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Marvel Unlimited is Marvel’s premier digital comics subscription service. Gain instant access to over 30,000 digital comics and over 80 years of comic books through the Marvel Unlimited app, or your web browser. Start your 7-day free trial now!

Marvel Unlimited features all of your favorite characters from Marvel movies, TV shows, and video games. Read the comic books that inspired your favorite super heroes and villains on the big screen!

Experience the all-new digital comic format, Marvel’s Infinity Comics available exclusively on Marvel Unlimited. Featuring in-universe stories from top creators told in visionary vertical format, designed for your device.
Read comics and stories about Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, Captain Marvel, The Avengers, Thor, Hulk, the X-Men, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Wars, Doctor Strange, Deadpool, Thanos, Mysterio, Ant-Man, The Wasp, Black Panther, Wolverine, Hawkeye, Wanda Maximoff, Jessica Jones, the Defenders, Luke Cage, Venom, and many more!

Wondering where to start? Check out endless reading guides curated by Marvel experts to guide you through the last 80 years of the Marvel Universe. Read about comic events that inspired the movies such as the Spider-Verse, Civil War, Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet, and even Star Wars!
Unlimited downloads allows you to read as many comics as you want offline and on-the-go! Follow your favorite characters, creators and series and get notified when new issues come out! Marvel Unlimited is available on mobile phones, tablets, and anywhere you can access the web.
Key Features:
• Access over 30,000 Marvel comics at your fingertips
• Infinity Comics, in-universe stories from top creators designed for your device
• Endless reading guides
• Unlimited downloads to read anywhere
• Personalized comic book recommendations
• Sync progress across devices
• New comics and old classics added every week
• No commitments. Cancel online at any time.

Choose from three different Marvel Unlimited comic subscription plans as follows:

• Monthly – Our most popular plan!
• Annual – Great savings!
• Annual Plus – Get a new, exclusive merchandise kit each year you’re a member! (US Only)

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Minor bug fixes and performance enhancements in this release.If you are experiencing any issues or you want to share your feedback, please reach out via Stay tuned for more updates soon.


40 comentarios en "Marvel Unlimited MOD 2022"

  1. Outstanding content, dumpster fire organization and search function. I’ve been a subscriber for almost ten years, and giving it up. For the past four years the app has been restructured in a way that makes it impossible to search by alphabet or date; you start a ‘A’ and it takes 5 minutes to scroll to ‘G’. If you miss a click, you restart at A. Dev team is trying to create good looks rather than a good experience and functionality. The result is a bloated mess, and so I will be unsubscribing

  2. Ryan Lyle dice:

    Really really really good. Only complaints right now is that with all of the “#1” issues it can be hard to find the issue you want just by one search. Also when the reading guide jumps between multiple comic titles your “read next” follows the title not the event. Very understandable and a small quibble that more shows the high quality of the app than not. Lastly it seems that not all characters appear in character searches but that is very niche.

  3. It’s really great experience on a tablet, while on a phone it still needs some work…not sure why when I’m on the tablet it will go frame to frame to make it very easy to read and get a real close up shot of the artwork and it doesn’t do that on a phone could be me switching between and ipad and Android phone, I should probably check the settings out. It prompted me to review it on the phone when I switched. Great app…I love it!

  4. Nick C dice:

    Incredible value, you would have to read comics 18 hours a day to run out of content. Plenty of search options and filters to make navigating the absurd number of comics easy. Would be nice if you could create your own reading lists in addition to the developers’ – You should be able to group individual comics from different series in a custom list to make them easier to read through, rather than just having them mixed in with everything else in “continue reading” section.

  5. Works as it should what can I say. I wanted comics and that’s what I got. The app is easy to navigate and it’s easy to keep track of what comics you’ve read. You can also download comics for when you’ve got a long road trip planned or doing some camping. Yeah I dunno the app works and I love it, it’s cheaper than buying the comics individually (regardless of the plan you use) not to mention conveniently at the touch of a finger.

  6. The last several updates have ruined this app. There is no longer a way to search the whole catalogue by date of publication at all. This alone was enough to drop my review by a whole star. But there’s more! Many pages don’t load at all; I have to view the stubborn pages on alternate devices. This sometimes means using three devices at once if I don’t want to miss any pages. Finally, and worst of all, the ‘filters’ that help navigate ‘My Library’ just stop working after about half the updates😠

  7. RaymondGW dice:

    I love having the world of Marvel at my fingertips! As someone who has dozens of boxes of comics already, I’ve been pretty committed to only buying physical comics that really really mean something to me. This app lets me read all the comics I like and save space in my place. It’s pretty intuitive and easy to use, has great recommendations, and i like the layout. More than worth the money.

  8. Easy Peasy – One of the best reader apps for this kind of material. There is a wealth of old and new content and most importantly, it’s easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for – also easy to get suggestions on what you might find interesting, too. I really enjoy the reading plans they include to help you navigate the wealth of stories within stories, as well!

  9. I love the app. Been getting more than my fill for about 6 months. The only thing that bothers me is some series is missing issues like Daredevil, Marvel Team-Ups, some of the Spiderman Annuals (that’s all I’ve found so far but I’m still exploring too). Outside of that though, the collection is insane and I look forward to not only finally reading my faves but discovering other series I never had the chance to set eyes on.

  10. Best app for reading comics on your phone (or tablet), imo. A subscription is well worth it to anyone who likes to read a lot. The app is pretty easy to use, but being able to search all series alphabetically like on the Marvel website would be a huge plus, though. A personal reading list (like a playlist) would be nice, too.

  11. Awesome amount of content. Great stories. Ive found what I was looking for every time. Good price too! BUT constant loading problems. 7/10 tries the load times for single issues for me are upwards of 5 minutes or just return as error. Habitually have to re login in to make the issues work appropriately. It may just be me, but it is often frustrating. If this is ever fixed I’d rate it 6 stars every time!!! Edit: Thanks for getting back! Still a big fan.

  12. Justin dice:

    Awesome to have but dang. The app on all my devices is by far the worst app out of all apps that I use daily. Frustrating since this is a paid service from a huge company. Crashes often, with popup window at random times & a message about them being sorry that the service is unavailable. I have to close & reopen the app several times during one sitting because pages won’t load. Navigation is poorly implemented & not intuitive. Also can’t view through a browser like I am supposed to be able to.

  13. they changed the app. issues: ONE: no grid view in your library so that you can’t view your full library in continuity. TWO: finishing a book no longer takes you to a screen where you can add the next book. the options are to immediately start the next or look at the full series and scroll down to the next to add it to read later. THREE: my library is ruined. multiple read books re-added. current books removed. i add the correct book and when going back to the library i have to resort each time. FOUR: can no longer search by publication date. FIVE: i originally posted this a couple months ago when the app was first updated. marvel replied on oct. 17th and nothing has changed.

  14. The app is generally pretty good. Run into a few issues when going panel by panel with ordering but it’s rare enough that it isn’t an issue. Creating multiple custom reading orders would be nice. Right now I’m just saving things into my library and reading in order of release, but multi issue arcs get rough with that. Also limited to one reading order this way. Wish there was a better desktop interface for creating these as the app is a bit tedious as you go through each comic to add to library.

  15. Much improved reading experience over the past few years (I’ve been a member since day one). Marvel has given the app much more love and it’s a great experience now. Still wish there was an easier search and notifications of specific new issues. But overall love the improvements. Nice work!

  16. Wonderful service and more than serviceable interface. New comics are available 3 months after publication. Massive back catalog. Love it. I only have 2 issues. Smart Panel viewing is sloooow. Just don’t. If you’re on a phone, turn it on landscape and scroll. 2) Browsing your series and downloads could be better. Your downloads aren’t sorted into folders by series. They’re all listed out and makes it a pain to find one particular downloaded issue.

  17. The latest update apparently broke the app. You can no longer scroll down when reading in landscape mode on your phone making it unusable. Please fix ASAP. Im sure alot of people read this way on their phones. Fixed with latest update. Thank you. Browsing the vast library still needs a lot of work to get back to old list type functionality.

  18. Love this app. The only problem I have is that sometimes when using pinch-to-zoom the page turning gets weird. Sometimes I will be zoomed in to a section, say the left side of the page, and when I try to pan to the right, it will instead turn to the next page. Also, when using Smart Panels, you cannot zoom in. But like I said, other than a few small annoyances, this is a great app.

  19. Very good service, it doesn’t have stuff like Marvel Max, or other mature stuff, but ultimately, I think it’s the best way to read comics, rather than buying every issue, the comic reader is very well made and the reading list feature is very handy. New exclusive comics for the infinite format are awesome, I hope they continue supporting it and even ramp up support.

  20. I use this app all the time and I really enjoy being able to read through the Marvel back catalogue whenever I want. I get the option to read storylines and events that I didn’t get to growing up. However you will randomly get large gaps in runs and sometimes in the middle of arcs despite the comic being 20+ years old. The search function is also barely functional. If it does work, theres a strong possibility it will pull up a list for an unrelated character instead of the issue you want.

  21. Fantastic content! Could do a bit more to keep it current, maybe a premium subscription option with new comics within a month, even if it costs more. Interface could use an overhaul particularly to allow custom reading lists and filtering views of runs/series, instead of only by issue. But overall it’s well worth it. Tons of classic comics and reasonably priced.

  22. I love this app. It’s great to be able to read so many great Marvel Comics, past and present. The only downside is that offline reading is not the best. My job requires me to be gone for long periods of time without a cell signal or wifi. After a few days, I’m unable to access my downloaded titles. If there was a dedicated offline mode for the app when there is no signal like other apps I use, the rating would definitely jump to a 5 star for me.

  23. Some key issues are missing such as Ghost Rider’s origin and I’m still a little unclear on why the “Follow” feature would be useful because I’m not updated when a creator, character or series has another issue added onto the app. But in general, those are my only problems. The reading guides are great to go through and that smart panel feature is a a genius feature.

  24. Great for reading through a series, awful for reading through events. If you are only reading through a single title, MU has you covered. If the Marvel comic universe were only made up of unconnected stories, this would be fine, but we all know the true scope. Readers making their way through an event, across titles, are given no help whatsoever upon finishing an issue. The only option available is the next in the title–you have to dig through the app to follow an event, book by book.

  25. Love the selection and the fact that I can take this with my anywhere! The UI has vastly improved since I first used this app in 2016. The reason why this doesn’t have a 5 star review is: the automatic reading order doesn’t work offline and sometimes the immersive reader cuts off speech bubbles or misses sections of a page.

  26. Kelly Lee dice:

    It’s an excellent app with sooooooo many comics to read from. It doesnt have absolutely everything but it’s got a surprisingly deep well of comics to pick from If you ever wanted to get into comics this is a must have app. Especially since the price isnt bad considering literally decades of reading material is in the library. As well as NO ADS thank god.

  27. Great app for anyone interested in Marvel comics. I have had it for years and have read hundreds of issues, so it is well worth the subscription. My only complaint is that the controls for reading are kind of janky, especially for smart view. It isn’t very sensitive for swiping, and the parts of the screen used to turn pages is pretty small, especially on a phone. I would love a feature where you could use the volume buttons to turn pages, like the Kindle app has.

  28. The most recent patch made reading on a phone in landscape mode impossible. The page turns left or right instead of scrolling. I’ve been using smart panels to read but some of the panels are too big to read the text. I have to exit smart panels, turn my phone to portrait mode and zoom in to read it. The new feature to keep the pages out from behind the camera cutout only makes this issue worse as my screen is now permanently smaller. I hate it. I sent in a ticket 7 days ago but no response yet.

  29. I love rereading the X-Men comics in order. The app doesn’t have all the side issues I want but the main ones are there. Love it! Edit: when i rotate my galaxy s21+ the app won’t let me scroll to read. Its very touchy and turns the pages instead. I have to use the slightest movements to scroll and only moves about 1-2mm each time. Please fix this, very annoying!

  30. *Edit to my original review. I love Marvel comics and reading them on digital. With the newest update, I’m happy with the new additions, the exclusive to digital comics are cool, and the overall layout works, but they took away the single best features. Now, it’s so difficult to easily map out your books in the order you want to read them, and navigation feels tedious and unintuitive. Very disappointing, and I’m someone who welcomes change, just not change that makes things more complicated.

  31. For the most part this app is great. The comics look great. Turning pages is easy and you can even zoom in and the app will take you panel by panel and even move you around in individual, oddly-shaped panels. The cataloging of comics is kind of a mess. Sure, you can browse by whatever series you like or by character. That’s pretty great, but the annuals aren’t part of the main series, even though they take place in the same timeline. And you can’t add an entire series to your library. Bummer.

  32. The content of this app is great – obviously, it’s a collection of Marvel comics. However, if you’re like me and unsure of where to start when reading stories about your favorite classic characters, be prepared to be even more confused! There’s no search function in this app, only the ability to browse. The way series are alphabetized is confusing, and many titles are so long you can see the year of publication on the browsing screen. The frustration is worth it, but they should fix these issues.

  33. If you love the comics but can’t buy them like you use to, this is a great alternative. I spent a few years out of the loop, so I’ve had plenty of catch up to read. 2019 had some good runs. The content is solid, the UI struggles sometimes. Started to force crashes on start up suddenly on my Pixel 2. Not great, but the first time I’ve had issue. Reported and got a response and resolution promptly. The app has a strong and responsive support team in my experience with them.

  34. Brian Key dice:

    It’s amazing for the content and the guided reading on a phone or device. I almost gave 5 stars just for that. The search functions and navigation isn’t intuitive, however, and reading events and collections isn’t nearly as straightforward as I would expect. There doesn’t appear to be a way to read events that span across multiple titles chronologically, instead defaulting to the title only. Meaning you have to go back and forth, sometimes getting lost.

  35. Another app that didn’t need a major update but got one anyways This new update is a downgrade in many ways. In the library, there’s no way to change between formats, you’re stuck with list format. The search tab is greatly stripped down. You used to be able to filter to see every issue that released on a given week, or month. Marvel Unlimited was a great service with a prefect app. It’s still a great service, but the app is a major disappointment.

  36. Yep. Pretty much what everyone else has been saying about the new update. It sucks. Didn’t transfer half of what I already read, getting back to the home page literally takes 3 or 4 attempts, because there seems to be no back button that doesn’t run you into the last 3 pages of something you just read, which also results in not registering that you read the book, the “currently reading” list doesn’t keep half of what you are actually reading, etc..If I could go back to before the update, I would

  37. Some big improvements with the new update. Love the ability to sort lists, and I’m happy there is no more download limit. However, there are new bugs that irk me. For starters, every comic I marked as read is no longer marked as read. When I try to filter by unread, the filter continues to show comics that I just a moment ago marked as read. Also, I do not like that the app removed the prev/next buttons when going through issues in a series (this is a minor gripe).

  38. This update is a textbook example of style over substance. It looks cool but it left behind many functionalities it already had to add more to the ones they are still missing (like multiple selection). So no, this is my goodbye to the app. I would let all of these things go if it was a free service but it feels like the money I’m paying monthly doesn’t help in the improvement of my experience. Hopefully they fix everything (and add multiple selection) and I happen to notice down the road. This was a disappointment. Do not recommend. Big potato.

  39. Generally great. But a recent update added a couple of minor issues. One, when turning the page or switching orientation, there is a short delay seemingly while it renders. It’s short but annoying and didn’t happen in the previous version. Two, when swiping to advance, the current version is much more finicky. Now you have to get the swipe just right. In the old version, any general right to left motion would suffice. Neither of these are deal breaking but it would be nice if they were fixed.

  40. It takes a bit to get use to the many lay out, but I like it a lot. I love the way they lead you through the story when you zoom in and view single panels. Perfect for my phone and has a lot more content than I expected. Update: took off one star cause lately the apps had trouble connecting to server, which can be frustrating. It’s up to date. May have to cancel if it continues.

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