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Hidden secrets await discovery
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Lose yourself in a stunning puzzle adventure set in a gorgeous 3D environment. Explore a vast, ancient castle riddled with secret vaults and hidden rooms. Solve elaborate puzzles, uncover lost treasures, and unravel a mystery bridging the scientific and the arcane.

Alone on a remote island stands a weathered castle. For years it has lain dormant yet still the townspeople recall old stories of restless dreams, violent storms, and the eerie glow of ghostly lights dancing in the mist. Recently, a mysterious signal has begun broadcasting from within the abandoned halls. Something inside the castle has awoken, now someone needs to venture inside to discover the truth.

Weave your way through a complex web of puzzles to unlock the castle’s ultimate truth or choose your own path: search for secret vaults and hidden passageways, hunt down lost treasures, and discover the history of the castle and its former occupants.

Take in The Eyes of Ara’s award-winning 3D environments as you explore its richly detailed world.

Tactile touch controls make exploring the castle and solving puzzles feel incredibly natural.

Hand-placed camera design and device-specific UIs ensures the best possible experience no matter what size screen you play on.

Piece together an intriguing narrative from scraps of information and visual details embedded in the world itself.

Investigate the castle’s secrets using a sleek, clean interface that can be hidden entirely off-screen with a tap.

Track your progress and unlock a multitude of achievements.

Play in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Brazilian-Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

100 Stones Interactive is an independent games studio based in Australia
Follow us online at:
Twitter: @100stonesgames
Facebook: 100 Stones Interactive


Performance improvements
Engine update


40 comentarios en "The Eyes of Ara MODDED 2022"

  1. I absolutely loved this game! It has great graphics, a great storyline, and really tricky puzzles. I never experienced any crashing or freezing as others have stated. My only feedback would be that it would be nice to save your progress somehow in case you did experience those issues so you wouldn’t lose progress. The complaints about the puzzles not making sense I can sort of see but you can logically find answers to most puzzles. Or it’s a matter of clicking around until you find all clues.

  2. This is definitely on of the best puzzle games in the world. Puzzles are really challenging, atmosphere is great. I’m not fun of searching for collectables in the hidden spots, and I wasn’t able to find everything, but as it was optional it is fine. Please, please, please develop more games like Ara!

  3. A stunner of a game! Reminds me of The Room series, but even better. Perfectly executed, gorgeous graphics, excellent gameplay. I had to admit that I needed a nudge every once in a while to find a few hotspots. Great puzzles, interesting storyline, and a neat castle to explore on your own. You guys hit a homerun on this one!

  4. (Through a chapter.) Pros: Myst-style art, Hint of intrigue, decent challenge in its puzzles, plently of collectables for completionist-types. Records/keeps notes for easy access. Cons: Several puzzles are still a bit obtuse. (Both in how to solve/where to find them.) Easy to get lost/lack sense of direction. Collectables are easy to miss/obscured to annoying degrees. Starting to feel a little bored with Chapter Two. (Going through the motions.) But it might be worth playing in chunks.

  5. This is a truly exceptional puzzle game. It’s also very difficult and I had to find a walkthrough for several parts. The musical score is superb, graphics solid, controls tight, animation smooth. Fun story, interesting setting, all around immersive and fun. If you want to unlock everything there is to see, you have to find a lot of collectibles that are sometimes so hidden It’s borderline unfair. But it’s very rewarding and I was hooked. 5/5.

  6. This game is very good. It got extremely complicated once I got to the Planetarium. Nothing more after that made any sense, I had to use a walkthrough on YouTube. But please get rid of the circular puzzle near the water. Or just changed the way it can be solved. Multiple pieces moving at the same time makes it extremely complicated to complete a puzzle. I’ve been working on this puzzle far too long. Other words it is a great game, amazing graphics and pleasant music. Thanks to the Developers.

  7. This game is great, it is not a simple one. What Im not fun of, is that it requires too much clicking to not to miss active zones, artifacts and etc. But the puzzles, atmosphere and everything else is brilliant. And I see why some rated it with one star, yes it is frustrating to realize you don’t have enough brains to beat the game. And please don’t mention the rooms series, this one is different!

  8. *Update* Someone else mentioned the blue light filter in the comments, and that solved my issues! If it won’t work, check for a screen dimmer or blue light filter. Definitely 5 star game! I LOVE this game so far, but most of the time, it doesn’t work for me. The app opens but is completely unresponsive to my touch. I really, really want to play more because the puzzles are fabulous and the graphics are gorgeous, but I can’t get it to work! If you fix this, I’ll definitely update to 5 stars.

  9. John J dice:

    I want to give 5 stars so bad but I just can’t. The story, the art, the graphics were all top notch! Never have I played a more beautiful, intricately detailed game! But 1/2 of the puzzles were ridiculously hard to solve because there were no rhyme or reason for the solution! A couple you couldn’t even SEE & it was right in front of you! After watching walk-through from start to finish, I STILL don’t know how they came up with some of the solutions! IDK, maybe it’s better on a computer screen.

  10. This game is awesome. I love the Room games, and this is better because it is more challenging. The graphics are amazing, the puzzles are good and the rooms of the castle seem endless. I have used 2 hints online so far from a hint site (lots of those exist), if you need that use it but enjoy the challenge. People who are hating on this game clearly just haven’t taken the time to think, because often the solutions can be pretty clear, it just may take time to get there. Highly recommend

  11. Good game! Great story! You can see the DEV TEAM sense of humor real quick! I like there are no hints, makes it more challenging. The only issue I have found is the controls. If you back out of the app, to send a message or your screen times out, the controls freeze and you have to force close to restart the entire app. It loads really quickly so it is not a huge deal. It is rather annoying tho.

  12. This was definitely a challenging game that requires a lot of very close observation and creative thinking to get through but I found the puzzles very enjoyable. There were a couple cases where I resorted to hints, but there were only 2 items critical for progression that I personally needed the hints to find them, and it was easy enough to find the help I needed online.

  13. Fantastic game. I had to use a walkthrough for some stuff that is rather obscure. But for the first time in a long time I had that feeling of wonder, surprise and elation when exploring and solving puzzles. Very unique puzzle mechanics. None of the standard puzzle types these games have worn to death. 10 stars from me if I could. I’m positive I’ll download again in a few months after I’ve forgotten most of it.

  14. It’s definitely a good game. Good graphics and music. Engaging, one ends up caring about what happened to the family that lived there. Would have been 5 stars if it weren’t for the glitchy controls when it comes to inserting keys/cylinders etc. It shouldn’t take over an hour, quitting the game, or restarting the phone to be able to insert something. Still haven’t managed the pivoting art cylinder keys, graphics matched up perfectly, won’t insert. Got too frustrated after an hour and moved on!

  15. Very playable on an Android phone, though admittedly some things are tiny! Closest game to The Room games (LOVE!) that I’ve played on my phone. 5 stars overall, though some puzzles required walkthrough consults, which is rare for me. Nice long game; no save issues. SPOILER: Yes, you will need to collect all the random collectibles before you can finish the game, so might as well pick them up whenever you see them. I used a walkthrough when I couldn’t find a few.

  16. Great game, puzzles got harder and harder as the game progress. The controls are a little wonky, most of the time while trying to move the camera I would accidentally cause the fpp to zoom in or move to another room. Slight spoiler but my biggest issue is it would appear you need to 100% complete the game to complete the game. I’m talking every hidden item and puzzle. All in all it was worth it and I would recommend to a friend.

  17. Meh… This game would have recieved 5 stars, BUT…. It stopped working after I got to the third chapter. I had to uninstall and then reinstall. After doing so, all my progress had been lost completely. Several hours of gameplay just gone! I’m not pleased, as other games like this tend to save the data and pick up right where you left off. Also, there is no hints at all to what you’re supossed to be doing. No clues whatsoever. Very dissappointed.

  18. LOVED IT! Gorgeous graphics, great story, atmospheric music! Some ‘spookiness’ in being ‘watched’ by ‘lights’. The story throughout really added to the atmosphere and is unique too. Though the puzzles often taxed my brain and I sometimes had to seek walkthrough help, I thoroughly enjoyed this one! I agree that a hint system would be a great addition; especially for more obscure hiding spots and puzzle solutions. Overall, a great game and ‘free’ with Play Pass Subscription! Thanks devs!

  19. the art and settings are beautiful. the puzzles are logical. some hidden items are pedantic, requiring you to tap on everything, lest you miss something. especially the hidden coins and photos. this became tiring. what this game needs is a hint system like “The Room” puzzles. that would help. some puzzles are hugely disconnected from their clues. so this compels you to goggle for hints. overall an amazing game seriously needing a hint system. very beautiful, very engaging. excellent.

  20. Excellent graphics. It is a complex game with many puzzles to solve and clues. Well worth the cost. Some clues and touch points hard to spot due to darkness. I could not have completed game and especially not have met all the achievements (except for Halloween and Merry Holidays special events, which I missed) without AppUnwrapper walkthroughs and one other I found to help with rotating tiles on a stone ceiling.

  21. Really enjoyed this game! Excellent graphics, solid navigation, an imaginative story well told, good depth and length, and challenging puzzles. Minimal permissions (thank you, devs). Runs smoothly, glitch-free. Not for beginners: it does demand a fair bit from the player. It helps to be very observant since this game won’t hold your hand or baby you (plenty of walkthroughs out there–I used Appunwrapper’s).I like to revisit it. Well worth the asking price; Definitely a classic, underrated game.

  22. My issues were UI and hints. The button for notes is at the bottom right, but notes are stored at the top. This means continual accidental taps of Settings button at the top are irritating. This game is complex and the notes are vague so sometimes you keep searching and can’t figure out how to move forward. I finally used a walkthrough cuz the in-game hint options didn’t work right. Some people will not like this fact. I loved the storyline and will replay. Suggest making player the niece.

  23. Honestly it’s more of a search and find than a puzzle game, and I found myself increasingly annoyed with the puzzles (particularly in the last area) and forcing myself through for the subplot. I think it’s incredible as an indie project and a work of art, but I don’t think it’s a game I would recommend

  24. The game is good but lacks direction. Thankfully for YouTube walkthrough. However I didn’t finish because even with the walkthrough level 3 roof tiles was impossible for me to figure out. Sucks because I was enjoying the game. Could really use some kind of hint button. The room games even give you a small hint to help direct you in the right direction.

  25. Fantastic adventure puzzle game. One of of the longest I’ve played in a while. There are a few extraordinarily difficult puzzles that stumped me even though I have a strong mathematics background. I think I first resorted to a walkthrough’s help in chapter 3 and referenced it a couple more times to make it to the end.

  26. Very engaging and complex. The art is lovely and detailed and most of the puzzles are challenging but not impossible. Having the option to light up important items makes the general dimness less of a problem. My one dislike is that some puzzles have very specific controls that must be set just so, but the actual control is not precise enough (the ossiloscope took nearly 15 minutes to set, not because i didnt know the setting, but because the dials delayed and overshot.)

  27. There is way too much going on for phone play. Things are difficult to see. You have to tap everywhere just to find what is playable. I like more logic, less hide and seek. A larger device may be a little more enjoyable, buy not sure it would make a difference. The coins and little men are just tedious. I loved The Room series and Davinci. This is ok, but you’ll be disappointed if you’re expecting/hoping for the same.

  28. Awesome story very immersive and challenging puzzlles. Would give 5 stars but theres still some glitches. Found the 1/1 artwork and it only says ive acquired it if im in the location i found it. I did get it on sale, but for spending some monet for a game i would hope these issues can be addressed and fixed. Overall great job awesome and beautiful game! Edit: i see now that there’s new collectables in different areas. Interesting! Glad to see its potentially a longer game !!

  29. A great game worth the money in time and effort. Great graphics and game play. Finding various items can be tedious. Some puzzles, in my option, are unsolvable without online walk through. Brick wall is one. Creating the energy orb has no completion indicator. What’s the lever socket in subterranean room off the first floor study for? I will buy more of your games at this quality.

  30. Beautiful game but just got tired of having to use a walkthru and going back and forth trying to figure out which door led to where I was trying to go – NEEDS a map at the least, and a hint system would be useful. Ultimately not enjoyable enough for me to keep playing but definitely try it!

  31. Overall a really great game. The puzzles varied nicely from easy to hard, and the clues not too obscure. Very impressive for an indy developer and better than many I’ve played from big name companies. I really liked the additional puzzle solving you can optionally do after completing the main quest, and the disabling of puzzles and clues once you’ve solved them is something I wish all games would do. I’d definitely purchase another puzzle game from this developer.

  32. The game was interesting but too much story. Found unless I had brightness up very high it was too dark to see objects which eats battery. Had to follow a walkthrough to complete. Super frustrating puzzles in last chapter and epilogue. Not a fan of moving puzzle pieces to an exact place and it changes another. Also last puzzle requiring maths calculations makes it harder for those without the ability to work it out in their head and was hard to figure out why you would need to do it that way.

  33. Haleigh S dice:

    Easy to get lost, no clear objective and no hint feature or assistance that leads you forward. Some puzzles make zero sense, take extraordinary amount of time or force you to find a walk through. Never enjoyed games that basically require a walk through to progress. Definitely needs something to guide you, the entire map is a maze that loops back to the beginning with no explanation. Got too frustrated flipping between walk through and game to finish.

  34. It gets boring and frustrating with the nonsense sequence of actions you need to accomplish to succeed in the quest. And to add more to the injury, there are tons of doors that gets you confused all the time making you entering the wrong room every single time. Fans of The Room series, I do not recommend this game.

  35. This looked like yet another beautifully rendered but simple point and click game, but turned out to be anything but. A great storyline, intricate puzzles, and very atmospheric setting make The Eyes of Ara a compelling and enjoyable adventure game.

  36. Played this for four hours straight. That’s probably not healthy, but hey, I’m hooked! Good for anyone who likes a challenge with puzzles and likes a game where stories and puzzles combine in new, exciting, and interesting ways.

  37. Brilliant game! The main puzzles are easy enough, but there are extra bits hidden here, there, and everywhere, which were a lot of fun to find. Very well constructed and nicely designed. Great to follow the story along in the diary bits as well.

  38. Where to start, story lines lead nowhere. You don’t find out where any of the original characters are or went. You don’t find Catherine’s room nor does her existence help the story. No hints, left to just figure stuff out (if possible), nothing like The Room or House Of Da Vinci. The graphics are great and loved the castle but the story line is disappointing. Lights aren’t spirits but robots (spoiler alert). You don’t know why they follow you or anyone! You don’t learn who you are. Not great.

  39. Lil dice:

    Good game, reminds me of Myst & I wish there were more like it……But…..very hard towards the end trying to work out the puzzles or what to do next. I was wandering around without any items in the last ⅓ of the game so no clue what to do. In the end I used a walkthrough most of the time pretty much from the planetarium. The mathematical puzzle at the end made no sense even with the answer. Apart from the end I enjoyed the game, nice graphics. Just needed to make a bit more sense sometimes.

  40. The game is good. Puzzles, atmosphere, etc. Though it is not perfect. The elements are too small for the phone screen. Some puzzles are making you stuck forever. Many things depend on clicking on the right pixel. At the end, I had to go to walk through on the internet to unblock myself. Though in general is good. Spent like a month to pass it all.

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