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Read “Fullmetal Alchemist”, “Soul Eater”, “My Dress-Up Darling” AND MORE on SQUARE ENIX’s official “Manga UP!” app!

OVER 100 SERIES, virtually FREE to read using daily bonus items. Here’s a small taste of our diverse lineup:
– Fullmetal Alchemist
– Soul Eater
– PandoraHearts
– Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun
– My Dress-up Darling
– I Lost My Adventurer’s License, but It’s Fine Because I Have an Adorable Daughter Now
– The Isekai Returnee is Too OP for the Modern World
– I’m the Only Monster Tamer in the World and Was Mistaken for the Demon Lord
– The Villainess’ Butler: Death Flag Destroyer at Your Service
…And even more to be added in the future!

Stay up to date with your favorite series straight from Japan soon after they’re published!

Isekai, fantasy, romance, comedy, drama, anime tie-ins – with our expanding roster of original series from several genres, you can say you read it here first!

Manga UP! is the official service run by the publisher, SQUARE ENIX. All contents on this app are protected under the law and profits are legally distributed to authors.

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– Available series may change without notice.


40 comentarios en "Manga UP! 2022"

  1. Mbrz dice:

    The coins system is bad. A monthly subscription would be much better. Paying for a digital currency to unlock chapters is pointless. You would be better off just buying the physical/digital volume. Also it would be good to make the latest chapters free for people who have caught up to the series.

  2. Krie dice:

    You get 40 points every 12 hours (resets at 8am/pm JST) Depending on the series it may be a whole chapter or 4 chapters which is perfect for light reading. These chapters are unlocked for 3 days. The in-app purchases isn’t the best since it’s rental only, you’re better off buying the whole digital volume if you like to binge or wanna re-read.

  3. App itself is functional. However the monetization set up is unreasonable. Anything you “unlock”, even with real money, is only unlocked for several days. On top of that, “chapters” are split into quarter parts and you must spend “credits” to unlock them individually.

  4. Now can read manga with consistent release and without any worries. This application also has wide range of collection. Just a little bit of suggestion, if possible, after spending some point/exp/coins for the chapter, it can be free for longer. At least until next chapter release. Personally, I used to take a look for the previous chapter before read new chapter, just to make sure the continuity of the story. But in overall, I’m satisfied with this app.

  5. 1st its not suitable to read on phone, please make the pictures bigger when I put it on horizontal instead of show me 2 pages. If there’s a combined page that use space of 2, then you may increase 1 more page to show us what it look like when combined. 2nd All the UP and XP should be use to encourage me to pick new series and when I use coin please make it permanent, so I can reread it any time anywhere. At present condition it doesn’t make me want to pay the money at all.

  6. It shows nothing, like the app can’t connect to their database or something, but it doesn’t explain what is going on or that anything is going on. Just looks like I can’t have access to any content. But it still allows me to put credits. Is this how it works? Do I need to put credits to see what’s available? Or this app doesn’t properly work with my phone or geographic region? I cannot tell. I feel it’s rough on a developer to receive one star, but literally nothing works.

  7. MK dice:

    The manga quality is great, but that’s as far as it goes. They have some heavy monetization on series (20+ paid only) that they arent contending with unofficial scans for. I hoped for them to be a reliable source of manga as well, but they actually seem to suspend series – without telling you what the series are and you can only find out if you paid premium currency for it? Too heavy monetization to recommend the app.

  8. Ash woo dice:

    This app is way to overpriced and you can only read the chapters you PAID FOR for 3 days! I don’t mind paying to support the authors and artists but if I paid I don’t think there should be a time limit. They break a chapter down to 4 or 5 small sections and there’s no way to buy in bulk so its really distracting from reading to have to stop every 12 pages. Waste of money

  9. Manga God dice:

    A great App for reading Manga legally and supporting the creators. However each chapter is divided into multiple parts which requires u to pay to read everytime. The cost is pretty expensive and only has a few pages and only seems to last 3days. Why would there be a time limit when I paid to read??? Please fuse the chapters into one them release it and charge a slightly larger fee than making us pay multiple times for a single chapter. Remove the time limit as well if I use coins to purchase

  10. I like the way it working but the exp point and the free book point just not enough the exp is ok but can you make the free book point increase to 80 or 60 point a day 🤔it’s hard to read without the point and if you can make each 3 chapter that has been read,you can get additional 10 exp it’s more cool to get that way and more progres for the reader to catch the next chapter

  11. Acel Jean dice:

    It’s great if it supports the artist but clearly you won’t get any readers charging for something as overpriced as this… people would gladly play a dollar worth if they can read content that can be digested for 45 minutes… instead, we get 5 minutes worth of chapters for the same fricking price. Not to mention the free reading option only gets you a single chapter a day… Remember, your readers can read this stuff for free somewhere online… You’ll lose nothing charging at cheaper prices.

  12. I don’t know why you suspended some titles especially being your own originals. That sucks because I love the UI to your app, but you took the only title that kept me using this app away. Most of the other popular titles can be found elsewhere and at a cheaper rate such as a VIP option or Free full chapters. Your PPV option is a crazy model considering you don’t even get the full chapter. Due to this and the recent suspension of series I’ve lowered my rating and will be removing the app…

  13. 2 stars or 3? I have mixed feelings…. Pros: ->You get to read 4 chapters for free daily! Available for ~3 days •->By paying, you can unlock further chapters (also 3 days)__Cons: •->The 4 chapters are NOT 4. Each chp is divided into 2-3 parts, sometimes more •->Buying Volumes is more efficient over the amount you’re paying for LIMITED access •->The page quality is really low. Probably the same if not worse than “Bookwalker” •->Chapters are way behind serialization (courtesy of the divided chps)

  14. After looking into the app I see a lot of issues. First and foremost the coin system is not good at all, it could be a lot better if the “purchases” of chapters with UP, XP and Coin were permanent instead of a 3 day rental, or if a subscription method existed to read everything. All the menus need a rework, between other things to arrange the manga in other ways on your page, not only by last chapter, because that way you only have fast access to new things, you can’t search older manga easily.

  15. Egg Salad dice:

    A typical corporate manga reader. It lacks vertical scrolling options, but the manga selection is good. It’s pay-per-chapter, which is fine, but they split every chapter into parts to squeeze you dry. Sometimes it’s two parts, other times it’s three. So if you do purchase their in app currency, it’s only about half as valuable as it seems, about 15 USD for 12 chapters. It’s literally cheaper to buy an ebook if they’re available. Of course, since it’s got some exclusives, ebooks won’t happen.

  16. Currently they removed: Goblin Slayer (and it’s spin-off series) Vermeil in Gold (What the heck) These are what I know so far for the series that have been removed from the app. Sadly this makes Manga Plus look better in comparison. Since they don’t have you pay to read, splitting chapters into sub chapters, having you pay for currency to use in their app, block you from reading a chapter because they don’t have a release date on it and want you to spend real money to access any chapter. Bad

  17. Well my only problem is the chapter is getting chopped in 1 or 3 parts bruh It said we can read up to 8 chapters a day for free but in real its only like 3 to 4 chaptet. And the most annoying thing is sometimes the chapter is chopped from 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5 to 3.9. I just want to know. Why? Bruh already used all the free coins but still not done reading 1 whole chapter

  18. Kyle E. dice:

    Installed just to see the app for myself. Echoing other comments, the coin system is bad. Don’t like how each chapter is cut into multiple parts – which makes you have to buy each part. I use Webtoon, and once you buy (“unlock”) chapters, they stay unlocked. Also saw what people were talking about censorship. Wow it’s incredibly bad. Black rectangles to the max. You might as well cover the entire character.

  19. app is getting better. censorship is no longer an issue. however, the split chapters model gets in the way of a positive experience.

  20. Shelwyn dice:

    I thought purchasing chapters would be permanent. I wanted to re read a manga I read a month ago and it wanted me to pay for the story again. It costs like $4 3 full chapters. I wouldn’t mind the price so much if unlocks were permanent.

  21. Downloaded the app to read manga only they have, which it shows on the website. It did not show up in the app at all

  22. The monetization is horrible. They give you 8 free chapters a day. Then split chapters in half. This comes off as greedy and makes me want to never spend money. They should look at the viz manga apps and take note how they monetize. It’s much fairer and reasonable.

  23. Weird monetisation, I am ok if it’s rent if you use xp. But why it’s treated as rent if you paid via coin. At this rate, it’s better to be subscriptions.

  24. Great app, but a lot of sh ts are dragging it down. First, the CENSORSHIP! what the hell are you even censoring? It’s already censored in the drawing! You don’t need to put some black there! It’s annoying to read with it! Plus you splitted the chapter into 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, … And I don’t really care if we pay some of the xp there, but splitting it is annoying too! Lastly it’s too much over priced! Everything there is so pricey!

  25. Nik dice:

    Nice selection of manga, awful system to read them. You’ve got three different kinds of currency to use to read chapters which doesn’t even unlock them permanently. It also seems like they needlessly take a single chapter and spread it out into three sub chapters, so you have to unlock multiple ones to even get a full chapter. Really was looking forward to reading some of these from an official source, but I’ll just find them for free online instead.

  26. Tiggerz dice:

    Easily the worst manga app. The chapters are released in parts so you have to pay multiple times to read a single chapter and to top it off chapters arent released simultaniously with japan AND the separate parts are released days apart from each other. What a horrible experience. Hopefully scanlators pick up certain series again because i never want to use this app again if possible.

  27. So I wanted to try the app due to reading about how everything is poorly and needlessy censored. The layout seems okay but the weird exp and coin system makes me not want to use it very much. If your going to do an age check anyway, then I do not see the point in random censorship including those of fully clothed individuals and non sexual body parts. It’s another fail of a western version of a platform for manga just like Crunchyroll due to their needless decisions that alter content.

  28. foryth83 dice:

    I was excited for a moment, it has a nice selection of series. However the terrible censorship that’s so ridiculous it feels like it must be a bad joke, the needlessly convoluted coins system and chapters being broken down into micro-chapters make this the worst manga app I’ve seen so far. Very disappointing.

  29. Garbage Points System. No subscription available. You have to pay for everything you read separately! It’s all done in these micro transactions and is overly confusing. Plus the chapters are split into several parts and you have to buy each part separately And those chapters you buy….THEY EXPIRE AFTER 3 DAYS! ITS SO OVERPRICED AND THE CHAPTERS EXPIRE! NOT ONLY THAT BUT THEY’RE CENSORED WITH HUGE BLACK BARS THAT COVER LIKE HALF THE PAGE! Also they’re missing 2 chapters of Yomi no Tsugai

  30. Censorship is out of control The system of getting 8 free chapters a day is fine. The app works ok (doesn’t save place mid chapter which is annoying), and the selection is good. But man, black bars everywhere is so dumb. Just let people choose if they want censored versions in a setting and leave them out otherwise.

  31. The banner for Pandora Hearts is a massive spoiler for the entire series. Chapters of some series seem to have been split up to milk as much out of people as possible. I like a lot about this app otherwise; but please, please, please add some subscription options. This payment system is confusing and I would gladly be paying way more than other services for this

  32. Overpriced app that allows you to rent manga for 3 days. Costs a premium to see newest issues. Horrible release schedule even for already completely translated series. Badly machine censored.

  33. The censoring in here is really bad and egregious. Another problem is the amount of free chapters you get. You get 5 free chapters a day, but each chapter is split into 4 different parts, so you can only read 1 chapter a day basically. The one good thing about this app is the amount of titles on it. Its just good luck being able to read it without being frustrated by the censorship and horrible amount of chapters to read. It killed any motivation of me wanting to buy tokens to support this app.

  34. Rūjū Pi dice:

    I have a few suggestions: (1) The UI is too cramped. I hope there’ll be an update have a litlle breathing space. (2) The currency was good but I think it’s better to have another way to monetize the mangas like for example running ads. Most of us don’t mind ads after the manga (like Manga Plus’). (3) The censorship butchered the manga quality. The unapologetic response is inexcusable. Just make a different version for the countries don’t allow 2d t*ts.

  35. Harry dice:

    The application is okay, but the coin system is not. You CANNOT own any chapter here, even after purchasing it with coins (paid with real money). You simply RENT them for a period of time, and after that duration is up, you need to purchase it again with UP/XP/Coin to read them (yes, you are still renting them). The developer or the publisher need a new business model.

  36. my mic dice:

    Updating my earlier review. They improved the terrible censorship to mild censorship. The only remaining problem is the coin system. A subscription would be a better offer, similar to shonen jump. But you get some free coins each day so its alright. But that basically amounts to reading 2 chapters or less a day after you read the free chapters because they break up each chapter into multiple parts. The prices are pretty high for coins so I cant give this a higher score.

  37. 1 stars, enjoy the ui experience, dont care the quality of the image unless still readable if i zoom it, search and filtering function is nice, almost same of azuki,manga plus and jump, better than comikey which looks cluttered idk. Down side is the censorship and coins and renting it for 3 days though. Im sold out if its subscription based and no censorship, that made me sold out to azuki and jump.

  38. The interface is fine, the selection is great but the censorship and the fact that you are only renting the chapters are major downsides. Change those two poor decisions and I’d change this to 5 star in a heartbeat.

  39. I have never made a review but this app frustrates me enough to do so. The censorship is incredibly frustrating. If you’re going to censor it don’t just use black bars, it’s absolutely infuriating. The selection of manga is alright but don’t read here if you like black bars on everything including knees.

  40. Daniel B. dice:

    Feels like a cash grab with all the different currencies, locking chapters up behind timed walls, and some Mangas dissapering from the app all together without notice.

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