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WebComics provides a group of the hottest & latest manga and webtoon series for comic fans around the world. Whether you are a fan of manga, comics, manhwa, comic book or anime series, WebComics has all premium webtoon & manga to provide you with the best manga series.

WebComics is online comic site just like Webtoons and Mangago, to provide you with the latest American Comic , Japanese Manga , Korean Comic, Chinese Manhwa, and all the most popular online webtoon full collection. Just enjoy the reading webtoons at the comic website www.webcomiscapp.com.

WebComics is a popular webtoon platform for comic & manga fans!

Lots of orginal comics & manga series are only here. Comic creators are creating captivating comics every day. Don’t hesitate to join us and become a famous cartooniest!

1. High-quality comics & anime & manga, daily updates to keep up with the latest episode
2. Personalized recommendations, a large number of comics
3. Community creation, and full of creative comic authors & cartoonist
4. Creator community, intimate interaction, a key concern, dynamic prophet

Read comics and chat with 8000k comic enthusiasts!


1. Top-notch comics of distinctive genres updated daily from creators across the world.
2. Special offer for new users – all free comic books for you. Collect Free Card to read all comics!
3. A community for fans to share what you love and interact with your favorite creators.
4. Unlock special offers for Premiere to read exclusive books. Come explore more Premiere privileges!
5. Multiple languages are supported, including English, Indonesian, Thai, and Chinese.

Highlights of WebComics

• Signed sole contract with many world-renowned creators from America, Europe, Asia, etc, to provide you with exclusive captivating comics!
• With high definition and full color! With excellent panels, ups and downs of the plots! We promise, you can’t help reading them!
• Share your opinions anytime and discuss the stories with millions of readers!
• Free comics released every day! Reading free comics with WebComics is happy and easy!
• New Comics section. New comics coming out every day! Come experience the new plots with the new characters!
• Download comics for offline reading: Your mobile data savior.

Top Comics/manga in 2022

•「Half My Tyrant, Half My Baby」#Romance Comics: The female lead Zhang Xiao was mistaken by Mu Ya, the daughter of Mu family, as her mother. Out of her kindness, she signed the contract with the CEO Mu Chen to be a babysitter of his daughter, thus starting her “babysitting life”.

•「The Lady’s Zombie Bodyguard」#Action Comics: Betrayed by his girlfriend, Yang Cheng,who was a loser, got drunk in the forest. Accidentally, he was bitten by a beautiful zombie and became a vampire with super power.

•「She’s a Keeper」#Girl’s Love Comics: The rate of kidnapping in Phili has been going crazy. Clara del Samson happens to be a daughter of a multi-millionaire businessman.

•「Zombie Breakers」 #Thriller Comics: A sudden wave of zombies swept across campus. Human nature, life, future, everything is crumbling.

•「School Beauty’s Personal Bodyguard」#Action Comics: Based on a novel with over 100 million click-through rate. After being enrolled into a school, let’s see how he fights bad guys a with Chinese Kung fu and protect beauties!

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1. Minor bug fixes.


40 comentarios en "WebComics – Webtoon & Manga 2022"

  1. 2nd edit: I needed to log back in to the playstore. ‍♀️ I didn’t realize I got logged out. Totally my fault. This app is amazing. Edit: I finally got the email. But it won’t let me buy coins for fast passes. It says Coins coming soon. I’ve been buying coins for years. What gives? Suddenly stopped working. Wouldn’t let me buy more coins. Won’t send me verification emails to make new account. This is disappointing.

  2. a lot of the stories have forms of abuse and make dominance. I’m not the greatest fan of that but the romance made it a little more tolerable. the English grammar is not perfect but although it is a little off the story is still able to be understood. the app itself is ok.. They offer a lot of opportunities to get free coins via watch cammercials. so if you dont have the money you can still enjoy the comics offered here.

  3. I have no problem with the current app, other than the auto scroll got removed, which is really a shame, because I used it all the time. There are also more ads right now, than in previous version, but you’re not forced to watch them. I also love how the chapters are now an infinite scroll between each chapter, makes life a lot easier. I love the app for having plenty of romance genre comics to read. It’s a shame though that the ones I love the most usually get dropped without any notice.

  4. I used to love this app! Good comics, easy currency, not too many ads. Now, it’s all ads. Everything that used to be free requires you to watch an ad now. They’ve also added ads to the ends of each chapter. Basically, now if you want any coins (even the daily ones just for opening the app or the 10 reward coins for reading for 5 minutes) you have to watch an ad. I was fine with it when it was just ads on chapters and to unlock chapters, but they’ve gone too far. 😤

  5. The general story lines Iof the five or six I read read were ok, but there were a lot of issues I couldn’t over look. Grammar was awful, characteristics would randomly change (hair color and style, eye color and shape, things like that), stories could be inconsistent, felt rushed, and some thing’s just didn’t make sense. I understand most of these are armature made, but people should try to take more pride and put more time into what they publish. I don’t want to wade through a dozen rotten manga to find one good one. And unfortunately the ones I read were on the ‘hottest’ list, so I don’t see them getting much better.

  6. MMOSimca dice:

    This is actually one of the best comic/manga apps in terms of design and function. It seems lower rated than others purely because it doesn’t have enough content yet in some areas. Particularly impressive is the ability to move between multiple chapters automatically as you scroll down completely seamlessly. There is no ‘refresh’ or ‘load delay’, just as you scroll down the next chapter is already there and loaded somehow. That’s really cool. So yeah, well designed app.

  7. It has a wide selection to read. Sonetimes coins are hard to come by without purchasing. I’ve experienced a few times where one of the comics I am reading is missing a lot of pages ( they are all blank pages) no matter what I do, I can not get those pages to appear and end up missing key points of the story. Another issue i have is, in order to re-read certain stories, you have to repurchase the chapter. As someone who likes to re-read the previous chapter as a refresher, I find it aggravating.

  8. The selection of comics to choose from is very good so no matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find something that peaks your interest pretty easily. My only complaint is the chapter unlocking system. Sometimes, comics will suddenly switch from allowing the chapter to be purchased with coins or gems to just gems and even remove the option to unlock with an ad. I could’ve looked over this and given 5 stars if ads weren’t something that could be removed as an unlocking option. The same applies to how there’s a limited amount of ads that you can watch. (I don’t get how you can just run out)

  9. I like the concept of the feature they are adding soon where you can add comments to the frames as well as the comic overall. The stories are really interesting, and most of the art is amazing. As for the kinda slow update schedule, I have a life, sadly, so I can’t always binge when I want to anyway. And each time a comic updates, it’s a surprise on which one it is,. *zooms in to 125% cause I just realized I can’t see anything I’m typing* As for the design of the app itself, I wish there was a night mode, where the white turns black, and the pinks, blue or yellow, that way when I do binge read, my eyes aren’t dying anymore than they already are. Changing chapters is a little tedious though. When you tap the screen in the comments section (cause you know you’re gonna read some comments), the page will oftentimes move up or down instead of showing the tap at top or bottom. A side swipe feature to change the chapter like turning a page would be more beneficial and sleek. As for the coin thing, I don’t understand the purpose. I’m getting paid to use the app as you can exchange coins for merchandise, it’s a waste of time & $ on the developers’ part. Great app, room for improvement.

  10. It’s a good app, but the coins can get frustrating. I understand that it needs to gain money somehow and using coins to unlock the chapters is probably the best way, but it was easier before. Still, I really like Webcomics because some of the characters almost feel real (I sure wish some of them were) and most of the funny situations are actually relatable. Above all though, other than the coins, it’s great to download.

  11. Great app I love the comics so much!! There are a few problems though like when I watch an add to get a reward, unlock a comic, and even get extra coins it won’t give me them. Worst part is that sometimes the same adds apear multiple times and does the same thing. There is also times when comics get repeated, have no text, and are not even translated. Don’t know if it’s just my phone that’s why I give it 5 stars, other than that it’s an amazing app!!

  12. I love this app, had it for a few years now. I am finding a bit of trouble collecting the daily login bonus as well as watching any ads/spin the wheel to correct extra coins. I can only connect the 5 minutes +5 coins pop up. I really love these comics and I’ve made sure I have the latest updates. But I can’t even restart the app to make them work. I hope this bug can be fixed, thank you.

  13. Before I switched phones I loved this app, however after switching, I don’t get my points logging it. I’ve missed out on 30 yesterday and 10 today and the day before. That is 50. The stories and art are really good, though I would love for longer chapters or more updates for each story. The ability to comment and talk with others who are reading it a very good feature also.

  14. I absolutely LOVE the comics on this. I’ve had this app for about 2 years so I know how it’s evolved over time. The reason why its 3 stars tho, is because the new gem thingy. I don’t think it’s that bad, but when it gives you the option on a spinning wheel of a day or 3 free, I’d like it to actually work. It says you cab spin 6 times a day, just you have to watch an ad for each spin after the first. Thats fine, but for a while now, it wont even try to load an ad for me to spin more than once.

  15. This is s a pretty good comic app. You can immediately scroll to the next chapter, and the updates are decently frequent, you aren’t likely to wait half a year to read that one comic. However, you are required to pay for some comics with coins. Luckily these are easily required every 5 minutes, or even from just signing in. Adding to that, there are a few comics that you can find on other comics. It pays for that by making it easy to find the comics it contains, sometimes updating faster than others. I feel that the thing that annoys me most is that the grammar in the comic is fairly lacking, making the comics sometimes not as effective as they could be. Even though it has all these cons, it makes up for it with its interesting art, good stories, and quick updates. I really hope this app can make a website so I can find this on my computer as well.

  16. It’s okay. While there is quite a large collection of every genre, I would argue that the comics are mediocre at best and abysmal at worst. I find that most of the comics have plain, cliche, overused storylines, and the art just seems to keep recycling itself in every comic. To be fair, considering that this is a free app with free comics, the grammatical error filled translations are expected, and the below-average, nothing-special comics (with a few gems, I must admit) are not necessarily unappealing if one is into mindless, harmless comics. The app itself is very easy to navigate with large features and quick, smooth transitions. I honestly think the app itself, disregarding the stories, is quite advanced and probably makes up for its large range of nothings. TL;DR: Decent, mostly bad stories, but nice features.

  17. The app itself has a clean UI, ads are optional and have genuine benefits. for the most part the comics are unique, and the translation are ok, but can be improved (I can’t specify the comics with bad translation) I haven’t seen any flaws that are major or can really affect your experience. Plus the app is free and so are the comics, just take the time to read them.

  18. I have had this app for a while and loved it full heartedly…that is until I put it on my new phone. At first everything was fine I could watch ads to get locked chapters but then after about a month no matter how many times I watch an ad all the way through the app doesnt give me the chapter. Or it forces me to use my coins by not even giving me the option to play an ad. At first I thought the problem was my internet connection, but even after making sure I had a strong wifi it wouldnt work.

  19. There are so many comics to choose from and the coin system is very fair. My only gripe is that the English translation in the comics is a little rough, sometimes I have to read panels a few times to understand what they’re trying to say, but in no way does it take away from my experience. Amazing app, lots of choices in genre, including GL which I adore. 10/10 would recommend!

  20. I actually rated this app a 5 star although after some time the video coins keep showing error as soon as I click the video it keeps showing error and it’s been happening for almost 2 to 3 months. I tried to restart, reinstall and check my network, but it still doesn’t work😓. The page where it say dailyfree coin none of them work. I keep checking for the past few months but it still not working. More than that I think this app is worth a five star.

  21. Very interesting comics! However, after the update, the app became very frustrating. Whenever there is a new comic, it will ALWAYS be locked with gems. The novels are always locked with gems too. I know that the app includes a feature to earn gems by playing games, but that just didn’t work for me. In addition, I have a tiny problem. Can you add a feature where we can log in with an account, so we don’t lose our progress when reading on a different device?🙏

  22. The comics are okay. The story lines are (very) repetitive but updates are frequent. However, the translation is sometimes hard to understand. The number one thing: the comics never load on WiFi if I’m outside the house. Even if I’m at full bars nothing will load, but as soon as I start using data, the panels load in less than a second. Another big issue for me is the poor customer service. I’ve emailed and used the app to send feedback but after a few exchanged messages they stop replying.

  23. UPDATE: It hasn’t been giving me many problems anymore! Its much faster now. Overall, I really love the stories on WebComics. I love how it is organized, and also how there aren’t just comics, but novels too! As someone who loves reading, that makes me extremely happy. However, most of the time this app is very slow and laggy. It takes me 3 minutes just to get onto the app itself. As I am very impatient, this makes trying to read a comic/novel very irritating and ruins the experience.

  24. Yukio dice:

    I truly wish I never updated it. Ever since I updated the app, I can’t finish any of the stories I was reading before. There is no longer an option to unlock with coins for most stories anymore. You have to unlock it with gems that cost money now. I was in the middle of reading some really good books but now I can’t finish them. Plus the fact that coins can expire now. I am very disappointed in WebComics. Fix this mistake. I love this app but it’s really frustrating.

  25. Okay so im going to start with that this app is indeed filled with incredible artist and story line, but someho is lazy. Each “chapter” is really half ( some times full) of a page that gets updated once or maybe twice a week. The pages are basically a runoff ( not cliff hanger). For an example 3-4 “chapers” would be a fight scean that is still not finished becauce there was so little given in each one with 3-9 panels. Sometimes, if not all, you have to re read all the “chapters” just so you can remember what happened or why it happened. Especially if an old character pops up again or you forget the main characters and plot twist. I would rather wait for a fully developed chapter than a rushed page by page “chapter”. By the way this is every single one not just a few comics.

  26. For the most part I’m very happy with the app. Its mostly free with adds but then majority of the stories require payment. 😏 The point system is easy to build but now way to exchange coin for gems that are required for most stories. Not to mention that no matter how many times I restart my phone or the app. It seems to not have internet connection when I’m connected to wifi. It happens often. I’m happy with the stories that I’m able to read.

  27. Great app! Wonderful community, you can post things and read lots of content. Guys! I know you have to read with coins after like 15-20 chapters, but I’m not joking you. It’s easy to earn and there are ads you can watch to unlock them. Very accessible! I prefer this more than webtoon for some reason. Lots of different kinds of stories! There is a choice to read all comics for $6.99 a month (3.99 for first), but that is an option. Go free if you want. It’s fine! Super easy! 🙂

  28. Ayah Ali dice:

    As many others here have said the app has completely changed from how it used to be. You can find most of the same comics on other apps for free or for cheaper. I understand it’s “per author request” but it is an inconvenience to most readers. I recommend Webtoon instead, it’s free and has a very wide variety of genres and art styles. I know where to find the free section but there isn’t always something for everyone there, very disappointing, already deleted

  29. Jieun Kim dice:

    Needing lots of gems aside (I use many apps so this is normal for me), my biggest issue is the translations. Typos, incorrect pronoun usage, wrong synonyms (to, too, and two or example), and sometimes the bad grammar itself requiring me to do mental gymnastics. Not all series have bad translations though, so it’s inconsistent across the app. I’m able to read on, but it does get a bit annoying if you binge read like I do. I found a lot of fun series I couldn’t find elsewhere, so that’s a plus!

  30. Used to be able to at least somewhat keep up with 2 or 3 comics that I really liked, but even then it took way too much time. The amount of wasted time to watch well over 10 commercials, followed by waiting around and hoping to maybe get a free day is just insane. I have been an avid reader for well over 2 years and have only gotten a free day twice and a free 3 days once. Paying for anything is way too expensive. Now the coins option is gone. Will be deleting if that is not fixed soon.

  31. I really love WebComics but lately (maybe for the last month, month and a half) it has been kicking me off, freezing, or just closing down completely. I used to be on WebComics all the time but it’s really annoying to only be able to read or browse for litterally a minute or less at a time so I’ve been using it less and less. I’m not sure what’s wrong but I sincerely hope it can be fixed pronto! Thanks so much.

  32. I have yet to find a bad thing about this app; it has variety, dedicated and amazingly talented authors, and it’s all free. The only thing I could ask for is syncing your reading progress across multiple devices. For example, I have 2 devices with the same account logged in on both but different progress amounts for each comic depending on which device I read it on. Not a necessary thing but it’s a little annoying.

  33. At first I wasn’t a big fan because they didn’t have a wide variety of comics like other apps, and the ones they did have were mostly on the sleazy romance side. However apon returning, I’m glad to see they’ve added more content. The app is easy to navigate, and although some chapters cost coins unlike before, It’s easy enough to get free coins, so it’s not really a problem to me. You gotta make money somehow. Kudos for working on expanding the app, and I’m looking forward to seeing the app grow

  34. Absolutley amazing. There are a lot of web comic apps I’ve used in the past is this is by far the best. There aren’t a ton of annoying ads, and it tell you what chapter you left off on so you know if you’re late to a new chapter and has a wonderfully accurate recommendation formula. It’s also really easy to find stories you may like, where as in other apps it’s usually harder to find ones you like as the popular ones are shoved down your throat all the time.

  35. The app is amazing, you get to read all these different comics (of your choice), the quality is AMAZING, if you need help with something and you go to the feedback someone will answer you even if you don’t have the plus version! (There are 2 versions, one where you pay, the plus, and one where you don’t.) And the comics are really fun and interesting so your skin is like jumping because of the excitement of the next chapter coming out! I really love this app and I’m on it every day! 👍 💙

  36. They’ve been pushing the premium model hard, which makes it difficult for casual users. Just my two cents, but the webcomic/webtoon app that has the best casual experience will be the one thats grows the biggest userbase. I think it’s still acceptable right now, and I’ll still use the app daily. But it would be a shame for them to head too far down the premium path.

  37. I like this app a lot but all of a sudden I keep getting “losing contact with data” after updating the app and unsure what to do. And some people complain about the coins but I think it’s fine since it to help with the creators and at least the app gives us free coins from time to time unlike other apps where the only way to get coins by paying only. [edit: Turns out the app was doing an upgrade which was the reason “losing contact with data”]

  38. Two things to review: the app itself and the content. The app is smooth and easy to use. It keeps track of your most recently read comics, let’s you add certain ones to your favorites and get notified when new chapters are released, etc. But my favorite thing about the app itself is that it shows how many chapters there are and how frequently new chapters are added. It makes a huge difference! The comics themselves are delightful and I’m addicted to several series. There are always some you’ll like more than others, but I’m quite happy!

  39. I love the coin system, especially since you can use them to support creaters, and the coins are easy to get. The app looks good and is easy to navigate and use. There is a lack of variety, a lot of the comics are romances, I prefer advanture, mature, isekia( Im pretty sure I spelled that wrong, but i mean the ones where the protaganist is transported into another world.) I also really enjoy gangster/ fighting manga. But the selections they do have is good and will keep you entertained.

  40. I like WebComics for the sheer variety of content. That being said, it can be a little difficult to navigate at first. The unique feature here is the ability to directly fund a content creator. The app recently is very slow and clunky. In Library, when you sort by Update, it doesn’t do so completely. The app has its drawbacks, but the content is worth it. 11/20/21 update app is not recognizing ink purchases. At least it isn’t crashing constantly.

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