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Say hello to Mila, the refreshingly thoughtful air purifier.
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Mila is the first smart air purifier of its kind that makes controlling your home’s air quality as intuitive as setting your thermostat. With Mila, you’ll discover a best-in-class HEPA air purifier that’s smart, simple, quiet, and affordable (and cute, because our hunch was right: No one wants an eyesore in their living room).

Here’s some of what you can do with your Mila and Android app:

Monitor the air you breathe

Real-time indoor and outdoor air quality
Daily and weekly insights into your AQI, TVOC, and more
Nine sensors to help monitor your air quality, VOC levels, humidity, temperature, and carbon dioxide levels

Clean, fresh air — automagically set for you

Quiets down in your presence
Light Sleeper setting to turn off your display and control the hum of your fan while your snooze
Turndown Service activates an hour before bedtime to give your room a deep clean to reduce nighttime allergies

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In this latest release, we completely rewrote the way we show charts to give you a more granular view of your home's air quality. 📈

Updates include:
- New line charts with dynamic ranges and timestamps. Pinpoint when certain events happen that affect your home's AQI.
- Seamless navigation back in time to review what happened last month (or even last year)
- Updated timescales (hourly/daily/weekly/monthly) for indoor/outdoor readings

See a full list of changes at


4 comentarios en "Mila Air FULL"

  1. Joel Miller dice:

    Unit constantly is losing connection to the internet. The app is also constantly losing my device and is not present when I try to control the device. The only way around this is to uninstall the app and then reinstall the app. I have done this at least a half a dozen times. Everything worked well until the last app update. The fan is also noisy at times. I now have to turn it off when I watch television which I didn’t have to do before. I like the air filter but it is becoming problematic.

  2. Brandi York dice:

    The Mila is fantastic but the app is problematic. I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall the app four times now as it will lose connection with the unit and this seems to be the only means of reestablishing the connection to control fan speeds. (The unit still functions properly and reacts as intended.)

  3. Thant Aung dice:

    Okay, I’m surprised to see so many people complaining here. I didn’t have any trouble connecting to WiFi or experienced bugs mentioned in so many reviews here. You have to drop your phone from your home WiFi and connect to Mila’s WiFi first to enter your home WiFi password on the Mila itself so it can connect to your WiFi on its own. I think that may be throwing people off. I can’t tell if the bugs were quickly addressed or I’m missing something here. Giving some commands to the app do all the stuff on the Mila for me. I don’t get what bugs people are talking about here. It’s aesthetically pleasing and responsive. I have to say it can be improved and not the most intuitive but it’s not as bad as to receive a 1 star rating (unless you have a bad batch and you have bad sensors). It has too many navigation options which could be simplified more. My Mila kicks in a couple minutes after cooking, runs at high speed for 20 min or so and all the smells go away afterward. We don’t even need those scented candles any more.

  4. Zaid Nasir dice:

    Just some minor tweaks would help. First, not that easy to find how to add another device. First you find the floor and then find the + sign. Not very apparent. Second, when connecting with wifi the ‘go to settings ‘ option is a dead end. If I connect via that it won’t being me back to the config screen automatically. I had to back out and then go back in the app. This resets the app and since I’m not connected to the wifi but the device itself, I can’t login again.

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