Cync (the new name of C by GE) MODDED 2022

The all-new Cync app. The simple, connected app for Cync and C by GE.
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Control Cync and C by GE products with one game-changing app, powered by Savant—featuring a user-friendly home screen and navigation and a more personalized experience. It’s time to Experience Life in Cync.

What’s new?

The all-new Cync App, powered by Savant, was thoughtfully designed to give you the best smart home experience possible. The innovative features include:

Enhanced personalization:
• Add photos of your devices and rooms for easy identification and a more personal experience.
• Enjoy the dynamic home screen that changes to put your most used products at your fingertips

Dark theme option
• It’s back. Change the app interface to dark for easier viewing—especially late at night.

Our patented TrueImage technology
• Take a picture of your lights and experiment with colors and brightness from your smart phone—from a different room or away from home.

Advanced color control
• Add RGB values to match your light color with your paint or décor.
• Use the double color wheel to pinpoint the perfect color for your space.

Group devices within Rooms
• Add products to a group within a room to give you more control of your devices without creating new rooms in the app. Example: In your “Kitchen” room, separate “Island Fixtures” from “Ceiling Fan” for individual or paired control.
Improved stability and speed
• Connect to your products faster than ever before and get a much more reliable connection compared to the C by GE app.

What can you do with the new Cync App?
• Set a light schedule so you never come home to a dark house
• Change the colors or your space without painting
• Create multiple profiles and share control with more than one person at a time
• Set the perfect sleeping scene with one touch by pairing smart bulbs, smart plugs, and more.
• Add our Indoor Smart Camera to your entryway to make sure your kids got home from school safely.
• Keep your current C by GE products and connect them seamlessly with Cync products.
• With our Outdoor Smart Plug, you can turn on your outdoor holiday display with one touch from the comfort of your home.

Voice compatibility
Connect easily to Amazon Alexa or Hey Google for convenient voice control—with no hub needed.

New Cync products:
Want to build onto your smart home? Add these new products to your home and control everything through our new app.

Outdoor Smart Plug
• Extend smart control to your great outdoors. Want to activate the perfect patio with one touch? Add this all-weather product to your outdoor string lights and water features.

Indoor Smart Camera
• Keep an eye on your home from anywhere. With HD video and 2-way audio, you can keep an eye on your kids from a different room or watch your pets from work.

For more information about the new Cync App or other products, visit

GE is a trademark of General Electric Co. Used under trademark license.


Bug fixes for firmware updates and the Cync Smart Thermostat.


40 comentarios en "Cync (the new name of C by GE) MODDED 2022"

  1. Great app, haven’t used the routine option but the rest of app is functional & has an attractive appearance. Setting up a new device is also super simple & takes practically no time at all especially after you’ve added your wifi password. The only thing I would change would be adding a widget feature for the home & lock screen. Was kinda disappointed and surprised that there wasn’t one. But it doesn’t take more than 2 seconds to get to your controls when opening the app so it’s not a big deal.

  2. This app is really frustrating. It really likes turning my lights off for routines but refuses to turn them back on for the next routine. There’s no way to get a routine to fade into another as far as I can tell, so you’re just stuck with a minute of darkness if say you want to switch from fun lights to dim night light before bed. I like the colors at least. That gives it 2 stars. The programming is frustrating and just doesn’t work most of the time even when I have no errors on the routine.

  3. Love the ability to control my lightbulbs from my phone and the features the app has. You can group lights by room and create schedules. They also have a bunch of preset colors in various shades and brightness of whites and yellows. I find the candle setting to be perfect. Every time you go to the app it has to refresh the connection to the lightbulbs, which can be a little annoying since you have to wait like 30 seconds to a minute to change the color or turn a light off.

  4. imaprinta dice:

    The app is pretty much like the dimmer switch itself. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t work. It disconnects intermittently. For reasons I can’t discern, it will ask me to sign in AGAIN after I’ve already signed in 10 times before. Doesn’t consistently work with Alexa. I finally removed the switch and deleted the app, bought a different product that works flawlessly.

  5. The bulbs do not stay connected and/or recognized in the app. I have had to reset the bulbs a few times since purchase. Other light systems are more reliable. I was able to reset the system and reconnect the bulbs. I’ve done it about twice a year since purchase, which doesn’t sound bad, but to me that’s too frequent for a smart home device.

  6. John H dice:

    This “smart” switch is anything but. After the initial buggy setup, it eventually worked, but now, with the new updates, it quit working. Setup is now more difficult, and I doubt its reliability. I regret this purchase. This product is not user friendly. All I want is for my lights to go on and off at set times. Nothing complex. No fancy light shows, whistles and bells. Just light on, light off. This product cannot do one simple task.

  7. (for my smart bulb) Awful automation and personalization, very basic routines, that means, timed scenes, no wait time after tap or between automations. No widget, “routines” are in a separate tab and don’t appear right away when you open the app. Had to retry paring 4 times, 5th was the charm. Other than that, good looking, very simple and intuitive. Too basic

  8. Laurie M dice:

    The new Cync app (vs C by GE) is PRETTIER than the original. HOWEVER, the functionality has decreased about 75% & the ui is less clear. I used to be able to choose the lighting level, fade up/down times (including fading to a specific level instead of just ON or OFF), and color temp. Even the fade on, it now comes on at x brightness & never increases to full. Also, now have to wait for the app to connect every time I want to use it instead of it being immediately available.

  9. Routines setup could be improved. One example is having transitions. If I want a light to turn on at 100% brightness at 4 o’clock and stay on until 8, and then dim to 40% at 8, there isn’t a way to manage this in the app. You could do separate routines; however, it tells you the schedules conflict. “Smart” bulbs could get a lot smarter.

  10. The setup was a bit frustrating as it kept not wanting to setup and had to reset the bulb. I also think the app needs a widget and lock screen control option. This would make far streamlined in ease of use. Rather than having to open the app everytime i want to use the app. Rather than voice control, for say mute people, or those who have trouble speaking. Or people who just dont like to use voice options.

  11. Robb dice:

    Update: I wish the app’s ‘Routines’ had a better UI. It took me a while to realize the clock and photo toggles at the bottom, I feel like that could be reworked. ..I recieved this product complimentary for testing purposes. This app is easier to use and setup both the bulbs and usage with Google voice assistant than the cheap ones I got from Amazon.

  12. Dimmer suddenly started turning off and resetting itself after a year of being installed. Checked wiring, no issues whatsoever. We’ll wake up and the lights will be on full tilt, likely running all night after we turn them off for bed, costing us money. You’re forced to re set up the device in GE’s stupid Cync app- which, by the way, why does a light switch need permissions to gather my user, location, and persinal network data? Will be removing and throwing away, despite relatively expensive.

  13. Keith S dice:

    So apparently some update to the app caused issues when a scene and a schedule had the same name. This resulted in the “no BLE connection” error anytime you attempted to edit either one. Obviously, that needs fixing as it is frustrating and misleading. Having addressed the above issue, the lights now seem to work properly, which is nice given their expense. Raising star rating to 3.

  14. At first, I copied and pasted my apartment’s Wi-Fi password during the setup into the Cync app. It didn’t work. I actually wasted time on the phone with customer service with this mistake I made, y’all, so don’t do the same thing. Customer service was very helpful by the way. You have to actually type in your password for the Wi-Fi that you’re using at your house, because if you try to do it the lazy Way by copying and pasting it it won’t work. But I love it now! 🙃The lights are dimming fine👍

  15. Software takes about 10 seconds to pull up your light switch controls which is not as convenient as a real switch, needs a switch widget and a way to cache this rather than requery via Bluetooth every time to allow for faster response for this simple, repetitive task. Has a software limitation of a bulb having only one group it can be a part of, which limits how you can program its behavior.

  16. D G dice:

    After much manipulation of phone, network and app settings, I find this app to be very inconsistent. Sometimes there is a long delay of controlling the device. Other times it gets no response. Assistant will tell me that it can’t connect with the app. Tech was helpful but situation is not a whole lot better. Savant or GE needs to work in unison with Google and resolve the communication issues. MOST DEFINITELY A COMMUNICATION ISSUE BETWEEN THE TWO APPS!!!!!

  17. I love the cync lights and have 10 throught my home! The amount of options for lights and shoes is great! My only hesitation for 5 star review is the app… when you select a room, it shows you the room name (with a three dot expansion button) and one light name to control. if you use the room name one, it does the action on both names, but you have to click the room again to get to the other light independently. It’s just clunky and not intuitive but obv not that big of a deal.

  18. The app or lightbulbs have major problems. When it works it works great! Some bulbs have problems connecting, and the timer function in the app is useless because it doesn’t take into account that the app needs to connect to the bulbs before it can do anything. Sometimes the app says there’s light when in reality there isn’t…

  19. The app is *fine*. The UI could be more clear, but setup was easy. My main issue had to do with other users in my household. I set it up with Google Home integration, but inviting someone into your home in the Cync app does not allow them Google Home integration. That means that I am the only one who can use the lights via Google. As far as I can tell, there is no way to promote Guests to Admins, which may be enough for me to return these light bulbs unless I’m missing something.

  20. HORRIBLE NAVIGATION!! With the routines for the bulbs to turn on and off there are no CLEAR instructions to make it simple (like a ‘simple’ ON or OFF option for each routine. Ya think? 💬 🤔). I’ve contacted customer service it worked after a 1/2 hour of tech support but it’s just way too much work just for it to fail again with the lights staying on all day 🤬. They said my complaint is common and that they were going to update the app since last year. I’m done “Cyncing”, looking elsewhere 😶

  21. Faulty App – tried to set up outdoor plug and the app fails on iPhone completely by crashing out. On Android it keeps getting an error if the configuration is to use sunrise or sunset (only works with specific time). After reaching out to customer service, even though the app problems wasn’t solved, I was advised that an update was forthcoming. After a couple of weeks, the app update was released and fixed the problem. However, iOS version remains to not work. Customer service is impressive.

  22. The app and/or lightbulbs were already pretty dang finicky and now with the latest update none of my rooms seem to be connected. Good job. Edit: I don’t need to call tech support to go through the annoying process of resetting my bulbs. I can do that on my own and already have. Things are working again. For now. Definitely looking forward to the next time I’ll be forced to reset them. Until it’s all around more reliable it definitely doesn’t get high marks.

  23. Mike C dice:

    At first had trouble getting the lights to connect and then stay connected. Must have tried a dozen times LOL. But then I went into my router settings on the TP Link app and turned off the 5ghz setting so only the 2.4ghz was on. After that that connecting was easy. Turned the 5ghz back on and the lights stayed connected. Haven’t any troubles since. The lights reconnect themselves after an outage. The app works fine, but I use a routine on Google home to automatically turn them on and off.

  24. complicated, if your device loses connection or something, the process to reconnect is rocket science and the customer support doesn’t give descriptive instructions. you have to be a computer scientist to use this. wish I could get a refund for the light strip.. there should be a manual button on the strip to reconnect but instead you literally have to unplug 12 times and go through all these settings on your phone and then you lose all your customized light settings bc have to delete app.

  25. Generally works pretty good. There are times where the app takes a minute to get the UI in line with the actual light status. I have a couple scenes I can not delete or change because devices are offline. They are offline because I had to factory reset them. I guess ill just have to rename a couple bulbs to the “missing” ones temporarily I also have a routine I deleted and for whatever reason *some* of the bulbs that were assigned still activate on the now deleted schedule

  26. Stefan dice:

    Devices in app keep reloading before I try to turn off or change color or brightness. I had to reset and delete all my devices and tried all trouble shooting steps and still doesn’t connect. I put in my correct info to connect to my wi-fi I even have Bluetooth enabled and it still has trouble. It seems it works for some people and other it doesn’t , it’s frustrating even trying to connect the lights to Google home because they read as offline even though they are clearly on . -5/10

  27. This was my first smart home application, but quickly found others to have more ease of use 🙁 The devices all have to be removed and re-added every time we experience an outage or brownout. And though the app and compatibility with Alexa is nice, this has to be reset each time as well. Automation processes/routines even through Amazon Alexa get completely foiled.Adding compatibility to Google Home or Apple Shortcuts would be a huge help, but without those these devices become glorified timers.

  28. Lights need constant reconnecting. With every update they push, the lights will disregard the daily schedule that has been set. Either your lights will come on at random or not at all. For example, the lights will not turn on at 8:30am as scheduled, but will turn to night settings at 2pm, and will do so over and over again even when I manually set the lights back to “day time hours” which last until 5pm. I have to completely remove the lights from my set up and redo all of the routines

  29. Initial set up with lights is easy but all my lighting routines break almost every single time they update the app. Often I just have to recreate identical routines entirely, short of that nothing fixes it. The UI could also use some serious work and instead of just making it actually WORK as a lighting control app they keep adding features absolutely no one wants like music integration.

  30. I love this light it goes very well for any holiday it shows outside through my windows especially Christmas time it was fun can’t wait to buy the one with the speaker and music in it ,that should be a blast. just recently had hip surgery now I could turn it on and off of any room. and if there is an intruder or noise while I’m sleeping and wake up I could turn the lights on without leaving my bedroom. what a great idea.

  31. I bought this lightbulb back in the summer and since then I have not been able to use it as anything other than a regular light bulb with a slight delay. I have been trying since June to get an account set up but it just sends me an error code every single time. I have undownladed and re downloaded. Now it is december and I think to myself that the bug surely has to be fixed by now and yet I download the app and same thing. I still haven’t even recieved a single email (not even a confirmation).

  32. Originally I purchased these lights with hesitation because there were a lot of bad reviews. However, in the 1.5 years I had them, I only recently started having issues and the issues is not the light, but instead the app and the website signin. Periodically it will require me to resign into my Cync account. No biggie, that is unless it requires a verification code via email and the emails never arrive. Yes, I checked the pam folder. When it finally does send me a verification code, it’s wrong.

  33. Max Olack dice:

    VASTLY IMPROVED. a year or so ago when I use this app to set up the lighting in my house it was absolutely horrendous and drove me crazy. The improvements in the UI in the connectivity are astounding. they’ve fixed practically everything and improved parts of the software that had major bugs.

  34. It’s better than it was. At least the scheduling is easier and has Sunset to Sunrise options now. The color-changing “Light Shows” that were recently added are very nice, but complicated to schedule. It took me a while to figure it out, but first you need to set up your light show by room or device. Then use that to set a Scene without changing any of the light settings. Then you can make a schedule. The option to create a light show within the Scene setup is not available, but should be.

  35. When attached to Google home scheduling and special effects are impossible. Even connecting to the lights are hit and miss. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to force reset & reinstall them. I’ve given up Google home and since the update connecting to the bulb is substantially better. Can’t figure out what is missing, but something is… I’m just not impressed. I can’t figure out how to Sync all the lights together which is ironic since the apps name insinuates it would be fairly easy, lol!

  36. The app works perfect with the on/off switch. But the dimmer/motion sensor? That’s a different topic. The app must of updated and the connection to wifi with that device doesn’t work. I tried 2 different dim/motion and doesn’t work. Waiting for them to send me another one cause I called customer service and tried everything and didn’t work. Let’s see if the 3rd one will work or not. Will update.

  37. I bought the light strip and it was super easy to set up. BUT the app is doing too damn much. I have to go through a million steps including naming the lights, making a group for the lights, naming the room its in, selecting an icon for my house. It took longer than setting up smth like an Alexa or Google Home. AND THEN I had to factory reset the strips twice and the app was slow as hell. Still haven’t been able to set it up fully. The lights themselves are cool, but the app is hot garbage

  38. This app is terrible. I am trying to set up 1 outdoor floodlight with it but cannot. It cannot find my WiFi. After restarting the app 3 times it found the WiFi but will not connect to it after 22 attempts. My WiFi is set up to cover my entire property with proper signal, I get full bars all the way to the mailbox, so I know it’s not a signal problem. The app just sucks

  39. lt works great once the app stops locking up. It would not work for the first light on Android, but once it stopped spinning for updating (this took 10 minutes, I closed the app and restarted it), it worked. The bulbs seem to work well and have many color options that we are enjoying. It works fantastic with Alexa skills. No issues connecting to Alexa.

  40. Edit: Developers failed to identify the bug after I submitted the diagnostics and tried everything they asked besides deleting my entire account and restarting. This app is terrible. I only use the app to setup scheduled routines and then change them when clocks change. Every time I run into login issues (I shouldn’t need to login to control my lights), and then issues when saving the edited times on my schedules, requiring me to remake each one just so I can change the time they’re activated.

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