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44 comentarios en "WEBTOON MODDED 2022"

  1. shane knudsen dice:

    Good for passing time. The shape of your phone screen can cut into the text sometimes, but zoom allows you to change perspective. I would like to ask that a buffer be provided at the start of a panel, for thise of us who have a camera dipping down on our screens. Takes up a quarter of an inch sometimes. But it is very user friendly for being a free platform.


    I absolutely love this app!!! I love reading the comics!! But there’s 1 thing that bothers me. Let’s say for example that there are multiple comics with the same name. If I wanted to show my friends one, I can’t screenshot to show them exactly which one. I understand why this rule or setting would be in place, because some people steal others rightful art work. I just get a bit annoyed by this.

  3. Ari Karin dice:

    This app is awesome, you can read everything for free and you are guaranteed to find something you will like. Though, the reason I’m not giving this 5 stars is because I’ve been experiencing an issue. If I don’t go on the app for a long period of time, the progress I had on webtoons I’ve read will be removed. I’ll still have the webtoons in my history but I’ll lose my episode progress, which is really frustrating. I can’t memorize things well and I read a lot of webtoons.

  4. aster ace dice:

    Perfect place to find interesting stories. Only gripe is lately the ap fills in the who screen instead of being the phone bar. It wouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t for the fact im on chromebook and Its difficult to read when everything is all stretched out. Once I can choose the screen to go back to the phone bar i’ll give it the five star it deserves.

  5. The app works fine, there are decent stories on here and UI is easy to navigate. I haven’t had any issues with ads since I’ve installed it. I’m fine with waiting about a week for a new episode of a webtoon. Although, the option to buy coins is a little pricey. Nonetheless it’s been a pretty okay experience. But recently I’ve been having issues with the app logging me out of my account. I’ll go into the app and it asks for an age verification and says I need to log in. I don’t know why.

  6. Selena dice:

    I love the app, though it does have it’s flaws. First of all, I do think that many have complained about this, but the pop-ups have honestly gotten a bit out of hand. There is always the option to close it or don’t show it again, but regardless of whichever you choose, it stills comes back! Talk about pop-up ads, but the content and features this app provides for readers and authors is great! Overall, I do hope they consider the pop-up problem soon!

  7. I’ve used Webtoon for years and really enjoyed it. I didn’t even mind when they introduced coins. However, these event pop-ups that show every time I open the app have gotten out of hand. Even if I click “don’t show again” I get the same pop up next time I open it! I used to use this app several times a day, whenever I had the freetime to read a few episodes. Now I don’t want to open it because I dread the pop ups the come up, especially when there’s four in a row. Just let me read my comics!

  8. I do love the stories, but I’ve been unable to purchase coins for weeks. I’ve emailed directly, used their messaging with customer care (only to be asked up upload my screen shot that shows what version I’m using over and over). It’s really obnoxious. The other this, like many other users have pointed out, that the need to buy coins in order to read further has gotten out of hand.

  9. I’ve been on webtoon since its release. It has come a long way and I have loved being a part of supporting webtoon and reading alot of amazing story’s. Sadly, its gone down hill recently. In the last couple of years there has been the addition of ads and coins, and fast pass. Which was ok, it was a good way for authors to get paid. But now the new daily pass system awful. Old ones cant be binge read, wait a week for new ones, then use a pass and or money to read. Its better to read online now.

  10. Great app, can be a bit frustrating with the rise of passes/coins/ads being needed to read series but I understand that authors deserve to be paid for their great work. I would like to suggest that webtoons should add a feature to organize series that we subscribe to! For example, I’d like to separate finished series that I read from the series im currently reading. Or Id like to separate the series that are on hiatus between seasons from the ones that are still ongoing. It gets overwhelming.

  11. Sander dice:

    Overall good experience. They have been moving towards an approach that alienates people who enjoy reading completed series. They allow one chapter free per day. No way to outright buy the whole series. Maybe a membership feature that lets you read all content locked behind daily passes? They have also have been moving to comics that release 3 episodes a week, locking them behind daily pass to entice people to purchase and use coins.

  12. I really like this app, I’ve had it for a couple of years now. I really enjoy the content. And I dont mind having to wait for chapters to unlock, since I make sure I read multiple stories at a time. So once I’ve cought up with one I go to the next. I also like not matter how many characters are available you don’t have to pay. Once the author unlocks them you are free to read all the available ones unlike webnovel or tappytoons.

  13. Great app! There’s a ton of really good stuff to read and if you’re patient it will eventually be free. Most of what’s on here is romance and slice of life and that’s fine but I’ve been here a while and I’m starting to notice a pattern, which is a bit annoying. The romances are all slow burn, the few action I’ve read are kinda lacking in actual action. It’s not a fault of the writers, I think it has to do with policy. Also lgbtqa+ friendly with stories and characters that have actual depth.

  14. Been using webtoon for a long time now, but their pop-ups upon launching the app are getting infuriating. It used to be one pop-up that, if I told it “don’t show me this again”, I wouldn’t see it again. Now? Not only have the number of pop-ups increased, THEY KEEP COMING BACK. I’ve gotten the same FIVE pop-ups all at once upon opening the app on several occasions. That’s me tapping “Don’t show me again” 5x just to get to the toons. Apparently “don’t show me again” is just a suggestion now.

  15. This app is absolutely fantastic, and everything I could want from a comic app. Diversified series, easy acess, no bugs I have found, no forced adds or adds you need to watch to read something, reasonably priced coins to unlock new episodes, and new Webtoons added almost faster than you can keep up with. 10/10 would recommend

  16. I really like all the different stories and how there are different ways to get coins so you can read ahead without having to pay real money and I don’t really have any bad things to say about this the only thing is that sometimes it will pause the weekly chapter (every week you get a new chapter) which bothers me because most of the time it’s with old stories that have already been finished but other than that it’s an amazing website and would recommend!!!

  17. I’ve been on webtoon for the past 6 years now. Originally I would have gone for 5 star. The introduction of fast pass and coins was annoying, but bearable but the new daily pass is awful. The use of it on a completed series and only one episode per day? Silly. Now on new series?? Absolutely ridiculous. I love Webtoon, but honestly this might be the the final straw. With the daily pass making things very slow and way less accessible… They’re just asking to be bootlegged and plagiarized.

  18. After having looked at other comic apps, I can confidently say “THANK GOD this was my first webcomic experience.” This is, by far, the most user friendly manhwa app I’ve used. You can read everything completely free, and the only thing that compared was Tapas (until recently). I’m so glad Webtoon exists, or I may have dropped webcomics altogether. Of course, the fast pass system doesn’t allow binging without using coins, but a little patience solves the problem, and that’s really my ONLY issue.

  19. I used to like it more when it was easier to earn fast pass coins, but it’s still one of the best I’ve found to read free webtoons and there’s a lot of variety and options. In fact, I keep falling behind in some because of how many good choices there are and how frequently new ones come out.

  20. Vic. dice:

    I really don’t like the Daily Pass for completed webtoons, it’s annoying, especially when all you want is to reread the story. I’d prefer to pay a monthly charge to have complete access that could also include coins as well. Most apps like this one have something similar.

  21. I absolutely love this app! The art, the story’s, the creators, everything is amazing. I just have one suggestion, I think it would be nice to be able to make “playlists” for webtoons. Because organization sucks, I’ll have like 20 things to figure out when to read. If we were able to organize certain webtoons in to certain groups, for example I’d have, “Need to catch up,” “All caught up,” “Daily pass,” and, “Finished, but want to remember,” I think it would be a really nice update to have!

  22. Teona dice:

    Coins should you want to fast pass fluctuating (3, 5, and 7 instead of all being 5 like in the past), and others going on daily pass after the series ends is quite irritating. Especially daily pass if you read the entire series through and now have to unlock the entire story over and over if you want to reread it. It doesn’t make sense to have these two systems set up the way they are, or even to have them, at all. Otherwise it’s probably the best webtoon/comic app to read your series on.

  23. Personally I think this app is great, it has amazing stories that are fun to read and it’s great looking forward to stories you love every week. Sadly there is a daily pass system that makes you lose interest in stories that have it, makes you just stick to stories without it. Another not so great thing is when you are reading lots of stories at a time, there is no way to organize them or keep track of which ones you have read and haven’t. Would love to see something like that.

  24. 🙂 happy. I’ve been reading Down To Earth, and it’s great. It’s all I’ve really been reading but maybe I’ll get into something else. Guess I should join some webtoon groups online and find some recommendations. The slower, non-daily output of episodes makes it more interesting and exciting! I recommend getting it. Literally no ads, other than the HIGHLY occasional ads for another comics and the other third party ones, both of which never interrupt content nor app usage.

  25. Isus Otis dice:

    lovely, lovely app! fun to read and see all the amazing stories and different art styles, and it’s completely free unless you want to purchase coins to read chapters ahead of time. Only downside really is that you only get the option to watch ads to read ahead for select comics, and then you only get 3 total ad opportunities to split between those select comics, instead of 3 per comic. other than that, love it! I read every day!

  26. Mel Steel dice:

    Love this app and the quality of comics with a few small usability exceptions. Not being able to remove a comic from my series. If you accidentally click on a comic you don’t want to read or you lost interest that series is on your list forever. And watching an ad to unlock a new episode never works for me. AFTER I watch the whole ad the app crashes and the new episode is still locked. Super annoying.

  27. I love the app, there so many stories to read and they are absolutely amazing. The only thing I absolutely hate is that you either have to pay, wait many days, or use coins to keep reading on at a certain point, even if the series is completed! When you finally get to that climax of the story it cuts you off and you have to wait or use coins…

  28. It’s a good app, I like the various types of stories. However, suddenly they went from 5 coins fast pass to 7 for a few. You also used to be able to go back ans read complete series, bur now it’s a pay or daily pass also. Or uploading new series on a daily pass…. I buy packs, but if they keep going up or just wanna make passes for everything it won’t be worth it anymore.

  29. Great place to find fictional stories and admire different art styles. a great way to past time, imo. I cant count the times that I thought “I’d just read a page…” then eventually would read over 20 panels sometimes lol its really fun and the best part is; it’s free! for the most part, unless you want to support the artists, which is nice too ❤👌

  30. The app has many talented creators with beautiful stories, but the 24 hr pass thing makes me want to just forget about it. I find it pointless. Another issue is that when I download the app on my new phone, all the progress on the comics I’ve read is gone, but the comics are in my subscribe. That’s RIDICULOUS AND COMPLETELY USELESS!!! Whats the point of having the books saved if all the progress is gone. I’m not deleting the app and no longer find intrest in stressing over where I left off…

  31. 2nd edit: I needed to log back in to the playstore. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I didn’t realize I got logged out. Totally my fault. This app is amazing. Edit: I finally got the email. But it won’t let me buy coins for fast passes. It says Coins coming soon. I’ve been buying coins for years. What gives? Suddenly stopped working. Wouldn’t let me buy more coins. Won’t send me verification emails to make new account. This is disappointing.

  32. It’s an amazing app that I loved to use to read and discover comics but now there’s this daily pass system? And the episodes only stay for 14 days meaning I can’t go back to them once it’s over and waste another pass, making me have to wait another day for a new one. Honestly it’s inconvenient and just annoying, like what is the point of it? I still like to read the stories, just prefer if they didn’t have the passes. And atleast let the episodes stay unlocked.

  33. Still love webtoons after all this time, however, the introduction of the daily pass into ongoing series is ridiculous. If a comic has fast pass, it shouldn’t have Daily pass, it’s irrelevant and stupid to double up on forced usage for already completed and released episodes. Used to be a lot more cool stuff, and coins used to be more efficient, now it costs more than it used to.

  34. The app is fine for what it does and there’s a lot of interesting stories and comics to read. However, 90% of my experience was getting very into a comic only to get time gated by the daily pass thing. Sometimes I would have hundreds of chapters left to read and unlocking one a day, meaning to catch up to the present it would take me months. You can earn their currency free but it’s dripfed and still extremely slow. I uninstalled and will just stick to other sources.

  35. Ace dice:

    This app is extremely entertaining with many stories to choose from and is a great way for artists to show case their skills. That being said, I do have a few suggestions. I think there should be a way to earn coins, not everyone has the money or the materials to purchase coins. Secondly, It would be great if you could sort the stories your reading into playlist/lists. Other than that I really enjoy this app ! 🙂

  36. I’ve used webtoon for a while and have always enjoyed using it, there are some amazing artists on here. But I think the daily pass is extremely inconvenient and makes me want to read comics less and less. If I want to read a 200 chapter comic then it’ll take me over half a year to finish the comic, It’s just a ploy to get readers to spend more money which is incredibly disappointing from the creators of the app :/

  37. I love the access to content creation, but the daily pass system has really ruined it. I went to go finish a comic I had read a vast majority of, only to find out it is locked behind daily pass. I’m not going to spend 1/3 of a year to read the last couple dozen episodes. It has all become far too monetized and greedy for my liking. Still love supporting my favorite comics, but it feels more hollow by the day.

  38. Absolutely love this app, I’ve been using it for years. However they recently added features for creators like fast pass and daily pass. Fast pass is a neat development where you can use coins that you buy or earn to read a few episodes ahead. Daily pass is my least favorite feature ever. It forces you to wait a full day to read the next episode on finished webtoons and even some new ones and for binge readers like myself it’s just a hassle and I avoid these comics at all costs.

  39. Great app, however my only “problem” is that you can’t log out of your account on the mobile app and that you can’t download Webtoon on laptop/desktop. I have two accounts, one for pleasure and one for business and I need to switch between the two but I can’t do that on mobile and that’s an inconvenience for me. I also think it would just be nice to be able to download the app on desktop and I think it’s weird we can’t. Anyway, 5 stars because the app is amazing.

  40. I’ve used this app since 2017 and while I enjoy many of the stories they have on it, I don’t enjoy a lot of the changes they’ve made over the past year. Many stories have started being moved to the daily pass system, even if they’re not completed. I’ve also noticed the cost of fast passes increasing. For new users, beware. While it is a “free” app, it may take you a year or more to read a story you really enjoy this way.

  41. There are hardly any ads, so don’t worry too much. It has a ton of great comics, but sometimes I wish there were more. It is easy to navigate and use, plus there are also ways to earn some free coins if you don’t have money. There are popup adds that are annoying because as soon as you hit the next episode they show up, and then it takes you to a website which is really annoying, but overall it is an okay website.

  42. Juni dice:

    Webtoon recently brought a bunch of new webtoons onto their originals which was great! It meant there were things to read while waiting for other comics to update or while they were on hiatus. However it seems like they’re not interested in continuing or supporting these series (just look how the greenlit series went) which means they’ll loose a lot of the variety in content that keeps me on the app. Support your creators, Webtoon! >:(

  43. This is the best comic reading app i have ever experienced. Barely any ads which is good because when your reading your just in the zone and its good to get a little break every now and then with the ads. Though it would be nice to read with no WiFi. Other than that this is the best. I would recommend this app better than anyother. Good job Webtoon 🙂👍

  44. Though in the beginning it was difficult for me to navigate, I still easily found multiple comics that I lover reading. I have used this app for almost a month now and I am totally addicted to it. The animation is awesome and typically there are new strips to tour stories coming out every week. 10/10

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