Mahjong Match Puzzle MODDED 2022


It is a puzzle game that matching same Mahjong tiles to removes.
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Challenge the stages with more enhanced amusements and various designs!

– Tons of stages with fine & delicate designs
– 8 kinds of Mahjong tile designs (classic mahjong tiles, character tiles, Hanafuda tiles, Playing card tiles, Jelly tiles etc.)
– Powerful supporting items that help players
– Arcade mode: Compete for the world best record
– 1: 1 multiplayer mode: real-time PvP against players from all over the world
– Leaderboard, Achievement supported
– 16 languages supported
– Tablet devices & smart pads supported

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40 comentarios en "Mahjong Match Puzzle MODDED 2022"

  1. It isn’t bad but the time limit for 3 stars on the right side game mode is completely unreasonable and it’s literally impossible to accomplish unless you either use power ups or luck into a good shuffle. There’s simply not enough time to do it, it would be better if matches upped your time a bit or stopped it for a second but as it stands without burning through power ups 99 in 100 times you literally cannot win with 3 stars, it’s not mathematically or logistically possible.

  2. A very challenging game. However, I do mot understand the Gold Stars. How do you achieve 2 or 3 stars? I usually only get one star even if I made no mistakes and tried to do as few of moves as possible. Also, I really dislike the “automatic help” it gives you by showing you pairs if you can’t find them fast enough. I wish you would change it and put a “help or hint button” we can tap on if we want help. Otherwise, when it automatically helps you, you only get one gold star. Not fair!

  3. It appears the game is geared to take your time and read a lot of instructions. Not sure how that helps stave off dementia. I love making and not sure this game is the one I want to help save husbands cognitive factors.

  4. Freezing ads!! Have to exit out game all the time then dont get reward! I have lost so many points about to uninstall! This game is fun but difficult to complete when have to watch 5-30 sec videos and or ads that never give as promised for watching ad! Not able complete level!😕

  5. I thought it had the traditional layout. I went through 24 levels in 30 min. I didn’t use the bombs or the other stuff so I just started goofing around with them. I got bored. I didn’t mind the ads too much..

  6. Cathy dice:

    When I first looked at this I thought ugh old.Lol far from it. It gets very challenging. I will want to go back and improve my score. I am not disappointed ♡

  7. The least frustrating Majong game I’ve found so far (for the moment), ads-wise. But very annoying to listen to. The audio for making matches is actually difficult to listen to for extended periods of time, is actually quite muddy when you make a lot of matches quickly, and doesn’t actually make me feel good whenever I make any matches. It’s also quite annoying to play two-handed, as taps are sometimes interpreted as something else (can’t figure out what) that makes it frustrating to play quick

  8. ltyalexsi dice:

    5 stars because it’s my go to game to relax every time. Certainly challenging. Only peeve:- why is it so hard to get the bomb?! Sheesh!!

  9. Clifford dice:

    It started easy. But then it changed to getting a bit more of a challenge I THINK THAT IT IS A GREAT GAME.

  10. I have just completed all 5000 games. The problem I have is trying to repeat all of these 5000 games again. To get back to the first game I have to manually scroll back to the beginning, which is bad enough. When an advert shows up (annoying, I have watched an enormous amount of them) it automatically takes you back to the 5000th game. Why don’t you make it easier to start again as I am fed up of scrolling sooooooo much.

  11. r hyll dice:

    At first it was dumb but by the 5th game it was fun. Moves real fast. Tiles are just big enuff. I HATE the bright white tiles with the bright red signs and the gray numbers. Need to be able to change tiles to something more subdued. Maybe you can and I just can’t find it. They all just look the same. I’m not used to that! The tiles dont clap together when you match them. That’s good for some people and bad for others.

  12. This game can be a little complex just because, when I had finish the puzzle I get 2 stars for most of the puzzles I have completed without using a hint, but there’s a lot of reshuffle so I guess that’s why I only receive 2 stars instead of 3. So, I had figured that if I keep on getting reshuffled then I had no chances of getting 3 stars. So, I rather play the regular Mahjong, if that was the case.

  13. When I first started playing this, I thought that it was just another easy puzzle that a child could play, no challenge at all. I was very surprised and pleased to find out that the further you go the more challengingly it becomes. The ads are not that annoying either. Five star all the way!

  14. Played about 1300 sets so far great relaxer for the brain. But time to move on to a different game.

  15. I think the way you have worked up your tutorial is great for younger children but too detailed for most adults. I also think the progression from easy to more challenging games is dwell done . Most games hardly give a beginner a warm-up before thrusting you into more difficult or challenging rounds.

  16. The point system was resolved, but now there is another problem. The popup ads take up half the screen and obscure most of the game which makes it impossible to continue to play. There doesn’t seem to be any way to get rid of something that obscures half the screen. I’m not sure if this is your problem or Google’s. I have complained to them, and will continue to do so until this mess is resolved. This game is a good brain trainer; and of course, another great waste of time. 😁

  17. Beware! I like the game and it is addictive. However, they refused to refund an unauthorized $100 purchase of coins and 2 weeks later all played levels (I was on level 650) and all coins from the $100 unauthorized purchase disappeared, taking me back to level 1 with only 20 coins, down from 150,000 coins! I contact them and was told they could not retrieve the coins. So basically, I was ripped off!!! Will be deleting and find a similar game from another company. Beware!!!!

  18. Relaxing game. Not too hard, not too easy either. Big bonus for not overwhelming the players with ads, so many games do, and I always uninstall them. But these devs have found a good balance. Music is awful though, but easy to fix by simply turning of the sound. I can see myself playing this game on and off for a long time.

  19. Just started playing this and I see an ad banner across the top of page that I don’t notice with my attention on making matches. There is an option to watch a 10 sec ad for 300 points, but you can just select the forward arrow and choose not to watch… so far I like the game.

  20. One of my favorite Mahjong apps! The ads aren’t every 2min, it gives you the option to watch them, AND you earn their coins to use in game to do so! The clicking SFX are VERY satisfying! You can quickly ffwd thru the tutorial if you need to. Size of tiles is still a nice size for smart phones, currently on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, and not too small where you click incorrect tile. I can go very quickly! The game also keeps up with how fast I click! I highly recommend if you’re a Mahjong lover!

  21. I like the idea that the puzzles gradually become more difficult. It’s a nice change from the standard game where you have to complete whole puzzles all the time. Way to go, mobirix. I also enjoy several of your other games.

  22. Quick and slick. Pausing for ad breaks is assumed but if you need to re-shuffle it becomes a daunting task. Use your head and you will find these “game pauses” few and far between.

  23. This version of Mahjong is great for those of us that want a game we can easily learn to play. As it progresses, it really shows if you’ve paid attention by getting more difficult. But it does it in such a way that keeps you trying, & playing. I really like the pace. Thanks for this game!

  24. So far so good, I can still see the tiles without eye strain. I do get frustrated having to do all the easy ones and wish I could start at a more appropriate level. Will revise once I have played more.

  25. At the time of last update I was on level 1034. Turned the game on later that day and all data lost.started at #2 again. Now the game is no challenge at all. Too easy to get shuffle, 1000 or watch a video. Totally messed up. Puzzles almost do themselves.

  26. I like this particular game a lot. I dont like the games where the tiles “kiss” when they are matched. To me, its annoying and I have uninstalled several games because of this. This game lets me match as fast as I can without kissy tiles. This may seem trivial but to me, its unnecessary. Thank you. You’ve got a happy fan here.

  27. Is there a way to lose at this game? I’m almost at 100 and I have yet to lose a single game. What’s the point of playing a game of there isn’t a chance of losing it? Also, if you have blurry vision, the little tiles in this game will be impossible to make out. As it stands, the tiles are difficult to make out. What’s wrong with traditional tiles? By the way, there is a timer in this game, it’s the bar at the top of the game. The longer it takes to solve the puzzle the less stars you earn.

  28. I am very Good at this game I don’t mind a few adds butt This is bad add after add after add I don’t Play anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. This is the second time I’m trying this app. It’s fun. Not all of them work on cell phones.

  30. I like the game but the tutorials can stop after 3 times

  31. Well when I started to play I totally enjoyed it, one day I was playing and my game shut down. I restarted (I was on about level 240), the games were lost and it went back to level 1. THAT made me very upset. So I started it off again and was back up to level 143, or so and it happened again and when I restarted it was again @ level 1…..VERY upset.

  32. Ok, I’m trying – but in the late 80’s and early 90’s (had to live with 286 IBM PS/1 from 91 to 96), DOS and 16-but Mahjong & Solitaire games were free. I don’t know if the in-app purchases are needed, but 0.99-99.0€ sound a bit excessive, don’t you think? What would be worth of 100€, in game available, still and on Android as well). Somehow I doubt it’ll stay.

  33. one of the easier versions of this type of game to play. I rated another game of the same type on here , and it also drove me nuts with its constantly repeating the same four measures over and over again to the point I wanted 2 throw my phone out the window.

  34. I’ve played mahjong for years. This game is a little more interactive tan those others

  35. I like this game but I don’t understand what it takes to get 3 stars. Half the time you beat it in one try and you get 3 stars and half the time you beat it in one and you get two or even 1 star. There’s no timer, so what do they want other than beating it in one go? Also, the “Watch the ad and get a prize” thing? It gives you nothing. Waste of time.

  36. it sucks , cannot auto rotate the screen

  37. Have enjoyed this version of Mahjong as it’s simple and relaxing.

  38. I didn’t enjoy all the things telling me how to play the game. I have been playing this game for many years and the many things you try to show to make it faster is not for everyone. Some just like to play it to have something to do not to compete with others but to just enjoy. Give the option to learn the other things instead of forcing all to have to learn it.

  39. It’s just fun! I like the different boards too.

  40. Why is the built-in timer so short? There is no way I can clear all of the tiles in 30 seconds. Is there a way to adjust the timer so that people like me can have a fair start? A personal preference 1 to 5 minute timer control for the players would be fair before time is up.

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