Genius Greedy Mouse MODDED 2022


A clay based puzzle/maze game featuring a host of fun and challenging levels.
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GENIUS GREEDY MOUSE is a clay based puzzle and maze game featuring a host of fun and challenging levels.

You are a mouse, a very, very hungry mouse, living in a large underground world. Luckily, your world is filled with the delightful cheeses that you so desire. If only you could just reach out and eat to your hearts content.

Unfortunately, the life of a mouse is not quite so simple. The cheese is not easy to obtain and many traps and puzzles will hamper your endeavours. Using all your cunning mouse skills, like all crafty mice can, you must find your way to the cleverly located cheeses. Can you eat all the cheeses ‘Greedy Mouse’?

About the game:
GENIUS GREEDY MOUSE contains over 100 puzzle levels as well over 32 xor like based levels.

The gameplay style is based on a old 8-bit game named “XOR”, but with its own items and thus more variered puzzles (but in a smaller level area than “XOR”).

The maze relaxed levels is howover designed with relaxed gameplay in mind with no focus on puzzles or time. Those levels is suited for real causel gameplay and fun.

When Genius Greedy Mouse is Back:
This game have currectly removed the inapp purchases and has been replaced by ads. The ads is not aggresive in this game, nor use banners. The game might show fullscren ads in some cases. We might bring back inapp purchases to remove those ads.

You can also still unlock all levels by using a cheatcode. Just search for them for the Windows Steam version of the game in its game forum. Its a sticky thread.


- Fixed GameControllerID and the broken remapping.


21 comentarios en "Genius Greedy Mouse MODDED 2022"

  1. No idea why I get stuck and can’t move. When it goes black it’s annoying. I have no idea why that occurs. Uninstalling

  2. This is such a great game, thanks for fixing it. I love the claymation style and it’s lots of fun.

  3. Genius Greedy mouse the best game ever 🤣 5 stars

  4. Beautifully done high-resolution textures and high framerate are a great showcase for the SHIELD TV’s Tegra X1 processor. It’s a fun game for puzzle fans. Challenge begins ramping up around levels 8 through 10.

  5. I LOVE everything about this adorable game. I’m a huge clay-anything fan. Do you have more and/or any in the near future? Good work.

  6. I like doing claymation so I think this is cool

  7. A little confusing but cool

  8. This is Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Excellent graphics and music

  10. My little sister loves it she is obsessed wit cute things like flying pigs and mice

  11. This game is fun and easy to learn, but gets more challenging as you go. The graphics look great. The developer has been extremely responsive to problems and has fixed any issues I was having. This game is working well now and my son and I have been enjoying playing it.

  12. Was nice while up. But one crashed wiped all prior data ie back to the beginning. No thanks. I want my 1.06 refunded.

  13. How do u get out when u have collected all cheese. Only level 4 has an exit hole. Wth!

  14. Nemt at lærer, men du skal være et geni for at mestre det.

  15. What a great and entertaining game. Easy to get into and hard to master.

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