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The New Chevron App allows you to pay for fuel from the comfort of your car!
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Use your smartphone and the Chevron app to pay for fuel from the comfort of your driver’s seat for a fast and simple experience at the pump!

It’s simple to do:
• Before heading to the station, sign up and create a user account for mobile payments and link your PayPal account, Venmo account, Chevron and Texaco Techron Advantage® Card, or credit card to your user account Then, find a station that is processing mobile payments through the station locator feature
• At the station, use the app on your phone to reserve the pump and select your payment method from your driver’s seat
• When prompted, fill up at the pump and go. Your receipt will be waiting for you on your phone!

Additional features to help keep you going:
• Check your balance and make payments to your Techron Advantage® Card account that earns ongoing 3c per gallon in Fuel Credits on every fill-up, every time (see application for details)
• Redeem earned Gas Rewards on your fill-up where available
• Use a Chevron or Texaco Gift Cards as a payment method at the pump
• Find a Chevron or Texaco station and easily view services offered, like Mobile Payment
• Filter through other station offerings such as Car Wash, Diesel, Amazon Lockers and more
• View in-app receipts for Mobile Payments
• Provide feedback for a station or service
• Use your WearOS device to fuel up


Quickly search and filter for new product offerings such as Diesel, E85, Renewable Diesel Blend etc., to power your engines on the Station Locator map. In this release, we’ve also included bug fixes for ongoing improvements. Be sure to update to the latest version so you can have the best experience!


4 comentarios en "Chevron FULL"

  1. Phil Settem dice:

    I think it’s absurd that when using the app at a Chevron station, and using a Chevron Credit Card, that your charged the higher “credit card” price rather than the lower “cash” price. I’ve only used the app twice so far, the first time a few months back. When I found out I was charged the higher price I thought it was an anomaly. Apparently not. I won’t be using it again unless this gets resolved!

  2. Remel Mendoza dice:

    As others have experienced, I got charged the credit price ($0.10/gal more) instead of the cash price when using a Chevron credit card. I didn’t notice it right away so this app has actually ended up costing me. Why not fix it on your end instead of having each user call customer service? Seems like a waste of resources and time for everyone. It was easy to use but I’ll wait until it’s fixed before reinstalling.

  3. Carlos Melgar dice:

    This app used to be great, until it wasn’t. Be wary when deleting you credit or debit cards from your payment methods. At least in my case, the app would not allow me to add my credit/debit cards again, rendering this app useless. I tried to contact Chevron directly, I was directed to my bank being the culprit. The bank was telling me to contact Chevron directly (which I did), and I ended up in a loop of both sides pointing fingers with no help. Other than that, the app (used to) work fine.

  4. Heather Roberts dice:

    I love this app for about a week, and now it never works. When ever I go to pay my bill or check what my balance is it would work. Just says this is an error. I have tried deleting it and redownloading it, but it doesn’t matter every thing I try it doesn’t work. Really wish it would because it was really convenient and easy to use. Now I just get frustrated with it.

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