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Comics and manga full of color, character, and charm!

Enjoy the best new comics 、manhwa and exclusive webtoons on Bilibili Comics,an inclusive comics/manga/manhua/manhwa/cartoon community by the fans .

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Bilibili Comics is the official, trusted place to read hit exclusive series from top creators.Bilibili Comics is a great online webtoons and webcomics reader among all reading apps.

APP could be downloaded for free with some paid content, which could be read for free by waiting for a certain period of time. Our webtoon collection spans from action and fantasy to comedy, romance, teen、fantasy、mystery、harem、suspense、historical、eastern、action、adventure and horror.

Be the first to access the latest chapters of action comics such as Heaven Official’s Blessing, Tales of Demons and Gods,My Wife is Daji,Emperor-in-law and Please Spare Me! Apprentice!,only on Bilibili Comics.There’s always something fresh to read.

• Official updates of exclusive comics and manga

We love diving into a good story and we know you do, too. Bilibili Comics is the official place for comics, webtoons, manhua,and manhwa you won’t find anywhere else.

Exclusive stories – discover original titles you can’t read anywhere else.

• New updated chapters every day and read offline

Dive into over 3000 original anime comics localized by professional translators and have a terrific reading experience with beautifully crafted HD art.

Download high-quality comic from the app and read offline.

Series with everyday updates – stay engaged with stories you can come back to every day.

• Never miss a chapter

Subscribe and comment on your favorite series to stay updated and we’ll always let you know when a new chapter becomes available.


Sort & Filter in comics and manga in Daily, Genre, Library sections.

• Premium and original art

Quality art, top-notch comics books and stories all at your fingertips. Just scroll to read!

Looking to read action-packed adventures, binge office romance, or laugh out loud with some slice-of-life stories? Explore our library of thousands of stories updating on a regular basis! From the community to exclusive Bilibili Comics, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

• Personalized selections just for you

Choosing your next read is now easier than ever. Discover new and your favorite stories to read every day, you’ll never run out of episodes to binge on.

With Bili bili Comics, book readers may jump into this pocket world as the entertainers. Some prefer content about smut,bl and love stories, others prefer wuxiaworld.

Similar with webcomic, manta,toomics,tappy,yuri,tappy toon, webcomics, tapas, tappytoon, renta, chan, pixton, webtoon, Bilibili Comics offered different genres of comics. Adult and teenager books, comedy or action, lofter or wuxiaworld, bookwalker can find numerous free online books.

Bookwalker can discuss the latest episode, finding contents on lofter or weibo freely. They can also get free animated stickers and download free anime from the anime book.

Many translator teams work on the translation for icomics and animation. Unlike Manganelo, Manganat, Acfun, Bilibili Comics have the legal access.

No matter you like weibo, lofter, wuxiaworld, smut,cosplay, tapa,manhua, or you are anime fanz, you can enjoy bilibili.

Download now and jump right in!

Premium comics, manga, manhwa, webtoon, graphic novels – Bilibili Comics.

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40 comentarios en "BILIBILI COMICS – Manga Reader 2022"

  1. I loved all the stories and they were so captivating however the new update where you have to pay now is very frustrating. I even missed the system where there was a time limit that had weird time to unlock the next episode. I didn’t mind the wait, I thought it was a good alternative. This helped all of those who wanted to read a quick story or didn’t have the money to spend on chapters. There is only the option now to pay which really sucks for those who just can’t.

  2. Good translations, excellent quality. Has a comments function so you can interact with other readers. Yes, you may have to wait for certain episodes to unlock if you’re in free mode, but there’s so much to read it’s honestly not bad at all. I love the avatar cards and dress up, definitely makes it more interesting. Plus, there’s a gender switch card so you can do both. You also have a favorites library and history tab so you xan always go back tk something you’ve read before.

  3. Bilibili has some wonderful stories that I’ve loved to read. When the wait time appeared it was bearable and I didn’t complain much. Unfortunately with the new update almost every comic has a pay wall and it’s pretty expensive for each chapter. It’s very frustrating to not be able to read the comics I loved so much. Most of the readers on the app are students and can’t afford such expensive chapters. It’s sad to see the decline with each update. I haven’t even been able to see my avatar in weeks

  4. Sheema B dice:

    Love reading the comics… the timers can be a downer, but aren’t a show stopper. I enjoy the random avatar items, though I wish there was a way to only get items for the type of avatar you have. I get a lot of random items I can’t even use. Also, would be nice to put a time on social events. I completed one once, but never received the payout, which rubbed me wrong, but I like the app so I’m still using it. Overall, but a bad concept to reading comics.

  5. Brianna Ho dice:

    Good selection of comics (manhua) that are free and with decent translations depending on the translator. Minus 1 star for occasional missing chapters and a weird card avatar thing that is not explained and that I can’t figure out/get to work. Updated 09/08/22: Minus 2 stars because recently the app is using a huge amount of space on my device (10 gb!) when I never had that issue before. It is causing storage issues making it almost unusable.

  6. Emily dice:

    The interface is good and the cards are fun, but the timer makes comics unreadable unless you pay. In addition, many comics are now premium only after about 20 episodes, but there is no way to know that before you start reading, which seems a bit shady. I don’t mind supporting the artists, but with the pay per episode system, it makes individual comics pretty expensive (~$10+)

  7. Hannah D dice:

    The comics are great quality and their many genre options you can read , but you have to pay to read the next chapter instead of waiting like it used to be. The app description for the app said that you don’t need to pay to read the comics but now they are making it where you have to pay. Other apps similar to this have options to watch a ad or have events that promote other comics and will give you coins for free. I get it they need to make a profit but there are other ways like ads.

  8. The app is simply to use, and with patience, you don’t have to spend money on buying chapters because they’re free-to-read after a certain amount of time. In addition, I love the avatar feature (which has my skin tone 🤎) with the ability to get new clothes just be reading chapters and answering daily quizzes. One thing I have a minor issue with is the S-class cards that are awesome, but once they have been used up, you can’t merge them or trash them for something better.

  9. Wait timer used to be manageable, but now you can’t keep up with comics without opening the app 12+ times a day. It’s inconvenient and takes way too much time to reset every timer, so you end up behind in chapters or way ahead of the last chapter you read trying to keep them all updated in a timely manor. Card system is in the way when you’re reading and avatar is buggy. Features like those should be optional. No warnings about changes to comics, they’ll just randomly be dropped or on hiatus

  10. Ageezeetz dice:

    I have used this app for months now, like 4-5 and I’ve loved it. They have a good range of genres and I love the customization of characters feature. The only problem I have with it is a minor problem, which is that some stories have genres like urban or an unknown genre, but when you go to check out the general section to find books of each kind of genre, it doesn’t appear there. I can’t find urban and other types of genres there. Over all this definately deserves a 5 star review. 👍

  11. The app is pretty good but the new updates are the worst! Like a few comics I like need coins to unlock but I’m not rich. I can’t buy a lot of coins. I wish it was like Webtoon or Tappas where there’s events where you can get coins or you can install apps, do tasks and get coins. It’d be much easier! Also what is the point of the avatar thing? How dise it relate to reading? It’s just very annoying. Wish there were more ways to get coins the buying them. Pretty good app overall.

  12. I’d love to give the app 5 stars but I’m tired of the waiting times. Depending on the tier, you could wait up to 1 minute to 24 hours. I’d have to pay to read each episode and the prices are expensive. I understand that it is to help the author and give the author money but it’s just frustrating. Overall it is an amazing, wonderful and fun app to use. There are so many genres and stories on there

  13. The selection is lacking in some genres, and the random load freezes,load times,and adding favorites to your library is delayed a bit from time to time. The next issue back to the genres please add all of them to the selection menu as well maybe add a history tab so you can reread comics not in the favorites library again so they can be added later if you wish to. Others than this there haven’t been to many issues

  14. Everything was great…until the timer. I wish I didn’t updated it yet getting a random card was actually very fun and almost addictive. The timer on the other hand (in my opinion) ruined the experience. And no matter how amazing it is/before the timer I doubt I’ll be spending any money on coins, and the tier set up in my opinion was not necessary. And it makes it hard to enjoy the other amazing things that you do/get.

  15. Lelo Liss dice:

    It has a wide variety, And it has great visuals, and I love the fact that you can customized characters, and get things for every part of the book you read. it is very useful when I have to do work so I use this app when I’m bored, And I am a slow reader so it really helps me. It is great to have a thing that does not judge your preferences . I can listen to songs while reading the books. it calms me down. So I can say that this app is very useful when I feel stressed, And it is a great app.😇

  16. The app is very good, and I love reading on it! It sometimes glitches and kicked me out once, but it does esbt happen often. Like how you can make an avatar on it. I had some confusion on how to make an account, but I figured it out. When you get awards for reading episodes, they kinda distract you, like I want to read a comic and they are distracting, but the rewards are nice. Overall it is a great app.

  17. It a good app yes but the only thing I hate is the timer. I was fine with it before until they made to where once you finish the comic it’s starts. There also are a lot of bug issues with the avatar. Everytime I try to change the outfit the whole character turn black and it won’t let me change it at all. So now it’s stuck as this black unlegible figure.

  18. WillBill dice:

    This has extremely good comics and is perfect to binge, but not anymore. They added the waiting system out of no were and now I have to wait for hours just to read a chapter what’s the use of having the feature? I think the free comics were way better than the new feature. Unless someone has coins or is willing to wait there would be people leaving the app. That’s my opinion.

  19. One of the best comic apps I’ve used! Consistently functions as it’s supposed to, and when there’s an occasional issue, it’s simple to report. Comics are ad-free and can be supported by in-app purchase for immediate reading, or you can wait for a short cooldown period between chapters to read without paying. Many genres are available, and the translations are generally good. Definitely my preferred app for reading manhua.

  20. The app is well-made and creative and all that, but the only problem is the timer and the premium episodes. I had to remove my favorite comics just because of this problem. So I have a few suggestions. 1) Reduce the timer; and 2) Reduce the comics/episodes with premium on them because it highly affects the experience and enjoyment of us readers. That’s all.

  21. It’s a really fun app. I have many stories saved and love each and every one of them. The avatar is also a fun feature, and all in all a great app..however, when the new feature of paying for the episode started, you were able to wait until the episode would unlock, which I didn’t mind at all, but now there isn’t an option to wait, and you need to pay money, (which I don’t have lol) so the free describing the app is a bit misleading now. I don’t mind the timed waits so I hope you bring them back

  22. Tim dice:

    Starts off well enough, then timed chapter delays set in which is fine. The real problem is once you get far through a comic so so so many of them end up being released with the chapters muddled. Cut and paste in the wrong order so you’re scrolling up and down trying to read the damn thing. It’s always in the later chapters once you’ve committed to the story. Makes you want to give up on it.

  23. The app is very good, but one thing is clear. Please get rid of the premium episodes, or atleast put ads for us to earn coins because it is not easy to earn money. If you keep this up im afraid many will delete this app, I enjoy the comics very much and I can read all of my favorites there but the timer doesn’t last long, It ends up premium. That’s all I can say for now, Thank you.

  24. I’d rather give this app 5 stars, but there is a bug in the system. Lately, I’m not able to see timer for my favourite web novels. Instead of it, there is a notification saying that I have to pay to read the novel. As a financially dependent person, it’s very troubling. Kindly fix it. Edit: But many of them were wait for free earlier.

  25. Ziah-kun dice:

    My reading experience on this app is great but ever since they locked the comics I’ve been reading and made it into premium, I dropped almost every story I’ve been reading here. I’m a student and I can’t afford to pay the coins(which is why I chose to read here since it’s free “before”), I’m fine with the waiting option for me to access the next chapters but that option was also removed which is disappointing. *Please add a feature where we can earn coins by watching ads or put minigames😁

  26. The app is great, it has a great variety of comics,the artstyle is decent aswell. the thing I personally don’t like about this app is the long waiting time,you literally have to wait hours just to read 1 single chapter. And some comics have been marked as premium and to get access to those comics you have to pay. But the comics are good it would be better if you could lower the waiting time.

  27. Erika dice:

    I really like this app before, the timer and skip with sharing are never bothered me so much. Because I can read so many free comics with good plot and gorgeous art. But the latest update upsets me to the breaking point with your newest decision to introduce a pay-only-option to more and more comics. I really hope you could consider to change the way to unlock chapter. Like if we don’t pay, we have to wait a week to read it or use adds to unlock it. It’s still win win situation.

  28. This app is amazing! We can do many things in this app like changing resolutions which is very convenient, though, the problem is that after the update now many of the comic to don’t have timers and have straight paying option, which is a negative point as many of the readers are teenagers who can’t pay. I would love it if you could please fix this and add the timers again, also, just like the cards can you do something that we get to use instead waiting.

  29. I think this is a great app, the comics are very cute and interesting. I love the plots for the stories but i think the only problem is the countdown or “Tiers” like the first one would be 1 minute, which is not bad. Then it would go to 1 hour, 6 hours, 12 hours then finally 24. I think the countdown should be reduced to a more bearable wait. Other than that, i think this is a great app

  30. The app was “good” before, but recently more and more stories need coins to unlock chapters. A reader needs to spend before you can even read a chapter. There are still free stories but are getting fewer. There are also a number of stories that are missing chapters. So what’s the use of paying to read when the chapters before the one you’d be paying for are missing.

  31. Vanny A dice:

    Hi! The app is awesome to read comics! But however, it would be bext if you made it online and offline to read, it would be helpful. Next, the timer and the tier. I find those unnecessary. I’m really impatient sometimes while waiting for a new episode, it ruins the experience! Please fix that. Then, the avatar is glitchy and buggy, which is annoying, the timer especially ruins everything. I hope you would listen to this opinion and make the app better! That’s all! Thank you for listening!

  32. Stories and illustrations are all good. And it’s easygoing without much ads. But the only problem is with the waiting time…if it’s one or two hours that will be okay…but waiting for many hours just for one episode is too much and so tiring…this is the negative I could find in this app. Otherwise it’s perfect.

  33. I’ve had a few issues with this app. I don’t understand the avatar, hard to find some content I want, some content should have tws and now that the wait to read function is gone there is really very little making me stay… it was a great app but except for 1 comic I really can’t say I would miss the app if I uninstalled it I also feel that there should be an option to watch an ad for a free pass or to turn on ads and earn coins that way to fund writers

  34. Vivian h dice:

    Great app. The ui is clean and intuitive. They have a wide range of comics to read. There’s also a avatar feature, where reading a chapter on any comic gives you a random avatar item, and the art is lovely. However, the pay wall for the comics come really soon. My only complaint is that most of the comics aren’t up to date. They take a long time to upload a new chapter, and I know that the raws already have an extra 100 chapters. Other than that, great app!

  35. May (Ari!) dice:

    I love the app! It’s everything I’m looking for. But there is one problem, it asks for coins to continue the episodes. They say you have to login on the app often to get them but my issue is that I cannot get any coins at all. I’ve signed up with my Google account so please fix this issue if it’s bothering anyone else.

  36. I am not pleased with the fact that that so many comics are now requiring money to complete. While I understand the need to pay salaries, I also understand that you are not interested in keeping your word. This problem would easily be solved by using advertising, for example: create an option to skip wait times by watching ads, there are many people that are willing to watch lots of ads to skip waiting because they are addicted to stories. I’m one of them. If you need advicevia reader, I’m open.

  37. It’s a good comic app with great stories and clear pictures BUT the wait time is really unnecessary and very I mean what’s that really for, you really expect me to wait 6hours before I can continue a comic I’m already developing interest in? and its always when you’re about to get to some interesting parts that’s a big turn off for me. Secondly I making it an online app is ok but you should at least give the option of been able to save a certain amount of chapters or so for offline reading later

  38. Nazia Khan dice:

    BILIBILI comics was once a great platform to read amazing stories and comics. It was the highlight of my day and WAS one of the best apps to read comics. Even though the wait time may sometimes be frustrating it was still manageable and reasonable. However due to the recent update most comics I was reading has become premium only, meaning that I have to pay to continue. This is big issue as I just don’t have enough money to spare on such an app and led to me dropping some of my favourite comics.

  39. This is a really great app. It’s picture quality and graphics are awesome. It’s offers a wide range of outfit changes for your avatar. My only reason for the 4 star is that recently since the last update. The order of the comics on most of them are now mixed up. Starting from the last page to the first or showing half images. I really hope the producers can resolve this matter. Then I’d be willing to give you the full 5star cos it’s really worth it.

  40. Itz_ Owl dice:

    Okay, so. The app was good, BEFORE when yall have to change it to pay with coins, and remove share or waiting time periods. It feels really dissappionting just seeing just the start just stops after like 12-13 episodes. Its annoying. Its a great app but the editors choices are really making people impatient and mad at the same time. Though I still want to finish “dont say you love me”.. Im missing out on alot!! :'(

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