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Learn to speak languages like Spanish, French, Japanese while you're on the go.
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Is your goal to SPEAK a new language fluently? Millions of people have learned to SPEAK a new language & become fluent with Pimsleur – the language learning app scientifically proven to help the language learner wanting to hold conversations in different languages.

Need to learn how to speak Spanish?Learn languages quickly & learn to make conversation with Spanish lessons! Pimsleur focuses on conversational language skills & can help you learn Spanish fluently, even while you’re on the go. We focus on the language learner’s goals with AI language learning & language transfer happens from day 1. Become fluent forever. Learning languages is fun with Pimsleur & you’ll become bilingual in no time!

Learn new languages with Pimsleur’s language learning tools to learn conversational language skills. Need to know how to hold a conversation in Spanish? Learn Spanish with AI language learning tools for even better language transfer on the go! Learn languages quickly like Spanish & Japanese & hold conversations in 30 minutes, but stay fluent forever. Learn grammar skills naturally as you learn the language.


Become fluent forever & try a free language learning lesson in one of 51 different languages. Discover how we’ve helped people learn Spanish & other languages quickly for 50 years!


We focus on the language learner’s needs, so you can become fluent forever. Learn new languages with offline mode & the hands-free mode makes it easy to learn a new language & become fluent on the go. Want to know how to learn Japanese or learn Spanish & become fluent? Pimsleur is the language learning app to help you become bilingual. Voice recognition technology uses AI language learning to help you improve through natural language transfer – whether you learn Spanish or French, choose Pimsleur to learn languages quickly.


Learn different languages including Spanish lessons, French, Japanese, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Hebrew, Korean, Mandarin, Chinese, Arabic, Turkish, English, Swedish, Farsi, Tagalog, Norwegian, Thai, Finnish & more. Become fluent forever!

Enjoy 30-minute conversational language learning lessons anywhere, making it easy to learn languages quickly.

Learn to read your new language, at no expense of speaking it!

Learn Spanish or a new language with role-play & review transcripts of the conversation with AI language learning & voice recognition.

Practice vocabulary & dive into the written language.

Review & practice sentences & phrases by topic. Learn different languages & test your new bilingual skills with Quick Match & Speed Rounds.

Learning languages stay on track as progress automatically syncs across your devices including Amazon Echo.

Stream, download & listen offline with no ads. Listen & learn different languages without interruptions for effective language transfer. Continuously play lessons automatically.

Keep your daily learning streak as you learn languages quickly & become fluent forever!

Track progress & customize an avatar.

Language courses are available for 51 languages, so you can learn languages fast. Learn Japanese, Mandarin, Korean, Norwegian, Hebrew, Tagalog, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian & English. Also learn Spanish, French, German & more!

Not all features are available for all languages. For more information & a complete list of the different languages available for language transfer visit our website.

CA Privacy/Info We Collect: https://www.pimsleur.com/c/privacy-policy#CA
Do Not Sell My Personal Information: https://ca.privacy.cbs/donotsell


NEW! Pimsleur is now available to use on Android Auto™. We hope you enjoy the Pimsleur app and try the All Access: 50+ languages for one low monthly price!

In this update we've:

• Improved the signup and login experience.
• Added new content for the Voice Coach feature.
• Fixed some UI issues.
• Made other bug fixes and performance optimizations.

Love to hear from you! Please reach out to us anytime at [email protected]. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @Pimsleur.


40 comentarios en "Pimsleur – Language Learning MODDED 2022"

  1. Enter TW dice:

    The large asking value for this product would be significantly easier to justify if a few features were present. 1. There is no way to view Korean responses exclusively in the Korean alphabet, and often responses are automatically romanticized for ease of use, but can be misleading and should be optional. 2. In voice practice, there is no way to hear what the response is supposed to sound like. 3. Flash cards say “skip,” instead of “wrong,” or some other more intuitive response. Confusing.

  2. I have used a few different programs, and this one-BY FAR- works best for my learning style. I tend to go through the recording once, then through the written activities, then through the recording again until I can repeat decently comfortably, and then test myself in the challenge. I go forward and back at my own discretion, and it’s super easy to navigate and track. Love it!

  3. I bought the Norwegian course instead of the subscription. Pricey, but well worth it. As many have said already, it’s great for learning the spoken language. The new Android Auto integration seems to work well too. I get Pimsleur just focuses on teaching you to speak, but I’d like to see the extra study material and exercises in the app fleshed out a bit more as it’s pretty basic.

  4. The way the lessons are set up are confusing to try and go back to reinforce rhe learning already done. I don’t have much opportunity to practice outside the app so if I can’t think it fast enough I like to repeat it. Trying to find which segment of the lesson I need can be difficult to manage. Otherwise, if you have a good memory this app I find easier than Rosetta stone

  5. I have a lot of time in the car, so I love that this app allows me to practice while I would otherwise not be able to study. My only complaint is that I felt like it was repeating to much and not adding vocabulary at a fast enough rate at first. But my recall still isn’t very fast, so I guess the pace is ok. I wish there was a review feature for the lessons that I could do while driving. The review component isn’t hands-free. Otherwise, the app and program are great.

  6. Great App. Overall very easy to use and really makes the best of repetition to make me more comfortable with the words and phrases. My only change so far would be to have it not jump automatically to the next lesson because usually I’m only doing one a day. I would prefer if it automatically jumped to the reading lesson, which I always do right after the audio lesson.

  7. As a language teacher and researcher, I’m very pleased by Pimsleur’s methodology. The only thing they could improve is the other activities, like reading, flash cards, writing, spelling, etc., because it’s oversimplified and too difficult to use while listening to the audio. UX has a long way to go, but I love the audio lessons! Better than anything on the web!

  8. Oren Bell dice:

    The program (at least English>French) is FANTASTIC for learning a spoken language. But the app itself is kinda bad. It’s clunky, their website is disordered, I once upgraded my subscription and they didn’t cancel my original one. Audio controls don’t work so I can’t pause the lesson with buttons on my headphones. This entire implemention is a mess. And the lack of interactive features means it’s just a glorified podcast app. Simon and Schuster are sitting on a goldmine and they’re squandering it

  9. Sarah dice:

    UPDATE: The app itself needs work. Lesson download deletion, mandatory romanization…Please fix. ORIGINAL: It makes thinking in a new language so much easier, almost automatically from the very beginning. I’ve loved Pimsleur for years before now when CDs were their main m.o. They were excellent then & continue to impress me now with how smooth a ui they have created. Well worth the price. They’re definitely teaching for understanding as opposed to just memorization. For that, I’m so grateful.

  10. I definitely suggest anyone trying to learn a language to try Pimsleur. I have now completed all of the Brazilian Portuguese levels and I learned A LOT. I’m not the best at learning languages.. but I am doing pretty well. I haven’t actually spoken on the phone yet but I am waiting to with a friend. I am redoing level 4 because it gives the most information out of all the levels and It is sooo much easier (and I recommend) going through it all again one completed. Helps pick up what you missed.

  11. GodHero25 dice:

    It’s better than most language learning apps but has the same issues. It’s one of those apps that aren’t motivating enough that if you stop at least once, you just stop using it as a whole. They teach extremely formal phrases but it teaches how to pronounce and some culture pronunciation and intonations that other apps don’t. But it still have grammar issues. Doesn’t teach you how to make your own sentences and grammar. You can say phrases and speak and maybe read fluently but that’s it.

  12. The program is really good. The app needs work. It randomly stops playing or goes back to the main menu on its own and doesn’t save your progress. After this recent update, it crashes constantly. Not worth the $20 a month if it’s consistently having issues

  13. Lee B dice:

    I really appreciate the latest updates and the developers genuine concern, no more constant crashing, the audio actually stops playing when when I disconnect my headphones or Bluetooth, and the controls are now always visible in the top pop up scroll down section. Now it’s perfect, and the best language learning app in my honest opinion.

  14. The app itself is fantastic. I canceled in July but I was charged through Dec. Not a huge deal I planned on coming back. But I noticed while I was being charged I did not have acess to my premium features and still don’t even after re-subscribing. So I’m paying for something that I am getting 0 value for. I can only acess lesson 1 mod 1. Edit: changed 3 star to 5. Pimsleur was able to pinpoint the problem which seems to be more user error. My confusion was coming from the app vs web login

  15. So far it’s been pretty great experience. I’m learning more than I’ve ever learned through an app before. Sometimes it can feel a bit overwhelming but as long as you’re consistent progress is made quickly! **Something that could be better** The vocabulary you learn during each lesson isn’t always included in the flashcards under the lesson. A little frustrating when trying to review what you learned but the words aren’t there. But you’re bound to use them in a later lesson, so there’s that

  16. This app seriously lacks some critical tools that would be incredibly easy to add. I’m learning Japanese, which is about as different from English as one can get. However, the amount of time it gives you to think is the same as if I were learning an easily transitionable language like Spanish. Also, there’s no phoenetic pronunciation that shows up on the screen, so I’ll often end up learning to pronounce things incorrectly.

  17. So far, I love this app so much. I am currently learning Russian and grasping verbage has never been this easy. It provides bits and pieces and puts in a repetitive conversational guideline to follow. Very well done. However, I do recommend for any language, learn the alphabet first so you are familiar with the general sounds and how it’s written. After you learn the alphabet, you can already easily visualize how it could be spelled out. This app is strictly pronunciation. Very impressed.

  18. Get Real dice:

    Largely accurate voice detection of words, but this is improving while in beta, such as issues with detecting vowel blending with words. However, ability to get certificates for completing the course is a plus, although certificates need to include 15 hours completed. Very good use of native speakers to train you and great use of anticipation and recall to construct new useful conversations. This is the only language software to buy that’s this complete and the best one to learn with.

  19. Daniel dice:

    The audio keeps cutting off whenever I use it over my cellular network. I have good service but everytime I’m not using WiFi the audio will cut off during the lesson and it makes it hard to hear and repeat what is said. Other then that the app only works well when connected to wifi and I like how it works and the concept. But it’s frustrating because i pay $20 for this service and can’t use it most of the time. I really hope this error gets fixed so I can use it on my commutes.

  20. omer dice:

    The app is great but $160 per level?! There are seven levels for each language, so it will cost $1120 for full access to a single language… On an app. That is INSANE pricing Edit: the developer is saying it’s not $1120 for the full language course. If that’s the case the are not up front about pricing either. I don’t want a subscription. I want to have the content for myself

  21. This has been a fabulous way for me to brush up on my French. I just visited France & Switzerland after 47 yrs & the lessons I took leading up to it (I used these for over a year & not necessarily in a disciplined way, I just kept at it) were spot on for usefulness & up to date espressions. Even after Level 3 you will have so much of what you need to interact effectively with French speakers. The best!

  22. I like the method of teaching this app provides. So far I like it much better than any of the other apps ive tried. That being said, the apps functionality is not very impressive. App constantly freezes. Whenever each lesson is done, time its supposedly been playing is lagging behind the time its actually been playing, and the screen freezes not even allowing me to exit to the main screen. Buttons are frequently unresponsive. I hope this will be fixed eventually. How hard is it to play audio?

  23. For a beta it has some good functionality. The biggest issue is that some languages just will not load and throw network error messages despite a perfect internet connection, implying the issue is server side. It’s good to see a subscription model as well as the regular full course price which has always kept me away despite great reviews (I understand why it’s so expensive, I’m just poor). I’ll continue poking around to see if I can dig up any bugs, but so far so good.

  24. I am rating the app itself, not the content of the lessons. The content is a good listening supplement that I would recommend to anyone. The app itself is barely functional. I have rarely had a lesson that doesn’t pause or crash randomly at least once even when the lessons are downloaded. Navigation buttons sometimes don’t do anything or lag and stutter. The UX is needlessly confusing. Much as I am enjoying the content, the app itself needs a lot of work if not a complete overhaul.

  25. The lessons themselves are great. Really great. Best audio-based language lessons I have ever tried. And the app has flashcards and other exercises, which is good. So why no five stars? As a piece of software, it’s just very slow and unresponsive. Pausing usually doesn’t work, I often get kicked out of sessions, it freezes a lot. I still recommend pimsleur to friends and family but the mobile app can be troublesome sometimes.

  26. This app had me putting sentences together from the get go, which has really increased my confidence. It’s also great for pronunciation, leading you through new words one syllable at a time, which is important for being understood. Well worth the price. The one downside is about once per lesson the app unexpectedly shows an error message and you have to tap a button to get the audio to start going again. Not a big deal unless you’re driving or can’t get to your phone right away.

  27. The content in the app is great, the pimsleur method is not my issue with this app. In fact, I would recommend it to anyone learning a language, I just wish there was a written part since I learn best that way. But with the actual app, I have 2 problems. First, if the app is still open, but in The background, every time some other app stops either recording or playing sound, the lesson starts back up without my prompt. 2nd sometimes when I close the app, it doesn’t keep track of where I left off

  28. Ok, but not great… The app is easy to navigate and generally works, helping users get a better understanding of a language, but performance issues detract from the learning experience. After a phone locks and the app runs in the background, the audio will often begin stuttering. This is especially true if you unlock the phone and rewind using the 10 sec rewind feature. You’ll press the button and nothing happens for 30 seconds to 1 min. The UX locks and the system invariably catches up…

  29. The content is great. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t work. I put it into drive mode, the buttons are completely unresponsive. I have to force the app to close, then reopen, to do anything with it. I contacted tech support. They set me a notification through the app that they were looking into it. The notification didn’t work. I have heard back in days. I sent an update, with no acknowledgement. I have no idea if they are actually looking into this. Cancelled my subscription.

  30. I’m not sure if this is by design, but this app does not save where you are in the lesson to return to at a later time. Also, it seems obvious that there should be an ability to pause and play from the lock screen. It also seems obvious that when playback is started, this app should pause playback on other apps. The system itself seems very effective which is why i still give it three stars.

  31. My only complaint is that the interface is a bit clunky, but the content is great and the extra lessons (flashcards, quizzes, etc.) are especially nice. I wish there was the option to slow down the audio a bit like you can do in audible, but overall it’s not bad. App design aside, the Pimsleur courses are AMAZING and I do recommend them to everyone who is learning a language. I have used them for Japanese and now German and when used as intended (daily) they really do get great results.

  32. I am not having any problems with the stability of the app, but you would think this app was created by someone who has never made an audio type app like audible, Pandora, etc. The app is happy to play right over another audio source on the phone playing instead of taking it over, stopping that music and playing the lesson instead. Also, when connected to your car and you turn the car or radio off the app should stop/pause, but instead just keeps right on going. Makes it hard when you want to pause to practice something and don’t want to fumble with the phone. It should also be visible in the system tray so that when you swipe down from the top of the phone it’s visible and you can play or pause it and then swipe it away.

  33. The lessons are excellent, and the interface is simple. I learned Japanese and I love the structure of their lessons. HOWEVER, the biggest problem is the app itself. It’s very clunky and will often play and pause from the background at random, especially when I use voice to text on my phone, which is often. The lessons deserve a five-star rating, unfortunately the poor app design can make them very frustrating.

  34. Buggy, but Great Content The application’s interface hardly works. For instance, you can spend five minutes pressing the pause button but the lessons keep playing regardless. The best way to pause is to shut down the app completely; but sometimes your progress in a lesson is lost this way. Of course, this isn’t so bad because the review helps. The program itself is wonderful. My French is very much improved after just one month. The results are worth some hasstle, but I hope they fix it soon.

  35. The product is wonderful. The app is pretty bad. Ridiculously buggy and prevents you from getting the full use of your product. It is a daily struggle to use this app as it randomly refuses to accept button pushing, constantly skips back to previous lessons on the selection screen, and just generally malfunctions. Please for the love of God fix your app because I want to be a long time customer but can’t stand the challenges.

  36. I like the lessons, but the app is the worst ever. It had one purpose… to let me listen to audio lessons. It fails at that so miserably, I’ve never seen anything like that – I can’t control playback, it won’t respond to me tapping pause or +-10 sec, it won’t let me scroll to a point in the track, there are sometimes long pauses, it tracks playback time wrong and it doesn’t start from where I left off if I close the app mid-lesson and reopen. So. Damn. Bad

  37. The program material is great but the app is not, due to unresponsive buttons. My main issue is attempting to pause the audio. The audio almost never pauses on time and it is easier for me to close the app completely and reopen it again. I love the material and I do not regret buying the program but it is saddening to see a low quality app paired with a good language program.

  38. Rob dice:

    The actual lessons are great, and they are improving my understanding and speaking of Spanish. The app, however, sucks. It stops responding multiple times during each 30 minute lesson. Often this results in me having to close the app and, when I reopen it, Ihave it find my place in the lesson again. This can happen 2 to 5 times during each 30 minute lesson. When I’m at home I use the website version on my laptop. No issues. The app version crashes often.

  39. Great to use while driving, etc. I’m learning Spanish. I use the audio portions while walking, driving, on my stationary bike, etc. and then supplement and review later with the flashcards, reading and quizzes. I usually do 1, sometimes 2, lessons per day. It’s been about 2 weeks and I can’t believe how much I’ve learned! So much more fun and easy compared to rote memorization! Audio lessons are 30 min long. Highly recommend.

  40. A bit buggy the first time I down loaded it, but now works fine 95% of the time. Locks up on rare occasion. Otherwise, one of the best programs for learning a new language. Very effective. I love how you learn how to start speaking whole phrase right away. Also the gradual change of the instructions into you’re target language, forcing you to use your new found language skills. Interesting idea would be to add a chat and video chat among users or maybe a native speaker for us to practice with.

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