Flora Elegant Multicolor NXV84 MODDED

Dark themed floral watch face with multi color option...
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Please note, if you have trouble installing from your phone, go to Play Store app on your watch and search “NXV84”, after that you can install directly from your watch.

If you need help with installation please email: [email protected]

[For Wear OS devices]

Elegant, stylish and colorful ladies watch face with the following features

• 6 background color customization options (long tap watch face to customize)
• 6 color options for time digit display (long tap for customization)
• Multi language day & date
• 12/24 hour time
• Steps counter
• Heart rate (10 minute measurement interval or tap on heart rate icon to take manual measurement)
• Battery percentage (digital & analog)
• Ambient mode

Steps for correct installation.

Always make sure your watch is paired to your phone when installing.
When it says “installing soon” please wait 3-4 minutes then check your watch to see if installation is complete.

You can also try to install from your phone internet browser with this link:

Visit store for more watch faces here:

Installation issues are not developer related, please before leaving negative rating contact us via email so we can help you.

Email: [email protected]


4 comentarios en "Flora Elegant Multicolor NXV84 MODDED"

  1. Chris Waycott dice:

    It’s OK. It’s a PITA to install, and it isn’t very customizable. You do not have the option to remove the health data; which I neither want or need. The battery icon color does not change with the “theme.” It is pretty, but not worth actually paying for to me, since you cannot do much but pick between 6 “themes” (6 font colors) and some backgrounds.

  2. Donna J. Ussery-Owens dice:

    Pretty face but disappointed that it does not cover my entire watch face. It is just reduced to the center if my screen as if I have a smaller watch face. Pointless to purchase a larger watch face if it can’t be utilized. Also, I expected for the price that when touching the feet, heart or battery icon it would take you to the watch app but it does nothing.

  3. Jacquelyn Jee dice:

    Update: found it in the watch play store then installed directly. It’s super pretty but inconvenient that you can’t install directly from your phone. Not sure if it’s the watch developer issue or not. But I’m enjoying this watch face so far! It won’t install on my Galaxy 4 watch!! I refunded and re-purchased and it still won’t install. I tried looking for it in the play store on my watch but couldn’t find it either.

  4. Leann LeValley dice:

    Update, I did a refund, re-purchased it from the watch and installed directly from the watch, now it shows up. 5 star now😁 Didn’t work on my watch, didn’t show up as a watchface selection option anywhere not sure where it ended up but I got a message saying “watchface was blank, make sure the watch was paired with my phone” which it AND I tried directly from my watch and that didn’t work, is so it must be a compatible issue?? Galaxy s22 ultra and Samsung watch 4 classic

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