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4.0.1 (1.3.257971.0-comics)

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Our upgraded app with over 230,000 digital comics, manga, & graphic novels
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4.0.1 (1.3.257971.0-comics)
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Upgrade your comics experience with Comixology! Explore over 230,000 digital comics, manga, and graphic novels from Marvel, DC, Viz, Kodansha, Dark Horse, Image, our own exclusive Comixology Originals, and many, many more with new content debuting nearly every day!

Whether this is your first experience with comics or you’ve been a fan for years, get ready, because Comixology is going to change the way you explore the world of superheroes, sci-fi, crime noir, horror, slice-of-life and more!

What are you waiting for? Here’s just a small peek at what makes us your premier digital comics service:

Not only do we have 230,000 comics, graphic novels and manga, but with a Comixology Unlimited (CU) subscription, fans can read over 40,000 titles. CU comes with a 30-day free trial and is currently only available to US-based customers.

Comixology, Amazon’s premier digital comics service, has the perfect comic for you, from all the major publishers to indie darlings forging their own way! Our selection is unrivaled! Read the comics that inspired the hit shows and movies, like Invincible, The Boys, The Walking Dead, Locke & Key, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the DC Cinematic Universe and so many others.

Two words: Guided View. Experience comics in a whole new way with our cinematic and immersive reading options on any size device.

Going off the grid? ComiXology has offline reading so your books will always be with you.

Get exclusive access to Comixology Originals, our digital-first content line, with titles from top creators like Scott Snyder, Stephanie Phillips, Chip Zdarsky, C. Spike Trotman, Jock, and more. Titles are available at no additional cost for members of Amazon Prime, Kindle Unlimited, and Comixology Unlimited, and for purchase on the comics shopping experience on Amazon.

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New in 4.0.1:

Our latest release contains several updates based on customer feedback.

* The book in progress at the bottom of the library will disappear when you finish reading it.

* Books will now group by series for customers in Brazil, India and Australia.

* Several fixes to the download system to handle multiple concurrent downloads better.

Also we’ve made a number of bug fixes, accessibility and performance improvements, and improved support for several languages


4 comentarios en "Comics & Manga by Comixology 2022"

  1. Aaron Williams dice:

    I’ve been using Comixology for years and it has always been an amazing app. Amazon in their infinite wisdom have completely destroyed it. It isn’t even a shadow of it’s former self. I would never have imagined giving Comixology up but, Amazon has shown they are absolutely clueless when it comes to what made this platform so great. They have gotten rid of a lot of features that were useful such as a synopsis, credits, a few preview pages and direct links to other books in the series on one page.

  2. Wesley Spears-Newsome dice:

    The merger with Amazon’s system has been disastrous for the app. The search function is terrible and it’s nearly impossible to locate what you’re looking for. The new version is a massive step backwards for the quality of the app and I’m reading fewer comics because of it. I wish there was another digital vendor because I’d leave without hesitation.

  3. Justin Packer-Waite dice:

    I’ve really tried to give version 4.1 a go. I have. And it sucks. Donkey balls. This is clearly a kindle-oriented app with no thought or concession given to the medium of graphic novels. Primary beef: ‘Series Details’. No filtering, no sorting, buried information. No dialog box with options. Bring back version 3 if your overlord(s) will let you. Also, your promotion algorithms have all the nuance of concrete soaring through the sky.

  4. M. Nice dice:

    The update to an Amazon owned version of this app has made it a horrible experience to use. No smooth transition between panels. Panel feature is useless now because the it’s tiny and no longer stretches to fit the screen. No filter for searching comics by publisher, type (graphic, single issue), illustrator, etc. In addition, having a Prime membership doesn’t even give you access to free comics so no added incentive to have Prime. Way to ruin this app Amazon…

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