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🏠 Bored at home? Have a blast matching cookies & candy in fun match 3 games! 🎊
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Play Cookie Jam Blast, the newest match 3 game in the Cookie Jam franchise! Blast through thousands of cookie and candy match 3 levels! Swap cookies and connect 3 or more treats in this sweet match 3 saga. Featuring updated graphics, fun new match 3 game modes, and adorable new friends to help you crush candy and beat match three levels. IT’S A BLAST

Swap, match and blast the cookie puzzle pieces and crush candy treats to unlock rewards in a fun new match 3 puzzle game adventure. Match 3 or more cookies and use boosters to trigger explosive rainbow colored cascades. Smash the chocolate and collect ingredients to craft tasty cookie and candy recipes for your bakery.

Relax and satisfy your sweet tooth with this fun new cookie crushing game. Filled with your favorite delicious treats — cookies, candy, jelly, jam, chocolate, waffles, ice cream, and more! Install this free match 3 game and keep the cookie matching action going at FULL BLAST!

🍪Thousands of fun match 3 levels to blast through
🍪Swap cookies and crush candy puzzle pieces to uncover hidden treats
🍪Come back daily to spin the prize wheel, crush puzzles and receive tasty rewards
🍪Play limited time challenges to earn boosters to help you level up
🍪Match 4 cookie puzzle pieces to craft powerful Jelly Bees that help you beat levels
🍪Use explosive power ups to blast candy puzzle pieces and crush cookies
🍪Jam through delicious candy puzzles and collect tasty nej.w ingredients
🍪Use ingredients to craft tasty new sweets with Chef Panda in your bakery
🍪Get social and send Buddy Bees to friends to help them beat difficult levels
🍪Collect airships during special events and blast through puzzles

If you like to play 3 in a row games, you’ll HAVE A BLAST with the ultimate cookie matching saga game! Blast through tasty candy puzzles in this delicious match 3 puzzle game! Download Cookie Jam Blast today and satisfy your cookie and candy cravings! It’s a blast!

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- Love is in the Air! Play all-new levels, complete challenging events, and collect delicious Valentine's Day cookies!
- Bug Fixes & Improvements


40 comentarios en "Cookie Jam Blast™ Match 3 Game 2022"

  1. Love this game. Been playing it for years off and on, because after you get to higher levels, the game stops opening, just spinning on loading screen. So I’m forced to uninstall it and reinstall it only to start back at level 1. Frustrating. Like now I’m at level 6hundred and something and can’t play anymore because the game won’t load.😡😡😡😡

  2. The game is cool, but I noticed a little trick that they do with the wheel when you spin for special moves or coins. Mid spin, they will switch the panels on the wheel so you wont land on something that you timed perfectly to get before you pressed the button to stop it. Its real quick so you have to pay close attention. Sneaky little trick I think

  3. the game is fun; however my number one complain is the colors. they are too bright that makes it harder to see the next move. I have been playing Toy Blast (another similar game for years and finished over 1000 levels) and never had a problem. also, when finishing a game, there is no option to skip the “finishing” moves. imaging you only a few minutes here and there to play the game and have to wait for the game to finish doing its things. also, too many screens to get to the game itself

  4. Really enjoy the game for the most part! The only complaint I have is that the game easily crashes/or turns completely off, just when I’m about to complete a very difficult puzzle (with a very high score), and I don’t get credited, and have to start all over; AND I LOSE A LIFE, AND IT’S NOT MY FAULT!!! This has happened several times; and I haven’t found a support team to be credited for this! Otherwise this game would have 5*! Thanks

  5. game is amazing, just freezes a bit too often. I stopped playing the game because it freezes and I win a level and the game starts over causes me to play the level again. I spin the wheel and land on the coins or tickets and it gives me the unlimited hearts for so many minutes. Its just too many issues and I’ve sent feedback, never really got an answer, so I’ll go onto something else.

  6. Love the game! Play it all the time. Only thing I would say is that after you complete a level all of these special event or booster type of windows pop up and you have to exit them all individually before going to the next level. It’s not really a huge problem it’s just kind of annoying. I know it’s petty. Oh and if I go away from the app (without actually closing it) it’ll restart the level I was on and any power ups I had built up to that point are gone too. So to prevent that I have to complete the entire level, close out all the pop up windows that come up, and then I can close the app.

  7. I’d give it up to a 4 except for the following: 1) The game minimizes on it’s own and when you open it again it won’t let you return to where you were forced off. This causes you to often lose a life and all the progress you made by completing levels & earning powerups. 2) Whenever the game is idle for < 1-2 minutes, it shuts down & you have to go all the way to the beginning to reopen the game. This is frustrating countless times during a day. I keep playing because I'm earning PayPal $$$$$.

  8. the neon bright colors are distracting to me. othrwise, its a good game. wish i could move on to more difficult levels without having to do the easier ones first. my high level was lost when i stopped playing for a few weeks, so i had to start over. the earlier ones are pretty boring for seasoned players. couldn’t this issue be addressed and then re-p6ogramed?

  9. The game is a lot of fun and very generous with boosters, unlimited lives and fun events HOWEVER the app crashes on me often, usually when I’ve built up boosters so it starts me from the bottom again if I win the next round. That is seriously frustrating. If it keeps happening, I may have to uninstall. If it didn’t do that, I could give it 5 stars.

  10. Great fun with lots of ways to earn free coins through events and competitions. My only real peeve is that they give a LOT of timed bonuses, ie a free rainbow cake on every level for a half hour, that means if you want to play casually and don’t have a half hour to spend, you waste your bonus. Many times I want to load the game and don’t because I don’t have time to play out any bonuses I have waiting. If you could choose when you start the timer it would add a whole layer of strategy to the competitons, and be much less frustrating!

  11. Addictive when it works right. So far I’ve been subjected to flashing ads that don’t work, and I’m prone to having seizures when exposed to flashing lights. Also the game will just exit out right as I’m about to win at a hard level and then I have to start all over again. So if your game stops freezing and exiting and also stops trying to kill me with ads that flash and don’t work that would be great. All my other app games work perfect, it’s just this one.

  12. Winning is entirely dependant on the luck of the draw. Early stages you can make whatever moves you want and still win with a perfect outcome. Later stages are a frustrating waste of time. Special items make little difference as it still comes down to luck/randomness of what pieces you get and how they fall. I downloaded this game as a way to earn gold for another game; I am not even bothering to finish the requirements to gain it.

  13. This is definitely a fun game!!! My complaint is when it’s time to “play free” for help getting through a hard level you may get a couple of ads with no problems (different times of course) but when it’s time to see the next ad it freezes your device and you have to get out of the game. Otherwise it would be 5 stars. If or when this problem is resolved it will be 5.

  14. The graphics and colors are gorgeous, but since the last update, getting stuck on a level after 15+ tries seems to be normal. I guess they’re trying to force people to buy extras? I really enjoyed this game, but it’s become too difficult to be fun. Update: Only offered extra moves (by watching an ad) when I’m not close to beating the level. Smooth way of devs making sure they get their revenue without allowing anyone to progress in the game.

  15. I love this game. It’s fun to play, adorable to watch. I even love all the extras. Definitely a step up in matching games. That being said, it crashes. A LOT. Every 2-5 levels the app just closes. Sometimes on the level loading screen, sometimes halfway through a level!! Fix the stability and I’ll drop you a 5 star rating.

  16. I’ve been playing this game for 3 years now, (currently level 3950) and I really like it, but after the most recent update, it’s definitely taken a turn for the worst. Some levels play in super-slow motion, it’s practically impossible to receive worthwhile upgrades… and the number and frequency of ads has greatly increased. I’ve spent so much time in this game, but now seriously thinking of un-installing… 😢.

  17. I like this game. It’s a little different from most match 3 games in that you actually feel like you’re progressing by baking new treats and getting better balloons. However, I wish there was a way to turn off the voice effects, because they’re pretty annoying. Also I agree with others that the constant event and deal reminders are annoying as well.

  18. Play within a level is fun but everything to get to and at the end of a level takes far too long. I think they slowed the game for faster processors but now it stinks. I keep the game installed because i once found it really enjoyable. It’s been like this long enough that I’m about to uninstall. — Start up takes too long, about 2 minutes. When you clear a level there is a long delay before the win scenes begin to the point that you think the game has frozen.

  19. It was great until a few days before. I can NOT open the app at all. The page does NOT pass yellow page. Please fix this problem! Update: I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling the app, and it worked again, but all the progress I made was gone. I emailed the support team and they tried their best to restore the progress. Great customer service!

  20. This game would be so much better if it could operate without booting me off the game continuously. It seems that, when i get through 1 or 2 (3 at the most) levels at a time, suddenly, it will just shutdown. Then, it takes a minute to reopen the app. Only, to have it happen all over again! It gets quite frustrating. I hope the problem is fixed soon. That would make it way better!

  21. It very challenging. A lot of perks to get you thru the levels. A plus. It is fun, as long as you dont play over and over the same routine for levels. The colors are too becoming hard to match when you have a whole broad of nothing. As it will burn you out quick and instead of being happy one becomes depressed. Like the timer levels I was getting stress out and depressed. I have not run into it, yet. Will rate again. Otherwise, it is exciting, like the very first time you played.

  22. I have been playing this game for several years. The latest updates make me want to hit the delete button. There are no more daily competitions or ways to earn boosters. This really takes the fun and challenge out of the game for me. Not to mention that the app crashes frequently in the middle of levels and I lose my progress and boosters every time it happens. I will be deleting this app if things don’t improve soon!

  23. This game is really good for keeping your brain busy!! I like that there are also a lot of opportunities to earn helpful in game things. The designs are also Really Cute-!! But I will say, the game does lag for loading everytime I open it, and if I let my screen black out from inactivity, I have to restart the whole thing because I can’t see anything after I tap the screen again :/

  24. It’s a fun game, however, of you do not connect it to your Facebook, then you are highly challenged to ‘not buy’ credits and tokens in order to progress thru the game. I have almost deleted the game, which I really enjoy, a few times because I can’t get thru a section unless I continue to repeat and repeat a section of the game or ‘buy’ something. Frustrating! This can become very expensive if you don’t use a lot of self control and embrace losing often. With that all said, it is a fun game.

  25. Out of all the match games similar to this or this genre of games, this is the worst one I’ve played. It’s still enjoyable but way more difficult to navigate and stupid time consuming bits. For example, from ending one level and getting to the next it takes like 10 seconds from all the things that pop up and random extras the game prompts you for. What is way more efficient is to have the NEXT button actually take you immediately to the next level.

  26. I enjoy playing this game. Great puzzles, levels, loads of fun. Im only giving a 4 star rating right now, it might change later. My difficulty is when i turn the game on. It takes forever to load and sometimes the game freezes up. I then have to close out and restart all over again. Other than that, i enjoy playing.

  27. 1/8/20 Well, I reinstalled. Game keeps freezing, even after I reinstalled. I play this game every day. I’ve noticed that the promotion, from silver to hold, for example, has gotten really buggy. Also, I just bought a booster, but it didn’t show me what it cost, just gave it to me. But it did deduct the money. Game just seems to have a lot of little bugs now.

  28. Not yet changing the rating, but beginning to get very frustrated. At least three times in the last week, the app has crashed mid-game causing me to lose a life. Of course, Murphy’s law always kicks in…it has to be a level I’ve been working on for a while, break down and use a booster in, and am finally getting close to winning. This has never been an issue until recently.

  29. I loooove this game and always have…I had this game a few years ago and loved it just as much as I loved it then but I uninstalled it a few years ago because it kept crashing so I installed it again and had to start over but now that I’m in the 200 and as soon as I get to going good without any losses and I’m getting all my extra gifts it started to crash again. I even updated and it’s still crashing. I have won some games and while it was going though the bells and whistles after you won it crashed on me and I lost my streak….I tried for a few more days after the update and tonight it crashed on me again. I really love this game and I shouldn’t get so irritated at a game but it has got me there so I’m uninstalling again. It probably won’t do nothing to the people that may not have a problem but I can’t…I will try again later on in a few months. Uggh it is such an awesome game!!!!!

  30. Usually it is a great deal of fun and challenging also. However the pastry bag booster doesn’t always complete eliminating the vertical column, the game freezes and the only way I can unfreeze it is to close out the game. That means, when I open the app again I have lost the level I was playing and have to retry it. Most annoying especially when I am on the verge of winning that level!

  31. I’ve been playing for 216 days and the calendar bonus is the same as week one. My charges should restart after 24hrs, but when I come back after 24hrs itll say like 17 more hours. I look forward to playing my game every morning with coffee. What happen to the rocket blast? I’ve spent alot of time and money so will not delete, just going to hang in there until it gets fixed. All in all it’s my favorite game. Would have given 5 stars but there’s still a few things that can be fixed.

  32. It’s my go-to time waster game. This game would be a 5, but I just got a new phone and even after reconnecting, I lost all my progress, which at that point was well over 1500 levels. I was disappointed, but dealt with it; however now the game doesn’t fit my phone screen properly (update: intermittently), so the bottom is cut off and therefore I can’t access the helpers I’ve earned.

  33. It seems like the game crashes even more now than before. Update: the game still crashes frequently, especially just as I’m about to win. I’m this close to deleting it. Another update: I went to the web address you gave me and saw no fixes for my problem. I have had it with Jam City games! For example I just played level 5493, and when I went to use the sweet start airship, it didn’t appear, but got marked as used which it didn’t. I’m off to play my King games! I’m very frustrated, plus so many times when I’ve gotten close to the end of the game and it looks like, I’m about to win….it crashes. I’ve cleared cache, I’ve forced stop, and it still acts up on my android which is a newer model. Another update, I noticed today that when trying to play a level and I click on select a booster, the booster doesn’t show up, but when I try to play again a booster credit is gone, so you are deducting a booster that I never got!

  34. Game CONSTANTLY freezes! Also takes way too long to move between screens. This is the second time I’ve had to give this game a bad review for the same issues. Even with issues, I was able to reach level 372 but I’m just tired of waiting 4+ minutes for the game to switch between screens. Immediately after posting this review, I will uninstall.

  35. This game heats up phones. I like it but I don’t play for too long because of the heating. It takes too long to boot up past the first screen. A lot of these games like wasting time and I’m tired of it. I don’t even want to load it up for the daily items anymore. I’m so close to deleting this as well. I almost did when y’all added ads after finishing levels. It wasn’t worth it to reboot after each level because it’s extremely slow.

  36. Great graphics. However, start up and movement from one level to the next still takes forever! The game suddenly closes for no reason. Sadly, updates have not solved these issues. Both opening and waiting for levels to start takes far too long. Update 6/19/21 Tried all the things you suggested. Sadly none of them solved the problem.

  37. CRASH PRONE! This game would have 5 stars if it didn’t crash constantly. Love the game. But with ongoing challenges and contests where you accrue points and money…the crashing is infuriating! I’m so frustrated that I’m taking a break from the game. Hopefully, when I come back, they’ll have fixed the issue.

  38. Nice variety of levels, easy to challenging, and lots of opportunities for free lives….don’t see that in many games. One can spend hours playing because of free lives and it’s tempting to keep going and ignore most other plans for the day (or night)!! 😉 . Dislikes: very annoying sounds that go with the animal cracker and poppler games, VERY slow opening of game when first loading, and having to swipe multiple times (up to 12!!!!) for an action to be completed.

  39. BEST MATCH-3 GAME OUT THERE! I have most few games because of the obvious greed. Commercials are either too intrusive or levels are way too hard so you’ll eventually have to buy something to pass them or play longer. This one gives you tons of free stuff, often a lot of free play. Commercials are only for if you want extra moves or items. Levels are rarely horrible, due to something moving the cookies around. Art is gorgeous, if a bit busy. This really should be more popular than Candy Crush.

  40. Would give 5 stars, but with the latest update I can’t play Ithe game at all. Downloaded it on 2 phones and also from amazon, it doesn’t make a difference, just freezes up at the same spot. Will change score if they fix the issue, because it’s so much fun to play and very addicting * update: the kinks seem to have worked itself out! Love, love, love this game!

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