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Tons of full-color HD comic & manga, exclusive webtoon & manga of all genres.
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WebComics provides a group of the hottest & latest manga and webtoon series for comic fans around the world. Whether you are a fan of manga, comics, manhwa, comic book or anime series, WebComics has all premium webtoon & manga to provide you with the best manga series.

WebComics is online comic site just like Webtoons and Mangago, to provide you with the latest American Comic , Japanese Manga , Korean Comic, Chinese Manhwa, and all the most popular online webtoon full collection. Just enjoy the reading webtoons at the comic website www.webcomiscapp.com.

WebComics is a popular webtoon platform for comic & manga fans!

Lots of orginal comics & manga series are only here. Comic creators are creating captivating comics every day. Don’t hesitate to join us and become a famous cartooniest!

1. High-quality comics & anime & manga, daily updates to keep up with the latest episode
2. Personalized recommendations, a large number of comics
3. Community creation, and full of creative comic authors & cartoonist
4. Creator community, intimate interaction, a key concern, dynamic prophet

Read comics and chat with 8000k comic enthusiasts!


1. Top-notch comics of distinctive genres updated daily from creators across the world.
2. Special offer for new users – all free comic books for you. Collect Free Card to read all comics!
3. A community for fans to share what you love and interact with your favorite creators.
4. Unlock special offers for Premiere to read exclusive books. Come explore more Premiere privileges!
5. Multiple languages are supported, including English, Indonesian, Thai, and Chinese.

Highlights of WebComics

• Signed sole contract with many world-renowned creators from America, Europe, Asia, etc, to provide you with exclusive captivating comics!
• With high definition and full color! With excellent panels, ups and downs of the plots! We promise, you can’t help reading them!
• Share your opinions anytime and discuss the stories with millions of readers!
• Free comics released every day! Reading free comics with WebComics is happy and easy!
• New Comics section. New comics coming out every day! Come experience the new plots with the new characters!
• Download comics for offline reading: Your mobile data savior.

Top Comics/manga in 2022

•「Half My Tyrant, Half My Baby」#Romance Comics: The female lead Zhang Xiao was mistaken by Mu Ya, the daughter of Mu family, as her mother. Out of her kindness, she signed the contract with the CEO Mu Chen to be a babysitter of his daughter, thus starting her “babysitting life”.

•「The Lady’s Zombie Bodyguard」#Action Comics: Betrayed by his girlfriend, Yang Cheng,who was a loser, got drunk in the forest. Accidentally, he was bitten by a beautiful zombie and became a vampire with super power.

•「She’s a Keeper」#Girl’s Love Comics: The rate of kidnapping in Phili has been going crazy. Clara del Samson happens to be a daughter of a multi-millionaire businessman.

•「Zombie Breakers」 #Thriller Comics: A sudden wave of zombies swept across campus. Human nature, life, future, everything is crumbling.

•「School Beauty’s Personal Bodyguard」#Action Comics: Based on a novel with over 100 million click-through rate. After being enrolled into a school, let’s see how he fights bad guys a with Chinese Kung fu and protect beauties!

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4 comentarios en "WebComics – Webtoon & Manga MODDED 2022"

  1. Kenneth Hamdi dice:

    UPDATE: It hasn’t been giving me many problems anymore! Its much faster now. Overall, I really love the stories on WebComics. I love how it is organized, and also how there aren’t just comics, but novels too! As someone who loves reading, that makes me extremely happy. However, most of the time this app is very slow and laggy. It takes me 3 minutes just to get onto the app itself. As I am very impatient, this makes trying to read a comic/novel very irritating and ruins the experience.

  2. Kiara Dearborn Bianka dice:

    Simple and straightforward user interface with a good selection of things to read. Actual comics/manga scrolling can be a little bizarre since some scroll up/down but others are on a page by page format. One small complaint is that it’s not got the largest selection (as far as I can tell, but I may be looking for very obscure things without knowing), but what it does have is certainly very good. Solid 9/10 highly recommended.

  3. donnell simpson dice:

    WebComics is great. The app is really easy to navigate with well thought out features. Page turning is not connected to the forward and back buttons on my phone like a lot of apps are, and I really appreciate that. It’s nice to be able to read 60 pages and then only have to press the back button once to get back to my library. The library keeps track of what I’m reading and where I left off even when I forget to add it my list and new chapter notifications can be seen at a glance.

  4. Erik Nils dice:

    I LOVE this app!!! It’s easy to manage, the stories are GREAT, and the artwork in the comics is amazing!!! I TOTALLY recommend downloading this app. I was actually reading one of the stories and completely lost track of time. THEY’RE THAT GOOD!!!😆 Some of the material is free, but the ones that aren’t only cost ink. The ink is to support the authors and if you don’t have ink, that’s totally ok because you can get ink for free by watching ads.

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