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Comics and manga full of color, character, and charm!

Enjoy the best new comics 、manhwa and exclusive webtoons on Bilibili Comics,an inclusive comics/manga/manhua/manhwa/cartoon community by the fans .

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Bilibili Comics is the official, trusted place to read hit exclusive series from top creators.Bilibili Comics is a great online webtoons and webcomics reader among all reading apps.

APP could be downloaded for free with some paid content, which could be read for free by waiting for a certain period of time. Our webtoon collection spans from action and fantasy to comedy, romance, teen、fantasy、mystery、harem、suspense、historical、eastern、action、adventure and horror.

Be the first to access the latest chapters of action comics such as Heaven Official’s Blessing, Tales of Demons and Gods,My Wife is Daji,Emperor-in-law and Please Spare Me! Apprentice!,only on Bilibili Comics.There’s always something fresh to read.

• Official updates of exclusive comics and manga

We love diving into a good story and we know you do, too. Bilibili Comics is the official place for comics, webtoons, manhua,and manhwa you won’t find anywhere else.

Exclusive stories – discover original titles you can’t read anywhere else.

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Dive into over 3000 original anime comics localized by professional translators and have a terrific reading experience with beautifully crafted HD art.

Download high-quality comic from the app and read offline.

Series with everyday updates – stay engaged with stories you can come back to every day.

• Never miss a chapter

Subscribe and comment on your favorite series to stay updated and we’ll always let you know when a new chapter becomes available.

Sort & Filter in comics and manga in Daily, Genre, Library sections.

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Quality art, top-notch comics books and stories all at your fingertips. Just scroll to read!

Looking to read action-packed adventures, binge office romance, or laugh out loud with some slice-of-life stories? Explore our library of thousands of stories updating on a regular basis! From the community to exclusive Bilibili Comics, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

• Personalized selections just for you

Choosing your next read is now easier than ever. Discover new and your favorite stories to read every day, you’ll never run out of episodes to binge on.

With Bili bili Comics, book readers may jump into this pocket world as the entertainers. Some prefer content about smut,bl and love stories, others prefer wuxiaworld.

Similar with webcomic, manta,toomics,tappy,yuri,tappy toon, webcomics, tapas, tappytoon, renta, chan, pixton, webtoon, Bilibili Comics offered different genres of comics. Adult and teenager books, comedy or action, lofter or wuxiaworld, bookwalker can find numerous free online books.

Bookwalker can discuss the latest episode, finding contents on lofter or weibo freely. They can also get free animated stickers and download free anime from the anime book.

Many translator teams work on the translation for icomics and animation. Unlike Manganelo, Manganat, Acfun, Bilibili Comics have the legal access.

No matter you like weibo, lofter, wuxiaworld, smut,cosplay, tapa,manhua, or you are anime fanz, you can enjoy bilibili.

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Premium comics, manga, manhwa, webtoon, graphic novels – Bilibili Comics.

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49 comentarios en "BILIBILI COMICS – Manga Reader MODDED"

  1. Update: app has been good so far. I really like the novels and rewards. Although I do wish there was more updates for some of the novels and I wish there wasn’t so many “early access” offers. Sometimes they get in the way of being able to read my novels regularly. Though I do like to get it sometimes, I only wish it was optional instead of it being forced on me.

  2. I absolutely love the stories. They give lots of stories to read. And it’s fun dressing up your avatar. Doesn’t use alot of battery either so I can read for quite awhile. However, I dislike the face that there’s no other way to get coins instead of buying them with real money. There should be an efficient way to gain coins instead of just buying. I appreciate the wait time for comics, but not exactly when there is no wait time option. But you guys got a great app. Thank you!

  3. The app is very great for reading comics about cultivation, love, eastern, urban, etc. though, the coins are pretty annoying, yes, sure you can use them to support the creators, and whatever else, but, if that’s how it’d work, it’d work. The thing that I hate the most, is, just the coins, though, I can still find these books online. HEHE (Stolen from a villain).

  4. The app has some really good comics! I enjoy reading all of them and I’m really invested in them. The only problem is the wait time. It makes you wait hours for the next comic which is pretty annoying when you can just search up the comic name online and read it without a time limit. But then again it’s either that or you have to pay for it completely. Good comics, bad ways to read them.

  5. The stories are great I find the wait times reasonable! I did run into an issue where it logged me out automatically and I lost any progress with all stories I read and when I tried to log back it it said my email wasn’t registered. I wouldn’t be too upset about this as I could just select the chapter i was on but I had also bought coins to bypass the wait time and those are gone too. Would love to know how to fix this.

  6. Everything was great…until the timer. I wish I didn’t updated it yet getting a random card was actually very fun and almost addictive. The timer on the other hand (in my opinion) ruined the experience. And no matter how amazing it is/before the timer I doubt I’ll be spending any money on coins, and the tier set up in my opinion was not necessary. And it makes it hard to enjoy the other amazing things that you do/get.

  7. I loved all the stories and they were so captivating however the new update where you have to pay now is very frustrating. I even missed the system where there was a time limit that had weird time to unlock the next episode. I didn’t mind the wait, I thought it was a good alternative. This helped all of those who wanted to read a quick story or didn’t have the money to spend on chapters. There is only the option now to pay which really sucks for those who just can’t.

  8. Sheema B dice:

    Love reading the comics… the timers can be a downer, but aren’t a show stopper. I enjoy the random avatar items, though I wish there was a way to only get items for the type of avatar you have. I get a lot of random items I can’t even use. Also, would be nice to put a time on social events. I completed one once, but never received the payout, which rubbed me wrong, but I like the app so I’m still using it. Overall, but a bad concept to reading comics.

  9. Good selection of comics (manhua) that are free and with decent translations depending on the translator. Minus 1 star for occasional missing chapters and a weird card avatar thing that is not explained and that I can’t figure out/get to work. Updated 09/08/22: Minus 2 stars because recently the app is using a huge amount of space on my device (10 gb!) when I never had that issue before. It is causing storage issues making it almost unusable.

  10. Good translations, excellent quality. Has a comments function so you can interact with other readers. Yes, you may have to wait for certain episodes to unlock if you’re in free mode, but there’s so much to read it’s honestly not bad at all. I love the avatar cards and dress up, definitely makes it more interesting. Plus, there’s a gender switch card so you can do both. You also have a favorites library and history tab so you xan always go back tk something you’ve read before.

  11. Wait timer used to be manageable, but now you can’t keep up with comics without opening the app 12+ times a day. It’s inconvenient and takes way too much time to reset every timer, so you end up behind in chapters or way ahead of the last chapter you read trying to keep them all updated in a timely manor. Card system is in the way when you’re reading and avatar is buggy. Features like those should be optional. No warnings about changes to comics, they’ll just randomly be dropped or on hiatus

  12. Bilibili has some wonderful stories that I’ve loved to read. When the wait time appeared it was bearable and I didn’t complain much. Unfortunately with the new update almost every comic has a pay wall and it’s pretty expensive for each chapter. It’s very frustrating to not be able to read the comics I loved so much. Most of the readers on the app are students and can’t afford such expensive chapters. It’s sad to see the decline with each update. I haven’t even been able to see my avatar in weeks

  13. I didn’t mind waiting for content but the bait and switch of getting deep into a plot and suddenly finding that the climax is locked behind a paywall is very frustrating. Also when you advertise weekly or daily updates and it doesn’t update for weeks at a time is misleading. If it is due to the author’s health then at least tell us. Reader’s care about their favorite author’s and want to wish them well and a speedy recovery!

  14. It’s an amazing app and I use it every single day! But there are a few flaws that I have been noticing, my times for waiting on chapters of the comics keeps resetting and I have to wait twice as long usually, and that the game can crash unexpectedly at random.

  15. The app is simply to use, and with patience, you don’t have to spend money on buying chapters because they’re free-to-read after a certain amount of time. In addition, I love the avatar feature (which has my skin tone 🤎) with the ability to get new clothes just be reading chapters and answering daily quizzes. One thing I have a minor issue with is the S-class cards that are awesome, but once they have been used up, you can’t merge them or trash them for something better.

  16. Ageezeetz dice:

    I have used this app for months now, like 4-5 and I’ve loved it. They have a good range of genres and I love the customization of characters feature. The only problem I have with it is a minor problem, which is that some stories have genres like urban or an unknown genre, but when you go to check out the general section to find books of each kind of genre, it doesn’t appear there. I can’t find urban and other types of genres there. Over all this definately deserves a 5 star review. 👍

  17. Emily dice:

    The interface is good and the cards are fun, but the timer makes comics unreadable unless you pay. In addition, many comics are now premium only after about 20 episodes, but there is no way to know that before you start reading, which seems a bit shady. I don’t mind supporting the artists, but with the pay per episode system, it makes individual comics pretty expensive (~$10+)

  18. The app is pretty good but the new updates are the worst! Like a few comics I like need coins to unlock but I’m not rich. I can’t buy a lot of coins. I wish it was like Webtoon or Tappas where there’s events where you can get coins or you can install apps, do tasks and get coins. It’d be much easier! Also what is the point of the avatar thing? How dise it relate to reading? It’s just very annoying. Wish there were more ways to get coins the buying them. Pretty good app overall.

  19. I loved this app because of the drawings and the plot twist of the stories. But there is one problem I’ve had in this app, and it is the skip time that if you want to skip the time of the one story that you read , you’ll post in on other social media. I posted it and i waited for too long to stop loading but it is very slow. And if the loading stops i didn’t get the skip time. Please fix this.

  20. the app is great and the comics are nice. Theres no ads and it doesn’t lag. Its just that when you finish some episodes it isn’t free anymore, it makes you either wait or pay coins. I really wish you could just make all episodes free because its kinda frustrating to wait or pay coins and if you choose to wait, at first it makes you wait a small amount of time but then the amount becomes bigger like 11h, 24h, so i really wish you could fix that but the other stuff is great anyways

  21. This is an awesome app. I like it so so much, the visuals are superb. The only problem I have with this app is that the waiting time is killing us. One will grow tired of the app just because you can’t wait for hours to read the next chapter and it kinda locks the previous ones. This will make one to forget the storyline. If you can please reduce the waiting time, I will definitely give you 5 stars and leave the previous chapters unlocked. Thank you.

  22. Honestly this app is awesome, the comics are good, the story lines are great and its simple to use. The only issue I’m facing is about the waiting time. It is ridiculously long. It interrupts the flow of the reading and honestly just irritates me. I request that the waiting time is lessened because just waiting 6, 12 and 24 hours is a bit too much. When the update came a few months back, the waiting time was lesser but now it just increased and is really annoying. Otherwise I’d give it a 5 stars

  23. I’ve had the app for a while now, the waiting for a chaoter was bearable enough for me to take but after a while even after unlocking the chapters it would lock soon enough as time passes by, my friend doesn’t have this problem of their app and it’s frustrating because I want to re-read episodes of comics I like. It this really a system of the app or was it just a glitch.

  24. I love tha app. It’s easy to use and the comics art is amazing! The only issue is the waiting time, i really want to continue reading the comic without the need to wait for 1,6,12,24 hours after each chapter! It’s really too much! Please if it’s not to be removed at least make it shorter so we can actually enjoy and have a fully fun experience. I’ll change my review to 5 stars if it’s fixed!

  25. it’s a great app with lots of entertaining stories but I think it would have been better if the readers can have more chapters if time can be accumulated. what I mean is after reading some stories I was busy and didn’t use the app for about 2 months but when I got back to it I only got one chapter unlocked and available.I think I should have hade that times worth of accumulated chapters for my favourite books. It’s frustrating that I only get one chaptet

  26. Amazing app, very cool, but I will say it’s quite hard to navigate, not easy to understand 😅 but I have only just started using it. Also, the times for each chapter is quite frustrating, it would be nice if we had to wait every second one so that we can enjoy reading it more

  27. Its good!! I love it so much…!!! But theres one problem. Where have my avatar gone to? I cant costumize it anymore because it(the avatar itself) doesnt show up! My cards is being piled up and wasted with no use right now! Whenever i try to use the cards, it keep popping up saying “I’m currently updating my data” and it always stopped at 95%. And after a while it would say “the update failed”. Please do something about it!! But overall, everything’s fine!🙂

  28. The app before I updated is okay, it running smoothly and I can immediately open the stories, but after updating the app it continuously saying “reload” and I can’t open the stories because it says that I don’t have a connection, but I have a good internet connection. Please help or fix this. Thank you.

  29. I love the creativity in this app, it’s one of the best. It’s also giving me what I recommended in the search bar. It’s an amazing app if you want to read comics. Though, on every episode after the first 5 or so it sets a time limit to when you can watch the next episode. I don’t like this feature, whoever, I still recommend.

  30. This app is pretty darn good. There are so many manhuas to read. They are much more fun than expected but there’s one main problem that this app has and that’s the time, I don’t think waiting for so many hours to read a chapter that finishes under 5 minutes is worth it, -2 stars for that. Overall the experience is simply ruined just because of the time otherwise it’s a good app.

  31. KatTheCat dice:

    Amazing app that includes almost every genre and comics that is free to read and options to use, but my problems are sometimes I had bugs yet even though I waited and reported the bug it won’t fix it, so I had to reinstall the app. Also the timer is pretty annoying and sometimes be glitching. But overall 5 stars definitely recommend for reading comics

  32. The comics are good, but the fact that you either have to pay or wait a couple of hours is just unbearable. I highly suggest to put some sort of ad-watching system to skip the wait time or bring back the sharing option. I love the comics here and really want to stay up-to-date with everything, but when I’m finished reading a chapter and I see the notice that I have to wait 24h to read another chapter I just give up.

  33. Very nice app.. I recommend it. The reason I give it 4 stars is that the time that we have to wait to read the next chapter/ episode is way longer. It would be nice if we wait for an hour or 2. I really loved this app, my only problem is the time length to read to the next chapter. I know that we readers must cost money to help the writers/ author for the hard they made of making the comic.. but since I don’t have money to buy and unluck episode, I rather wait for the time🥺

  34. Hi Bilibili Comics Team! I don’t know how to message you or is there any way to message you in the app. Anyway, I want to ask if there was any notice that “A Hundred Ways to Save a Soul Splitter” will be pulled out. I was checking for an update but sadly, it was pulled out. I was so invested in that story 😔. Nonetheless, I love this app. Was supposed to give a 5 but let’s give it a 4 for now. Happy New Year! And more readers to come!

  35. Its very easy to use. If its hard to find the comics you like press the one that is beside the “Recommended For You” & just adjust the emojis if you like the topic. The only problem is that everyone is angry about the timer. If they want the timer gone then there will be ads people dont know why you put the timer. If theres ads they will still get mad. Maybe people will use a different app and not this because of the timer. But can you make the time short? That’s the only thing I recommend.

  36. I like this app but when I finish all of the chapters and time has passed when I go re-read it,it got timer on it again and am gonna wait for hours or for 1 day to finish the timer so I can read it again it’s kinda annoying sometimes because in the past I can re-read it without the timer.So please fix it.

  37. Money grubbing cheap app. While there are some comics that are fun, most of the comics are very bad. Lots of over the top Mary Sue types, others are just boring. The wait times to read the next chapter of any comic is extraordinary, in an effort to make you spend money on their in app currency to unlock the next chapter. Tons of misogyny in the comics. Seriously, don’t bother with this app.

  38. It’s a really very good app, it’s collection of manhas is mind-blowing, but there r few issues like we can’t open all the episodes at once, and it disturbs while we read. Leaving that the app is very good

  39. I really love the fact that in the beginning of each comic you get a few episodes free, and the fact that you don’t always have to pay and you can just wait for the timer cause my card got lost and I am having so many problems to get a new one so the timer helps. I also like the variety of genres. I also like the community where they notify you of updates and your own avatar. Personally for me it’s a 10/10 would recommend. Also their are kissing scenes which are censored so that’s good I guess

  40. The app is amazing but one thing I suggest they should remove is the waiting of episodes. It always happens all the time even right now. There’s tier 1 to 5 or whatever. It’s too much. Waiting for 5 hours, 59 hours. Please remove it. This is what’s making me to dislike the app. The comics are great we know. But the waiting gotta stop.

  41. Some reason all the suggestions I see are for BL and I’ve even edited the settings to hide BL but I still see it at least once on every page. There’s also a bug where the app keeps putting screenshots in a feedback pop-up that is almost impossible to get rid of without closing the app and cleaning up the device’s memory.

  42. Honestly, this is a great app and I wish I found it sooner. The comics are interesting and I find the wait time system interesting, how it goes up to 24 hours in steps and back down to 6. It’s also cheaper to buy coins to skip the waiting than on other platforms, which is a bonus. The avatar creator is unique and I enjoy how you get new items just for reading. The only problem I have is that when I try skipping forward by sharing to Twitter, nothing happens, so I am stuck waiting.

  43. The reason I’m giving 2-star raiting is because of the Early Access Membership. After 7 days are completed for a episode to unlock, it again takes another 7 days to unlock the same episode. At first i thought there was something wrong with my phone, but it turns out the updated app is at fault. Another thing is the waiting time. 12hr and 24hrs is too long. The flow of the story also gets interrupted because of this and we won’t have any further interest in continuing. Please fix this issue!!

  44. I'm Snowy dice:

    Really like the app the stories and the art is beautiful. There’s also a lot of different comics to chose from. It’s easy to use. But I don’t like the waiting timer thing it makes the app less enjoyable because you read 2 minutes of your story then you have to wait 10 hours to read the next.

  45. Its not that good anymore because you have to pay with coins its so annoying plus what if you cant buy coins then you wouldnt be able to finish what you are reading which can get quite annoying esplesially for the long comics The paying with coins is really driving me away from the app. Which without having to pay with coins would be a very good app.

  46. Best app to read comics I swear. There are a variety of options comics you can read and you can decorate your avatar as well ( which is a pretty cool feature) The app itself is easy to use. While waiting for one comic , you can find new ones that fit your interest, overall the app is great 🙂

  47. Update: they listened to reason and brought back wait for free to all comics, performance has also been greatly improved and I see much fewer bugs and the times are much clearer now. I still think 100+ coins for some chapters is a bit excessive but since I can choose to wait now that cost is negligible. 1 Star when wait times were gone -> 4 Stars since they listened doesn’t get 5 star because I feel the catalog is still a bit lacking, but it is slowly getting better.

  48. I really like this app, I think it’s fairly easy to navigate. The team seems to listen to it’s readers, when some were upset about changes that were made, they worked hard with the author’s to make everyone happy and made additional changes to accommodate both the readers and the authors of the stories they license.

  49. I love the stories (super cool🥰 btw)but it’s annoying to have to wait for them it’s too long and why is there an easy membership thing some of us don’t have coins. I suggest there should be and easy way to earn coins like mini quizzes about the books one has been reading it would be fun for everyone and worth rewarding coins to readers, with every five chapters you finish a quiz is given to you answer all rightly you continue to read to the next five chapters.I hope u consider my suggestion.

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