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20000+ HD jigsaw puzzle games. Daily games for adults. Train your brain.
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Jigsawscapes is a welcomed and addictive jigsaw puzzle game for adults on Google Play Store. Get free jigsaw puzzles for your android phone and tablet and play puzzle games to train your brain and get relaxed! It’s good for your brain, logical thinking and memory. Jigsawscapes is a good time killer for all ages.

With 20000+ jigsaw puzzles for free and 100+ new puzzle games free weekly, our game is designed for beginners and advanced players at the same time.

Jigsawscapes – Jigsaw puzzle games free for adults have no missing pieces. You can choose difficulties by selecting the number of pieces. Our jigsaw puzzle game is like real jigsaw puzzles, including photo puzzle games and art picture puzzle games. We offer 30+ categories like animals, sceneries, food etc..

Key Features
· No missing pieces jigsaws: Finish every jigsaws HD puzzle as you want because there are no missing pieces at all.
· Daily free jigsaw puzzle games – Complete Daily puzzles and collect trophies.
· Categories: We offer over 30 categories, including natural, animals, food, sceneries, houses, plants, landmarks etc.. You can choose whatever you want.
· Choose difficulty: Choose how to play your HD jigsaw puzzle for each puzzle by choosing the number of pieces. So not only jigsaw puzzles for adults, all the puzzles are the jigsaw puzzles for kids, girls and boys at the same time.
· Rotate Mode: Rotate pieces to finish the puzzles
· Classic jigsaw: classic jigsaw shapes.
· My Puzzle Collection: Collect all the free puzzle games you have started or finished all in one place. You can play jigsaw puzzles offline in the collection without internet connection.
· Achievement System: See the puzzles in progress and resume whenever you want.
· jigsaw HD pictures:All pictures are high definition and colorful. It’s not just a puzzle but also a feast to your eyes.
· Custom background: Play the free jigsaw puzzle games against the background you like.
· Zoom in and zoom out: By zooming in and out you can easily solve the puzzles.
· Jigsawscapes Plus: subscribe to unlock all daily pics and remove all ads.

Our jigsaw puzzle game free app Jigsawscapes has an intuitive interface, easy control, clear layout and well balanced difficulty levels for beginners and advanced players. It’s not only a good time killer but also trains your brain and helps you get relaxed.

Jigsaw puzzle is a classic puzzle people have been playing for hundreds of years. Everybody should play the game for their mind and brain.

If you have any idea or question for our game, please send us emails at [email protected].

Enjoy our fun free jigsaw puzzles game now!


Jigsaw Puzzles - Classic Game is a welcomed and addictive jigsaw puzzle game on Google Play Store. You can download jigsaw puzzle game for your android phone and tablet, have fun.


40 comentarios en "Jigsawscapes – Jigsaw Puzzles MODDED"

  1. Renee K dice:

    Fun but when I switched tablets, all the points didn’t transfer an I lost over 400 pts. Also, no way to contact tech support to get any problem resolved because it fails to load every time. Also changing my rating to just 2 stars because now there’s NO WAY to exit the adverti sements as it takes you straight into Google play. Closing the app makes you lose the points you get for completing a puzzle. If this isn’t resolved, I’ll be looking for a better puzzle game…soon!

  2. Mary B dice:

    Gorgeous photos and artwork. Relaxing and just as much of a challenge as you want it to be. Don’t worry about the ads, they only show up in between puzzles and are easily shortened with the “skip” button. And be sure to hit the “share” button to export each finished puzzle to your personal photo cloud so you don’t lose your collection. Also, if you really don’t want ads it works fine in airplane mode, which explains the large app size. I’m happy I tried it, it’s beautiful.

  3. Lots of fun! You can choose how easy/difficult you want your puzzle to be, all the way up to 400pcs. Once you find the right spot, the piece locks into place on the board. There’s a cache under the puzzle frame to keep pieces of interest handy while you work. Lots of colorful pictures to choose from as well! I recommend it for avid puzzle lovers. Just gotta deal with the annoying ads now and then, but it’s a great app for free! 😄

  4. Kay Ebs dice:

    Love the puzzles but I think there is something wrong with the ads. They trigger during game play when actively working on a puzzle. Other times they trigger and take me to the play store when I try to close the ads. Getting a bit annoying… Please fix this bug. I don’t mind ads, but I do mind them having a mind of their own at my expense. Thx

  5. So far do good! I love doing puzzles. Cant do them right now in real life. So thus is great! If you could add this to Amazon so I can get it on my tablet, that would be fantastic!!! On the phone it’s so hard to see, as I’m old! Or make it able to do in landscape even though it won’t show whole puzzle, but it’d be great to see it bigger! Love the pretty designs to. Ads not to bad. Thank you.

  6. Puzzles are beautiful and its a great way to kill time, but just one major issue. Ads are far too long. I understand the need for ads, to keep the app free to use, but they dont need to be minute long video clips. Edit: after having this app for several months now, the ads just keep getting WORSE. Forcing you to sit thru ads that wont let you skip at all. Really wish there was a paid version, I would gladly pay to NOT be bombarded with obnoxious ads after EVERY puzzle.

  7. Fun, but misleading. I downloaded it because it looked fun and claimed no ads. There were no ads the first time I played, and it was fun. I like the puzzles and how I can choose how many pieces I want to build. But the second time I tried playing, there was an ad after every puzzle. Slightly annoying, but not bad enough to deter me. One star since they promised no ads, and lied.

  8. The pictures are beautiful there are many categories. By choosing the picture itself, setting the number of pieces, and choosing whether or not you need to rotate the pieces, you can easily control the difficulty. I set it easier so that I find it very relaxing. There is an ad before the game. I upgraded the rating to 5 stars because I am no longer finding it hard to close and no ads interrupt the play. I am recommending it to my friends.

  9. I downloaded this app because I saw it in an ad on another game and it said there were no ads. This is not true. There’s ads before and after each puzzle. I like the app but it was incredibly misleading to brag about having no ads and suddenly, there are ads! Annoying ones that you can’t close right away and open to the play store if you accidentally tap on any part of the screen.

  10. Em dice:

    Unfortunately, the app has become very buggy the past few days and I have to completely force stop the app in order to continue. I have to do this multiple times a day. This is my favorite puzzle game. I’ve tried others, but many have issues grabbing the piece when playing on the highest level or it doesn’t have space above or below to sort pieces. I also really like the sweep feature on here.

  11. Max W dice:

    I only downloaded it because the ad on another ap said it has no annoying ads, well that is a lie, lots of annoying ads in this. They take over the whole screen and have timers on them. Fine, but don’t lie about it. Also, it launches right into a full screen ad as soon as you finish so you don’t even get a chance to see the whole finished puzzle before having to go thru ads and points collection.

  12. I also downloaded the game because of the no ads. It has the most frustrating ads ever. Some of them are just a black screen with no way of exiting them. I have to back out of the game. This week their is so many glitches and ads in the middle of the puzzle. Ads beginning of the puzzle. Ads end of the puzzle. The puzzles are cool but that is all. I am deleting the game now. I hope this helps someone else from frustration.

  13. I love puzzles but don’t have the room and this is my absolute favorite jigsaw puzzle game. There are thousands of puzzles. It does have ads but it’s a FREE game what do u expect. It doesn’t stop in the middle of the puzzle for the ads so that is nice. The pieces move smoothly and click in nicely. I also like the fact that the preview isn’t literally under neither the puzzle and instead is a little image thay u cam move around and zoom into it a little bit. And there a wide variety.

  14. Had to get a new phone, Cannot find a way to keep my game progress on the new device 😡 frustrating! Removing the app since I must start all over… 😢 Loved the game, full board puzzling.. just can’t lose everything to start again every time a phone breaks… And despite complaints about ads.. they only run between puzzles.. so idk what your problems are! Was a nice puzzle app..

  15. Just started with the app… Ads are crazy long here and it seems pricey on top of that… I think this is a firm no on this game. I have uninstalled the game and I am thinking that you should be honest in your ad that you do have lots of ads or you have to pay a pricey subscription to opt-out. Just saying no annoying ads is intentionally misleading and a flat-out lie. Here’s my follow-up, I saw no such option and besides many ads is not “no annoying ads”. You missed my point completely.

  16. B dice:

    While the puzzles are nice and you can see all completed puzzles, the ‘no ads’ is a complete lie. There is an ad after every single puzzle, no less than 5 seconds long and they are getting longer. It takes at least 3 steps to get out of them most times and many times you are sent directly into the play app to purchase the ad product.

  17. K R dice:

    I love the multitasking capabilities within this app. I can adjust the amount of puzzle pieces per picture. The bigger the puzzle the more the reward. I can keep the picture up while piecing together the puzzle, zoom into the picture of I need to and make the puzzle pieces bigger with or without the picture being up. There is a quick sweep button to clear any unmatched pieces. It saves your spot for u with each puzzle you start. There are literally like, endless pics to choose from. I’m hooked!

  18. Love this app. But I downloaded it off the promise of “no annoying ads” which isn’t true. I understand apps monetize through ads, but don’t advertise your app on a lie. A few features I wish they’d add is achievements. I’ve seen other puzzle apps have them and find them fun. Also would love to see a sped-up playback of the puzzle being finished. You’d likely miss it though since you get an ad immediately after this supposedly “no annoying ads” game. Otherwise, the app is great!

  19. Love the game…the puzzles are fun and I’ve done many, just one problem and I doubt that your aware. Yesterday I finished a puzzle and an ad came on as is normal, no problem, I waited for it to be done and immediately afterward a pornographic image appeared, I’m talking xxx, as soon as I exited it didn’t come back and it has only happened once so I hope it won’t happen again. I haven’t had this happen on any other apps so I can only imagine that it’s an isolated issue that won’t be repeated.

  20. Perfection. I have zero complaints. Ads no complaints. User friendly. Yep. I mean it’s a basic thing to do put puzzles together but the puzzles are breathtaking and they aren’t too hard or too easy and if it is too easy move it on to smaller and smaller pieces. Thank you for a beautiful and relaxing game. The only tip I have is to have the picture to look at like we do the box in TRW. ❌⭕❌⭕😘

  21. I really enjoy this app. It has beautiful puzzles that have a various degree of difficulty for each. The rewards system of gems to purchase locked puzzles or collections is also very generous. There are no annoying ads unless you would like to multiply the credits (gems) you receive. While the game does offer a variety of puzzle scenes, I wish it did have a better variety than it does. All in all tho, a fun puzzle app.

  22. I love the game, but I had to get a new phone and sadly I lost ALL of my puzzles that I had done. I had ALL the puzzles in the Mystery Category (about 150), plus the events and many many many others. Request to be able to Save Progress via Facebook seeing as everyone has to at one point or other/for one reason or another to change phones or devices….because electronics do not last forever. Please keep that in mind for your next upgrades on your game software. Thanks. 💕

  23. Was advertised as “no adds” which was true at first. You only have an option to watch an add if you want to earn extra coins in the beginning. You don’t need to though cuz there’s a lot of free puzzles. (Not free anymore apparently) NOW after playing this app a second time, it FORCES adds after every completed puzzle so you get a puzzle, then an add, & then an option to watch another add for extra coin, so the app is no longer a “relaxing puzzle play game,” it’s just spam adds with a puzzle.

  24. Puzzles are great, but there’s an ad before and after every puzzle. Like others have stated, I, too, chose this app for their promise of no ads. This is the only (yet big) reason for not giving 5 stars as aside from ads, the choice of puzzles and categories are never ending, you can choose level of difficulty, puzzles are auto-saved, and layout is good. I do like this app better than other similar apps.

  25. I didn’t give a 5 as I have only done 2 puzzles. I love the choice of how many pieces you want to work with. It allows easy to difficult. I chose to work with 100 pieces. This was hard enough yet still fun. It has been years since I did puzzles. I plan to increase the number as I get further along. The choice of puzzle pictures is incredible.

  26. Diane G dice:

    This jigsaw is okay, it does have Beautiful puzzles which you can choose how many tiles you want to play. I was really liking this game but am now bored with all the ads! ! There are ads however and LOTS of them. There is an ad before you start each puzzle, an ad after you complete a puzzle and then there are the insidious Slide in ads that you get while playing the puzzles. I don’t know why developers state no ads and then add them at every turn! I’m moving

  27. Syd Moray dice:

    I really want to give it 5 stars because there are so many options, I didn’t have to create an account to be able to play, and the ads have been there but fairly non-intrusive in the past. Unfortunately, it’s started randomly popping up the play store, taking me to the download option for random games, which have NOTHING to do with puzzles. Once this starts, it doesn’t stop, which forces me to close the game entirely, and I don’t come back to it for a couple of days. Rather disappointing. 😕

  28. Relaxing way to fall asleep. Only thing, you can’t search for puzzles. There was this really cool puzzle with a blue Volkswagen bug, with flowers coming out of the trunk. I really wanted to put it together. When I finished a puzzle and went to go pull it up, it had disappeared… very disappointing. Idk how your puzzles are posted, but, that’s why I give 4 instead of 5.

  29. As one other mention, the MOMENT you put the last piece in, it goes to an ad, before you can even see the cimpleted pic. HOWEVER, we have to endure the ads on EVERYTHING. And at least it doesnt interrupt during the puzzle. Different levels of difficulty. Good variety of pictures. Keeps ME sane.

  30. The game is good, especially with options for the number of pieces and whether they are oriented. They do as well as possible on the small format of cellphones, too. The ads are quite frequent, which is fine, but they can’t be easily muted most of the time, which is not fine. And occasionally embarrassing.

  31. I like puzzles, but it’s a pain to sort pieces on other aps. I only downloaded this because the ad I saw for the game showed it was easy to sort. It showed the pieces coming all up at once and just clicking on the ones you want and they appear on the table. This doesn’t seem to be an option. If it is, please explain how it works. I’ve read through the reviews and see the ads are crazy, but I might be willing to overlook that if I could at least sort pieces as advertised.

  32. Happy after a few puzzles. Something for everyone to choose from LOTS of pictures. Room on the board to collect pieces (playing on tablet). ‘Finished’ and ‘in progress’ puzzles automatically go into folder. Not sure I like the border pieces snapping in, but, do appreciate the inner pieces snapping in and lighting up. Like choosing my own level of number of pieces. And more options… background color, sort out edges first, and click the eye to see the picture again! Happy puzzling!

  33. This is the best puzzle game out there. The feature they have that No one else does is the enlarged pieces in the tray before they are played. Music,visual,selection choices are all top notch. Thank you for answering my call for help. One suggestion. Make your settings button easier to find.

  34. Lady Web dice:

    If you enjoy putting puzzles together, you will enjoy this app. I was surprised to find such a large selection, as well as different categories to choose from after completing each, and very well organized. There is even a folder for your projects both, as you work and complete! Enjoy yourself! I sure am. 🥰

  35. i love the variety of different puzzles and how it’s not loaded down with adds . I would have given it 5 stars but I don’t like the way you have to be on line in order to get another puzzle. I would like to see more Fantasy ( you know. Dragons, Fairy wizards, ) puzzle’s and more Wolf puzzle’s. It helps to relax me. I would recommend this app.

  36. Enjoy the app, but yesterday the download started freezing up about 3/4 done and the puzzles won’t load. I have updated the app, and cleared the cache, but neither action made a difference. The version is 1.4.1, and it happens with every puzzle I try to open. I have a Samsung Note 9. This is the only app I have issues with.

  37. Very fun puzzle app! I like how any puzzle can be done at a variety of difficulties (36, 64, 100, 144, 225, or 400 pieces). Another great touch is the toggle to choose to show only edge pieces if you choose. There’s a large variety of photos and art on many themes. (My prior review I’d deducted a star for ads without indicator of length that were difficult-to-close, but not long after I posted, that type of ad stopped appearing, and I also got a reply from the developers. Great response.)

  38. I have always loved puzzles, ever since I was a kid. To find a puzzle app that is beautiful with different skill sets has been wonderful. The limited ads and the fact that it’s free are just the icing and cherry. The only thing I’d like to see added is the option for more pieces. Other than little things this app is perfect. Definitely my favorite app and my go to for all mood categories.

  39. I saw an ad for this game that said “no annoying ads”. I have played games where every few moves you get an ad, after every level, etc. This one seems to give me an ad when I finish a few puzzled or when I open the app, it has never interrupted my play. I can also skip the ads after five seconds. As for the play itself, I like the puzzle options and selecting my difficulty. It’s not the same as a real puzzle, but it helps keep my anxiety in check in a pinch. It takes my mind off of my mind.

  40. It’s the perfect way to unwind in bed as an alternative to reading. It has the potential to be more more difficult, but as is, it’s a great relaxation aid. The pieces are already aligned the core way, no need to rotate pieces to find the correct orientation. One pice that maybe makes it overly simplified is the edge pieces automatically click into place if you keep moving it along the edge. Extremely few ads. As already stated, the perfect relaxation aid.

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