Little Nightmares Comics MODDED 2022


Discover six original Little Nightmares stories in a digital comic format.
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Discover six original stories from the Little Nightmares universe in a unique animated digital comic format. Little Nightmares II coming to PlayStation 4, Switch, Xbox One and PC digital on February 11th, 2021.


40 comentarios en "Little Nightmares Comics MODDED 2022"

  1. s0ck dice:

    absolutely amazing, the comics are very good story’s, the graphics are so good, and if you turn the sound on it makes it much better. there are like no adds, only 1 advertising LN2 in the home scree. It ran very smoothly, so maybe the bug for other people got fixed. I downloaded it because I am in love with the little nightmares franchise, and I was not disappointed. I wish there were more, but we will see. 🙂

  2. This game is so cool. The way you can tilt your phone and see the layers? Amazing! The way the comics only introduce some panels until your right on top of them to add some slight jumpscares/mystery? Perfect. This game makes you feel like your actually there. I love the art style. The only thing is that when downloading this, be aware of the fact that you’ll probably only understand the storyline if you’ve played the Little Nightmares series.

  3. Obliviboi dice:

    A very cool app. It’s immersive, sad, creepy and it even broke the rule of never showing the children’s eyes! It’s actually more realistic too with how most of the children meet their demise because of their young innocence and guilability. Not only that but some episodes (ep 2-3 specifically) really captured the loneliness of their situations. Unlike the older LN comic, this one stuck to the original method and excluded dialogue, which works much better. I honestly can’t wait for more episodes!

  4. This gave me a look into the Little Nightmares universe that I really wanted. The graphics and art were more than decent, the characters had so much depth, even without any dialogue or speech/thought bubbles, Gilligan’s were down in natural environments, and we got to see more of the world. Hope there’s more

  5. This experience was incredible. It gives us an interesting viewpoint into the previous lives of the Lost Children and their eventual demise. The way each episode is crafted and usage of motion helps prove the comics presentation. The horror aspect has been implemented where layers of tension and terror is builded up until the bomb is dropped and the monster is revealed in horrifying scales. The only somewhat flaw that is present is the lack of more genuine content. I. WANT. MORE. (hehe lol) 😜

  6. This app is awesome! I was waiting for the sequel of Little Nightmares and was pleasantly surprised to see this. Even though it’s a comic, it is as though you were also watching an interactive show with its creepy sound and movements. It is very immersive and really captures the dread the characters feel per chapter. I feel so sorry for them! Don’t forget to turn on the sound on the upper right! It really adds to the immersion. 🙂 Kudos to the creators! Love this. Very excited for the game! <3

  7. Sadly this is so short. I really love how the comic mechanic looks like, it’s very interactive and gives you the feel of the original playable game. The sound is clear, the artwork is a masterpiece; and don’t get me start with the animation. Yes, there are animation. First time ever have I seen such unique comic which gives more feeling to the reader. A little bit off topic but, please continue with the making of Little Nightmares 3 or at least side stories for these comic characters.

  8. This app is brilliant! I love the incredible 3D aesthetic, the superb sound design and the magnificent artstyle that each chapter has! The currently available chapters (as they release over time) were really good too as they expanded upon the lore of the upcoming sequel! This app is a perfect example of how one can bring comics to life without the need of any special animations and I’m all for it! Please give this app a shot! Trust me when I tell you that you won’t be disappointed! 10/10

  9. It’s amazing, I’m a big fan of the Little Nightmares series. The comics are fully coloured, gripping stories which are very immersive with sound effects and how the illustrations follow the movement of the phone. Even if the viewer doesn’t know about Little Nightmares, I would recommend it as it is still a cool comic to read.

  10. Absolutely beautiful. I have never seen so much effort put into something so short. Though I read it all in just about 10 minutes, the experience was amazing. Brilliant 3D artwork so you can look around in the environment, incredible audio, and the way some panels operate is like no other. I want to see so much more! I would rate this 6/5 if I could!

  11. Im rating this 5stars for the legendary theme that I was hoping it would be included and it was, six theme never fails to blow and take my mind make me high I can just turn on the app and keep listening. as well as the effort that was put Into the comics itself, the graphics and the atmosphere just perfect done. hope that the first part of the game will be released soon

  12. Amazing interactive comic. After finishing Little Nightmares 1 and 2 game I wanted to know more about lore of this universe. And this comic does let us know more with beautiful art style and sound effect. And best part is it’s free!

  13. Very interesting dark story with no dialogues but character movements, tilt & beauty from it’s creators who are very impressively amazing in art. The tilt rotation in the story panels in this digital comic with chapters is like the objects and characters, Mono and Six are 3d. This app has nothing else in the main menu except comics and credits. I like how they made the story go from exciting and beautiful exposition to resolution (ending) we can’t guess what will happen next, story is spoiler

  14. I really love these little comics and had a great time looking at them,I do wish there were more though.The art is amazing as well and I love how there’s sounds that play depending what point in the comic your at.Id recommended this to anyone who enjoys the little nightmares franchise.

  15. For something that’s very short, it’s very beautiful. My favorite part was the first one where it shows Six meeting Mono… It hurts even more after knowing the ending of Little Nightmares 2.

  16. ella dice:

    I definitely enjoyed listening and watching/reading these short comics! I had just finished playing both full Little Nightmares games and I wanted more background on the 4 extra lost kids I saw on some sites. I like how this took a type of turn, trying to demonstrate and show that Six and Mono aren’t the only children victims with a story in the franchise. If you’re a fellow Little Nightmares fan, I surely recommend getting this app to read the comic. It is short, but worth it.

  17. I finished it in less than 10 minutes, I wish it was longer! I loved looking more into the lore, and the comics were so cool! It’s sort of interactive, but mostly animated with the coolest transitions.

  18. What did we do to deserve ALL OF THIS FOR FREE?! My one and only complaint is that it’s too short, OMG this is so creative, beautifully illustrated with awesome sound design! I really hope this style of digital comics catches on QUICK. Not alot of dialogue and none is needed, especially if you’re a LN fan and are slightly obsessed with its lore. It’s such a sad yet addictive story and I’m already looking forward to LN3 with regularly released comics like this in between!

  19. em si dice:

    I really like how it’s different from the Little Nightmares 1 Comics, now you really get the feel of the kid’s fear and pain thought the app. It gives a little bit of story and explanation to the characters and their kind of origins, especially the Glitching Remains, which I absolutely appreciate. The comics are short which I understand since we can’t get their whole story and stuff. Great app for Little Nightmares fans, especially theorists like me.

  20. It’s ok with black screen ALSO IF ITS MY FIRST TIME DOWNLOADING LITTLE NIGHTMARES COMICS IT WORKS!!!!! still but its amazing comics, drawings, and OCs. Amazing App Bandai Namco Entertainment, Make an update so everything and bugs and glitches will go away so the app will be a best app

  21. Vel.x dice:

    Short, but incredibly made. I felt so emersed by the sound design, the way the scenes transitioned and by the subtle but super effective animation. Not to mention the story and the amazing art style. Even with little to no dialogue, it still evoked some many emotions, mainly unsettling and eerie as well as fear. I enjoyed this so much and I would love and kill to see more. Hope to see more nightmares in the future.👁️( ꈍᴗꈍ)

  22. The art is gorgeous! Read the first 2 available episodes, and it already got my heart crying out for these children! Make sure your sound (top right-hand corner) is turned on while you’re reading; I read through the first time not knowing there’s sound available, and when I realised there was and I reread the comics, it made the reading experience much more terrifying! Poor children, but I’m sooo eager for the next episodes! It’s been a pleasure reading them!!!

  23. This is a incredible experience that needs to be the standard for digital comics from now on. The animations, and sound puts this on a new level. Only issue is that these stories are too damn short 😂. I want more! Love it anyway.

  24. The sound design is incredible. The interactiveness is only a parallax effect, but it’s not obnoxious and aids in the immersion. All six self-contained chapters are beautiful. In addition, I really like their smooth transitions.

  25. This app is awesome! I absolutely love it! The art looks amazing! I also love Little Nightmares and it’s my most favourite horror game of all time. I have the first one on Sony PS4 and it’s a great game! I cannot wait to play the Little Nightmares 2 and it’s coming in February this year!

  26. Olive dice:

    Very unique! Not as scary as I thought it would be but you can still feel the creepiness if you look in the children’s perspective. The audio, art and 3D view when you move your phone in different angles are fascinating! It’s good to know that the shadow silhouettes in the game has their own backstories but really sad about how tragic they are and how desperate the children were to escape the nightmares they were in. The episodes are short but it makes sense since they’re just backstories.

  27. Yael Ruiz dice:

    It’s an amazing app, these comics are beautiful and very well done. To anyone who’s into the games, this is perfect before the release of Little Nightmares 2. I’m in love with the design, the art style, the sound effects and the music.

  28. Amazing app. It is easy to use, and is very creative. The style of the comics were so cool and impressive! I never had any problems with this app. I recommend this app to anyone and everyone who likes Little Nightmares or just comics. Amazing experience!

  29. That was such a beautiful read despite having no dialogue. The art, the music and effects are the best factors of this app, just like the video game as well. I even listened to the BG music multiple times, it’s a beautiful rendition of Six’s theme/Little Nightmare’s motif.

  30. Little nightmares series has a pretty long way as far as I can. Little nightmares is here all thanks to the massive success of the first game. I really appreciate that there’s no dialogue in this game, I love the mystery, well done. I felt bad for these children in the comics, it’s creepy and very emotional. They are fighting to survive in this world surrounded by death.

  31. MR AS dice:

    Not laggy, no glitches, nice music and the animations are really nice! It’s also cool that they could tell a story without narrator’s now(unlike in the comic series from 2017) which is like the no dialogue story telling in their games! Also it could be used offline!

  32. Rayne 173 dice:

    I love the way it’s done, I was expecting just some drawings with music, but what it really is makes it feel more like your actually there! The way you haer everything makes it alive! The way it moves with your phones makes you feel there! The art work is apparently amazing!! ^w^

  33. This is absolutely incredible. The sound effects sound so powerful! (Enough to sometimes scare me) the visuals are so amazing and have made my jaw drop several times from these comics! This is a perfect addition to the terrifying blittle nightmares franchise, and making it more unique!

  34. Absolutely beautiful comics. The sound and art are very well done. I also like how each frame is 3D in a way if you tilt your phone. There’s no reason not to get this app if you like Little Nightmares. I really wish they’d make more comics.

  35. There’s never been comics with such an immersive experience as these. Sound, motion, AND the ability to look around the panels? The fact that ALL these are free is amazing, and add so much to the lore of the console games.

  36. Oh my goodness, the time that was put into making these comics is incredible. Amazing details, crazy special effects, and just being able to see more about the world of Little Nightmares was very cool! We don’t deserve this for free.

  37. This is definitely worth downloading if you’re into the Little Nightmares universe! The artstyle is beyond gorgeous (as well as horrifying), and the soundeffects and music that plays as you scroll along REALLY give it the eerie feeling you know and love from the games.

  38. Bozo dice:

    Fantastic. Basic small scary comics, It gives you some more background and explorable lore about this amazing universe and atmosphere, animation, sound, panels and everything as a whole are all awesome. Whish there were more episodes but it’s understandable, keeping things in the dark is their thing after all.

  39. It amazing, the drawings, art, sounds, and music make the story more interesting and amazing. The only problem is that sometimes the app won’t open well and that the story is too short to be so amazing!

  40. This is very neat and I like how they use the music and sound effects to make it more detailed and immersive. I do wish they had more chapters. They could add stuff from the 1st Little Nightmares game.

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