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The most addictive puzzle mobile game, have fun with your cute kittens!
Many time-limited events and levels are waiting for you to unlock.
Let’s complete match to gain beauty rooms and design unique interiors, collect a lot of cats, feed and dress up as you like, record your happy time with the kittens.
Here we go! Join the Kitten match world now!
How can you refuse a helpless sweet kitten when she looks into your eyes? Help and care for the kitten, design, and decorate apartments by solving match 3 puzzles!

Welcome to Kitten Match! Here you can design and decorate the mansion with lovely talking cats by solving match-3 puzzles. If you think this is not fun enough, don’t worry, feed cats, dress them up and play with them, etc, You will have more fun than you can imagine! Come and join us now, cats are waiting for you!

Every sweet kitten deserves a nice human. Take care of the adorable kittens, restore mansions, and adventure in the world of match 3 games! Your beloved kitties will always be by your side!

Receive food when you successfully beat colorful match 3 level, suits for the cats, and materials that you can renovate your mansion. The more chapters you can unlock, The bond with your sweet kitten grows stronger! Don’t hesitate, meet your cute kitten pal and start your journey!

The game features:
●Storyline: Decorate your mansions with your sweet kitten pal and encounter other cat friends!
●House design: Lights, furniture, wallpapers, floors, all on your decisions! You are the master of remodeling!
●Care for cats: feed kittens and dress them up! Pet cute cats and enjoy their purring!
●Exciting match 3 levels: challenge the puzzles, make powerful boosters, and blast gems!
●Communicate and compete with your Facebook friends! You can also send and receive free additional lives to/from them!

Make yourself and your little kitten a cozy home and give them a feeling of family! Thousands of pieces of furniture give you the freedom to inspire creativity and remodel when you want. Cuddly kittens will be proud of you!

Kitten Match is free to play, though some virtual items can also be purchased for real money.

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Questions? Contact our Tech Support team at [email protected]


Kitten Match: New Version Available!

1. Storyline Updates:
- 1 new room: Oriental Village - Courtyard Inn
- 100 new levels (Current highest level: 4,555).

2. Special Events:
- New events: Memory Collection.
- New Year events: Spring Festival Treasure, Spring Festival Postcard.
- Valentine's Day events: Romantic Castle, Sweet Super Value Bargain.

3. Optimization:
- Optimization of Levels, Events and Features

Thank you for your support of Kitten Match, have fun!


40 comentarios en "Kitten Match MODDED 2022"

  1. Great game. Has a good story line for all the kitties. Wish you would get longer timed prizes and wouldn’t have to spend money to just get past some levels. The Ads that pop up to purchase things for the game I think pop up too much. Shouldn’t pop up everytime you win or lose a level. Other than the constant push to buy things, it’s a great game. Also wish the timed prizes were better and longer like they used to be.

  2. It’s super and there are no ads unless you get something free. It’s not hard to get infinite lives, and you can also rename your cats. Playing it during events gets you a lot of stuff. I redecorated my whole room to look like I was celebrating my kittens birthday. It gets hard after about level 800, but well that’s expected. It’s a really great game! It never glitches, at least for me. It also works without wifi. If one thing had to change it would how much a second chance costs. But it’s great!

  3. Challenging, Fun, And a great app if your bored! The custom Designing in the game is superior! The quality could be a little bit better on phones, but the story plot is so sadly cute. The kittens are adorable, and the puzzles are fun. I love this game! One thing that frustrated me during the game is that it’s hard to keep earning medals. It would be better if you could earn more medals by completing more and more challenges. Overall, great game! Animation is cute and amazing, and keep it up!

  4. Great game in my opinion, especially if your more into match 3 games and decorating. I love the story in this game, the cats are so cute, and I love their little outfits. most of all the game is free and it has some great deals for things that do cost money, compared to other games. and you don’t have to watch ads! only unless you want to gain 2x rewards, which is fair because their only 10 second ads.

  5. I love this game! It’s a match-3/renovation game where you collect cats, and a cat will stay with you for 2 rooms (including the one you find it in). And there are events that help you redecorate your Kitten Base, which is like a little house that your cats show you. The cats are adorable, there are different stories for every location, but sometimes, the stories are connected and you can tell because of little pictures you find as you progress. But the levels are sometimes too hard. That’s all!

  6. Great game! I have seizures regularly so I use this as an exercise for my mind. You can skip the endings where it adds up your points. There are some difficult levels that can be a bit too challenging though. That then takes the fun away. Sometimes the gems don’t move in the direction I want them to and stall out too! Other than that, I love the storyline and the design! Thank you!

  7. I thought this was going to be an emotionally manipulative micro transaction front but I couldn’t be more wrong. The game is amazingly good! It’s like a pet sim, a match three, and a home decorator all in one! The art this beautiful, and clearly given a lot of care. The levels are on the easy side but that is kind of good thing in a game this saccharine, and they still require some strategy. I really like the coin system in this game. This is one of the best match 3 apps!

  8. My favorite game! The main suggestion I would have is to have add some different color schemes to the levels. The whole game has the same three color ones to pick from on each level when you’re decorating (wood, purple, and yellow). It can get boring after a while. Other that that, the game is fun to play and I really like that you added the opportunity to earn more free boosters!

  9. A Adams dice:

    This is a great game. Levels are challenging but do-able. Kittens are cute. There is an overarching “storyline” of sorts, and the translated dialogue is terrible! That’s just funny, though. Look out because they keep changing up the levels on you, adding new elements. Strategy is almost as good as boosters here so pay attention! You get to decorate with strange looking mid-century style furniture and also dress up the cats. Some of the costumes are a bit cringe but you get choices. Lots of fun.

  10. Zera Fox dice:

    I originally rated this game 5 stars. It’s cute, fun to play with the right amount of challenge. I take away a star because there are TOO MANY events all the time, and every level they pop up a window in your face about it. I am not an event kind of person and just the game as is, is more than enough. I find it incredibly annoying to have to close several in-game event notifications etc every time I finish a level. I don’t care about dessert time or any of these other extra annoying events.

  11. One of the best match-3 games I have ever played. It doesn’t require a “life” to attempt a board, you only lose one if you fail. Plus, the ability to get unlimited lives for an hour FOR FREE is phenomenal. There are no frustrating paywalls, time-wasting delays, and is anything but ad-ridden like the rest of these sorts of games. The only one I have any intentions to keep and maintain by far.

  12. ali j dice:

    Super cute. The game play is challenging, but not impossible. There are plenty of side activities that keep the power-ups flowing, so you never get truly stuck. As for ads, there are many opportunities to watch them to earn extra coins, but you are never forced to sit through any, if you don’t want those coins. The game makers could have used a better translator – The English is clunky. But that is really the only complaint, and it’s truly a minor one. Overall, a really enjoyable game!

  13. Paige Fox dice:

    The animation is cute, and the decorating options are nice. But like most other matching games, the levels get incredibly difficult very quickly, and it can take days to finish one game, even the use of additional purchases, which is very frustrating. Would be nice if they would make it a little more friendly for non-genious players lol

  14. I uninstalled because there would be times I would use every booster I could and still couldn’t get past a level, I just simply got tired of doing levels over and over again and not getting a single reward for it, in fact you get penalized for it. Not my style of game play. Otherwise, not a lot of ads need to be watched unless you want to, the kittens are super cute, and there are tons of special events that keep it interesting.

  15. Chris S dice:

    Cutest game. Cutest cats with great commentary and antics. Was able to play the game for a pretty long time before it got too difficult to progress without constantly needing to spend money (typical for these types of games). So had to sadly delete it. But did get to play it for a long time before it became too hard to continue on. Worth playing it in the beginning, because its so cute and you get to choose pretty items to change the looks of the rooms, but eventually, it gets too hard.

  16. Such an adorable game! Not only are the puzzles fun, the storyline and animations are utterly precious! Besides being well-drawn and animated, the ability to customize and “play” with the kittens is easy thanks to the various choices provided, far more than I would’ve expected. (And the costumes are just the cutest!!) While it does take some time to build up the cash through gameplay needed to buy those customizations, it’s not absurdly difficult.

  17. I really love this game! One of the few match games I’ve been able to get far in, & the stories are very cute. My only critique is that I don’t care for the ‘moving’ versions of the cats that show up between play screens. They’re in a different art style than the original artwork which I prefer (I think they look a bit odd & less cute, but this is purely opinion & doesnt affect gameplay). Lots of cute events with decent prizes. I’m going through the new (storyline, since I first played).

  18. I really enjoyed the game at the beginning, but as I’ve progressed in the levels it is impossible to beat the levels without making purchases for each level. Especially if you have statues to destroy. This is especially frustrating as you also have to fulfill other challenges like filling all of the squares or destroying blocks. Frankly, I think you shouldn’t have to purchase something on a free game to play the higher levels. I have also experienced the game freeze several times. It sucks.

  19. Extremely Fun and very versatile for the most part. I love having the ability to cater to all the different sets of cats, clothes and minni games. Although I’m grateful to the attention of the tech support it is irritating to update every month. Only other annoynce is that you have to check in on the cats several times a day. Anywhere from 6 on up in my experience of the past 4 months.

  20. Love this game. Of course, the levels get more difficult and sometimes it will take a ton of times to get through a certain level, but just be patient and have fun with it. Eventually, the game does “let you” get past those levels you think you’ll never win. It WILL happen, and you DON’T have to spend $$ to do it. I’ve never spent a dime and I’m on level 2,437 currently!

  21. Absolutely ADORE this game so much! The graphics are positively delightful, the storyline is engaging, the gameplay itself is incredibly fun & highly addictive, & perhaps best of all — ALMOST NO ADS!!! Or paywalls!!! I mean, sure, there are a few little bonus items you can choose to buy here & there if you feel so inclined, but it’s not at all necessary. You could easily beat this game without spending a single penny on it. Give it a try, I highly recommend it!! 😄👍🏻😸

  22. I like cats in real life. I find the basics of this game to be great; you tackle 3+ matching tile rows to unlock house expansions for the cats. You are able to select designs for house renovations from three choices. The only downside for me is that the game seems to be aimed at younger children. There are animations that are too cutsie for me to want to sit through (but you can skip through them, I do). Otherwise, I haven’t been bombarded by ads, no payments expected.

  23. Finally, an app that doesn’t constantly bombard you with ads. They have a lot of ads, but, they’re your choice to view them, for extra items, specials, etc., as you never get ads just thrown in your face. May need to pay for items to get past hard levels, or, simply keep playing the level without paying, and you will eventually see a pattern or something that gets you past. Patience. Adorable game! Always different events going on constantly so you won’t get bored. Extra rooms, etc. Great game!

  24. Kelli B. dice:

    Fun game so far. Helping the kitties restore different parts of the house. You can also change their outfits and you meet more cats in the different rooms. I’ve been playing Homescapes for a while and this is similar to that game. Some of these levels can be challenging, but not super hard. There are also no ads as of yet, which is great. Thanks for a wonderful game!

  25. Starts out super easy. It is so cute. But it gets to the point where you constantly need to watch too many ads to get the bonus help. Plus, the new upgrade totally changed the game and restarted my room, however it did not restart the game so all the points I bought stuff was erased. Not cool at all. If you are going to restart my room, let me keep the points I already won or restart the game. Uninstalled

  26. I waited a while before giving the game stars. I genuinely like the game, however with match three games the further you get the less your wins mean. I hate having to beat two levels just to do one thing. Every now and then for big things sure, but when it is back to back to back, it kills the fin and I’d rather not waste my time at that point. I might play a little bit more because its cats, but it probably wont be long before I delete the app. Unfortunate as I really likes this game.

  27. I got hooked right away. The graphics are great and the kittens cute. The puzzles are challenging but doable. The dialog is rather kitschy with lots of typos and there’s some dificulty with customer service answers/non answers regarding game issues. Otherwise, I find myself going in to play just a couple rounds and tasks, only to find myself playing for a longer than I planned.

  28. I enjoy that the game extends beyond being a puzzle game. The storylines are a little cheesy but adorable, all about being a supportive friend. My favorite part is renovating & decorating the rooms. As others have said, watching ads is optional & earn you prizes. It is possible to play this game without spending a cent. You will definitely benefit from playing the side quests if that’s the route you want to go. There is one cat that’s only available by spending money, but I got her for 99¢.

  29. I have really enjoyed playing this game, I am a cat owner and love all the cute kitty’s and their animations! Decorating is also fun, the choices are nice and you can change things as you go along. The levels are fun, I just recently started playing so the levels aren’t too hard right now. Playing levels is how you earn tokens to complete quests, I like to play a few all at once then complete multiple tasks at once.

  30. Super spectacular! Not a lot of ads, the game doesn’t get old, the graphics are great and unlike most other games, they don’t lag, I love the plot and storyline, and how the format is. I like how you don’t have to pay to win, tge game is apropriot for any age, and the game gives you options and then options to change that choice later on. MY ONLY complaint is, that I can’t change the cats names. Otherwise, I totally recommend this app.

  31. Reed dice:

    This is a fun and pretty game with a smooth interface. The puzzles are much easier than other match 3 games I’ve played– I’m on level 80 and I’ve only failed levels ~5 times. They heap rewards on faster too. But the story is much cuter and more entertaining than similar games I’ve seen. Update: around level 350 or so they get much more challenging, and the story is still going strong! Excellent game.

  32. It’s a standard puzzle game. The difference is there are adorable kittens in a cute story of friendship,the power ups are easy to access,the ads are for rewards not torture,and the developers aren’t constantly pressing for money to be spent. There are some very reasonable package deals though,should someone want to purchase one. I wasn’t planning on playing for long. I can’t stop because I want to see the kitties find happiness! The English is a bit…clunky in places….but what the heck!

  33. I just adore this game! The kitties are so adorable and I love designing things! It’s nice that the game gives you opportunities to have unlimited lives once in awhile as well. The only thing I would change is to have more options for clothing for the cats, and more options when renovating, because sometimes I like one style but then can’t find another one to match properly! I love love this game though!!

  34. It is awesome because I love puzzle games and cats. Its the perfect combo of 2 amazing things. If you like puzzle games I really recomend this. The cats love how I add items that are comfortable and each time I get to choose the color of something I can always pick a particular style to make the room match. I also love how I can change the style of the items. Overall this game is really great and really addictive, and I haven’t gotten bored of it one bit.

  35. Great for cat lovers! I like to try new games. I have played many match and build games but I have been disappointed lately. Either the graphics is bad or the match game itself is horribly designed. Sometimes the story line lacks imagination. Not this game! I still love it! I look forward to my new cats. I really like the match game too. Sometimes the story line seems a bit long winded but I don’t care the cats are so darn cute! Definitely a great game in my opinion! Well I am on level 526. Lol

  36. As far as what match 3 mobile games have become, this is the best you’re going to get. Its free, doesn’t have forced ads, and you’re able to purchase infinite life (for a time) instead of just boosts. My only real issue is the lives system and waiting to try and replay a level. It would be dishonest to say it doesn’t fall into the money centric practices that have become standard in the mobile game industry at all. But, an effort was clearly made for it not to be pay to play.

  37. Edit: Still a cute game but, as you progress your “move” amount becomes a problem. I think there should be a better moves available/to how many it takes to clear the board, ratio. Not a bad game. A bit simplistic compared to others of its like, however the story line is adorable as well as the graphics. Some gramatical errors were noted but a decent, peaceful game all-in-all.

  38. Tara dice:

    Much better than other match-three games of this sort. Most of the time it doesn’t force you to use your level rewards on stupid stuff, so you are actually able to do the renovations on the various locations. I have docked a star because the kitty characterisations are disturbingly confused. App creators seemingly can’t decide what level of anthropomorphisation to give their cats, to the point that it is genuinely confusing to try to follow the storyline.

  39. Sadly, I had to lower my review of this game from 4 stars to 2 stars. It is precious and quite fun to play until you get up to level 1600. Then the levels get almost impossible to pass unless you make a purchase of boosters. Early on you can get boosters by doing side activities, but there comes a point where just too much is demanded of the player and you can’t even get through the side activities. I don’t mind buying things, but when you have to spend for nearly every level .. nope.

  40. I have a love, hate relationship with this game. I don’ t mind a challenge but some of these games are extremely difficult. Also, I have acquired two new cats that are not on my clipboard. How do you fix that. And as I have stated before the lives and other timed items get ate up ads and the loading of the game. I don’t mind the ads, its just that the timed items shouldn’t start till the game does. Also, I don’t have facebook and I would like to donate unspent lives,nice if I could.

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