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Play adventure games and bring back the magic flower!
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Free to play hide and seek puzzles and mini games of Maze Of Realities: Flower Of Discord where you need to win top new mystery free puzzle games! These thinking games have no plot differences with the original puzzle, and its main feature is that you can find hidden objects and play the entire quest for free!

You’re a missing person investigator. Your niece, along with her expedition members, has disappeared in the mountains in Greenland. While looking for them, you open a portal to another world. But soon it turns out that there’s not only one world, but three: Arcalium, Atlantis, which is also known as the Underwater World, and the Parallel World! The balance between them depends on the magic flower called Anima that grows in Arcalium — its pollen produces the oxygen that is vital for Atlantis. But a stranger from the outer world stole it… You are to find the intruder and return Anima!

🌌 Find all the flowers growing in Arcalium to learn more about its flora!
A continuation of the amazing journey awaits you in the bonus chapter of the brain games for free! Play brain teaser games to solve hide and seek mysteries!

🌌 Show off your skills by earning achievements and replaying your favorite free mind games!
Each strange and horrible thing that you overcome will give you more strength! Play hidden object adventure games to become a hero!

🌌 Keep an eye out for all the collectibles around exploring games!
Lots of things are waiting for you at every location, so play our search games! Tons of collectible books, morphing ritual items, and money to find in hide and seek quests!

🌌 Enjoy exclusive wallpapers, music, videos, and more!
Our find hidden objects game has tons of bonus content for you to enjoy! More missing objects need to be found in our solving games!

Download one of the most amazing free explore games – Maze Of Realities: Flower Of Discord! Play the game for absolutely free, but if you feel stuck or don’t want to solve a mini-game, you may buy hints to help you proceed quicker!

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Play seek and find mystery adventure games! Adventure story games are very entertaining!


40 comentarios en "Maze Of Realities 1 f2p MOD"

  1. J Silves dice:

    I play a lot of these games and this one was disappointing. If you make one false touch in an HOP it makes you wait 5 seconds everytime. If you already played and payed coins to do a side “quest”, you’ll have to pay again if you play a second time through. A lot of puzzles are very confusing, buy iy may be the color contrast. I was looking for a stupid wire for an hour but couldn’t see it because the contrast.

  2. So far sound effects aren’t playing, and it charges 3$ worth of gold for a single extra scene to play which is just ridiculous and a cash grab. Some mini games freeze plus some voices can’t be heard for small periods. Kind of disappointed, I love a lot of their earlier stuff and would pay the 5 or 10 gold an extra scene because there was more to it than a puzzle n an object to find then.

  3. I love these types of games but this one is extremely buggy. Am stuck about halfway through the game, because the puzzle I need to solve can’t be interacted with after having had to leave the game earlier due to rl stuff. Add to this that the music doesn’t play half the time and that it lags badly this game cannot be recommended until it gets fixed.

  4. I usually love all your games but this one is all over the place. I played the mirror beam puzzle and received the paper then completed the task of writing down the code only to press on it accidentally later while looking for a morphing object and had to replay the game and receive another piece of paper which was surplus to requirements. The newspaper game glitches and the storyline just didn’t make sense so I uninstalled. Sometimes less is more…this had too much and therefore lost the plot.

  5. Tim Mills dice:

    These games used to be great but the developers just got greedy. To play it all you need to use at least 90 hints. Not content with that you have to have to use 5 hints to play match 3 instead of the mini game. And,after the latest update (5 mins ago) every time you tap the wrong spot in a mini game it freezes for 5 seconds. Making playing almost impossible. Bitterly disappointed how these games have “evolved” They used to be addictive. Now they are just needy

  6. There is no room for error, and quite a bit of the game is locked behind coin requirements. Waiting 5 seconds every time my palm touches the screen as I go to tap something is very annoying. It could have been a worthwhile game, but I’m uninstalling after 2 hours of frustration.

  7. Dan Hoyal dice:

    The 5 second penalty is pretty annoying but the puzzles are worth enduring. I like the interaction you can do to other elements of the screen that aren’t part of the game like turning lights on or making books for no reason.

  8. The hop game is too quick to make you wait the 5 seconds. You have to wait a long time to tap on anything and most of the time it shuts down w/waiting to try again. Never had that in other Domini games, extremely annoying. Looking to delete the game. Deleted the game, too much time wasted in the hop area.

  9. Beautiful game but very flawed. Charging 30 coins ($3) for the “bonus” games is greedy and egregious, especially when they’re so short. I paid for the first one and finished it in 5-10 minutes. Now the newspaper game isn’t working and I’m done.

  10. This is horrible. The HOP’s are extremely frustrating. If you tap the wrong thing it’s immediate 5 seconds. No couple guesses. It immediately freezes. I can’t with this.

  11. Any wrong touches in the mini games result in a 5 s penalty wait, and I find it so incredibly rude to waste someone’s time like that. The special side ”quests” are very frustrating since you now want 30 coins to start them.

  12. I am loving this game. But I have a big problem. I just finished healing Aro and he gave me the mirror. I put it in the board and started to do the puzzle but then I exit it out and when I went back in I cannot enter the puzzle anymore. I don’t have the mirror in my inventory anymore so I have no way to solve it now.

  13. Might have been great, but glitched near the end of the game and DELETED my entire profile! Also, needing 30 coins to enter the extra subplots is too much. It’s no longer f2p at that point. Not impressed with this one, sadly. I love the others by this developer.

  14. I can never log in w my Gmail. It blocks me every time. It never transfers my coins nor gems. So I am forced to log in w Facebook. It gives 15 free coins but never let’s me transfer from game to game. I’ve played well over 20 of these domini games. That is frustrating as my spouse plays same game at same time on his tablet & he has 15 gems and over 100 coins. It saddens me I have to start from scratch. I have changed my password several times, it sees my Gmail, and immediately blocks me….

  15. Game crashed when using mirror in underwater library. Mini game started and exited itself after a few seconds. Not allow to get back in to finish the mini game.

  16. Karen G dice:

    30 coins, not usual 10, for extra scene is crazy! Game pieces hide behind description when rotated. Lame. Many many bugs. Great art, but that’s it.

  17. on mini games, i just clicked the wrong item ONCE and i gotta wait for 5 seconds. everytime i touch anything, i have to wait another 5 seconds. its annoying

  18. Not a fan of waiting 5 seconds every wrong touch in interactive mini games. With no clear instructions given you need to experiment to find the correct action right?

  19. Love these games, but why the 5 second clock on the hidden object games? Every press you have to wait! Its a little thing that spoils a great game 🙁

  20. Gerida dice:

    I have downloaded the game twice and both times the game doesn’t work, kicks off just after the assets downloaded at the beginning. Please take a look into the problem.

  21. Why did you start this nonsense to have to wait 5 seconds just for clicking on a wrong item especially the 1st time. Very annoying. I’m uninstalling.

  22. Full of bugs. Had to waste 2 passes for challenges as they crashed the game. Half of the soundtrack is missing. No hint button in bonus game

  23. Good game plus bonus. The 5 second countdowns were the only thing that detracted from the game.

  24. Great game! Beautiful graphics, no problems playing, only wish extra play in game wasn’t so many coins.

  25. Good game besides the bonus chapter which is missing the hints button. There are also several items missing in the bonus chapter.

  26. Great game and story play, it was long enough and some of the mini games were challenging enough it took me a couple of days

  27. The puzzle with the fish in chapter 4: nether’s edge is not working, even though I solved it, it doesn’t react and stays as if unsolved.

  28. The fish mini game doesn’t work. I’ve tried easy way and hard way and nothing so I can’t go forward.

  29. Noble Vl dice:

    Its good game… If I get the items from the task, it not showing when I reopen the game again.. what is the reason?

  30. Got really far and it kicked me out of a puzzle and will not let me back in. So it’s either start all over or delete.

  31. Moving the newspaper game, press to check and you have to leave the minigame, return, select the items again, press to check the leave, return… Answer: leave the 1st, select the rest. Bad English: Pants = trousers Driver of screws = screwdriver Hat = hat in one place, cap in cleaning game

  32. Game glitched at the part with the mirror in the library and now I can’t continue. Waste of time.

  33. One mini games on chapter 3 is freezing even i solved the mini game already,nothing happens..

  34. The game glitches out during one of the puzzles and can not be continued.

  35. Can’t complete this game because the part with the mirror, is now gone. So I Can’t get the parchment to copy the code

  36. Love the game, but no hint or skip options at all in the bonus chapter

  37. Nice graphics and smooth. Very pretty scenes.

  38. game stop responding. hint section is not working. needs to make thing right from app maker.

  39. This game gliched a lot. It first didn’t let me play a mini game where you have reflect the light with mirror and when I was watching videos for coins after uning the acid on the photo frame. The cross button of an add was not working then I re started the game and I tried to build the cross bow but it wasn’t letting me. I tried using other item and It just disappeared. I will never play this game again but if you fix these glitches I might change my mind.

  40. Mkm31 dice:

    Don’t waste your time. Very glitchy. Mini games lock you out for 5 seconds every single time you touch the screen. Pay 5 coins to play match 3 to avoid that glitch and still have to sit through a 30 second commercial. Then need to pay another 30 coins to move forward. It’s a money pit. I wasn’t even past the 1st stage before I gave up.

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