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Paintastic, let your inner artist express itself with this paint app
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Paintastic is a free android paint app(also WAStickerApps) with best painting tools to create colorful drawings, beautiful paintings, designs, logos, greeting cards, WhatsApp stickers, use as background eraser, create pixel art, paths. You can start from scratch or beautify existing pictures and photos.
You don’t have to be a graphic designer or artist to paint & create art masterpieces. Use paintbrush, add textures, shapes, much more. Just express yourself and unleash your creativity unlimited !

Paintastic is a powerful and quick draw tool suitable for all ages(paint for kids as well as adults)

Support of upto 5 layers on top of background.
Variety of paintbrushes in various shapes and styles(blur, emboss, neon, outline). Also control the size, opacity, scatter, jitter of your paintbrush.
Create amazing pixel arts with variety of brush tips
Create vector paths and save as shapes, use paths for selection, etc.
Hundreds of shapes, ready to use: basic geometrical, floral, celestial, apparels , body parts, stick figures, smileys, frames and borders, buildings & transport, ribbons & badges, and much more.
To create colorful drawings, be in control of the colors. Use our well-designed color picker and unique multicolor feature for paintbrush and drawing background.
Create collages, Valentine Card, Birthday Card, and other personalized cards from memorable pictures and photos.
Write caption and quotes in your drawing/painting. Change font style, size, colors and even write curved text.
• WhatsApp Stickers
Create custom stickers or add existing sticker pack for WhatsApp. WAStickerApps
Various image filters, patterns, textures, and effects for applying to your drawing.
You can copy, paste, move, crop, resize, rotate, flip horizontal/vertical all or selected area of your sketch and beautiful paintings easily with our Selection Tool.

You can share your Valentine card or Birthday card directly from our app. Share to email address, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and other social networks of your choice.
There are many other painting tools to discover in our drawing app(Paint bucket, scratch mode, finger pinch to zoom tool, color picker). Just download and try them all!

Download Paintastic now! Let the creativity flow and paint your imagination 🙂

If you like painting on Paintastic, please do rate and review on google playstore.
Any other feedback/suggestions regarding the app or feature requests are most welcome.

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40 comentarios en "Paintastic: draw, color, paint MODDED 2022"

  1. Has a few brushes, you can pay to import picture brushes of your own for only $4. You have a layer opt, a few different ways to select colors and a fill tool, crop, add images, etc… but the processing for the fill tool is slow, the user interface is sort of confusing and a distraction from the actual art.

  2. So much fun! Great for quickly seeing how techniques and colors work together without having to use actual art supplies. Takes getting used too but the process is straight forward and enjoyable. So far it’s been great and no obtrusive pop ups or long ads! Occasionally an ad that is easily closed.

  3. This drawing and painting app. is very useful. I use it for many applications for art and graphics. I use it all the time. It has a variety of tools for creativity! Its great! It needs to have an option for s round bevel and It needs a larger bevel option also. It needs a better bevel tool to make shapes that are a round bevel. Not just a sharp edged bevel. And it needs options for larger image settings. Like presets for larger images like poster size. Thanks. Robert

  4. Good for a beginner if you’re looking to do basic stuff, and you get some cool brush effects (glow, shadow, etc) as well as layers – however there’s no layer blend mode that I’ve been able to find, so I can’t Darken, Multiply etc which takes away a lot of functionality, for some reason the Symmetry setting doesn’t apply to the (very, very basic) Eraser mode and I’ve found no way to rotate the canvas. High hopes but disappointed. Beginners yes, basics yes, but professional grade? Look elsewhere.

  5. I have been using this app for years. It’s always been very user friendly. With the new updates, it takes a lil more time and know how to utilize the changes but the new feature of being able to add and edit layers is very cool for a little phone graphics app. I’ve added another star to my rating and still always recommend this app. One thing though, the color picker tool is to small to see around your finger as to which color it’s picking. 👍👍

  6. Steve J dice:

    Seems ok, but when adding an image often just sits loading until pressing back, then the image is there. Also, should be able to pan & zoom the whole image while editing/moving/resizing a newly inserted one. Still, far better than most “editor” (filter) apps out there and the 2nd best I’ve found for doing actual image editing (Sketchbook seems better due to using layers).

  7. I’ll say it again….I’ve never even looked for another app to do art with. Pretty much everything I want is included in free verson. You can match colors, change size, rotate, highlite & more. There is a long list of brushes & patterns. It’s really easy to use & I highly reccomend this app.

  8. I love the different functions and features, including the ability to upload a photo and embellish it and the ability to manipulate emojis into the art. It’s well worth the small fee for the extra shapes and font uploading capability. There’s real customer service and very few ads. The possibilities are infinite!

  9. App keeps crashing my Samsung phone @ Oreo. I love this app and have been using it for a long time. I have uninstalled and re-installed the app, but it is still crashing. I have almost 11 GB available internal storage, so it is definitely not a memory issue.

  10. I zoomed n to color closer to lines. When I zoomed back out; There were new scribbles of color n various places all over the pic! Majorly not cool! I had another issue with try’n to move the screen to focus on other parts of pic. It would start to move the direction I wanted it to go. As soon as I lifted my finger. It would go to a ‘completely different spot’ on pic. I’m a TBI survivor; Coloring is a mind calm’n stress reliever 4 me. It’s currently not do’n that! Please fix this. Thank you 🙂

  11. I’ve been trying to draw or do anything off and on today using this app. Ended up deleting everything because I couldn’t do anything, it waa just some lines. I don’t know maybe it’s necessary to upgrade to premium in order to use anything so I was not impressed.

  12. Kim FAM dice:

    Menu interface makes it difficult to select jpg option for saves. Menu colour chosen for background makes it ugly. Interface is not clean like many other drawing apps.

  13. very limited. i did not say i had difficulty i said the features are limited. want to draw a square or circle and have to draw free hand.

  14. So far I love the app. I am very new at designing, and this is simple to use. Really enjoying being able to create what my own svg’s from beginning to end.

  15. This a fantastic app right from enthusiastic beginners , for and proffetionals it must have for young people who are interested in art &painting this app has many options in catogeries & free app I never go wrong in my review u can experience it once if u download &start using it you will realise ,how true it is best of luck . Then why 4stars I always expect more from it I kept that space intact

  16. This app is the best art app I’ve found .and I’ve been thru bunches n bunches of them. Endless possibilities….. ♡ The soul glows when art is created, no other feeling like that exists. Paintastic gives the tools, the canvas an saves the work. What more could I ask for? Awsome!

  17. It is such a nice app No ads It has Flowers, leaves etc Just love this People who want to us procreate but it is purchasing app they can use paintastic 5/5 No problem in anything Everything work properly

  18. Fairly easy to use, it would be great if it had some tools like a ruler (to draw straight lines) and the possibility of making circles. Good app!

  19. Please please please I request you to unlock all shapes because I have a school project in which I have to use some of the shapes and also my phone gets hang when I click on unlock all shapes. Please corporate. But it’s an amazing application. Please open the load brush from menu as well.

  20. Easy enough to use…. once you get the hang of it 😂 and compared to other apps this one is easy free and dose the job I need 😎👍

  21. excellent app.👍🏻 The new features added are more amezing.👌🏻If you guys add a slideshow or video editor then it will be more fantastic. Keep good work to be continued. All over its a very useful app.

  22. Very good. Easy ways to use. I liked this. The paint brush can have more types of flowers, paintastic has a few, but very good. More leaf could be added. Animals are not available for free, so I felt sad, while making forest entry in a contest of paintastic. Easy process of e-mail the entry from working on app. It will be good if cut, copy, paste options are available in edit menu, without which crop options is used less. Borders will also be good if added. Give some more shapes for free. Good.

  23. MV C dice:

    Used the free version, but couldn’t get what I wanted. Eg. Painting over a stroke, does not add to it, it stays one dimensional. With other apps I tried, the strokes were ‘layered’ and the paint mixed, so different colours could be achieved. I also missed watercolour and oil features, which would’ve made it much more interesting. The controls could be more streamlined as well. It needs more realistic strokes and brushes added to the features.

  24. Wendy GOH dice:

    At first use abit confuse it have many functions still want to explore it. I like the shape of designs it can let me design what I want, fantastic. Thanks development created this apps.

  25. Still struggling with it. Navigating and trying to find all the tools is puzzling. Can’t find how to undo. We’ll see…..

  26. A ridiculously disgusting app. Once I select shapes and drag them it just vanishes. To hell with artificial art. I’m sorry for being harsh but the app does not work and it wasted half an hour of my time. The shapes can only be selected in the app, but once after selection when I try to drag it, it just vanished and it vanished every time that I used it. It is easier to draw with hand than with technology.

  27. This APP has some nice features but making brush adjustments is a bit clunky to to navigate overall. Id like to see the GUI reworked a bit as well.

  28. I created a picture with multiple layers and when it was nearly complete the whole program reset and I lost everything.

  29. Garbage you can’t even add several different photos in to one peice of work without them deleting the previous ones. Absolute waste of time

  30. Pro: Really Awesome App! It Will Def. surprise you how many effects it has. The DevS put some good stuff inside 👍 COn: It felt Inefficiently structured slightly dated🤷🏻‍♀️ Overall: I give it 3.5/5

  31. The app as quite a few attributes and is not just a drawing app.. a can be used by anyone including professionals.. I’d put an age group for kids to use as teenagers and it not really for younger than. One of the things I noticed though is when you want to save an image to different platform is png to jpg it tends not to allow it and will revert back png, but having said that it could possibly be that my particular app was not installed properly or needed to be updated. Just done so will see.

  32. Was fine at first, nothing fantastic. But recently, it has started opening all of my photos sideways. Since there is no rotate tool, makes the app useless. ** No thank you on messing with my settings when other apps work fine. Make an app that doesnt require altering my phone and has a rotate button. What editing app doesnt have rotate?!

  33. Can’t save picture and come back to it at later date !😞 Massively complicated to use !!!

  34. I like to doodle and so Paintastic app is fun for me. I am learning to work the features.

  35. Good. Necessary if you are going to do some drawing…

  36. Best. Drawing app. E V E R. Plenty of choices for brush and style, there are SO MANY ready to use shapes, you can select and copy and paste and– Oh. Boy! It’s not even heavy on your memory! I LOVE it!!! <3 One of the few apps I've ever rated a 5 out of 5.

  37. Riddled with CRASHES and MORE ads than ever! I use the older version now. Hit me if u need it. And when i say crashes… Anything you do causes a crash, import an image? CRASH… change a text style? CRASH… totally unusable, the 40% of the time it’s not crashing youre watching an obnoxious ad with no exit possible…. UNinstalled.

  38. It is wonderful for a creative person , any body can create his or her ideas on this app perfectly. I love this. Free hand app. Unlimited creative opportunity ,very much entertaining, enjoyable,. Lovely App. I try other apps but paintastic is more friendly and more options of drawings it is my favourite app If possible I will give it 12 stars************.

  39. I am very much a novice but really enjoying this app. It enables you to really use your imagination and very good for trying out ideas for decorating items enabling you to see what it looks like beforehand. It is very relaxing, would highly recommend this app.

  40. I wish I rate this app as 0stars. I’ve been using this app to make images, nothing wrong, no problems. Until I updated, it turned out to be the worst version of this app… I hate this app! You can add text, stickers, shapes, nothing! You can’t add anything. I prefer the old version to this one. Uninstalling now…

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