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Solve puzzles to unlock adventures & turn the farm into a paradise!
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Welcome to Fiona’s Farm! The most exciting farm adventure full of mysteries and drama. Solve colorful blast puzzles to earn energy and coins. Then, use them to help Fiona renovate the damaged buildings and hearten the farm. A breathtaking journey awaits!

Let us quickly introduce our lovely Fiona and her story;
Right after leaving her fiance at the altar, Fiona moves to the countryside to help her Grandma. Fully dedicated to repairing the farm after the horrifying hurricane, Fiona finds peace in nature. But then, her father’s past starts to haunt her. Along the way, of course, a new love story also begins!

!!!The only game in the market to combine farm & adventure & puzzle genres. Be among the first ones to discover!!!

Do you know the best part??? It is completely free with NO ADS and NO Wi-Fi.

EXCITED? Here are the main features;

RELAX: Escape from the chaos of the city and find peace at your spacious farm. Sit back & enjoy!

UNIQUE PUZZLE LEVELS: Your daily dose of brain teasers to keep a healthy mind! Blast through levels with challenging obstacles by using amazing power-ups and boosters. Continue to earn great prizes level after level!

ASTONISHING ADVENTURES: Complete challenging quests to unlock and discover numerous dazzling areas with Fiona, accompany her throughout the journey and help her to solve the mystery about her father!

Meet new CHARACTERS: Encounter interesting characters and catch up with their compelling stories. Witness the start of a new relationship between Fiona and Jake!

FARM: Farming has never been this entertaining. Grow crops such as corn and wheat, feed the cute animals to produce milk, eggs and so many more. Upgrade and increase productivity to fulfill the daily orders and earn cool rewards.

RENOVATE & DECORATE: Select the items that suit your taste and design the farm as you wish!

Although Fiona’s memorable journey has just begun, there are numerous updates on the way to further expand the story with brand new puzzle levels.

Download now and start building your journey with Fiona!

Additional Information:
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40 comentarios en "Fiona’s Farm FULL"

  1. Update: I check in on the game daily and have seen no opportunities to earn energy. You need to create mini events on the home page at least. I still have the same issue.The game is great. The graphics are awesome. The game play is very restricted after the intro energy is gone. The only way to get energy is to beat levels and sometimes it takes days to beat it. Then you only get 15 energy and you have to spend it all on supplies to keep the farm going. There’s nothing left for exploring.

  2. I downloaded this game about 2weeks ago I guess and I’m on level 947. I’ve literally spent zero dollars on this game thus far and I love there is no pop up ads and the fact that I can play offline. I’m waiting on new adventures, but no complaints, I realize it takes time to make a good game, plus I can still play levels. Some levels are harder, sometimes it takes a few tries to beat them but so far nothing impossible. I enjoy playing and I look forward to new adventures. Definitely recommend!

  3. I’m a gamer & this a great game! However, the levels are too hard for children,I’m an adult & some take to much time & all the boosts just to get back to the story! I’ll be back to play again some time down the road as I feel game needs improvement to simplify the levels for all ages, not just for adults! Graphics are great! Story line is fun! Make it kid playable!!! THX!

  4. Pay to play definitely. I have played and am only on level 10 and in order to get to that level I had to buy packages or gold or both. I tried to replay thr levels. 10 or more retries and still could not pass the levels. I am not talking higher levels, I am talking lower levels. I love the storyline. Just frustrated as get out. 😒 I understand that you are trying to make it fun for all, however for people that are still learning strategy this game is too hard which is BS.

  5. This game was fun at first and yes, there are no annoying ads but as you play on, it becomes obvious that they make it way harder so you need to purchase items just to win levels. Everytime you turn around there is a pop-up to make a purchase. Just annoying enough to uninstall the app. Also, the levels become so hard that you have to play the levels over & over; so frustrating. Lastly, there’s little chance to win game helps, especially when it becomes too hard to advance. Good bye😔

  6. M Griff dice:

    Started out fun but like most of the reviews, the puzzles are too difficult. I lost interest after playing the same puzzle countless times for an hour for 15 energy points. I understand games aren’t always supposed to be easy, but this one gets to the point to where it is no longer enjoyable. I’ll find something else to play that I actually enjoy playing.

  7. It’s an interesting mix of different popular game mechanics. Block matching for coins and energy to use around the farm. Gathering and crafting items you need to both repair and run the farm. My favorite thing? THE AD WAS HONEST. The game AND PLOT in the ad are the actual game and plot. Cannot say enough how much I appreciate that, game developers. Thank you!

  8. GREAT GAME! So, why the 1 star rating? Ah, because there’s a catch. Truly, the game is great…UNTIL you get to around Level 200. Then, it becomes unplayable; almost demanding real money to conquer levels and move forward. You go from fun, playable puzzles to levels with less than 15 turns and terribly hard algorithms. It’s a shame really. IF there was an even playing field past Lvl200, I’d be happy to give this game 5 stars. But, it’s the classic bait & switch routine. Get you hooked & then $$$

  9. Very exciting game. But when the only thing that revives is the heart & not the energy or coins then this becomes a problem. We spend so much time playing the puzzles to get energy & then it takes so much Hearts to play the puzzles that we can’t get the energy to finish the quest & we can’t get the tools to help with the puzzles to complete the quest this would be something to consider so that we may be able to complete our tasks at hand. Experience for planting. But do love this game very much.

  10. Levels go from playable to impossible. You can play the game until about level 200 then it becomes almost impossible to pass a regular level. It takes DAYS of attempting to past a reg level and that’s not even the hard or super hard levels. Makes the game not worth playing any longer. You keep saying,”some levels are harder than others, but all can be passed without booster,” not buying it. You get stuck for DAYS on 1 level and it’s no longer fun to play.

  11. It’s a fun game but out of levels! I noticed they added “earning energy” to some of the rewards on the “Best of the Best” section and you ABSOLUTELY need to do more of that! I understand you have to wait to create more levels to update the game however, we all still want to move forward in creating our farm! We need supplies to continue and it is NOT fair to stop all opportunities to earn energy because we are waiting for new levels. Please we need the opportunity to earn that!! Thanks

  12. This game is Awesome! No ads, able to restore energy by playing levels, good story line, power ups are cool. Especially when you get them the for the first time in a new level and it’s unlimited during that level. Did I mention no ads! I’m loving this game. Please keep it ad free.

  13. Game just wants you to spend real money! Been stuck on a level for 2 days now, just a regular level not a hard or super hard one. Can’t do task without upgrading, can’t upgrade without items you get from board or leveling up which can’t be done without energy. They are constantly posting 1 lives when you run out of the 5 they give you then you have to wait forever for a live or spend 900 coins which is next to impossible to get. At first it was easy to get coins and energy

  14. Game has a lot of features that make it fun to play. That being said, it takes too long to recoup lives. Levels are difficult ( and that is the easy ones). Like all games, wants money to progress. People are more apt to spend a little here and there if one could get through the easy levels a bit quicker.

  15. Michele M dice:

    I uninstalled it. I COULD have fallen in love with this one. The perfect challenge quickly became a super hard challenge. Energy is used to fix, remove, grow, etc. Energy points- go fast. Overall, I do enjoy the quests and the game play. Except for the fact that passing a level, while doable according to the developers, will take all 5 hearts. A few times. So, in a sense they’re right, but they forgot to tell you that boosters are crazy expensive. Level 200 and it’s a struggle. Good luck

  16. I really enjoying it so far! It’s a little bit more unique than most overdone puzzle games. No annoying ads and I love that you can play it offline! I’ll see if I end up changing my rating. I’ll keep playing for now. Update: I changed it to 4 stars because some of the levels are way too hard. :/ Playing levels is the only current way to gain energy which is frustrating. I wish we could watch an ad or 2 every day to get like 30+ energy. I’m sad bc I was rly beginning to like this game.

  17. Love this game, but I agree with some of the reviewers that there needs to be more ways of acquiring energy. Even small mundane tasks on the farm should offer energy or there should be bundles/treasures of it. When you get stuck on a Super Hard level, it’s impossible to progress along the storyline and easy to quickly run out of resources, etc. Something to consider!

  18. Loved this game at first. Yes the puzzles got more and more challenging as the game went on. I was still enjoying it. Then into the level 700s the puzzles got impossible. I no longer enjoy playing the same level over and over again trying to beat it. I put a small fortune into playing this game. I still have 3 hours playtime left on it. But after playing the same level 20 times, I’m absolutely hating it. They can keep the time I have left. I just can’t play the same level one more time.

  19. So far, I love it! The levels are getting harder, but if it doesn’t get too hard I’m hooked. No fun when it becomes too much of a challenge. Life is challenging, games are for entertaining me.😎 Update, worked for several days to finally pass, very next one,same thing. I don’t want to struggle like in life. I’m out. I stand by what I said. If it takes more then 3 darn days to clear that stuff and get needed lightning bolts without cash money, then it’s work, not relaxation guys. God bless you

  20. Well, my experience was great when I started playing. Now not so much. I used to be able to actually PLAY the game. Now I can ONLY do deliveries. I can play side games, but barely ever get any energy. It’s ridiculous. I can’t do the quests without any energy. Now that my delivery supplies have dwindled I’m unable to finish deliveries too. I’m on disability, I can’t buy the stuff to get through the side games to get any energy. Most games at least allow you to continue playing, just slower.

  21. Very original, I really like the concept of a match 3 and farm building/restoration rolled into one. The fact that we can earn the energy makes the game so much more enjoyable and longer game play. All the others I have played you run through energy so quickly you might have 5 minutes game play until hours later. I just like the idea of 3 games in one and it’s offline to be played anywhere. Great job on putting this idea together. Just started playing but can see myself playing for a long time.

  22. Mimi dice:

    i am stuck on level 90 spent a lot of time playing and never getting it done. i am not impressed with this … i think i must have played at least 30 times now. NOT a happy camper. I was hoping this was a good game. I don’t mind a harder level but it should let you win in due time. That’s why i gave it a 2 for now!! =( I love the story line and all the tasks but not being able to get past this level is frustrating!

  23. Mandy dice:

    This game is so cute, I love that you can earn energy through the mini game there’s lots of events that you can actually win. (My fav is the rabbit home 🐇). Only thing I don’t like is the space between decor it would be nice if you could put them closer to other things like flowers next to house instead of having such a large gap required between them. I’d love to see maybe some outfits we can win in events or something to customize our character. Super cute game and fun 😊

  24. Pretty fun and I love the fact you can play levels and get energy. I build up energy and clear land and do tasks. Way better then having to wait forever for 30 energy and remove 1 little item and wait an hour , and forget taking 20 years to clear big stuff. I just play levels get up tons of what I need and tackle the object. Love it!!! Thank you.

  25. Really Fun! The storyline is great and the game play is challenging but not overly aggravating, yet. I’m only on level 4, so I’m still at easy enough match-2 levels. I like that I can earn energy and coins by winning match levels, but why only 15 energy, no matter how many coins? The graphics are very good.

  26. This game is fun at first, but all too soon it became a chore to play. Never enough energy to go more than a few steps in the map. And it takes way too long for the energy to refill on it’s own. With all of this stacked against you, it makes any of the achievements unattainable and you will then need to bail yourself out with real money. There are just not enough opportunities or resources to perpetuate sustainable game play without buying your way forward. Frustrating and boring! Deleted.

  27. Awesome game! I need more levels I reached level 16 and ran out of task but I kept playing to build up energy. Now I’ve beat the last level! While upgrading and adding more chapters, could you fix it where you can pause the game so the hearts(lives) don’t run out when you’re not playing. Also could you consider making it where you can use the extra & unlimited lives when you want to. I don’t know anyone who can play a game for six hours straight. It’s a waste of money and unhealthy. Thank You!

  28. So far it’s been fun and great easy to use. It would be nice to have a choice to clear areas up since it’s obviously needs to be done any ways. And I’m an adult why the grade school leading to each game, can be demeaning after a while. Fun as long as energy is possible. Story line is similar to other games of similar types, but is interesting. Don’t forget to have fun 😜.

  29. I agree with everybodies reviews, and must say. If puzzles you like then this is the game for you. No ads which is good and the energy runs out quick. Level 7 in the game and level 79 in puzzles im sick of puzzles. And all the quests require alot of energy which im not prepared to pay for. And to top it off they want you to spend money on bundles which quite often pop up. No thanks not for me. Time to uninstall

  30. Just started playing. Story line, so far – ok. Well my update after 1 week play: Lives go quickly while trying to do the puzzles. Which get almost impossible to beat…if you dont spend real $$. But being you need to have energy to do things…like clearing brush or trees to get tasks done. If you dont beat levels -you dont get energy. Making it a vicious circle to try, play, OR enjoy. Will I continue & Would I suggest it to someone else. Nope. Uninstalling. Not sorry.

  31. Challenging and addictive. It is annoying when the energy, which can be hard to get, goes so quickly and that there are no other ways to earn energy. It is also unfair that some tasks require you to spin a wheel to complete the task and it costs 10 energy a spin so any energy you have built up disappears.

  32. Just as advertised. It is like a lot of games like itself but it’s fun. The usual issue that most games run into and hopefully this one doesn’t, is that it becomes too difficult and costs a lot of energy just to do one task and you can’t play for hours to recharge.

  33. I really love that there are no adds and between missions and puzzles, you can keep yourself entertained for quite some time especially when you get free lives for rewards. One of my favorite things to play before bed to relax my brain and help me wind down.

  34. As a whole I really like the game except to get energy is extremely hard. Not really an E for everyone. I wish there was a way to buy energy somehow or even trade it with something else. Need to make easier games instead of nearly mine are super hard nearly every time I play to get energy.

  35. The game is great. But energy is scarce and few. 3 and a half hours to replace lives. Puzzles get to complicated in higher levels. I’m intelligent and it’s hard to get past puzzles in higher levels .

  36. I’m currently on level 1270 and I did not find the puzzles hard just takes time and patience. I waited for new quest and I’ve completed them all. My only complaint is I wish there were side games I could play. I don’t like completing the same puzzles this will cause gamers to look for other games while waiting.

  37. Update : Levels are ridiculously hard now !So far I love this game , I haven been playing but a few days so we will see, this game is the only farm game I’ve played. I hate merge games and the others are difficult can’t get enough engery, this game is awesome , you made a way to make it work , you listen to your players. Only changes I’d make is so we could play auto instead of portrait, it makes thing more roomy and shows more , also maybe let us pick the designs , that always fun,

  38. I would give it more stars but it takes too much of our coins to get more lives if you don’t solve the puzzles. Not very many extra boosters either. Not actual money but the coins you earn when solving puzzles. I do not spend my real money on any game!

  39. I have played similar games to this one but was disappointed with them. Fiona`s Farm has great game play and the puzzles can actually be solved with perseverance. I truly love this game and plan to play it for a long time.

  40. Best part. No Ads. Starts out easy then gives more options. Well explained easy to understand tutorials. Cute storyline. So far I am really enjoying the game. Only drawback is you cannot go back to previous maps. Still 5 stars

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