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Toomics is a premium comic service with every genre for all readers to enjoy!
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All your favorite readings contained in one place for both hardcore fans and first-time comic readers!
Toomics is the top premium subscription webtoon service with every genre and fantasy imaginable!

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Exclusive titles from professional artists in the industry!
Set your eyes on the jaw-dropping, full-color artwork and stories!
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New episodes updated weekly for all series so you can read your favorite comics everyday!
Delve deeper and deeper everyday with endless updates and new series!

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Action, Romance, BL, Drama, Thriller and everything in between!
If you’re an avid reader and you’re looking for something new, then look no more others!
Explore all our best and hottest titles, and experience the best quality you deserve!

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45 comentarios en "Toomics – Read Premium Comics MODDED 2022"

  1. This app is lacking the bare minimum. It randomly kicked me off the comics as if I never signed in. At first, I thought, well, that was weird and annoying but fixed it really quickly and went back to reading. Since then, it has been doing this with an increasing frequency, and worse, I only used my Google account to log in, and it doesn’t recognize that anymore. Unexpectedly, though not shockingly so, it appears this has been an issue for many others for some time now.

  2. This app is a decent web novel app but that’s all it is, just decent. You can get away with not having a membership, which is excellent. The content is pretty diverse and has something for everyone. Two main issues. 1. The app, NEVER keeps me logged in and sometimes even logs me out after finishing a chapter. The constant logging in is annoying 2. While content is good, and this isn’t necessarily the fault of the app, a lot of comics suffer from an open ended ending with no hints at a sequel

  3. So, content is great but the app is… okay. Some reviews mention the log-in problem. I haven’t had any issues regarding that but the user interface is kind of clunky and slow, imo. I have to tap on something several times before it registers that I have clicked on it. I hate that when I tap on a comic, it automatically opens to the first episode. I’d prefer being taken to the about me page first to see the synopsis so that I can decide if I even want to read it. Just not very user friendly.

  4. Jieun Kim dice:

    I personally think the subscription price is too high if you read a small number of series. It took a while to realize this, but if you are struggling with keeping your favorites list accurate, it’s likely because the app randomly will log you out. This caused a few issues on my end. Maybe it’s just me but, “keep me signed in” doesn’t do it’s job. It’s really annoying, but workable. I do enjoy a number of the series they provide, so I’m content with the app.

  5. Have to use the internet browser to read anything which defeats the purpose of installing the app, in the app the search function doesn’t work, when you view a comic it glitches some of the images to where they are halved, and the added in app subscription purchase option doesn’t work for anything tried to purchase through the app and I clicked 30+ times and it never did anything, and with the recently viewed option it never shows anything, if all that was fixed and they added a “bookmark” or “my list” option or something along that line it would be way better

  6. The coin system helps by allowing you to but comics and some people like buying the coins. That could go to the artist. You have good comics but the rating is bad bc of the VIP membership. Look at other apps for example I’m not saying you have to be like them but making a change would certainly help. It doesn’t even have to be that. Could so a video thing that allows you to read up to 3 more comics but it only happens once. Just something that helps people with little money.

  7. Finally able to get an understanding of how the app works and a response from customer service. The app only allows you to view family safe content and it’s annoying that the full scope of the app isnt accessible because that’s its purpose, convenience. If I had known that I’d have to login to my account online and not use the app at all I wouldn’t have purchased a membership. They do have wonderful content but little variety so if your okay with online only then it isnt so bad, but inconvenient

  8. I really the comics here, some are real gems. (PS: Read “Such a cute spy”, it’s hilarious.) And the price is reasonable as well. But sadly the app ruines the experience. Scrolling is very lagging, sometimes the home screen is completely empty, and sometimes just freezes or crashes. The website is a bit better but still a very fastursting experience. I’m now reading 3 comics I liked, but when I’m done with them I’ll probably uninstall the app – that is unless you address some of the issues.

  9. I find it very interesting, really. I mean, hey, it made me a manga fan right when I finished reading one of their stories. But what I don’t like is that this app doesn’t have an option for reading in offline mode which is really inconvenient for me. First because my phone gets drained quickly and next, I only use mobile data for surfing the interenet so it’s really a waste of money for me. Not to mention that I paid 1yr VIP subscription already and this is what I get… : (

  10. ً dice:

    Not much horror/thriller to choose from. The comics I was reading and absolutely loved, “The witch and her zombie son” and “Nightmare” are both now only VIP. Based on the reviews, everyone else is having this problem. I honestly wouldn’t mind if the app added ads for some sort of currency to unlock episodes, many other comic apps do. I would love to continue reading those two comics but I cant find them anywhere else, I truly hope something changes.

  11. I found a pretty interesting comic on an ad, it’s a comic that is 18 plus. I thought it was funny that when you get the app and try to read it there, the policy is that android blocks something where you can’t turn family friendly mode off, ok go to Google on my phone. Look up toomics, and I’m suddenly able to turn the mode off and view the comic with the same exact loging as the app. Overall it just seems like they are trying to get money to view all the comics, pretty unsatisfied about that.

  12. Toni dice:

    I really love the comics on here and I love the VIP membership being month to month instead of constantly having to reload coins just to enjoy reading things. the selection is wide with new stuff coming out every day almost, so I feel like it’s one of the better webtoon readers out there. ahhh but the family safety thing. I know we can’t turn it off since it’s against the Playstore rules, but it is annoying.

  13. Kupo Mog dice:

    The comics are good, especially in the vip section but the app doesn’t work well. I have VIP and can access the comics from the website, but I can’t get the ap to switch to my VIP no matter what I do. Left message with customer service. Also, when typing to customer service, long messages get covered behind the keyboard. This could be inconvenient for those trying to give details for messages. Should probably be fixed.

  14. Gee Ar dice:

    I really don’t think that this is the worst app,for method is great! I’ll a one star coz all the comics thet I’ve love just end the season like that and I don’t know when the next season will be out. for ex. “boss in school” “he queen” “the villain” “super nova”. etc. The main point is my vip mem ship will be paid quarterly and it’s been a while since they ended those comics above. basically I am paying for nothing.

  15. You only get three free episodes for ANY comic you’re reading, and the rest is membership. The only good thing about this app is that you can read three free episodes. Everything else is a payment needed circumstance.

  16. I love Toomics. It is a big step forward for American culture. Now if only android would do what they do best and stop restricting Toomic’s app.

  17. This is he likes to reading on the comics tv, but getting looking few more about a picture artist of beautiful females from Japan;manga comics great stories ,artpictures👍👍👍👍👍.

  18. great comics. great reading material. kinda hard to stop reading. that’s how great they are.

  19. Love the comics but really need to make a better way for Android users to restore their memberships on new phones.

  20. honestly this app has amazing comics but the only problem that I keep on facing is the pages are not loading. At first I thought it was because of my slow Wi-Fi but then again my Wi-Fi’s speed is excellent. Also the fact that you have to pay is another bother. I would really enjoy if you fixed this and also if you could make your comics free since most can’t afford.

  21. This app was really good but lately, all the comics i’ve read were glitching and become pitch black whenever i clicked the chapter and that makes me concerned about this. I hoped you can fixed this. Yes, i already tried to deleted and re-installed it a few times too. Restarting my phone over and over. But still, it didnt work. My wifi is perfectly fine when i used other social media, I did deleting the caches and cookies. I also turned off all the power saving option. And nothing seems to work

  22. App is so good but subscribtion price is too high for comic only i think price should be bit less.

  23. So far so good, has a wide variety of series and genres and updates regularly. My only real gripe is the lack of the ability to switch the mature filter on and off. This requires me to switch to the web version and log in again, which is an inconvenience as I solely just wish to use an app. My suggestion would be to host a separate app outside the store if the policy is the issue. Currently a VIP and enjoying it so far, I would love to be able to have access to all my comics within the app .

  24. I only use the app when I’m out as I prefer reading from my laptop at home. Therefore it would be nice if signing into one device doesn’t sign me out the other everytime I make the switch. The watermarking could also be improved upon as it interferes with immersion. Whether it’s making them smaller, more transparent or less frequent, please do something! A zoom feature might be nice but other than that, all’s well 👍

  25. some art is great, some not so. but good stuff all the same.

  26. The app was good in its early days. The fact that some Manhwa were free to read and the newer chapters were the ones that encouraged readers to get a premium account was a great idea. The app had great reviews at that time at 4.5 stars. It was at the top list. The newer update made it that readers did not have that option anymore and many resorted to actually going to 3rd party websites to access them. The system only needed to make it so that no one can screenshot the content and no problem.

  27. I’d give the product a satisfactory rating. It could be better. First of all better to have the android app outside of the Google Play environment to get the whole experience since there are so many restrictions on Google and Apple. Secondly, the website has variety but I am not happy with the loading times of the comics. I am already running 100 Mbps connection and still have to wait for the images to load. Finally, make offline viewing available at least on the app once problem 1 is solved.

  28. I like it, its good and I enjoyed it. But due to my financial, I would like to cancel my subscription, but couldn’t do it. Because there is no option to cancel the subscription on toomics. I don’t know why though. Please help me. Edit: The Subscription have been stopped, but something’s wrong. I couldn’t read the one with vip privileges until the end subscription while I should still able to read it. And none were refunded. Whats this means ?

  29. Used it for a while, not a lot of great content available. Attempted to cancel but there is a literal loop that stops you from cancelling vip. Everything tells you to go to app store to manage subscriptions, where it literally just sends you back to the download page on the store stating underneath your subscription. Click on it and it sends you back to the new manage subscriptions button and then right back into the app store. Basically a complete scam for money

  30. app’s ok but not all content is shown for obvious reasons. would be a good idea to have a separate app that can be downloaded straight from the aite to get the same access as the website. alternatively, look for another site that does android apps but doesn’t have the same restrictions as google play. i do have a slight understanding on how much of a pain it is, obviously the quicker the better, but im among the type that has alot of time. again, good app aside from the restriction

  31. App still crashes, and logs you out every time. If you are interested in getting VIP for the non family friendly portion, just keep in mind a lot of the comics have open endings or just completely end with the story still in progress. The people in charge of Toonmic need to take a serious look into their authors and their stories. Some of them are not worth being on an app of there is no proper ending.

  32. A G dice:

    Comics are good, but i wish there was a way to read them without paying, such as watching adds before and after episodes and such, or having an in app currency you have to spend to read which you can collect by watching adds or something. I think the app would be way more popular and have better reviews, since this is the only problem most people have with the app.

  33. The app seems to struggle to remember what chapter I’m on. Sometimes I’ll be out and read a few chapters of a story and when reloading the app, it’ll auto load the chapter I started at that day even though the chapter list shows the following few as read. Rating at the bottom of each chapter doesn’t always load properly on the app either and I want to give props to the creators of each story. For the site and app altogether, some A-Z browsing would be nice. Too many genres overlap.

  34. I honestly don’t use the app, I just go to the website cause that’s where all the good stuff is *wink wink* but just wanted to leave a review on here on how responsive customer service is when you have payment issues and trouble with transactions. I requested a refund for an accidental purchase and recieved it within 2 hours. Makes purchasing from this company an easier choice to make!

  35. I like the app and web. but on the other hand is is actually asking for a fee that cost a little bit hard to be paid because for some reason like us we do not have any credit or debit cards and the cost is to high that even I cannot reached or pay… we are not rich like other people please provide some other payment methods other than PayPal or make it a little bit lesser than $20 or more… I understand that we must pay for the writer’s. thank you!

  36. I instead it because I liked one manga but la was unable to see it becat it was vip and I was enable to see it and I hate it

  37. Update review the app is glitching a lot now especially the signing in.i’m already in but it kept going back to the sign in page. When reading it doesn’t indicate where u stopped reading and to continue from also if you could put an automatic next page option or scroll to get to next page is much more efficient. a bit hassle to always press the next button. As i said before:< its too bad i really like this app but there has been so many problems and no solutions yet. No updates on the app.

  38. Yami Umi dice:

    Downloaded the app just to delete it the website is better don’t have to worry about things not showing up

  39. (1) Remove “most favorite” on the Favorite tab. Or at least put a space between them. I hate those webtoons being side by side with the webtoons I actually tagged as favorite. (2) Make “Complete” or “Plus” app version that can view mature comics. Have it avail to download on your site. Other webtoon companies do that. (3) Not enough webtoons to justify its price for VIP membership. I’d rather buy them separately through coins or other types of payment if that’s the case.

  40. Though the comics are good and I don’t mind paying for reading them but there’s too many series that are just abruptly ended with no news or explanation. LineWebtoons app allows readers to comment and communicate and are always informed if a series is going into hiatus. The very comics for which I subscribed have ended without any explanation. I feel like my time and money got wasted.

  41. Sigh 🙁 So I really like the content of this app so it’s really hard for me to discontinue it, but I’m going to have to. I get kicked out all the time and I can’t sign back in. I’ve tried to sign in on my ipad, to to see if it would work better, and it’s telling me I don’t exist. Why pay money for a membership I never get to use.

  42. It’s a good app but u can’t turn off family mode in this app if you are over 29 to see adult comics like R-rated you have to go on the website to see R-rated version of this app. It sucks 😔

  43. Great App & Customer Service It has great comics though if you want to see the mature content you’ll have to use the web browser version (due to Google rules) which can be accessed on your phone web browser. Customer service was fantastic though I did end up screwing them over (due to a mistake made by PayPal). PayPal has wasted a large sum of time trying to avoid fixing the issue so I’m about to get lawyers involved, I’ll have to use gift cards till then for making international purchases.

  44. I LOVE this app. The comics and artwork are intense. But the damn app keeps logging me out. I always habe to sign back in and it will even log me off while I’m in the middle of reading. It’s very frustrating. If it weren’t for that issue it would be 5 stars.

  45. I have paid for 3 months. Somehow the email that I have been using for over a month is no longer in their system. Cant sign in. Cant reach customer support, and my credit card is on file so they will recharge my card. A truly awful experience with this company. There is no reason for this to happen and I get logged out and then not even be able to reach out for support.

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