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5000+ Emojis,Fonts,Stickers,Cute Themes,Emoticon,GIF,Symbols,Custom Keyboard!
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Facemoji Emoji Keyboard is a Free, Fully Customized, All-in-1 Keyboard with super-rich content and powerful features! With 5000+ Emoji, WhatsApp Stickers, Emoticon, Kaomoji, GIF, Cool Fonts, TikTok Emojis, Auto-Paste, Cute Symbols, Stylish Themes on this emoji keyboard, Facemoji Emoji Keyboard spice up your chats and posts on WhatsApp, TikTok, Instagram, Messenger, Facebook, Telegram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, Discord, SMS, etc. Texting has never been more fun with this hottest emoji keyboard in 2022!

Check out all K-Pop content for you! Type “BTS”, “Blackpink” or other groups on this emoji keyboard, you will see a surprise!

Easy to send 5000+ Emoji, Emoticon, Free Stickers, Emoji Art, Text Art, Symbols, GIFs
– All NEW emojis for 2022 is now available on Facemoji Emoji Keyboard, check out the latest trending emojis!
– Best TikTok Keyboard with hidden secret Tiktok emojis
– Special and unique emojis you have never seen in other keyboard!

Whatsapp Sticker keyboard & Tenor GIF keyboard
– Facemoji keyboard’s 2000+ Cute Stickers are all compatible and look very nice in Whatsapp, Messenger and Telegram! We even have Kpop stickers such as BTS stickers and Blackpink stickers.

Custom Keyboard & Photo Keyboard + 1000+ Fancy Keyboard Themes
– Make your own keyboard wallpaper with your favorite photo/picture, DIY keyboard such as customize buttons, colors, fonts, tapping effects(like BTS lightsticks), tapping sound(piano, guitar, dog barking) to decorate your emoji keyboard. Share and your friends can use the same custom keyboard designed by you!
– 1500+ FREE stylish themes such as Japanese anime, Neon keyboard, LED keyboard, RGB keyboard, K-Pop idols, cute animals, Boba milk tea, Avocado, Ironman, Unicorn, Animated themes…New themes are added weekly!

Cool Fonts Keyboard & Unicode Symbol Keyboard
– Enjoy typing with 50+ different aesthetic font style
– Create your stylish message with fancy fonts on your Instagram bio and Tiktok post!
– Do you know how many heart symbols you can type with Facemoji Keyboard? We have over 1000 unicode symbols and nickname templates!

Auto Paste keyboard & Clipboard
– How to send fast messages? We have a paste keyboard where you can just long click and send repeatedly!
– Clipboard keyboard to save your ALL your copied notes and send in 1 click

Kaomoji Keyboard, Text art and more
– Express your emotions with Kaomoji and Emoticon keyboard
– Funny Emoji Art & Text Art to attract followers in TikTok/Instagram
– We create Emoji Art like Minecraft, Demon slayer, Squid Game with just Emojis!
– Funny Quotes / Jokes / Pick up lines / Fairy Comments you can find here

Game Keyboard for Among us, Roblox and Minecraft
We built a special keyboard for Among us! You can Win every game easily by 1 tap on quick message, player color and location in our Among us keyboard! Our game mode also supports Roblox, Free Fire, Pubg, Mobile legends etc.

Fast Typing & Smart Suggestions
– Creative Emoji suggestions and Emoji predictions
– Sticker Predictions in WhatsApp and Messenger
– Swipe keyboard: Type faster with smooth gesture typing
– Smart Autocorrect: Automatically Fix all the Typos for you!

Bilingual Keyboard supports 100+ languages + built-in Translator
– Easily switch language by swiping space bar
– Just type and auto-translate to 25+ languages with our keyboard translator!
– QWERTY keyboard and different keyboard layout for you to choose

Custom Keyboard Themes Community
– Check out the most beautiful emoji keyboard designed by others, and see what ranking your own one can get!

Privacy and security
Facemoji Keyboard will NEVER collect any personal information without your explicit permission.

Connect with us:
TikTok: tiktok.com/@facemojikeyboard (We have over 2 Million followers!)
Instagram: instagram.com/Facemojikeyboard
Twitter: twitter.com/FacemojiApp
This will be the Funniest typing experience you ever have and it is for Free. Let’s download and try Facemoji Emoji Keyboard right Now!


We added some secret emojis, you can find them in WhatsApp, Twitter and other places.
Hope you can enjoy! (·∀·*)♪゚


40 comentarios en "Facemoji Emoji Keyboard&Fonts MODDED"

  1. Great keyboard but only 2 stars because when you go to Google Chrome, it has this incredibly annoying bar that pops up with suggested sites. If you accidentally tap it, it opens up Bing. Also when you’re searching it shows secondary search results at the bottom! Very annoying and intrusive. If there was a way to turn this feature off I’d give it 5 stars but couldn’t find it under any settings.

  2. This app is super fantastic! There are so many FREE customisation options, down to the way the keys sound as you type! The ONLY thing holding this back from a full 5 stars is that there isn’t a way to edit premade themes (that I could find). I’d like to be able to change the sounds and font of the themes I download, at the very least. Gesture swipe could be improved as it never correctly gets the word I’m spelling no matter how precise I make the swipes. And choose the specific key layouts!

  3. Kalyssia dice:

    Everything is free, the customization is pretty great. Except it doesn’t have the updated emojis. Feels like you’ve downgraded on the emojis, but other than that, it’s pretty great overall! If you want to customize your keyboard by font, background, sound effects, effects or swipe effects then this is the perfect app for you!

  4. This is an awesome app. There is so much to do! You can chose from the many awesome selections of keyboard designs they have or you could customise your own. I also love how you can have live videos playing on it too. There are many ways to customise and have fun with this app and I truly recommend this to anyone who wants to spice up there device for a change. Awesome app👌

  5. All options are free, little to no advertisement, literally every feature I could want! Theres only one problem, I don’t know why, but when I turn my screen sideways and then back normal again the letters and symbols and everything stay but facing up and the keyboard image and layout is on the bottom of my screen still. Other than one small error that happens every now and then (for me,) this app is PERFECT! 😩8/10 I LOVE IT

  6. TDE E dice:

    Best keyboard customising app I have EVER used. First off, EVERYTHING is free. (At least what I know so far.) Second, you can choose different sound effects. Every time I press a key on my mobile device, it sounds like the clack of a key on a keyboard! Don’t worry if the app says that it will “view your credit card info and you must restart your phone after”. Idk why it says that, but it’s not true. I didn’t have to restart my phone, and it cannot view your credit card info. Install right now!

  7. Easy, all you have to do is download, install too your keyboard, then select a picture you want to use, your keyboard font. After you can have whichever font you want! And with awesome pictures too!!!! I personally love this. Edit: changing to a 4/5 review, why I am rating this a four is because recently I’ve been experiencing problems. (Such as: Not loading, black screen, sometimes takes a while to load, laggy when on the app or using the fonts.) Please fix this! Thank you 😊

  8. Not comfortible with the keyboard wanting to collect ALL things INCLUDING passwords and credit card numbers. Text messages are a give-in anyways, you’re using it’s service, but private information like that stuff? Guess that’s the price of free. Can’t think of why anyone would be ok with a keyboard app collecting that information. Uninstalled immediately. Maybe one day when it chooses not to collect that type information I’ll try it again, but I’m really not ok with that stuff.

  9. the keyboard I made was awesome, very nice, and so me. experimenting with making different keyboards was very fun. I’ve never seen a better keyboard maker. the problem is, it changes my lock screen, to where anyone can open it without putting in a password, and all they have to do is swipe. the other problem, is that I have random adds pop up on my phone, and I can’t stop it. I could live past this, if there were options to turn these bugs off, but unfortunately there isn’t

  10. Ok it been a little more than a week and I live it! There are so many options, and they are all free! You can use this without WiFi as long as it’s options you have clicked on while using WiFi. Everything about it is fun and perfectly convenient. My nephew saw it on my phone and spent like an hour messing around with it and making several different keyboards. Another thing! It saves all the key boards you’ve made so you can go back to them if you’d like! 10/10 app, highly recommend it!

  11. I love the app but for some reason the key vibrations aren’t working. I rely on the vibration when texting, it kinda helps me from making typos. It’s not a huge deal but I wish it would work. **in response to Editor Comment below: I have gone go those settings. It doesn’t matter how high or low I slide the bar, the vibration won’t work. I have it turned on, it’s just not working.

  12. I like this app. Want more themes created by the developer. It would be nice if more of the downloadable themes had special effects with them, and those themes with special effects, need an option to turn them off. Also the DIY themes, the special effects need to be a little bit bigger; they are very small, it’s hard to see some of them. Need an option to make the simple keys color bolder. They are a little too transparent. Otherwise, fantastic app! 🤘😝🤘

  13. Good app, but I wish you could [removed to fit character limit for reply]. It would also be nice to be able to lock the angle of the image when you’re selecting one to be your keyboard background, so you don’t spend 5 minutes trying to get it flat or straight up. App is still great and deserving of the 4 stars though. Yeah, that’s what I was thinking of for the function keys.

  14. Had this keyboard for years, it’s great! So is the customization! But I do not like the fact that it pops up random emotes when I type in key phrases, such as; cat, rain, and love. It starts raining down for at least a few seconds, but it is really annoying when you are typing out a text and go on to hit the next letter only for you needing to stop and let it do it’s animation. If this can be disabled, I would love to know where it is.

  15. I enjoy the many customization options this keyboard has, and it’s very easy to install. My only complaint is that it triggers a few seconds of animation when you type in certain words. Edit: It seems this was fixed! or if it was a device problem, it fixed itself. The effect triggers but I’m still allowed to type in the time it’s happening. 🙂

  16. It’s better in many ways than Gboard or Swift key, but I’m having problems with double tapping keys, and slowness with the h key. Seems the double taps could be filtered better. Also the ads showing up in the notifications isn’t pleasant. I suppose you have to make money somehow, but not with me in that way. I don’t click ads. Perhaps selling features or plugins would be a good idea. Overall better than other boards with correction replacement.

  17. This has just about everything my last keyboard had and more, and yet this one was free and my last one costs a couple bucks. There are a few things that prevent me from giving it a perfect score however. The main thing is after you create a custom keyboard, there’s no way to go back and recustimize a few things such as font and so forth. There are also just a couple things involving how backspace works that makes me wish for a couple new custom options to change it.

  18. it’s an amazing app, I just have one suggestion, for the effect feature you should make it so you can have multiple effects at once, and rotate the different effects so all the ones you want can be used. this is just a thought, because I often see multiple effects that I want to use but can’t because you can only use one at a time. thanks again for the amazing app.

  19. I really like this keyboard. However, I think some minor improvement is needed: ✔It’d be nice to fix a recurring “double comma” issue. It’s been a problem for months! ✔Also, the keyboard needs a dictionary section. it’d be nice to be able to delete incorrect spelling entries in the settings. ✔Adding a few more emojis to the list would be awesome. Thanks!!!

  20. I love the customization and being able to use my own pictures. The details in creating my own theme is great!! My only issue right now is trying to figure out how to turn this sound off and make the pop up images go away. Once you’ve downloaded all the possible themes, you don’t see them again. Maybe it’s just me not finding it. I’d really like for my keyboard to be without animation and to stop barking. Help!!

  21. tobi !! dice:

    I have been using this app for as long as I can remember. In my opinion, it’s perfect. It does everything I need it to. But, ever since I updated my android, I can no longer click things on screen without minimizing my keyboard. I can’t hit the send button, save snaps in chat, or click on the auto filled Google searches. I don’t know if this is a problem to do with the app or the mew update, but hope it gets fixed soon. Otherwise, it’s perfect.

  22. I have fun changing the keyboards for the seasons, picking out new Emojis, emoji pix & gifs to send to friends. Easy to use, easy to install, I don’t have any problems as far as I can tell. Works well with my Android. Been using this app for over 2 years. Upgrades have been smooth. Only thing I wish is, say for instance, right now, I have the really pretty Kitty keyboard, wish Kitty was available as graphic to send to friends. That’s why I choose the keyboard but nothing is usable.

  23. it started off good, ended horribly. when i first got it, i could use it while a video was playing. but after, whenever i watched a YouTube video, and tried to comment with the video playing, the keystrokes would make the video lag and make the audio cut out. i didn’t get that problem in the past. good intentions, but not that good of a keyboard app.

  24. I used to LOVE this app; but recently, it doesn’t even let me create my own keyboard. Everytime I finish the keyboard and hit the last button of the process it just makes me start over, if it wasn’t for that this would have a much higher rating. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled and the issue still persists. I hope you fix this in the future. Edit: if I do not pass the first page of customization after picking an image it works fine, but it still bums me out I can’t fully customize my keyboard.

  25. This app is AMAZING!!! Didn’t think it would be as good as it is but the auto correct is on point. The pre spacing for punctuation is incredible it has pop up emojis for certain words. This app is just all around perfect.. I also love that this app isn’t just custom keyboards but also has teams.. Love it.. The only problem is that it sometimes lags and freezes for a moment. But that is the only problem that I have seen so far. Wonderful job on this guys!

  26. I’ve tried a few other keyboards and uninstalled them within the first 30 mins, or sooner. This is a good one. Keyboard allows numbers on top, which is important to me. Some don’t even offer something that simple. I wish the fonts were serious, instead of those 10 silly fonts no one would use. But other than that, I’ve been very happy. LOVE the, Make Your Own Keyboard. 👍👍

  27. Pretty good, but I need to keep adding the clipboard, over and over again! It’s very annoying, sure it works for a bit, but then it just randomly takes the clipboard off the tool bar thingy, I don’t understand why, and no my phone is not restarting or powering off like at 0% battery. Please fix this because it’s super annoying, and that’s like the only reason why I’m giving it 4 stars and not 5, fix it and I’ll give 5 stars (^w^)

  28. I think this app is great, I just think it would be easier and more convenient to have a search button to find the specific keyboards that you want to download. Besides that, I like how the downloading process of the keyboards is really easy and I think it’s fun to customize keyboards out of your pictures in your gallery. I highly recommend giving this app a go if you are bored of the Google keyboard.

  29. This app is incredible because I can get some fonts that usually other apps charge you over 100 dollars just to get a font with letters inside a box, and you can also create your own keyboard, which I highly recommend. I have a picture of my dog as a keyboard and it’s nice, you can also do affects noises and you can pick the little bubble your letters going to if you want to bubble or if you don’t. The only problem is that every once in a while you’ll get an ad.

  30. I love being able to customize my own keyboard without having to pay or anything, it’s great! But, some keyboard options get really glitchy depending on which one you pick, for example an actual keyboard. Some of them make it hard to type. Overall, everything looks and works good. I really like this! I am using it now! You should download.

  31. this app is amazing! I can find any keyboard I want. I can make keyboards and surprisingly people like them. you can meet people who like the same stuff as you and it is great. the only problem is that once my keyboard gets to a certain number of downloads it doesn’t show that I got any more which really sucks. alsoyoy should make a way to turn off the sound. I like them but sometimes it gets to the point where I need to tuen it off. if you could fix that then this would be one of the best apps.

  32. painquinn dice:

    This app is absolutely amazing. It has free fonts, gifs, these things o(〃^▽^〃)o, and it also has its own little library of games that you don’t have to download. You can choose from one of the many already made themes or make your own. You can choose your own keys, sounds, and effects. You can even have an animated keyboard. You can upload any of your photos to the app and make that into a keyboard and add the effects. I wouldn’t recommend any other app.

  33. I had the app installed for a couple years on different phones and i generally liked it. Only thing is that it has the ability to collect any information and the bing spyware. They say that they promise they’d never look at anything, but how trust worthy could they really be? The app is well designed and more fun than any other keyboard apps, but the risk is certainly too high. Maybe if there was some kind of policy that prevents them from keeping data of what you type.

  34. Just installed it, and uninstalling right now. The swipe functionality is ok, but the emoji keyboard itself is an empty blank box. If you press anywhere in the blank box, emoji’s are being clicked, But you don’t know which emoji you clicked until after you touch somewhere because again, it’s just a blank box. Next issue is when replying to a text message, if you try to use the app’s gifs, it only inserts the gif into a new blank message thread. Lastly, it emptied my 40% battery in 20 mins. Pass!

  35. When it comes to the art aspect of it, it’s pretty cool, but for real its just like any other keyboard app. Probably want to do worst features of it is the speak to text feature. I use it a lot, cause I’m lazy, and I don’t want to text sometimes. Half of the time, all of my words were wrong whenever I would use it.

  36. Almost as good as what touchpal used to be, and so far is serving as a decent replacement. The swipe text function is alright, although sometimes auto correct doesn’t work and the word prediction likes to be super off the walls inaccurate at times when using the swipe text. Something that irritates me the most is the emoji placement button, which is literally a millimeter right beside the comma button, so every time I try to type a comma I get a folly of yellow faces taunting me instead.

  37. Sofia R dice:

    This app really does the job. You can upload your pics and crop them to fit the keyboard, you can customize how exactly you want your keyboard to look when you tap the keys. Furthermore, you can save your designs or use other designs from other people. May take some getting used to typing at first, but it’s a wonderful app overall. (Does take some storage so if you have a lot of apps, things may become slow)

  38. I really enjoy this keyboard. It works great, has many features… and it’s fun! The only reason I gave it 4 stars was because it would be nice if the keyboard had a “search” option for the emojis themselves. One previous app that I used had a search function and it was nice. This would make the keyboard easier to use as a person wouldn’t have to scroll through all the menus to find the emoji they are looking for. Other than that– great app! ☺

  39. Is there any way to edit a preexisting keyboard, because I’ve been driving myself crazy trying to do so. I also need to know if there’s any way to turn off the Character Preview setting (when the letter pops up when you press that key. Sorry if I’m not good at explaining it, but it’s called Character preview in the phone’s settings). If anyone can tell me I’ll easily rate this app 5 stars.

  40. Natalie dice:

    I’ve used this app for years and never had any problems up until a few days ago. I can no longer click things on the screen while the keyboard is up, such as the send button, and sometimes the keyboard will freeze and you can’t see what buttons you’re pressing. You also can’t go back and edit sentences without closing the keyboard first. It’s honestly really annoying and I wish they would fix this soon

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