAG Heuer
Michael Kors
Montblanc Summit
Movado Connect
Louis Vuitton
Kate Spade
Skagen Falster
Moto 360 / Sport
LG Watch Sport / Style / Urbane
Polar M600
Nixon Mission
Asus ZenWatch
New Balance RunIQ
Samsung Gear Live
Huawei 2




★ Highly customizable watch face for both Android & iPhone paired Android Wear OS watches. Full support for complication providers (i.e. third-party complications/widgets). ★

- Optimization
- 2 bug fixes
- Removed second hand for subdials (e.g. world clocks, thanks to Matt Brandon)

v1.6.6, v1.6.5, v1.6.4
- Stability improvement & optimization
- 4 bug fixes


4 comentarios en "⌚ Watch Face – Ksana Sweep for Android Wear OS MODDED 2022"

  1. Matt Brandon dice:

    This face has a lot of potential. It’s clean and offers a lot of customization. I love the fact that the developers made it possible to put two lines of custom text on the face to personalize it along with a customizable icon. I also love the fact that you can even customize the time zones. As an example, my daughter is working in Germany, but none of the German time zones show Frankfort. But with this face I can pick Berlin and rename it to FRA! But it is not perfect. I have two nits with this face. One, is small and the other not so much. The small one is I wish the developer offered wider broader hands. The current hands are more like you’d find on a dress watch IMHO. I’d rather see hands like you’d find on a pilot’s watch like on a GMT Sinn 857. The other issue is pretty irritating. Why add a second hand on the sub-dials for the alternate time zones? It is really distracting and takes away form the clean look. For that reason I gave it 4 starts. ALMOST perfect!

  2. Nathan Wells dice:

    Great looking watch face and love the customization! Complaints are: settings don’t support rotating crown, the app shortcuts can be slow to open (like 5 seconds to open agenda), too many color choices but still not the one I want (would rather have a color wheel), and the maximize complication feature could be cool but feels a bit clunkly

  3. Art Tinney dice:

    For me, this is the perfect blend of customizability and simplicity. The watch face is clean and very readable with good color selection. Custom options allow me to easily set sub-dials to show information that’s important to me. Sub-menus let me launch specific apps quickly. And the price is very reasonable for what this watch face can do. I’m using the watch face on an old Moto 360 2nd gen and will definitely use the watch face on my next watch!

  4. Steve K dice:

    When my Samsung Note 8 was upgraded to pie. The Zenwatch Manager app lost some abilities. And has been removed from Google Play. I have a Asus Zenwatch 604F. This app works well with it and has it all, numbers big enough to read. Can be customized to suit your needs. Love the short cuts to apps on the phone. To everyone who made this possible. THANK YOU. Very well thought out. App interface is very user friendly.

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