Pango Paper Color : colouring MODDED 2022


Color at your fingertips!
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Mix colors and bring a world of origami and cardboard to life with Pango Paper Color.

A simple sheet of white paper can fold and unfold.
It can become a tree, a horse, a tractor or a balloon! Color it any way you like – red, blue, yellow – and mix colors to make new ones: orange, green and purple!

One by one, add buildings, trees, mountains, fences and animals.

Enter a wonderful world of colorful paper and cardboard.
Take a picture of your creation to show it off!
Once you’re done coloring, throw paper balls and interact with the scenery in a fun way.

Pango Paper Color lets children explore mixing colors while developing patience and concentration at the same time.


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– COLOR more than 60 objects
– DISCOVER 4 universes
– INTERACT with scenery and characters
– Take PICTURES of your creations
– Perfect for children aged 3 and up
– No stress, no time limit, no competition
– A simple, effective app
– Internal parental controls
– No in-game purchases or invasive advertising


bug fixed on the play button


14 comentarios en "Pango Paper Color : colouring MODDED 2022"

  1. I stumbled across this looking for a colouring app for my 6 y/o that did not have ads, and was reasonably priced with a one-time fee, and no in-app purchases. I think $4 is a fair price for this, but my kid was through all the ‘universes’ in about a day. I was surprised by the limited number of ‘universes’. When I read the description, I assumed that the ’60 objects’ would be 60 universes or levels, so I was expecting more, to be honest. I’d like to see more universes added, or the ability to mix and match so that she can continue to explore. Otherwise, it’s a good app, and fairly priced.

  2. Took us a little bit to figure out how to mix colors. (It’s much simpler than we thought, lol). Beautiful game, teaches kids how to mix colors, and it has cute music. Overall, we absolutely love the game, just wish it had more “world’s to color and create.

  3. The most beautifully designed game Panfo has ever made. Like me there are so few scenes to paint. We’ve done the same ones over and over. Very few toddler games are this good.

  4. There seems to be an error with it. if you exit and start again you can’t seem to access it by pressing the play button on the first screen. Otherwise it would be 5 star wonderful.

  5. Love the game, overall great experience would love to see more scenes. Additional apps even, holiday themed.

  6. Imagination Station. Our 3 year old has already gone through the stages..but, we still go back through and play again and again.

  7. So I downloaded this on my daughter’s cab and on mine and we play next to each other and she loves this bring out the creativity she’s been writing stories and it’s really awesome to see them how they light up when I get to play games alongside good job guys

  8. Really creative, cool game. Hope they add to it more.

  9. D Davis dice:

    Some items do NOT colour in. Pls fix

  10. kids playing with dads money sad

  11. Arya Toy dice:

    I Lov Pango! 😻😻😻

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