Blast Friends: Match 3 Puzzle MODDED 2022


Play a matching game with endless adventure and fun! Toon characters and toys!
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Get ready for the match 3 revolution with Blast Friends, a top free matching game – Match 3 Puzzle! Play a modern block matching game with hundreds of addicting levels, toon characters, and different toys! Fun toys are royal matching the blocks to blast them and level up! From the creators of Brain Test Tricky Puzzles, Brain Test 2 Tricky Stories and Who Is? Tricky Riddles!

Blast Friends –Match 3 Puzzle is a top free match 3 game with unique elements and exciting gameplay. With special blocks, boosters, and power-up items, the possibilities are endless. Start playing Blast Friends – Match 3 Puzzle today to match and collapse colorful blocks, toys, fire crazy rockets, and blast explosive bombs.

Seasoned match 3 puzzle game players or complete beginners can quickly adapt to the game and start completing the levels with ease. But getting the top spot in the leaderboard by scoring the high scores is reserved for the match 3 masters. Blast Friends – Match 3 Puzzle is both a relaxing match 3 puzzle game and a great challenge. Like other matching peakgames, there are toon and toys all around for you to match and blast. Try to reach the top to become a peak player.

There are various ways to complete the levels. Use rockets to clear a line of blocks or bombs to clear a square area. Or try combining the boosters to experience a blast show. Use different kinds of toys and crush all of the blocks by using strategy and tricks. Block graphics are so advanced that it feels like a match 3d game. This matching game for adults has the best matching puzzle game graphics on the market.

Blast Friends – Match 3 Puzzle allows players to fight against others in the global leaderboards. But the real rivalry starts with the teams. Join a team and fight for the top spot with your team members. There are regional and timed challenges to keep the competition fresh and tight. Every player has a chance to be a cookie jam champion! If you are good at blast games or pair-matching puzzle games, this will be a serious challenge for you!

Join Bob the Bear and Mick the Mouse as they travel around a funfair full of surprises. They are the kings of the carnival castle. From dangerous roller coasters to playful carousels, they visit all kinds of attractions. The bear games with his friends and looney toons will be all around him. Start playing Blast Friends – Match three Puzzle and become friends with these funny toon characters and be part of the royal carnival family.

All match 3 and blast games stop players with impossible levels to force adult gamers to purchase boosters with real money. In Blast Friends – Match 3 Puzzle, there are no cheats or shady tactics. This is the ultimate free matching game for adults. All levels are balanced and can be finished without spending a single dime. Time to crush some candy and blast a few toys while playing a completely free pair matching puzzle game.

Get free rewards using toybox and carnival box.

● Completely free to play, no pay-to-win tactics.
● Can be played offline.
● Full game with many free features
● 100s of levels and a stream of new levels with constant updates.
● Variety of special blocks and boosters.
● Generous reward systems like toybox and carnival box.
● Team and team-chat options.
● Global leaderboards and timed challenges.
● Colorful cartoon characters.
● Vivid animations and effects.
● Relaxing and satisfying gameplay.
● Can be played with one hand.
● Fun for all ages: The best game for family & friends’ gatherings!
● Download this funny game for free.
● Great exercise for the brain.
● Simple and highly addictive game play.
● Play without the internet.
● Play offline.

Download Blast Friends: Match 3 Puzzle now and introduce yourself to a world of colorful blocks and puzzles! Become king of the top free matching game.


Bug fixes and performance improvements.


40 comentarios en "Blast Friends: Match 3 Puzzle MODDED 2022"

  1. xsa l8m5 dice:

    This is a fun game but the cubes are too small. There’s plenty of space on the screen so I don’t understand why they’ve only used a small part of the screen. All the other cube games I’ve played have larger cubes and are much easier to see. There are plenty of ways to get bonus items and gold. I don’t like the ads between levels. I only want to watch an ad if there’s a reward at the end. Please remove ads with any purchase like other games.

  2. Ellie CZ dice:

    This game is Toon Blast but worse in every possible way — animations and illustrations look cheap, there’s an ad after every level, and it’s so buggy. I’m only playing this for the tapjoy reward but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Get Toon Blast instead.

  3. It’s a fun game, except for the fact that the double award button only works maybe 1 out of 10 times; also to get 2 more balls, I’ve watched up to 2.5 minutes of ads. That is totally insane!! Uninstalling. Not worth my time.

  4. This is a really cool game. Right up there with Toonblast. Very high-quality graphics and cute music. It’s easy in the beginning. Haven’t gotten very far to see how fast it gets tricky later on. I recommend downloading it right away. 👍👍👍

  5. Level 290 on tap Champs has a serious problem! I’ve beat thus Level 5 or 6 times but it still shows I’m not getting all those freaky little men/clowns yet I’ve got them every time! I loved it until Level 290!

  6. I found this game Blast Friends off of Lucky Maker and The Graphics are Great, Game Play and Interface is Excellent Love the Bear and mouse characters Love this game its soo fun everyone needs to download this it helps pass the time away from stress, anxiety and your mind Thanks Developer’s and Everyone who made Blast Friends Excellent Job !!

  7. Level 495….??? I will update accordingly. I was very much enjoying this app. It’s an easy-going, life escaping game. However, when I reached level 495, the whole app shuts down. It just closes itself right on down….poof…. like magic! TRAGIC!! APP DEVs….please fix! UPDATE: I was able to play again without any gliches or bugs. Thanks devs

  8. Voss dice:

    Stupid bugs! A dim overlay takes over the screen and I have to close the app resulting in having to restart the level. It’s done this multiple times.

  9. This game would be great if it didnt keep crashing both when trying to watch ads and in gameplay. Makes you wonder if the programmers even bother to test them.

  10. Angel M dice:

    Even though I’ve cleared the board, it will not let me advance past level 290. I have done it a few times, plus uninstalled and reinstalled the game, nothing works.

  11. This game is very interesting no matter what the circumstance maybe it will always be a very beautiful and nice game to play at all times. I love this game no matter what anyone may say or do, because this game will always keep your mind thinking and making new Wonder. 🤔

  12. It keeps freezing up in the middle of play. The ads that pop up frequently take you into the play store to install. It’s problematic and buggy.

  13. Would be great if I could actually install.managed to install keeps crashing every two mins.can you stop it crashing I can’t even play a level all I’m doing is restarting whole game every minute now.oh my update won’t work . uninstalling.probably loose all my progress

  14. There’s your 100 levels. Let’s see if I get what I’m supposed to for doing them in about 6 hrs of play. Biggest glitch I seen is won’t play video for double rewards, free spin doesn’t work nore watch a video for one. No ad/video works.

  15. Way too many adds, one game, then an add, next game, then an add and so it goes. Spend more time watching poxy adds than actually playing the game. Very disappointed.

  16. This game was good until I couldn’t get it to play anymore, it just keeps closing right after opening. I’m stuck at level 244.

  17. This game pays out under the app called cash alarm it takes time to build coins but it cash out the next day but it’s worth it you should try it

  18. Pretty fun game, but tends to just not give you any bonuses you watched ads for, or using tickets to get extra moves at the end of a level sometimes just doesn’t work, or will eat up twice the tickets but only give you one set of extra moves. Fix those problems and it would be great.

  19. JarOCats dice:

    I’ve been waiting for months for this app to add new levels “very soon” as promised. With the latest update, my hopes went up, but sadly, Blast Friends appears to be stuck at Level 700 forever. Too bad, as I really enjoyed this; now it’s just taking up space on my phone. Uninstalling.

  20. Very easy to play, and I feel great passing levels, I’m keeping this game app as something to keep my mind busy and train focus.

  21. Wonderful experience of block puzzles crashing into one another! What a game experience!!

  22. So fast so good I played the game three rounds and you asked me what I think it’s really not a time frame to say what I actually think of the game so far so good though

  23. was fine then all of a sudden it’s got glitches and goes black don’t have problems with any other game just this one …. FIX IT bc I love the game I’m tired of force stopping it tho

  24. I had to delete then download it again. It kept freezing up the first time. So far fun playing.

  25. This is a cute version of matching color squares or puzzles to get to next level each one gets more targets to accomplish making more challenging each level. Have fun with these type of games. Great job making your app so far so good.

  26. D J dice:

    This is my 1st day playing and so far it’s pretty good. The graphics on here is bright and it’s easy going. My niece and nephew can play this game.

  27. mimi dice:

    It was great, at first, until getting higher in the game, THEN the game starts going dark and player has to start that level over.

  28. Love it,need,more of these kind of the game but it keeps freezing up once you finish a level I’m rating this a 2 til it works better

  29. It’s fun but every one wants ratings after two mins of playing. How am I suppose to know if I like it or not?

  30. Just started using this app a few minutes ago but I love the graphics and it’s very relaxing

  31. So Far Fun and Cute super easy, I can update this comment later if needed!!

  32. Enjoy the game & challenges as you advance levels. But am on Level 354 with no idea of how to beat it. Wish there was a way to go back & see the tips on how to delete the objects.

  33. Chez Khan dice:

    Enjoyable some stages can be challenging but that’s what hets you hooked

  34. Guess it’s not compatible with Android phones. Wayyyyyyyy to slow and glitchy.

  35. The game was amazing and good, i like to always play the game,the person that mode the game is very intelligent,the was very intertening

  36. Still just too cute. Characters make you giggle, they look so silly and fun like.

  37. J Vincent dice:

    I had fun playing this game until the November 17th update! Now it will no longer open! Please fix this, I miss playing the game!

  38. Fun game, I do all the work and then have to buy the coins I earned. No thanks deleting game

  39. I was really enjoying this game ads and all, but it crashed and I can’t get it back, its frustrating to lose all my scores

  40. I played this game through time bucks site and with bitlabs survey router they promised to pay 0.46 cents for completing 200 levels i completed but they never paid me , lot of cheaters every where these days

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