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With Pawscout’s free app, safety and community are always in paw’s reach. Help lost pets, connect with local pet owners, track walks, and browse thousands of pet points of interest.

A Free App to Help Lost Pets
Most lost pets don’t go far—that’s why it’s crucial to rally your community. Pawscout’s App makes it easy to enlist local pet lovers in the search, and our Bluetooth-enabled Tag (optional) alerts users when a lost pet is nearby. A detailed medical profile helps pet heroes care for your furry BFF until you can be reunited.

Connect with Pets Nearby
Build your local network of pet lovers with Pawscout’s social tools. Share photos, arrange walks and playdates, and alert neighbors to pet hazards or pet-friendly places. Invite friends and family to expand your “petwork.”

Track Walks and Set a Virtual Pet Leash
Pawscout, the Smarter Pet Tag (MSRP $19.99), works with our free App to keep tabs on your favorite furball. Track walks and monitor your pet’s activity levels. Or set an outdoor virtual pet leash while you’re outside, and receive alerts on your phone when your pet goes out of range.

-The Pawscout App relies on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to communicate with your Pawscout Smarter Pet Tag. Your pet must be within 300 feet of you or anyone with the Pawscout App to locate him or her.
-The Pawscout App relies on Location Services and Bluetooth, which must be enabled on your phone.
-Works with Lollipop (Android 5) or newer.


This release includes bug fixes and performance enhancements to keep your pet safe and happy.


40 comentarios en "Pawscout MOD 2022"

  1. Jasmin dice:

    It was advertised more to make you believe that it would track there whereabouts. No. It doesn’t. Like, AT ALL. Basically, it is bluetooth only, and lets you know if they are in range of your phone only. There arent enough users to bluetooth track enough connected phones. And it doesnt show you their path on a map or their exact location. It only tells you if they are in range of your phone or not. (So badically if you can see of call them) No gps. Just a social platform for pets

  2. Randy Lee dice:

    Immensely disappointing. Not just from a software perspective, but a hardware perspective, my dogs are able to chew the trackers open and access the battery. Thankfully they didn’t eat it and get hurt. There has to be better solutions out there for tracking our beloved pets. This solution is not the answer. The app constantly gave me and my partner unnecessary notifications, and lacked consistent connectivity to the trackers themselves. And the Pro service? It’s not even worth trialing.

  3. The app is horrible. Bought this to track our walks and to have a backup method in case one of the dogs gets out. This will not do either.The app is clunky at best. Something as basic as searching for a friend’s profile on there is impossible. The tracker itself constantly doesn’t work, we have gone on a couple walks now with it, and one didn’t show up at all, and one tracked for .11 miles on a 1.5 mile walk. Have had for 4 days and half the battery is gone already. Cust srvc doesn’t care either

  4. It’s a pretty good option for tracking your pet, as there is no recurring fees like GPS trackers have. It functions via your phones Bluetooth, so it works best when you’re outside. The best thing about this app however is the customer service. The reps will do everything in their power to make sure you have a positive experience with the app/tracker if something isn’t right. The latest update now includes a large grey circle that shows that you’re pet is within range, which I don’t like compared to the older version that showed a blue dot with your pets picture right where they were at. This change though doesn’t cause a serious detriment to the app, still works well. Another thing I should mention is that the app works better the more people in your area also use Pawscout. I noticed when I first got it, not many people around me had it, but since then more have signed up and that seems to have caused an increase in accuracy.

  5. Major problem: says dog is out of range and he’s right in front of me. Plus, it’ll show this a minute after I activate the virtual leash. Again, still have eyes on the dog and he’s nearby yet the app shows out a range. Also, the battery is fine, and the bluetooth is fine. This is also a replacement tracker you sent me. The other one just stopped working and wouldn’t even activate. Love this app and it’s features but it’s kind of pointless if it can’t do what it’s meant to. Please fix.

  6. Not great. I expected it to be able to use other devices with the pawscout app installed to help in triangulation (something it should be able to do with the existing hardware, allowing multiple family members to walk around looking, giving more accurate results) but it can’t. Instead, when multiple are searching, results are far less accurate. Expected closer to the 300ft range claimed when outdoors, but reality is closer to 50ft. And you need to pay for a battery level indicator? Hell no!

  7. the device is okay. but if I find something that works better I will definitely be switching. the company says the device is not GPS based it is Bluetooth based, however I would be willing to pay more for a device that used a combination of GPS and Bluetooth or GPS only. the settings feature does not actually provide any settings at all. some of the descriptions and features of the device can be somewhat misleading. I did initially have a lot of trouble getting the device to work.

  8. So the original rating Ingave the app was 1 star because it just plain didnt work. Apparently I got in at the exact time of an update that had a glitch causing it to crash. They responded and fixed the glitch immediately. Second, my battery was dead on arrival when i tried to use the tag. I emailed them about the issue and they responded right away to fix the problem. The service customer service is beyond good. Hopefully the actual experience is as well when the battery arrives

  9. I like the easy setup and physical flexibility with any dog collar. As a software support specialist this lacks a lot of what I need, so I hope the developers are really watching posts. Comparing the gps tracking with the one used by “MapMyWalk”, its not good. I have been walking my dogs for 3 miles every morning for 6 months and it never detects the distance correctly. I can’t manually update the walk details for my pets even though its incorrectly tracked so I’ve resorted to just using it for noting the actual walks took place. I’ve had to replace the devices at least once for each pet within 2-3 months, which means the valued price of $15-$20 is not helpful if I have to spend it again within 2-3 months. I would prefer if Pawscout had another version to offer that even cost a little more with up-to-date technology. I like the ability to add guardians, and add more details about the pets – like medications, etc. I haven’t needed to be concerned about the tracking distance yet but like others, I noticed the range is low so I didn’t even bother testing it further. I have a pro membership now for a year to see how this pans out and if it gets better, but if it doesn’t I’ll definitely need to look into higher priced devices by other companies.

  10. The app is neat, fairly easy to navigate, and the location is fairly accurate. Pros: -the ability to have other caregivers who watch him also be able to track him/his walks and communicate with us via app. -easy to use once set up -resources to help find a lost animal Cons: -the need to be whitelisted/in use for accuracy bc it drains battery -the community feature. It might just be me, but I’m not looking to meet up and find it a bit silly to be following other peoples pets.

  11. device didn’t work, even changed battery. The Good: I do appreciate the speedy response of the developer. The device is a great idea and I was initially very excited to try. The Bad: I’ve decided to return the device. Between the non-functioning device, even after a changed battery, the missing name tag(intentional?available for an additional fee?) and the low app ratings, I’ll wait for some improvements before trying again.

  12. It worked fine when I bought it, then not at all. I tried again 7mo later, no problems. Then it just asked me to update her tag, then blank. I’m having issues w the tag/app, but when it works, it works great. Just wish it was GPS instead of Bluetooth. She’s going to be my very last pet, so she’s everything to my hubby and I. The battery is fine, the app says she hasn’t been seen for 2wks! It won’t update. Also, I just shared I the new feed that’s set up, and someone else’s pic is in my space!

  13. My experience has not been intuitive at all. Pawscout has been both very accommodating and quick to respond, but issues are beyond support. They locked basic functions (such as device battery level) behind pro except manually, which is hard for me due to age and infirmity. Frequently shows out of range or offline when he is in the same room. Got de-authenticated and generic error messages trying to log in AND recover password. Just sloppy and horrible.

  14. complete trash of an app, I’ve tried to use it on 3 different phones now. each time I allow it access to just about everything on the darn phone and every time it comes time to add my pet it says “something went wrong” no error message, I’ve reinstalled on each device, made sure location, bluetooth wifi, and data are enabled, restarted phone, absolutely everything and this dumpsterfire of an app wont work.

  15. K. Miss dice:

    Just bought TWO of these and got the first one connected in the app and then after connecting the second one it started messing up. Told me I already needed an update so when I tried to do that it said an error had occurred. Now nothing works. I uninstalled and reinstalled and now it won’t even let me get past the log in screen. WORTHLESS. Wish I hadn’t paid over 60 bucks for it!

  16. Ever since the update it won’t load. It is just frozen. I never could get it to connect to the tag before the update either. I thought the update would help. WRONG!!!! Thanks for updating it once again after my bad review. It’s working fine now. …………………. Now it keeps saying it is out of range. I can’t figure this thing out.

  17. Pretty decent considering it’s only Bluetooth signal that it ranges off of and typically it is pretty accurate. I notice the battery never lasts as long as they claim, in fact not even close by my measurement. I’ve changed it three times and have only had it for a few months. So idk if it’s based off of user error or just bad information from the developers side of things but whatever those batteries are cheap as dirt anyways.

  18. 2 stars because of the idea. It could be cool and maybe it is. I doubt I’ll make much use of it. After setting up I decided to grant it permission to my location in settings. Whether you are using the app or not, be prepared to have a constant “looking for lost pets” notification in your notification bar (even with app closed). I despise notifications so I revoked location access & turned off ALL notifications in settings. Now I like it. Don’t know if it works yet or not though.

  19. The app doesn’t tell you where you are in relation to your pet, so if you’re in an area without streets or somewhere new then being able to see that your pet is in range isn’t very helpful on its own. Edit: I understand that the tag is Bluetooth based. However, the app clearly uses GPS and location services since it shows the tag on a map. If the Bluetooth signal doesn’t give an approximate location within the 300 foot radius then it should at least display the pet tag as occurring within a shaded area and not a pinned location. If it’s using GPS to create the map then why not put a user location pin to help with navigation?

  20. can’t even set my location! uninstalled/reinstalled twice and it won’t let me set my location so i can’t even see who is nearby that has the app. the map will only move left/right not up/down so impossible to manually move to my location, and when i hit “set location” it says it’s unable to find me, and i should move. i went outside and tried again several times, and it still can’t find me. useless!

  21. This app is completely unreliable. Crashes constantly, won’t let you log in properly in between crashes, and doesn’t stay connected to the tracker. I will log in and see that my dog is 4ft away from me in one instance and then it’ll say the tracker has been inactive for 5hrs two minutes later. Errors keep popping up when using the app as well. I’m very disappointed, this was given to us as a gift since we have a deaf dog. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

  22. I bought this for the reason anyone would buy this. It is a cool concept but has never worked easily since I got it. Here in the last few months even tho I replaced the battery I have to reconnect the tag Everytime I use the app (which defeats the purpose of this entirely!) The last 2 weeks when I open the app it doesn’t load anything! I just get an error that says “oops something went wrong” so I would not recommend spending money or time buy a more expensive tracker or just don’t.

  23. Awful. I bought this because we travel & camp with ferrets & wanted some thing for emergencies. This thing was worthless! You had to be within about 6ft of device for it to work AT ALL. It would NOT remain connected & in order to reconnect it you had to be right on top of it. We tried 2 different kits to make sure it wasn’t a faulty one & tried it w/ 4 different phones (IOS, 2 different Androids & even a windows). We’ve found out that Tile & other subscription GPS gadgets are the best for pets.

  24. I am very disappointed. I thought I could track my cat where ever she went and see it on a map of my neighborhood. NO after she gets beyond 34 feet it goes out of range. It is okay that my phone loses range but I thought it would still be able to see her on the map. Maybe I’m missing something, please tell me. It is basically useless to me. I just took the darn tracker off her.

  25. Loses connection when standing right next to your pet. Device not water resistant. A little water and the battery and tag are done. No I’m not going to bother opening another ticket. I’m done. I’ve discontinued the subscription. My dog went for a swim and fried another tag. It was constantly losing it’s connection when my pet was right next to me as several other people have reported and you just reply with the same canned messages instead of fixing the problems. I’m not buying another one unless the product is improved. I just want to rate your product/service honestly and warn others about it’s many defects. Great idea. Poor execution.

  26. It has way too many issues. Even when I sent invites for guardians they receive an error too when they try to accept my request. I keep getting an error that says my profile doesn’t exsit. Although I have an email verifying my account was made.. i even enrolled in the 30 day trial. I have tried reinstalling the app after uninstalling hoping the errors would stop occurring and it didn’t. I have signed in on my laptop and after being logged in for a few minutes it says my profile doesn’t exist.

  27. Do not buy if you love your pet. The device is very unreliable. Every couple of days it constantly tells me my dog is out of range when its sitting right next to me. Had subscribed to pawscout pro trial which was suppose to give me quick troubleshooting service. That was a joke so I canceled that. Update on Dec 29: Discovered I have to delete and then reinstall the app every couple of days when the app says the unit is out of range. That makes it show up again. Bummer!

  28. Would rate at 5 Stars cause I had no issues that is until it came time to replace the battery. I changed it exactly as it said to even double-checked to make sure, an ever since it just says out of range. I’ve done all the trouble shooting I can an even sent an email asking for help (that was about 3 weeks ago) yet I haven’t heard anything back

  29. This app used to be a great help in the past but probably for the last 8 months I’ve had consistent issues with not just the tag itself but the app. It won’t even let me log in most days and when it does it says it can’t locate the tag when it’s 2 feet away with a brand new battery. I’ve uninstalled amd reinstalled many times. Our kitty moves around a lot between houses and this app used to really help us when he’d been out a little too long but now it’s practically useless.

  30. JR Smith dice:

    Only connected once, now all it says is out of range. All you can do in the app is enable the leash, which doesn’t work because there is no way to “re” pair with the device. My Bluetooth sees the device, but that app blocks reconnecting it. Doesn’t see like any beta tested the device. Bummer.

  31. Tags are a little hard to set up because they would not sync. We changed the batteries out and after 3 weeks, it would not locate my dogs. App is not very user friendly. The only thing easy was setting up my babies profile. Had a little issue with downloading pic, but finally got it after playing around with it. I went out of state and could not locate my fur babies at all. kind of upset because concept is great, execution not so much

  32. Great idea, huge battery drainer. I really love this idea. I really want it to work. But the app even when running in the background was using 35% of my battery. The next 5 apps combined didn’t even come close to using that much power. Optimise the app for power consumption and I’ll consider reinstalling it on my phone. Right now it’s going on a spare phone that I no longer use as my day to day phone. Also the ability to set the parameters of the virtual leash would be nice. Currently I didn’t see a way to specify the radius.

  33. i was hesitant to download the app because of the poor ratings but we had already bought 2 pawscout locators for our cats. syncing them to my phone was a little tricky as people mentioned but i think everyone just gave up too quick because with a few tries we got it no problem [get the light to flash then,flip the device over onto its flat face directly on your phone screen] we set up our cats profile and have been watching his activity around our yard ever since! so far i am very pleased!

  34. The app works most of the time, BUT it has started to not record our walks like it should. It will record the beginning of a walk, then stop. My second problem is the virtual leash. Using it outside as specified, my dog’s tag “can’t be detected” when he is sitting next to me. Then it will say he is back in range and seconds later, he is out of range again. Please fix as this product is useful when it works properly.

  35. Not a good buy. And the app is a joke. Nearly useless. 20 ft range. And you ask for location.? does nothing but track me. I bought this pos on vacation not at home. all location data is useless. And a 20 ft range does nothing to find my pet. I can see further. If it worked for a mile it would make sense. Automatic response missed my point twice. No people to assist.

  36. This app is terrible. It only seems to find my pet, when he’s in the house. I was getting a http 404 error code when attempting to track my cat, so I Uninstalled and reinstalled and it deleted all my info and it won’t allow me to set it up for some error it’s having. Don’t waste your money on this product as it’s garbage.

  37. It is a good product but for some reason I am having trouble with this app for one the battery don’t last no more than 2 days and I have to put another one in and I having trouble staying connected with my Bluetooth device when it says connected can you please fix this problem so it don’t happen to anyone else or upgrade your product I love this app but I can’t afford having to buy battery every 2 days when the battery don’t last long thank you much.

  38. This isnt the best. Better than nothing and I can see it helping to a degree for tracking the owner. To track your pet this is junk. They have to basically be Insite, an object’s between will not allow the collar to connect to my phone even at 50 ft away. Oh oh course a junk money scam. There is an option for a name plate and the pawscput pro. If I’m gonna pay for this junk to do what its supposed to then I’ll pick us up an actual GPS tracker. Not very accurate on distance whatsoever. #junk

  39. It gets stuck on ‘searching through tags’. It’s fully updated and cats are literally in front of me. It’s happening on my husband’s phone too. It used to work okay. So idk.

  40. The concept is great but the device never works. I bought this primarily for the walk tracking and the app never stays connected to the tag. It’s useless.

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