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Get 100 pics a month on us! Create Photo Gifts, Tiles, Mugs, Cards + Calendars
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Sign up now. Get 100 free 4×6 prints every month, upload your photos & make custom photo books, personalized cards + invites on the go!

Conveniently order prints for photo albums & create personalized photo gifts directly from your mobile device. Ordering for home delivery is fast and easy.
With the Snapfish app you can upload your pictures & access your baby, travel, pet, wedding, birthday, graduation, vacation, snapchat photo albums from your phone or social media (works with Facebook, Instagram, iCloud, Google Photos & your Camera Roll) anywhere, anytime & claim your 100 freeprint allowance every month!

Perks of the Snapfish App:
• Get 100 4×6 print allocation every month (just pay shipping)! 100 Prints offer valid on US app only, see: for full details. 100 print allowance resets each month
• App-specific deals on products
• Quickly find your photos with album or timeline view
• Choose from a variety of collage layouts for photobooks & canvas prints, or design your own
• Make in minutes—photo books, acrylic desk accessories & photo blocks, glass prints & more!
• Variety of print sizes, from wallet size to 20×30: order 4×5.3 prints–the perfect size to order for mobile phone photos without cropping, or try our square prints–ideal for Instagram photos
• Improved prints builder lets you zoom & pan in the crop area, edit quantity & size of each print & choose a paper finish for entire order (glossy or matte)
• Combined print size orders
• Quick turnaround! Have your photo prints mailed, or pick up in-store at CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart within an hour if you need your images fast
• Easy Payment options: ApplePay, PayPal, Bank or Credit Card

New Products!
Find the perfect gifts for special occasions or everyday use with fun new custom foil cards & photo gifts
• Custom Photo Can Cooler
• Custom Embossed Foil Cards in gold, silver, or rose gold metallic foil & Seal & Send (all-in-one) cards
• Copper Star, Rustic Mitten & Snowflake Ornaments for the Christmas Tree
• Custom Face Masks
• Tshirts
• NEW SIZE! 7×5 Photo Book to highlight the year in review
• Black Photo Coffee Mug in 10oz. & 15oz., Insulated Coffee Mug & Wine Cup plus Enamel Campfire Mug to keep your favorite beverages hot or cold
• 8×8 Photo Tile
• Personalize Stone Coasters with photos
• Personalized Beach Towels for pool party fun
• Custom Tea Towels & Pot Holders make cooking fun
• Custom Playing Cards & Puzzle with Tin for games nights
• Leatherette Desk Set for home-working order

More Products:
Order prints, create personalized cards, invites or announcements, plus make custom photo gifts like photo canvas, photo books, mugs, blankets, pillows, tote bags, tree ornaments, key chains & photo panels
• Prints & Framed Prints to refresh your space
• Cards in a variety of designs with back of card customization & return address printing are perfect for party invites, announcements & special occasions
• Canvases & Photo Books with a wide array of new layouts
• Blankets & Pillows to cozy into at home
• Tote Bags perfect for everyday use

Your Questions, Answered:
• Change book layouts: Click on the individual page you’d like to change to see different layout options
• Cropping: Our crop options provide the best fit to the dimensions of your prints. Be sure to review the cropping of your prints before you order
• Free Prints: You may see your 4×6 prints listed as $0.09 before you place your order. Don’t worry, you’re still getting your free prints! Once you’re in the cart to place your order, you will see your prints reflect the final discount. If you are placing an international order, you will be charged the appropriate international shipping rate
• Grid vs. Album: Click “Show Albums” or “Show Grid” to view your photos by album or date so you don’t have to scroll through all your photos in the camera roll

Snapfish LLC is part of the international Shutterfly Inc family of personalized cards + gifting websites + apps


- Stability and performance enhancements

As always, please keep the feedback coming, we love to hear from you!


40 comentarios en "Snapfish: Prints + Photo Books MODDED 2022"

  1. mel l dice:

    Overall I enjoy the app and love having my pictures saved. However, it was very frustrating trying to edit a picture book because when I would try to change something, all my progress would be lost. It took much longer than it should have to complete, and I’m still not totally satisfied with it.

  2. Glad to add the app. Been using Snapfish for years. Easier than ever with the app. Prints make great gifts. People are delighted because almost no one prints any pictures anymore, it’s all digital. Give them a print and they are amazed. And it’s easy and convenient to have prints shipped to relatives all over the country.

  3. I had successfully downloaded & gotten my 100 free prints and when I went to get that deal for a couple months later I went to check out and I wasn’t able to receive the discount again. I couldn’t find out where to click for it. It was suggested that I download to a mobile phone to get it again albums don’t seem to get copied when I logged in on the phone. Had to pick out all the pics again, crop & adjust for a fourth time in a 24hour period, just to lose everything again. Was resolved but damn.

  4. At 1st I thought it was super easy to use. But had trouble finding my saved projects and glad there is that option. Still a little confusing to navigate. I like that it does show you which photos you have already picked. Looking forward to seeing the quality of the pictures.

  5. Lauren dice:

    Apps alright. Basic. Lots of coupons but what they get you with is shipping! the codes I do use you can’t select pickup option otherwise you don’t get the discount. So you have no choice but to get shipping. Still saved. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’ll keep looking around for another print service for next time.

  6. App is fine but printed pics are poor quality. I have ordered from Shutterfly in the past with very nice printed pics but decided to try Snapfish; I’ll not be ordering from this company again. Most of the prints have a yellow hue and are grainy. Please don’t tell me this is from my Camera or it’s settings; same camera/phone, same settings, two different printing apps/companies, two very different results/qualities. I’m very disappointed.

  7. The app itself is frustrating to use. The way it is set up to add and upload photos then continue adding photos to a project will take you out of one folder and into another then the photos you add aren’t on the list of photos to edit. I gave it 3 stars instead of 2 only because I needed help from customer service and she was very helpful. The app is give only 2 stars.

  8. Snapfish made it really easy to select the photos. I especially like how I could see the entire photo if I tapped on it and then decided if I wanted to check it or not. From there you can even just scroll from picture to picture seeing it full size and decide whether to check mark on it or not. I used a promo code to save some money. Make sure you read the promo codes ahead of time to read fine details. Read these at the beginning as there seems no way to go back and look at details of promo.

  9. Where do I start; first off it offers to connect to my Google account to access my photos, so I give the app full access basically, it doesn’t work. Next selecting pictures through my basic all picture album, every other I select it’s opening up the picture even though I’m clicking the top right just to check the box. The best part is going to check out and trying to upload your pictures FORGET IT! I had 135 pics, it took 10 retry’s and 90 min to complete the dang uploads! I’ll NEVER use again!

  10. Absolutely love this app! I never do prints at Walmart anymore since I discovered Snapfish! There’s so many options to choose from to create that perfect family photo to cherish and show off, or decide to make a personalized gift that’s irreplaceable for someone you love. Best of all they add amazing deals using coupon codes that you just copy/paste and apply at checkout leaving you with unbeatable prices, and a beautiful product every time and now your a forever customer of Snapfish ❤️

  11. I have kept some many pictures on my phone for years. I found this app through Google. I had some pictures shipped to me and they were great. So I continue to have more pictures printed for a small album I got. They are clear and the color is amazing. I also purchased the desk calendar. And put all my pets on the calendar. What great way to keep memories. Thank you Snapfish. 😍😻

  12. It has been a win win experience for me. I’ve been able to store my numerous digital prints while deciding which ones to have developed at discounted rates! And, I’ve been able to create some projects also at discounted rates. However, I feel like I’ve just scratched the surface…

  13. Shipping is outrageous here. Double the cost of other places! I put up with the glitchy app before this because the prices were reasonable. But I’m not paying almost $20 for shipping of only 100 4×6 prints and a single keychain. I just paid $13 for 3 day USPS priority of something 4x the weight of my Snapfish order. The app barely works too. Uploading takes forever and the checkout is slow to load.

  14. Wishing that the site was able to save as you go, for instance, Christmas cards, choose a card, find the photo(s), save. Should have a button to tap for choosing another design WITHOUT have to go backward and resetting the photo. Takes too much time to go back and forth through the hundreds of designs just to pick the right one. Overall, I give it 4 out of 5 stars for the input of designing the web page, still needs some work.

  15. I love Snapfish cards. However both the app and the website are very frustrating. The website tells me to use the horizontal mode, which is impossible on a desktop computer. The app keeps quitting in the middle of an order and making me start over. And I wish either one of them had a preview field, so I could see what my cards will look like in a reasonably sized window, before I actually order. That being said, I have always loved the cards that I’ve received. So there is that.

  16. I like the convenience of automatically having photos from my phone accessible in the app, but I wish the app had more features. It’d be nice if I could edit & make collage prints in the app or even edit my saved projects. The 100 free prints is a great bonus, but since you’re required to order them all at once, I haven’t had much opportunity to take advantage of it. Overall, it’s a great app — my favorite photo app.

  17. I’m a long time Snapfish customer, but this is the first time I’ve used the app. Adding pictures from your phone, Google Photos, etc. is easy, but there were some features I didn’t like. Designing cards was difficult because the screen was so small and there wasn’t a way to zoom in as you’re editing, as far as I could tell. Also, be forewarned…there is NO auto save feature! When I was checking on another app, my whole project disappeared and I had to start over after 45 minutes of work.

  18. I love the 100 free photos each month! It lets me keep up to date photos all over my home and office. I also like that you can edit the drops before ordering to make sure theyre spot on. Yes, there’s a charge for tax and shipping, but its very reasonable. Only recommendation is to use the original photo – dont try to print a saved copy. For example, if you save a photo that you uploaded to Facebook, the print quality isnt the same. Use the original photo.

  19. I eventually located photo upload notification settings on my own but not before over 100 dings that I was not aware I needed to opt out of. Thankfully, I was not uploading in a public setting. The interface is a little difficult to navigate as the notification settings were not where I expected them to be. However, I’m hoping over time that the experience will improve since I’m new to the app.

  20. S. C. dice:

    My photo storage app of choice. Impossibly difficult to navigate. There should be a option to view all photos at once, and the app jumps back up to the top every time you go into a single album. Therefore, to find your place again you have to spend so much time scrolling. It feels like the developers don’t actually use this since if they did after all of these years this would have been fixed.

  21. I use this app to print photos for a gift. They are reasonably priced and showed up in timely manner. However, they are somewhat thin and my entire set arrived with a small dent, like a small twig had gotten under my set and pressure was applied at some point in packaging. Not super noticeable, but it’s there, an imperfection. There are some photos I can’t print due to crop limitations, I will have to find a different app for those. You get what you pay for.

  22. Lots of goods, lots of bads. Prices are good, Coupons are great. Prints&books are good quality&it ships in good time. It’s nice to be able to pick it up at Walgreens too. But the sight is incredibly slow; I’ve spent a long time selecting prints to order, then was unable to place the order. The ordering&editing could be more user-friendly. Uploading photos from my SD card is fantastically slow.

  23. I love Snapfish. The software is user friendly, intuitive, and intelligent. Every tool that a photographer needs for editing, processing, and project ideas seem to be here. The products and selection are above par. I’ve done a book, a collage, and prints so far, with other projects in the works. I love that I can save projects and work on them as time allows. My orders were correct and promptly arrived. Snapfish is a great product and service. 5 stars and then some from me.

  24. Love the deals and prints are high quality. The site could be more user friendly. The switch from the website to the phone app is confusing. Placing the order told me there was a problem with some 4×6 prints but didn’t tell me which ones. I had about 140 and I looked at all of them! Changed most to 4×4 which had no discount. Could not remove them to go ahead and place the order. Took me quite a while! This is my 4th order from here. Make it simpler for us to navigate.

  25. The app kept closing on me in the middle of trying to select photos for my order. I then had to start all over. Totally frustrating…I ended up ordering from Amazon instead. I guess if you’re just ordering a couple pics or maybe a gift it’s ok. It’s not robust enough to handle a large print order. UPDATE: I just tried to use the app again and again it is utterly frustrating and nearly unusable. Not enough characters left to add full explanation. It figures.

  26. I downloaded the app today and created an account because I wanted to take advantage of a promotion which I received through my phone company, T-Mobile. Only none of the pictures that I wanted to order would upload. It would repeatedly tell me that the upload failed. I was having difficulty uploading the pictures that I actually wanted, but when I continued testing out the app, by attempting to upload several other random photos that I didn’t really care to order, they uploaded and went through just fine. This doesn’t make any sense, but that is what was occurring. Now it doesn’t seem like I will even have the opportunity to use my promo code after all, since T-Mobile only gave a short amount of time for this offer. I didn’t expect to have this much trouble with the app. I’ve never had any problems like this, when using Shutterfly. Their app is pretty simple to use and I’ve always loved ordering prints from them, as well as creating personalized photo products. As for Snapfish, I will definitely be uninstalling!!!!

  27. Not a lot of layout options or flexibility for photo books. Also you cannot remove the photo from the back cover so that it is blank. I spent several hours putting a book together only to find out via the live chat that the photo on the back cover cannot be removed…Only replaced with another photo. I just wanted the back cover to be blank… Seems reasonable.

  28. I think the app was really easy to navigate and fast, scrolling to the bottom was easy, I didn’t have to wait for the pictures to load and “catch up” with my scrolling. Shipping seems steep, maybe they add extra to account for the “free” photos. But the FreePrints app was charging that much for only 84 free prints so obviously it’s better to get 100 for the same price! Quality is tbd but they’re phone pics so my expectations are reasonable but not overly high.

  29. Love the 100 free prints a month, and only have to pay shipping! Not all the photos I take of family and friends are meant for the wall, but are still fun, and cherished memories. It’s nice to be able to print those out, and put them in a photo book. My kids love flipping through them! I use the cheapest shipping so it’s taken 3 weeks for them to get to me, but they got here. I print soc, so its quick and easy. Would be nice to have a couple options to edit the photos when ordering.

  30. If it worked all the time it would be wonderful. I’ve used the app on multiple devices on android and apple and the issues are all the same. Very slow, too the point of almost worthlessness. (Although here I am still using it since all my photos have been saved on snapfish for 13 years, don’t want to switch) I am currently having trouble saving my phones from my phone to the westside via the app. I can select photos, but the uploaded button won’t respond.

  31. Very convenient app! I love having pics but getting them saved and ordered can be such a hastle. with this app all the inconvenience is gone! the issue is that if you have 1 pic in 2 files you can’t erase 1 of the copies without deleting both. and if you make a “poject” (album to order), it disappears once you put it in the cart and you can’t go back in to check them.

  32. Snapfish promises 100 free photos each month if you download the app. Then after you go to all the trouble to pick 100 photos off your phone, then add you address and credit card number, you’ll find that their shipping cost you $9.00 plus tax. On the positive side, it may be the easiest way to print photos from your phone, but I haven’t tried any other apps.

  33. Android app is buggy. I used the app with success once, but upon second try I experienced the following. Some uploaded photos disappeared for no reason. But most importantly, the payment screen kept producing error message even though all info was correct and I tried more than one card. I couldn’t complete my order and contacted customer support but they couldn’t provide any insight as to why I had experienced this issue.

  34. No experience with the app, but tried to order a photo calendar on the web site. Price was listed in bold print as $6.99 with discount code. The shipping charge was more than the calendar if you shipped to home. No shipping charge if picked up at a store, but can’t use discount. So either way, you’re going to pay over twice what they said you would. I wasted three days designing the photo calendar. I won’t be buying from Snapfish again.

  35. The app doesn’t connect with the desktop version!?? I just spent an hour creating a photobook and then wanted to make final edits on the desktop version (since the app is too small to see details.) Logged in and the project wasn’t there. Asked customer service and the response was simply…they don’t connect. Who thought that was a good idea?? Waste of an hour, and I won’t be buying a photobook.

  36. This application, Snapfish, is very difficult to use to create books. Selecting photos then putting them in an order is next to impossible. Also, deleting photos, uploading selected photos from a phone and moving photos from one album to another cannot be done. Photos cannot be manipulated to desired locations. The operation selections are unclear, therefore are not intuitive for the desired effect for the customer. Operations are very limited. I have been extremely dissatisfied with Snapfish.

  37. I have been using Snapfish since the beginning! They are by far the best photo storage and picture product app on the market! I’ve been using them since when they still processed 35mm film! I wish they still did! I’d get the envelopes in the mail and send in my film and 2-3 days later I would have my prints. Excellent prints! Please don’t change! I’ve tried other services but y’all are the best!

  38. I had to go through my photos 4 times before I finally placed an order. The app kept stopping and I would have to hit wait. Then it would stop, go back to home page so it took me hours. The only reason I continued and did not switch to Shutterfly is that I can only order from Google photos on Snapfish. I had to order pictures in 4 different orders because it kept pausing. Then I couldn’t go through and edit. Not a good app.

  39. I like this app and the product they print is good. A bit overpriced especially when you have to pay $16 for shipping only 200 photos. I also do not like that the website and the app are not very compatible if I create something on the website I cannot put it in my cart on the app so I have to buy each things separately. I also can only see some of my Google photos and not all that is disappointing as well.

  40. Difficult to use. When you try to order the 100 free, it tells you it has to be done through the website. I don’t know if this is true. I had to add all the pictures again to an album via the website then was told only the app could add the discount and would do so automatically. So I would recommend you add through the app and then when you hit checkout, you should see a total for shipping and a minus value for the free photos. Confusing. Two weeks to receive and even expedited options 10+.

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