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DC UNIVERSE INFINITE is a fan-first, premium digital comic subscription service featuring the largest collection of DC comics anywhere!

Fans can dive in to over 25,000 comic books and graphic novels from DC, Vertigo, DC Black Label and Milestone Media with our newly enhanced digital comic reader.

Follow your favorite heroes like Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman and Aquaman through curated collections and key storylines like Flashpoint and Dark Nights: Metal. Save collections, favorites and custom lists in our new MyDC library and download issues for unlimited offline reading.

Existing DC Universe subscribers will not need to create a new account, as their DC Universe login will be transferred to DC UNIVERSE INFINITE.

Join with a 7-day free trial. After your free trial ends, your subscription automatically renews. You can cancel at any time. To avoid monthly or annual recurring charges of your subscription fee (which may include local tax depending on your location), you must cancel before the end of your free trial or current billing period. There are no refunds once your subscription term starts.

By downloading the app, you agree to the DC UNIVERSE INFINITE Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (New).

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40 comentarios en "DC UNIVERSE INFINITE 2022"

  1. Greg Diggs dice:

    I’ve used the app since it was originally a streaming service with comics included. I love the app and the selection of comics. The problems that need to be addressed are favorites not appearing, the page blacks out and comes back at random on PC and on my phone, and I wish it was more community driven as it once was. Other than that, it’s my favorite app that doesn’t scalp or cap you for your reading interests

  2. Griffin dice:

    Great selection of comics that is unfortunately marred by the less-than-stellar performance of the application itself. Bad loading times, comics not correctly displaying as favorited or not, and inexplicable connection issues are just a few of the issues I’ve experienced. I’ve been subscribed for years now and I want to give a glowing review, but none of the app’s problems have been addressed when they absolutely need to be fixed.

  3. Love the concept. Love being able to read the large database of comics, love the DC franchise, but unfortunately the app it self is only worth a few stars. The app is constantly slow and fails to load frequently. I use both LTE and WiFi and it makes little difference between them. If they worked on the app software some, then it would be outstanding!

  4. The service is a great idea. The app is a steaming pile of garbage, unfortunately. After the recent update that actually made titles and Comics viewable or playable for many users, I have noticed that just about any video I start, will pause at random intervals, pretty much constantly throughout playback. Sometimes just a few times during a movie, other times you are hitting the play button to start the video again every 7 to 8 Seconds. This has occurred for me with short videos, full length movies, while on Wi-Fi and while on my 4G network. I have uninstalled, restarted, rebooted every app and device that I have tried to use, the problem persists. I can promise it’s not my internet. I’m sure there is a simple fix for this, but there is no tech support or help option anywhere to be found on the DC Universe app that I can see. I am trying to be patient with this service since it is a fairly new idea especially for a company that does not have any experience with a continuing service like this.

  5. The app is great, and I love the content available, but there is one problem. The audio quality sounds watery, like the bitrate isn’t high enough, or like there isn’t enough streaming bandwidth, which is odd, considering it streams in HD no problem and looks amazing, yet for some reason the audio isn’t like it is on other streaming services. It’s a hit or a miss and only happens on some media, but not on others for whatever reason.

  6. It’s usable, but has some slowness and glitches. Once you try to view all of the movies/shows for some reason it stops listing all of the movies/shows on your phone and only lists a portion of the movies that are available on the desktop website. Trying to search for comics is also unintuitive. DC should take some notes from Comixology as the delay between clicking on the search button and your keyboard popping up is about 10 seconds on the tablet. Right now the selection of comics is not that great compared to Hoopla and it doesn’t have graphic novels, so if you want books where there is crossover across different books you actually have to research and look for the individual issues yourself and try to piece together the full story. Also, on my Samsung tablet it is locked in landscape mode and only turns when I start reading comics. This is a launch app, so I didn’t expect it to be perfect, but so far its usable as a backup for your comics and it has a good selection of shows and movies including new releases such as “Death of Superman” and remastered version of older movies such as “Mask of the Phantasm.”

  7. I do love the content and have been quite entertained. So it gets high marks there. It’s easy to find what I want and browse around. There are a couple things it needs. First, on my tablet (Galaxy Tab S3), it forces landscape mode to browse menus. Which is quite annoying. Once I’m into the book or show, I can flip orientation and it’s fine. But I have to browse the menus in landscape. I would far prefer using portrait mode here. It would be SUPER awesome to be able to download multiple entries in a series at once, rather than one at a time. For example, I’m reading The Long Halloween, and I like to read offline quite a bit. I would love to be able to just download the whole series, or maybe check off a few at a time and download them all at once. Other than that, I’m very much enjoying DCU!

  8. The service is great (when the video functionality works) with lots of reading and viewing options. My only complaints are 1.) I’ve had the service for just under two weeks and most of that time, videos are unavailable and there is no support for video playback issues, and 2.) I have not seen a casting button, so…yeah I can only watch on my phone/mobile device

  9. in terms of content, loving it. great shows and great reads. my main complaint is that is can be hard to navigate, and when you are in certain areas, like the comic section, and you wanna move to another section like the movies, it will be impossible and you would need to exit out of the app and start up again to get to where you want to go. that part needs fixed bad. edit, they fixed the issue with the comics… getting better… finish Swamp thing

  10. I love the content of this App. The picture quality is also fantastic! The layout is very nice too. I just had some issues when I search using my Android phone. The keyboard sometimes disappears. Also when I watch with subtitles, and they’re speaking in a foreign language the subtitles cover up the translation with some generic statement like “speaking Bialyan” or something annoying like that. If they could fix these issues, I’d give 5 stars.

  11. I’ve been watching on my roku, but figured I’d try this app as well. Shows and comics synced from my PC and roku into the app. I had no choppiness or video issues even when playing with a weaker wifi signal on the other side of the house. I don’t care about the comics much, as I hate reading them on a screen. I’d rather have a book in my hand. The reason I signed up for this is the HD version of Batman: The Animated Series. I’m not too sure how much content (besides comics) DC can provide going forward to justify the price, but as long as they keep Batman: TAS and Batman Beyond up, I’ll be sticking with it for at least a few more months.

  12. Like the service, but playback of what is available, is choppy at best. Video freezes randomly and it isn’t my connection. I pause and try to come back and either the movie won’t start playing or I have to start from the beginning. And there is no resume from where you left off if you have to turn it off and start again later. New update is no better. The loading buffering is intolerable. What did I pay in advance for? I expected growing pains, but this is horrible.

  13. Horrible trying to play this on the TV. Tried it with chromecast, apple TV, computers, xbox, playstation, and mirroring from my phone directly. Most of them didn’t work and the ones that did were really poor quality. If you are going to have a price to stream you need to get better and allow people to stream to their TV. Overall not worth it right now. Still plenty of time to get it right but dont wait to long.

  14. I love it. It has some bugs that need worked on, but I love DC comics , so it is awesome to have this app to watch some of my favorite movies, shows and read comics. It stops playing on my tv during live stream at times, and it wont let me play movies / shows outside of wifi. I love it still and will use it , but do hope to see it continue to grow and improve.

  15. While the app is enjoyable to some degree, it can be hard to navigate on certain platforms. Aside from this, I would like to see more from it, and I’m sure that the future content will help. Maybe a premium membership would be a good idea though. Something that would expand the comics section beyond a small selection to a full selection would be the way to go. With other comic companies doing this, I am sure that DC fans would quickly subscribe to this. Even if the comics are only unlimited up to a certain time, (6 months to 1 year back,) it would give fans the ability to see everything up to that point, and keep the more recent books print only for a time. If, however, this was not the way to go, maybe consider the ability to purchase comics at a reduced price, due to this being a paid subscription.

  16. Great, but a little buggy. Haven’t ever had a crash, per say, but the app has trouble remembering issue/episode numbers if you leave at the end of one. Ironically, it’s the opposite if you leave in the middle (down to the second). Easy way to enjoy old comics and shows, plus new stuff, without breaking the bank. And Harley Quinn has to be the best laugh I’ve had in years. Just needs a bit of tweaking and refinement to make navigation easier.

  17. This app is great, it has potential. However, sometimes it takes too long to load. I hate I have to download comics to read them. Also, the chromecast capability isnt always available. I test hulu and Netflix to make sure it’s not my connection, and each time it shows up, just not for DC. It is very frustrating. Please make it stable.

  18. I was really looking forward to this service. My only complaint right now is accessibility. I can only use it on my phone. I want to be able to watch on my TV through either xbox, playstation or the Amazon fire TV stick/box. Also, the comic series are limited. Most stores only have 1 issue, I’d like to be able to read a whole series. When that is made available I would rate 5 stars.

  19. App is working fine for me but why can’t you access your saved lists when offline if the comics are downloaded? I made lists specifically for certain storylines, since you can’t just download them all as one group, but when offline they are all mixed together on one page. Also they are being sorted by the first number of the Issue…so its 1, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 2, 20…just seems like an easy fix.

  20. So far I’m in love with the app. I’m a Batman fan, and having all of his movies and comics at my fingertips is awesome. My one qualm is that the Close Captions seem buggy, as I’ve never gotten them to work, and the pause button is very small and difficult to press when I need to in a hurry. I’d like to see a fast forward ten seconds button so I can skim through the credits for the information I need. If anything I’ve stated turns out to be error on my part, I apologize. Keep it up, DC

  21. The app has tons of comics, great and varied but it seems to have trouble with being readable. “Turning the pages,” transitioning from portrait to landscape, anything at all seems to have to reload the page every single time and it almost always takes you to the customer support page. Rarely has it been a smooth transition for anything but I love the comics and I want to be able to read them without that hassle of constantly losing the page.

  22. Its great in its current form! Pre-ordered back in August 2018, but quickly realized that this app really sucked! It had terrible, very limited comic selection, mostly first issues. It was awful, very recently they added like 10,000+ comics from all eras and a ton of great shows, awesome turn around. Rivals Marvel Unlimited and more friendly ui. Also have put in a lot of work on Chromecast, used to not work at all, works like a charm. Love this app and knew this is what it could be!

  23. No in-app feedback feature. The app (especially on Android TV) can be pretty buggy Reaching the end of Titans results in an error message – it really just means the video is over. Stopping a video leaves the app sitting on a black screen. You have to hit back. Not normal UI video behavior. Very much unfinished. Having access to all the content in one place is amazing tho. Comics reading UI could use a tweak here and there, but is awesome once you realize it has all the features one would want.

  24. Rating the app, purely on the app and not on content. It got most of the basics right. The app worked fine, it looked fine, and the videos played just fine. Organization is still a big miss on this app. There’s no sort or filter buttons still in the Movies and TV section. In addition for this section you’re not able to find summaries for each episode. Also reading comics a big portion of this app is a mess. There’s no easy way to return to the main screen. You’ve got to back button it back.

  25. While the concept is well and good, the app is very buggy. from scrolling problems leading to some content being cut off from selection, for mislabeled thumbnails. When you read a series, and try to read the next issue, it automatically starts the next issue at the last page. The app should’ve waited until at least SOME of it’s original content was ready to show. But if you love DC and want to see SOME old shows and comics, or movies, its decent at best

  26. The content is great if you are a DC fan, unfortunately the price of the subscription is a bit intense. The comic viewer is a bit awkward. I think some functions are just better on the Android version, and others are better on the Xbox, when I wish both would be great. The new launch of “community” is awesome. DC daily is something I didn’t know I needed. I’m definitely sticking around, I just wish I didn’t have to cancel and resub every few months because I need promotions.

  27. It’s a really great app, but it malfunctions way too much for it to cost as much as it does. It’s incredible that you can watch so many older and more current DC shows, plus you have access to pretty much every singe DC comic book ever. I love that. My issue is: I go back and forth between watching shows on my phone and my chromebook. I’ve never had any issues on my phone, but when using my Chromebook the app will play audio and start episodes on its own despite the fact it’s closed or not on.

  28. 1. If you want to sign up for this service use their web page so that you have more options for your subscription other than paying $74 up front for 12 months. 2. At about $8 per month, you get a lot of content. All of your DC favorites shows and movies are there. The new content is quality and its released an episode per week as opposed to all at once. And you get a ton of comics to read also. Needs an Xbox app.

  29. Potential. Lots of potential. But is still very lacking. It does have a great selection of shows, and movies. But is very much lacking in the comics department, which is surprising given who this is. Wish they would at least have more issues for each of their eras, not just little teases. This is a great place for newcomers to start but the lack of actual books to read would send them to some pirate site where they have complete collections of what they want to read. I’m giving it a month and decided if it is worth it to keep around

  30. This app is slightly better than the truly dreadful Roku version, which is painful to manipulate if you can get around it at all. It still has a long way to go, though. There seems to be no relation between the two, as the things you set up in the app don’t appear to be available on Roku. I want to be able to set things like favorites up on the app where it should be easier than on Roku and be able to go to Roku to watch or read if I want to. There is nothing like that. The Roku interface doesn’t seem to relate to the app at all. I have to wonder what they were doing during the beta phase. They must have had some feedback and it doesn’t seem like they could listened to it. The whole thing is very disappointing. What they are offering is disappointing as well. I would have expected more of the animated movies than are here. Comics offered have too many partial runs or single issues that only start a story. I would have expected more of the stuff that hasn’t made it to collected form for one reason or another. Being able to read comics runs I have missed or revisit favorites was one of the justifying points for me to give up other services to which I was subscribed to bet my limited funds on this. I was expecting this to be an example of what could be. There was so much possibility here and I feel that this app and the content of the service fall short of that. Disney/Marvel will probably be offering their own service at some point in the not so distant future and once again it looks like they will put DC to shame. With so much more to offer DC needs to step up to the plate with the vastness of their Universe not limitations!

  31. Tried it on pc desktop, roku, and my android phone and it’s been working great for me! The comic reader is intuitive and the resolution of the panels look great, even on a 60 inch tv. I would love to see even more in the rotating comic selection, but there is still more than I can possibly read with the time I have. I do like that the rotating selection of comics has pointed me towards books I wouldn’t have normally tried (Currently reading Goeff Johns’ JSA). As for video, I love that I have one spot to catch up on old and new shows and movies, and look forward to Titans and all the other original shows that couldn’t exist without this service. I think all the content is worth it at the current value, and the amount of content is actually pretty good compared to what I’ve seen at other streaming services at launch. This service is only going to get better with time and I’m really excited to be playing with it along the way!

  32. It’s as if DC went out of their way to make this difficult. Can’t cast content onto a smart TV, it makes me watch on my phone. App is only available on Firestick, can’t even download it to an Amazon tablet. You get two stars for decent content. but the ability to actually watch anything is a complete pain. Definitely not worth the subscription cost.

  33. B W dice:

    When you find the comic you’re looking for it’s great. But that happens about 30% of the time. The search feature is terrible, if you type in the comic book number it won’t come up, then you try the title won’t find it but if you scroll through every comic written since 1940 there it is. At this point I’m not sure if some of the comics I searched for just aren’t on the app or I didn’t figure out the right combination of letters and numbers to get them to show up.If they fix the search I’ll reup

  34. The library was great when the app was in the beginning stages. It slowly but surely got worse and worse. It is fantastic for comics, but they have gotten rid of so much DC content, particularly live movies and TV shows that it is no longer worth it. If you’re all about DC comics, this is the app for you. If you want ANYTHING else, you should stay away. The UI is terrible and clunky, navigating through related storylines is a nightmare. Its sad how they couldnt keep their own content on the app

  35. A- for the content C- for the app. As a usable app, this is kind of a nightmare. It’s not particularly intuitive, and in some cases just doesn’t work correctly. Why exactly can’t I read the comics I download without an internet connection? My understanding is that I *should* be able to, but I get an error and then the issue is removed from my device as though I’d finished reading it. Why aren’t links to the excellent encyclopedia entries easily accessible from within the books or shows a la Amazon’s X-Ray functionality in their videos? Why can’t I drag and rearrange the order of my lists? Why don’t we have more robust social features? The app is an unfortunate stumbling block on the road to… The content. It’s great. The selection of available comics is varied and continues to grow. The video selection is pretty complete, but missing a few things here and there. Newer content needs to age into the rotation to allow it to make some money at retail and the digital store fronts, which I’m fine with as long as it continues to grow at a steady and predictable rate.

  36. If you’re not a die hard DC fan, don’t bother. There’s a very small selection of movies and shows, several bugs that I don’t see any sign of being fixed, you don’t get early access to new releases, and there’s just problems that make the app awkward and inconvenient to use. Access to all the comics is kinda nice, but I much prefer real comics over virtual ones. Save your money and just buy comics normally.

  37. it’s pretty ridiculous and aggravating that every time I try and use the app it says “oops that didnt work” and “try again”. I have been paying for this app for a month and have been able to go on maybe 5 times AND then it freezes even when I use it! If the thing worked I would give it a much higher rating because I love the content, but somebody owes me some air time or money!

  38. A solid app that with a decent, but comparatively small TV/Movie library. My main complaint comes from the fact that up until this week/update the app worked perfectly fine, but now has constant connection issues. I can handle something pausing to buffer for a few seconds, but constantly stuttering throughout an episode with lost frames and audio is a bit much…

  39. As a comic book guy it’s not quite Marvel Unlimited, but this app has gotten better since launch. There’s now enough comics and there’s enough up-to-date issues that it’s a great alternative to physical comics if you can wait a year. The reading experience could be improved. I read on my phone in panel mode, and I rotate my phone depending on the panel’s orientation. Again compared to Marvel Unlimited, the rotation is slow and it randomly brings up the control panel/notification bar of my phone

  40. I think its cool, I’ve been a fan of DC Comics so getting to read them off my phone is neat, but honestly its so hard for me to navigate the app. In addition to that it constantly stops working on my phone. I’ll finish a comic, try to move on to the next issue and it will shut itself down. I don’t know if it can be fixed by an update but its so annoying.

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