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MARVEL COMICS app on Android, featuring the world’s most popular super heroes!
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Introducing the MARVEL COMICS app on Android, featuring the world’s most popular super heroes! Download hundreds of comic books featuring your favorite characters -— including Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Spider-Man, Wolverine and more — on your mobile device or tablet with the touch of a button. You’ll experience Marvel’s greatest series and stories like never before, with your choice of guided view (an animated, panel-by-panel path through the comic), or by using regular device controls to zoom and pan your way through pages of sizzling story and amazing artwork!

Each of your downloads will be protected and backed up when you use your Marvel.Com account, meaning the next time you lose or upgrade your device you’ll find your comics waiting to be read again!

Not convinced? Check out our free downloads! Take the Marvel Universe with you anytime & anywhere!

+ Access to over 13,500 comics featuring the world’s most popular super heroes!
+ Free comics for download, updated weekly!
+ Customizable reading experience — choose between panel to panel, full page display, and more!


New in 3.10.20:

* Bug fixes.


40 comentarios en "Marvel Comics 2022"

  1. So Easy! Whenever you need to look at a preveiw of a marvel comic, just search it up on the app and click on it. It’ll give you the first three pages of the issue or collected edition. You can see the new comics that come out every week. You can see what a TPB, HC, or an Omnibus collects. Also, when you get a physical copy of a book (only single issues) on a page there should be a page with a sticker. When you peel the sticker off, there is a code that you can use to get a digital copy.

  2. From time to time, comics don’t even appear on my comics list at all even though I know I’ve already purchased them. Constant errors. Can’t download in some cases. Gets hung up on new release purchases. I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall app several times just to access the comics I’ve spent a fortune on. The app used to work well but has not since last update. Needs an update fast!

  3. Jon dice:

    This is THE WAY to read digital comics. The “guided view” is wonderful. They make available all the old-school comics at a reasonable price. I took one star off for two reasons: 1) my books constantly drop off. I then have to “restore purchases” to get them back. No huge deal, but a little annoying. 2) I keep waiting for the classics to have a 67% discount for SINGLE ISSUES. The omnibus editions seem to be discounted, but they are all in one volume. These criticisms are actually minor

  4. Excellent Experience and Easy-To-Use! The app is user friendly and well organized. Find your favorite Character or Team or search for something new! There is so much in this app, and there are great sales some up to 67% off. Super easy to find back issues and old series. It even has the series broke out with the collected editions available in the series if they are have been. I am surprised by the ease and organization of this app!

  5. Redeeming digital comics for the paperback is cool. What isn’t cool is how much a pain in the ass reading the book digitally is. Shonen Jump has a page by page and ability to zoom in on the page to focus on where you’re looking, for instance. This makes it easier to read panels and scroll around as needed. This app… Doesn’t. You have “guided view” which is cool and all, but it jumps around the page to where I’m not sure if their guided view is the intended reading order of the panels. Sucks.

  6. The app does what it is supposed to, though there are a lot of things that would make the app WAY better. For example, the UI and UX is extremely outdated and nowhere near ideal for this kind of content. Making a better navigation system, as well as a better discovery system would make the app a million times better. I feel like the standard for comic apps is extremely low, and this is somewhere the Marvel Comic’s app could shine if a little effort is at least put in. Note, there are also HUGE issues with state management, in the fact that it doesn’t properly maintain state during activity and fragment lifecycles making navigation even more frustrating.

  7. A really convenient and easy way to read comics on the go. Guided View is so helpful when you want to see the art in detail or if you have problems focusing on one panel at a time. I love that you can access comics you have physical copies of via uploading the redemption codes or buying right from the app. All in all, a terrific way to keep up with your collection.

  8. I love having all my comics in one place. The images are great quality and easy to read. Also, the customer service team is amazing. I only am giving 4 stars because I feel that the app could benefit from adding more search/filter options when looking for comics I have purchased or comics to be purchased. I also wish there was a way to be notified that a single issue comic I am looking to purchase may already be part of a graphic novel collection I already have in my library.

  9. Lately I’ve been having issues downloading books after i buy them, it’ll download to a certain point on wifi and then a notice will pop up that says there was something wrong with the connection so I’ll turn m6 wifi off and try to use my cellular data 4G to download it but it pops up with a notice saying that there’s an issue and the book can’t be downloaded. The first time this happened i uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it worked but only for a little bit and now it’s doing it again.

  10. Good Bye dice:

    I got this app so I could read moon knight (I saw there was gonna be a show, and my friends recommended the comic to me) and it works perfectly 👍. I had no bugs, and no confusion with the interface. The only thing I would change is the price, but it doesn’t rlly matter because the art and story are so good. I will definitely look into other comics! 🙂

  11. Great app.I use to have a big box,full of comics growing up.Its never going to compare to a real fresh, new comic book,but it makes up for it with the cool panel moves setting,plus you can have as many comics as you want. Some are free,some are cheap,the really good ones cost a little more,but they’re all good. 👍

  12. Well there’s nothing inherently wrong with the way the app works, it did delete a good section of my downloaded. I had an account 3 years ago and recently I wanted to go back a read a few of the free comic I had downloaded, only to find they were no longer listed in my account. I looked them up and found they were no longer free either. Not only that but the free section has been utterly gutted, lacking at least half of the comics that use to be there.

  13. It works when it wants…constantly crashes even when you put in a request that it is doing it. You would think it would be fixed but you turn around and it crashes again. It was so bad that I initially uninstalled the app. Giving it a go again hope I want have the same problem.

  14. The panel by panel is revolutionary, definitely makes reading easier for me. Wish I could get a paper copy when I bought the digital version though. I wish there was a way to figure out what was going to go on sale before they do, so you could plan ahead. Only complaint other than things in my books not always showing up and having to scroll up and down to make them show up.

  15. Downgraded from 4 stars. I keep having issues with purchasing books. I’ll click the purchase button and it’ll get stuck in “purchasing mode” without ever letting me buy the book. I can’t cancel and reorder it cancel at all. I mean as far as can tell it doesn’t take any money out of my account but it’s a bit frustrating not being able to read the next book in a series. I’ve had one stuck like this for 3 weeks now

  16. I remember this app fondly, and accumulated quite a collection over the years. For the past few months the access to my library had been spotty at best, with nothing but endless loading screens.

  17. I enjoy the free digits with my physical purchases. The panel to panel view mode is good, but ample text or full page text still requires lots of zoom. Would obviously like more free stuff. Still pretty awesome.

  18. The performance and stability needs to be improved and the download speed of the comics needs to be improved.Also this needs to have a feature where you can zoom in when reading the comics.That would be very helpful

  19. Joe G dice:

    I’m unable to purchase new comics from some reason. When I go to purchase a comic, the purchase icon is stuck on purchasing. I’ve logged out and back in, but it hasn’t fixed anything. I reached out to support, but nothing yet. Extremely frustrating.

  20. Got the app because it was supposed to be more convenient than carrying my comics around when I feel like reading but this apps performance is so inconsistent. It honestly is a lot more of an inconvenience because trying to get the app to even work can take minutes.

  21. It can be a bit confusing trying not to double up on issues you already have or to find the exact comics you’re looking for but when you get to it the dynamic page turning is pretty cool and makes it easier to read. Got a ridiculously great deal on nearly everything Ms. Marvel when the MCU released her show

  22. An amazing app that offers a massive variety of Marvel comics for affordable pricing, the only issue I have is not being able to turn pages with arrow keys.

  23. Mildly irritated here. Was “forced” to upgrade one of my books and the guided view is not working properly on it. It will not advance panel to panel like it’s supposed to. Affected book is Spider-Man Noir: Eyes Without A Face. Please fix.

  24. Frustrating app! Books I purchase don’t show up. Menu unsteady, occasional blackouts. Needs much better and easier and quicker customer support!! Please fix the app…

  25. When I first got this app years ago it was awesome now every update seems to make it worse. The main issue I have is it keeps logging me out for no reason and getting back into my account turns into a weeks long hassle with back and forth emails to the standard customer service team that send the same pre written responses. Then I have to remember what I was reading and find them again! I love Marvel comics, but it’s just not worth the effort. I don’t have these problems with the DC app though.

  26. NOETALL dice:

    Crashing and cannot read downloaded titles. It makes it easy to purchase titles but impossible to read them…. hell I use this app to read on the go. I use a samsung galaxyTablet S7 it should run this app no problem! Ive spent more buying trades on this app than a yearly subcription of Marvel unlimited. plese look into these issues.

  27. It may not be the tactile experience that comics used to be but the ease of carrying your entire collection in your hand and not dog-earing an issue is worth it.

  28. I purchased a couple of comics and I’m not particularly sure if the license expired, but I can not download them again. The customer service gave me the run around and after a while I just gave up. Terrible!

  29. Sign in issues, certain books won’t download after purchase, and no way to move or get rid of menu slider that’s always interrupting other actions within the app.

  30. Wish issues would be in numerical order when shopping. Also, I dont see a lot of Marvel content that should be available.

  31. It’s a great app and I’m glad they have Hit-monkey and Punisher on here but what I found really annoying is that it doesn’t have Marvel Zombies vs Army of Darkness which is what i got the app for. Nevermind though there is some great comics on here

  32. Please add in app redeeming of physical comic book code instead of going to the website to do it. This would save so much time and improve quality of life.

  33. Quite a buggy app. I’ve experienced problems purchasing books where it’ll get stuck on “purchasing…” without ever actually giving me the option to input payment details. I’ve also experienced the My Books page completely emptying my library. Including books I’m currently reading and haven’t started yet. Both of these are usually sorted by logging out/in or uninstalling/reinstalling the app. Which is not a great user experience, plus it then happens again the next day anyway.

  34. I like haveing comics digital, but this app is terrible. Can’t add my codes directly into it. Have to download the comic to read it. Can’t see the comic half the time. It could use a lot of work…

  35. Love this app for on-the-go reading of my library, and convenience. Wish there was a version for MacBooks, so I wouldn’t have had to buy a tablet, but am happy with the app, and use it daily.

  36. Everything was going well until I payed for a comic and it told me I don’t own it, and I tried uninstalling it and restarting my phone but nothing worked. And it has happened more than once.

  37. I’m loving it more than McDonalds! Having access to variety of comic books in your hands is awesome. It’s organized by the superhero.

  38. I give it 5 star on the basis of what I use it for. I don’t purchase comics on here. I buy my comics at a local comic shop. Then I’ll enter the code in said comic so that I can download it on the app and read the comic on the go or whenever I want.

  39. Full of bugs, won’t let me download comics I’ve bought, forgets I’ve even bought them most of the time. Please, you’ve got the money, fix your app

  40. This app is dumb. I go to read a comic and click to sign in, then it just gives me a black white screen. I’m not changing this review

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