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“MANGA Plus by SHUEISHA” is the official manga reader from Shueisha Inc., and is globally available.
We publish the greatest manga in the world such as Naruto, Dragon Ball, One Piece, Bleach and more.
You can read the latest chapters of the best manga for FREE DAILY, and SIMULTANEOUSLY with its release in Japan!!
Download MANGA Plus now and get started!

Read the latest chapters from our weekly magazine for free and simultaneously with Japan.
New titles published in the magazine will be added the moment they are released in japan so make sure and check back regularly!
・BORUTO: Naruto next generations
・DEMON SLAYER: Kimetsu no yaiba
…and lots more!

You can also read our completed titles for free too.
A new chapter will be added every day or week
…and lots more!

Post your comment to the manga you read!
You can read other comments and enjoy the FAN community or just simply support the creator by sending a message.

Add the best manga to your “Favorites”
Not only will you have a shortcut to the manga,
you will also receive notifications when a new chapters arrive!

The money raised from the in-app ads will be directly returned to the creators.
Pirated manga sites and apps harms creators and their ability to create new manga.
Support the creators and the future of manga by enjoying manga through our official reader.

“MANGA Plus by SHUEISHA” is available in Spanish!
There are 27 series available in Spanish.
The available series differ from the English version. More series will be added in the future.

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44 comentarios en "MANGA Plus by SHUEISHA 2022"

  1. Ivan DeGroote dice:

    Works fine, but no reason to use this over the website. Swipe functionality is has a bug, see below. Can’t download for offline viewing, so it’s just a glorified new-chapter-available notification for me. I’m uninstalling, simply not worth the space on my phone. Swipe functionality is a bit off, you can’t drag from the edge but need to start your swipe a bit I side from the edge. Seems like it should be an easy patch.

  2. Tyger Burch dice:

    Good general layout but clicking a cover takes you straight to the latest issue rather than a summary and available issues depending on where that cover is presented. Makes for a confusing experience with potential spoilers. No offline reading options which make it hard to recommend for people with e-readers and kindles like me.

  3. Nantawat Tatiyaborworntham dice:

    The app is easy to use. I’ll give it that. After updated, the app deleted all data including my account and list of favorites. So it seems after an update of the app, the release of all the re-edition chapters will be restart all over again which is highly annoying. I was at around chapter 100+ of Naruto and now I have to wait another 3 months until it catches up to that. It sucks even worse for the series that release once a week.

  4. Lauren Mokwa dice:

    I like the selection that this app offers. However, everything else about the app is garbage. it CONSTANTLY crashes. I can’t even read a chapter without it crashing on every page. its so aggravating. Also, there isn’t an option to buy and read chapters. they jut cut out all the middle chapters. Only gave two stars because of the selection.

  5. Works fine, but no reason to use this over the website. Swipe functionality is has a bug, see below. Can’t download for offline viewing, so it’s just a glorified new-chapter-available notification for me. I’m uninstalling, simply not worth the space on my phone. Swipe functionality is a bit off, you can’t drag from the edge but need to start your swipe a bit I side from the edge. Seems like it should be an easy patch.

  6. Great content, but the app certainly needs some tweaks. It’s imposible to read with zoom, since you can’t move around the page you’re reading, any attempt will send you to a different page. The vertical Redding option would be better if it work like a long strip instead of individual pages

  7. Carol M dice:

    Great manga app with high quality. I read it on my 13inch tablet and the quality on the other app just doesn’t have such quality for a big screen. They have some big titles with all chapters available like One Piece, Chainsaw Man, My Hero Academia… they also often do re-edition so you can catch on old series again. This is the app if you want to read legally to support the mangaka and doesn’t want to pay.

  8. Callista dice:

    Easy navigation, no error so far and all of the useful settings like reading options (horizontally/vertically). Would love it if the reading progress was saved for the still available chapters; a subscription so i can read the in-between missing chapters, since the shonenjump app isn’t always available in some countries, and to also support the mangaka, the devs and so on so forth; more discontinued mangas are appreciated too, but that’s easier said than done.

  9. This is one of the most underrated apps I’ve seen. Everything on it is just a 10 out of 10 from graphics to server side and I feel if more ppl knew about this it would bag a solid 4.9. However, the only problem I have is that some manga/anime aren’t there!!! I haven’t seen one punch man😭😭. But apart from that the app is PERFECT

  10. TiraFisu dice:

    You get to read all of the manga in app, which they have quite variety of, by reading a chapter once and then you have to pay to read it again. Aside from this, the app is great and it even allows you to take screenshots in app if you wanted to re-read something.

  11. Good App But It either Skips your chapter and you can’t read it or the read again option comes up and it takes you to multiple chapters behind and you lose the chapter you were losing but besides that there is a good selection of manga and the graphics suit the app so if the chapter Glitch goes away then it would be a five star.

  12. Great manga app! Though, I wish that we can create an account so that readers won’t loose their favourites, chapters where they left of and an account where readers can log in and out whenever they want to. There are a lot of interesting and amazing mangas in the app but I do wish for more titles in the future. Until then, keep up the good work!👍🏻

  13. Naomi N dice:

    The premise is great, especially the free chapters, but there’s no app notifications for the most popular series, there’s no “continue reading” or bookmark function and there’s no confirmation of leaving a chapter you can only read once which means sometimes when you swipe to switch pages you instead leave the chapter halfway through and can’t read the rest anymore.

  14. The app is became laggy when I read more chapters. And I’ve been using on different devices the results are the same. Please fix it.

  15. Zyonic dice:

    This is the best manga reading app, period. Not only is it completely free AND legal, they select good manga, mainstream or not. There are also no ads whatsoever. The only thing to mention is that other than the first 3 and newest 3 chapters, you can only read every chapter once. It’s a problem but with it being free, legal and having no ads, I am perfectly content with it. Highly recommend this for everyone looking for a legal alternative to manga websites / apps.

  16. I got this app exdided to read some manga. I accidentally clicked on the next chapter (all the mangas are free) and it backed out of it and went back to the chapter I was on. It than said that I could only read the chapter once Unless I paid for it. So I had to skip a chapter in my manga. I watched the anime first, so I was lucky that I knew what happens in the chapter. But it’s kinda dumb that I can only read it once for free. I hope that they change this in the future.

  17. King Tee dice:

    Well the Are some manga the app doesn’t provide, I keep on searching them but they won’t appear. Please make that possible, it would really be a great help

  18. Half of the time it loads comics and the rest of the time it doesn’t and when it doesn’t it counts as if you have read it so you can’t reload and try to read it again, piss poor if you ask me.

  19. Everything is great, but sometimes it glitches at the start of an chapter and it kicks me out. Making it so I have to pay to read that chapter even though a glitch kicked me out. I feel like I’m getting scammed

  20. Best app for reading free manga chapters. Good user interface. Although the number mangas can be increased but overall good experience.

  21. kat dice:

    i recommend this app, literally for reading manga there’s kinda of a bug which is when i finished like 1 chapter then it skip to 3,sadly i can only read once so i can’t read chapter 2 which is kinda annoying for me lollll

  22. The app it’s good, but could be much better. Please fix the problem with manga updates notifications on Android!

  23. JP LU dice:

    The app is free and good but doesn’t allow transfer your account to your new phone. In clear, you will lose your account name (won’t let you re-enter the same) and your history on re-edition. So if you were reading reedited Naruto chapter 690, you get back to chapter4! Also for full double page view, you will need to read right to left.

  24. Everytime I leave the app even for a second when I return the pages are all mixed with the previous chapter, and I can’t go back or it won’t let me read again. But at least the ones that Ive caught up don’t have any problems, and the translations are all good

  25. J S dice:

    Yes I get to read tons of great manga from Japan in the other section. I like and favorite, it works fine. But the creators section is horrible. EVERYTHING I do, it sends me to the browser for. What’s the point? Then when I get to the browser, I STILL CAN’T COMMENT. It legit won’t let me type in the box. I try a different browser. Now it won’t let me log in. At all. I SWITCH DEVICES. Manage to log in after fighting with the art street website. NOW IT CLAIMS I HAVE NO FAVORITES. PLEASE FIX THIS.

  26. I had a great time reading the manga’s in this app but I think it would be better if you could download some manga to read offline

  27. It is good app but the main drowback is i accidentally got back from reading but luckily there was a bug that is if i uninstall and install the app it reappear as free .

  28. Rat dice:

    Its a great way to read manga’s online the only downside is that you have to pay after reading an episode once, besides that its amazing!

  29. Waffle dice:

    This app is really good for manga’s you’ve caught up with since you can read the latest chapters for free with official scans and instant releases for a chapter

  30. Good app, but it wouldn’t let me change my profile which results to not being able to comment. Please fix this profile change bug

  31. I just love it, amines are in here and it’s just fun reading them. Thank you for making an amazing comic-reading app 🎖🏆😃

  32. Not used to not searching for a manga within the app but I must go to the website to search and find what I’m looking for buuuut overall it’s okay

  33. Gh05T dice:

    Amazing app, please add a feature where you can download chapters to read when you have to internet!

  34. One thing i didnt like about this app is that if you accidently press the back button on your mob than you have to re-install this app,otherwise its a good manga reading app

  35. An amazing aap to watch manga. You cannot find better alternative then this if you are going for the top manga series . If they only improve the scrolling mechanism abit it would be an absolute hours hunting machine. I just hope they do.

  36. It doesn’t have a search engine, it’s like something essencial. And they split the double pages into two separately pages, that’s terrible when you’re reading on vertical. But it’s amazing to know that this is an official app and we’ll be helping the authors reading through it! Just hope that we can get the whole series soon, not just a few chapters. Of course there’s a lot of room for improvement, but it’s just awesome the idea!

  37. The app has a good collection of popular comics. I like that you can read some authors’ commentary too. The app however has a very poor UI. You can’t delete and edit comments, you can’t filter and sort out by genre etc. Lastly, there is no way to sync your account to other devices so if you change your phone, you need to find your comics again, save them and figure out what chapter you were. The app still needs a lot more improvement.

  38. It’s very frustrating when I zoom into a page and if I want to move around the image the page auto locks into switching to the next page. I’ve never experienced this problem on other apps. Manga plus is also the app with the least amount of options for customization. I’d love to support the original works, although the app is so outdated (although fairly easy to navigate). It also doesn’t help that Manga Plus is the last place where you can see latest chapters uploaded.

  39. I like the selection of manga and the quality of the panels itself. What I hate is the UI, when you try to move slowly and carefully side to side whilst zoomed in to see all the drawing’s details, it cuts off to the next panel and you don’t get to see the whole image instead you see the next panel immediately. That’s why the UI needs an update for this unnecessary annoyance.

  40. The app updated and deleted all the data that it had. It also removed some of the series that I had been reading through this app for the past five months. Going to the website lets me view these series, so there’s no licensing issues for my region. Removing them suddenly from the app during a global pandemic is a very poor decision. The issues above were bugs and quickly fixed. Translations and the display of double spreads are still not optimal, but the overall app is good.

  41. Nice app. Swiping bug fixed and I can read manga. What more do you want out of a manga app? Some of the negative reviews are just stupid, but this is a secondary app people, so there is of course missing content. The creators of the Shonen jump app made this. You want full content? THIS APP LITERALLY TELLS YOU TO GO TO THE OFFICIAL SHONEN APP FOR THAT! The developers are smart making a second app, as it gets more users. Stop complaining about this one and get the official one.

  42. Great content, you can’t go wrong with Jump. The reader on the other hand it terrible. It’s almost impossible to read with any kind of zoom, for the pages will turn for no reason, it won’t let you see the whole page before turning, needs precise finger movent to just turn move around. No transfer data between devices too. And now they skip chapters from long running series, close to censorship of tittles, without a warning or explanation.

  43. This is a great app which provides plenty of Manga for free. The interface and layout is easy to use. Quality of Manga is also great. The downside is the absence of a subscription based system (licensing limitations). A lot of Manga are unavailable, save for the first 3 (or 6) and latest 3 (or 6) chapters. I suggest to bring a subscription system for at least a few Manga (especially re editions), and go further from there. VIZ is unavailable for most people, so please expand on this service.

  44. I like the app and its contents. But since some update I can’t read while the phone is on horizontal orientation anymore. Now the pages are too small and you need to zoom them all the time. And when you scroll a bit it cuts the previous page and goes to the next one. You can’t read anything like that.

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