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Live local weather forecast, radar, storm tracker & alerts on your home screen
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Unlock a new phone experience with our launcher and weather widget 🌌

Benefits of Daily Weather Home:

📲 Customizable weather focused home screen/launcher with a variety of available icon packs and wallpapers

📅 Full screen weather widget with daily and weekly weather outlooks

🌡️ Detailed, clean daily weather planner and temperatures

🔓 Unlock powerful voice enabled search that supports all major search engines

Daily Weather Home is the fastest, most accurate weather tool available for Android. With rich, interactive maps, minute by minute updates, and over 43,000 available zip codes, Daily Weather Home offers the hyper-local precision forecast you need to be ready to take on any weather condition, from a high UV index sunny day, to a sudden arctic blast.

Offering fast, one-swipe access, Daily Weather Home raises the bar for extreme and severe weather preparedness, giving you a superior, hi-resolution view of the conditions most likely to affect you. And with optimized one-touch voice search, you’ll never be far away from the information you need.

Key Features:

🧹 Uncluttered, efficient user experience: Get to your local weather, fast. Receive timely weather alerts, <15 min updates, and enhanced forecast precision.

⛈️ HiDef Radar shows you severe local weather before it hits

🌐 Instant Weather Search: Whether by voice or text, DWH was built to optimize your search experience. Enjoy fast, intuitive, and accurate search.

🏃 Fast, Hyper-Local Radar: Access HD radar images and daily weather forecasts with minimal load times. DWH’s lightweight architecture ensures you won’t spend time waiting for important images to load.

⚡ Daily Weather Home takes all the best weather information and combines it with easy access to your favorite apps and lightning fast search.


Daily Weather Home delivers an intelligent Android experience that will make your daily life better. It's 100% FREE and loaded with potential for more features in coming updates! Let us know what you think. We hope you love Daily Weather Home.

Daily Weather Home: The Fastest, Most Accurate Weather App Available.


☁️ Track weather conditions ☁️
⚠️ Get weather alerts ⚠️
☂️ Receive hourly weather updates ☂️
💨 Wind and pressure report 💨
🌅 Sunrise and sunset time 🌅
✨ New and fresh looks ✨


40 comentarios en "Weather Home: Local Forecast FULL"

  1. The main problem with this app as was referenced by other users, is it takes over your phone, removes your icons, and basically puts a UI layer between you the operating system. Once installed, I can not delete it. I HATE IT!! When you create and app you should ALWAYS create an easy way to uninstall it. I totally agree with another commenter in that this feels like Malware!!

  2. READ REVIEWS FIRST. I was just searching for a simple weather app and when I downloaded it, the whole app took over my phone. I had a new search engine, different icons and a totally new layout including settings. AND I COULDN’T FIGURE OUT HOW TO UNDOWLOAD IT. I searched it and even the results were skewed. I went to the google app store and searched it up; then I selected uninstall. I DO NOT RECOMMEND. I genuinely thought it was a virus.

  3. This was like walking into a nightmare. I am tech savvy and it still took me 10 minutes to figure out how to uninstall this app. I couldn’t do it from settings. I should have read the reviews before installing it. It changed my entire layout, homescreen, and access to the native Google app. It pushed its own app which was filled with ads and tabloids.

  4. This app is terrible and will take over your phone. Forces you to switch your default home and eliminates the simple uninstall until you change it back. The default home(set as default) can be changed back in the system apps under the Daily Weather app. No need to reboot your phone. I can’t believe Google allows this app to be on Play Store…..Terrible!!! Do not download!!!

  5. It acts like malware on your phone. Had to reset phone to factory settings to clean my phone of this app. It eliminates app icons without asking. It takes over many operations of your phone, such as if you want to go to settings, it takes you to it’s own page first.

  6. This app is trash do not download it. Enless you want to change the whole theme of your phone. It sucks and it doesn’t even show the weather it just shows links.

  7. Quick and easy to use. Ery refreshing compares to the other apps that have many annoying pop-ups for advertising. Thank you for this informative app.

  8. I like it! Only thing I would change (and why I gave 4 stars) is not possible to see metric as well as Imperial measures. I would like to see both to adjust my brain to eventual metric only.

  9. Read other reviews, it takes over all your current seeings, houses apps you have saved on your home screen. Pushes ads, and unusually it does not get rid of it… Should have had flashing lights warning you… Stay away.

  10. Lynn S dice:

    Malware from Google…. This is a nightmare – it takes over your phone. I spent hours talking to Verizon, Samsung, and going through the Google phone maze. I am tech savvy and still haven’t figured out how to uninstall this piece of garbage!!

  11. It was not immediately clear that this would alter my home screen in ways I did not expect. Then the uninstall button was disabled. Too intrusive.

  12. As described in prior reviews, your phone is taken over by the app and all icons on your homepage are removed. The uninstall button is greyed out and you are unable to uninstall the app. I wish the prior reviewer explained how to uninstall the app.

  13. I downloaded your app and it messed up my phone And when you pop up I can’t delete you. I want your program off my phone. I don’t like a program forcing itself on me.

  14. Too much adds. Everything like icon on my phone changed its location. Also visual size has changed. My google search bar disappeared. What the heck!!??

  15. Lots of pretty colors on app page, layout is great, great weather coverage.

  16. This app was a nightmare it moved my apps down and every time when I try to get to my apps it showed up for my apps needed deleted I cannot figure out how to delete the app

  17. I have only had the app for a couple of days, since then it has been great every day after. Keeo up the good work, it works for all of us. AWESOME! Janet H.

  18. This app took over my phone and completely changed the look and feel of the interface. It wouldn’t let me delete it so ended up having to do a hard factory reset. This is not a legitimate weather app but rather soft malware! Beware before downloading.

  19. OMG Nightmare!!! boyfriend reviewing. She just got this new phone. Not sure how this app got on here, unless it was pre-installed option, and next thing it’s taken over entire phone. Took a lot of searching to figure out how to get rid of, because you can’t just uninstall. Thanks to Tony Nicklow for listing steps. settings –> apps –> choose default apps –> Home app – click on this and can change back to default One UI home. After this, you’ll then see the app to uninstall. What a mess!

  20. This is not just a weather app it is a launcher. Which means it will change your entire interface. I think people think it’s just a weather app it is not. It will show you ads all the time. To go back to the regular interface go to settings->apps->default apps->change the home app to your phone’s default. Again this app changes the entire interface and will show you ads all the time. Uninstall if you just thought it was a weather app and didn’t realize it was a launcher.

  21. Not sure as I only had this app for maybe 5 seconds. This pesky “RATE ME” Pop-Up has already come up. It won’t let me continue onto the app until I had answered the annoying “Rate-Me” Pop-Up.

  22. It kept freezing and would not tell me the weather right like it said it was going to rain but then the sun was shining so very confused

  23. Very cool app, this app does not take over your phone as long as you don’t let it, if you chose to allow this to replace your home launcher…it will take over your phones launcher and replace it with theirs.

  24. This apps literally changed my whole set up of my phone and it doesn’t even tell me the weather. All it tells me is it’s sponsored searches. Is this even a weather app.

  25. Because I could not close the screen without pushing one of those stickers, and I didn’t want to, that made me upset. I just downloaded the app. Sheesh

  26. It’s an easy to read weather app. But no I me is perfect so that’s why you get four stars and not five.

  27. Great for temperature all over the world! It’s great to know what the degrees is every half an hour.

  28. Forecast are 80 to 90% correct. Always enjoyed studying meteorology and especially radar worldwide… captivating!

  29. I had some issues getting this app so so I only looked at it for about five min . First day and then unable to Access it afterwards. So hopefully I can can be more accessible to it now ?? So you can ask for survey another time week or something? . Thank you.

  30. Too much junk loaded at the top of the pages, but your radar presentation is excellent….

  31. The weather apps is very good to have that way you would know the weather forecast from day to day. I love having it I can alway’s check the weather thank’s 🌞

  32. Don’t want past radar and faster radar speed to slow andscreen to small Don’t fill up my whole screen like it did on my other phone.

  33. Do not download this app unless you like learning how to use your phone again. This app will hijack all your commonly used features and change the appearance.

  34. I like the weather home app for the simple fact that it targets where I live here in Mariposa and so far it is been about 95% accurate I live on a dirt road and it informs me if it’s going to snow and this year it has been accurate every single time that enables me to go into down and pick up supplies to wait out the storm which was 5 days . James

  35. This app forces you to rate it before you can even see it. That’s why I gave it a one star. Maybe if I like it I’ll change my reading. I don’t like anything that forces me to do something!

  36. It gave me my weather ruined my home screen though even if I moved my apps to my home screen it would move it right back don’t like this

  37. Wonderful in every area pertaining to all aspects of this App as a whole!!!! Wonderful job, and a shout out to the Tech, Support team!!!! They rarely receive credit they deserve. Always in the background making all run up to date and smoothly that we, the people, can acquire wonderful experiences everytime when using this particular App!!!! Lots of Love to all those who make this possible!!!!!

  38. The best weather app. Thank you for your help and current temperature. ✨👏

  39. Saint dice:

    Wont let you uninstall after it messes with your whole phone. Cant believe this isnt banned off the store.

  40. Love the easy to follow weather!!!! Keep up the good work!!!! Love Love love it!!!!

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