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Looking for the perfect apartment finder app? Find beautiful rental homes here!
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Find Your Next Home With Apartments Finder App.

Your new home is just a click away. Start your home rental search with our app. Listings are updated daily with new rental homes & properties across the country – including rental apartments, condos, house rentals, townhouses and more.

Find a home to rent today – rental apartments finder. Browse our huge apartment list for rent & houses for rent. You can even read reviews from real residents so you know whether a property is right for you.

Find houses and apartments for rent near me. Rental apartments near me that are affordable and close to where I want to be – all on the rental apps.

Looking for rental homes or rental apartments? We have more than just apartments, we also offer condos and houses for rent near me, you can stop looking for other rental apps.

Find apartments for rent in any city on the apartment list with our apartments finder. Search millions of listings by filters like pet friendly, cost per month, or availability date. Then, explore properties in virtual tours, watch HD videos, or browse photos. You’ll know your way round properties before the viewings even begin!

Find cheap apartments for rent in minutes with a complete apartment list. We have a huge collection of affordable apartments in every price range with more being added every day. Filter by budget to find houses, apartments, condos, townhouses and more.

The Rent. apartments finder app makes you forget about all the other rental apps. Get access to rental homes listings & houses for rent near me today! All different types of apartments for rent.

Find the perfect rental property for you.

You need to find the right rental apartments – like, yesterday. It’s got to have specific amenities and be within your budget. Rent. is here to help. Find cheap apartments, luxury condos or anything in between, and save your favourite properties straight to your phone.

The Rent. – rental homes mobile app allows you to:
• Find a home to rent with our property search tools and filters
• Find out what residents think of the property – read real ratings and reviews you can trust from actual residents.
• Explore trusted listings from sources that are verified by Rent.
• Take a virtual tour with our exclusive HD videos and panoramic tours with 360-degree views of the exteriors, interiors, and amenities of select apartments.
• View HD apartment photos and floor-plan images for a glimpse of what each unit has to offer.
• Use advanced search tools and filters to narrow in on your perfect rental.
• Find apartments in specific locations using a map or text view of listings.
• Save your favorites to easily access them again and again.
• Call or email apartments directly from the app.
• Send your Renter Card to apartments and stand out from other renters.

The perfect apartment within your budget is out there. Use the Rent. app to help you find it.


- Bug fixes and performance improvements.


40 comentarios en "Rent. Apartments & Homes MODDED"

  1. Fitz dice:

    Very poorly designed UI One would ASSUME that the interface works just like Zillow, Redfin, and others. Instead, there’s no way to search over a broad area of a metropolitan area, and the draw function only works at higher zoom levels. That means you need to make many many searches of different areas just to get a complete picture.

  2. Lacks the ability to limit results to ONLY the city you’re searching. EXAMPLE, run a search in my city, it gives me results of 240 with a good 50 of them being in my area, the rest of them being in towns that are 50 to 75 miles away from me and you absolutely cannot exclude the expanded search. I could understand if there was only a handful available in my area, but there’s plenty. More frustrating than worth the effort to use this app.

  3. Hard to find apartments even with filters. The app seems to base your search on price and the bed and bath conditions separately. If I’m looking for something for $2400 and below it will find it. But then it will list that the apartment has the bed and bath I want but it is more than my set price. It doesn’t do a search as a group. Sometimes it works but it makes it difficult because not all search results are what I’m looking for or even close to it.

  4. Literally useless for me, because it will only show listings that are within the actual borders of the city, and there’s no option to get rid of the borders…. you can try to use the draw option instead, but it makes you zoom in smaller than the border itself in order to use the draw function! Completely useless. It also says there are no listings for my filters, when on other real estate apps, there’s 40-60 listings with the same filters.

  5. Very easy to use app. No crashes, bugs, or ads. Once you add the filters, everything is very streamlined. You type in the area of where you are looking or zoom into it on the map and it shows the prices and locations of available housing. Definitely quicker than using a browser. Would recommend.

  6. Elena dice:

    Could not find anything within a 50-100 mile radius of the places I was interested in living. Not everyone lives in major cities or capitols in their state. Some of us can only afford to live outside of the city limits/in the country during these difficult times. And when I tried to delete my account, I wasn’t given the option, so I had to enter a made up alias sp my information isn’t sitting on their app to be sold/used.. What a disappointment.

  7. Looking for a place in these days and times are so difficult. This app has functions that make it very easy and convenient to search what you are looking for, also to get in touch with the appropriate property managers that will help you with your search even further. I like this app a lot.

  8. very well designed app and I’ve got no complaints with the app design and no complaints with the functionalities of the app and no complaints with any bugs or whatever my issue with it is I’m trying to avoid wasting my time with rentals that are gonna be a waste of time and doing all possible to avoid wasting money on rental app fees if I’m gonna be automatically denied and the app is literally sending me every single rental property in my rental search that’s gonna be exactly that. fix it plz!

  9. Well I can only assume that the only reason I didn’t get any results is because I’ve had the beta program however I like the way it’s set up it’s real easy to use this is one of those cases where less is more if you know what I mean it doesn’t confuse you at all you put in your information you get results and I like that the only thing I would add is that maybe put in a few more categories you know Lauren come rent to own fixer uppers handicap accessories things of that sort but I really like it

  10. If I could give a zero I would. Misleading information. Says schedule a showing, and someone would get back with. First time I used app no one contacted me in reguards to time openings they requested. And the rental place never called. This time i scheduled , showed interest in 5 places. They even emailed me before 8 am. 5 separate places. 9 am . no one called. I called 2 , 1 leave message. other answered. start with have you filled out an application . Then tell me no in person showings. WHAT

  11. Russel Am dice:

    I love this website because it’s giving me great information about the property but I noticed that the apartment advisor website has some deals that I don’t see on your website. Also I need more narrowing search. For example I have small children and I want your website to show me apartments with carpet and schools around it. I also want to see my price range and exact location first and other cities to be shown as similar apartments.

  12. Amber Law dice:

    Couldn’t meet my criteria and it kept showing me listings that aren’t even close to the local I’m needing to stay in. Plus not many listings period and I know there are some really good ones out there

  13. Kept saying error every time I put in multiple zip codes for search. So frustrating right off the bat already issues. Uninstalled Immediately, thank you come again.

  14. looking in one area to live, but got everything to rent in the area’s I was not looking at. not very helpful!

  15. Once you get all your filters in this “Rent.” was very easy to navigate around in.

  16. Search larger area. Maybe choose a radius on a map. Add option for searching for handicap access.

  17. Nice App product of what I have seen so far. speak with any representative and friendly and professional staff are available.

  18. This app covers all that I needed. Rent was in all areas and price range. I was extremely satisfied with this and I had no reason to search anywhere else else 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😁😁😁😊😁😁

  19. You need to update your app, I’ve gotten this app a month ago and everytime I call to check on a place either the price is wrong or it’s no longer listed

  20. Easy navigation. Easy to find what your looking for and filter what you do not. plenty of info on page to either cont. looking or swipe on by. Thanks Rent.

  21. Michael, j can not . My eyes r fatolingnke. No cats… Can u make this thing weorkwinee help with voice typing or so th voicemail the game and then put the tablet on for tomorrow morning 🌅🌄 have a house key for me please but it was a little bit but it will probably be more than the next one is a house key for the game and the house key for the game and then get a house and what’s the $ little more than type?

  22. I love this app it’s very user-friendly and easy to find the best listing of available places to rent.!

  23. Prices are very off. Makes the app unusable. Need accuracy when searching

  24. Not really much of any listings to be found within like 100 miles. I think that given time that this app or really I should say this service, that it could become something that really is a good resource for folks.

  25. Truely love this app. It has covered all the questions we ask perspective landlords! Now whether they are honest answers remains to be seen. You can request a tour, recent problems?all related fees, nearest thrift store. They can’t wait for you to ask! If you are in the market. This app is for you, any where in this great city.

  26. I’ve already found me a apartment by using this site and it’s very easy to locate affordable apartments . It’s very real good software app with legitimate pricing pictures quality affordable free and we need to think about the word free and I’m the father God and i love you and the lord Jesus is in the other worldly right next to me and I’m the father God for real and it sales and it helps so let’s do this let’s get some commercials going children honestly perfectly the father God with you!!

  27. I cannot deal with this. On 70726 ZIP, I put on six filters. They keep bullying type of breeds that are “aggressive”. We cannot find a place to rent, just because people think pit bulls are aggressive. It’s just how their raised!

  28. Not worth using! App needs more capabilities & more development. Searches are redundant, not helpful, and off-target.

  29. MIC Blue dice:

    This app doesn’t provide all the info on a apartment it also doesn’t allow me select the diserd rent.

  30. This app is not for people who need help with finding any kind of home condo apt or roof over their head. If you are experiencing problems in this world and not of your own choosing, like a car wreck that made you disabled, then you need to go somewhere else. I will be sleeping in my car I’m guessing because now I am just a cement block with no use after working for over 30 years and losing my husband to death and my child because a family member wanted him to keep her company and I didn’t have$

  31. Makes me repick all my selections each time I open the app & go through a new status each time

  32. The draw feature isn’t working for searches.

  33. the formats and layouts of the property’s are very useful and outstanding and so very informative and extremely interesting

  34. very functional and very easy to find places to stay

  35. this is a pretty cool app I think it’s going to work help me to find a place and be beneficial to me thank you for having such a app.

  36. I like to rent I like the rent app it helps me find the right apartments around my area thank you very much

  37. Asks your maximum rent & the location you are interested in but then proceeds to show you things that are not in your selected area or are far more expensive or both. One of the worst apps I have ever used.

  38. I really like how Google helps me fill out information that I have saved on Google. this speeds up filing out many forms online, and helps me make less mistakes than I normally do! .

  39. The Rent App seems to have more available rentals than the other apps I’ve used. It also seems that the rents are more reasonable.

  40. I hate when I download a new app and as I am exploring it, I am interrupted by a demand for a rating. I think it’s probably a good app, maybe an excellent app, but this is just rude and annoying.

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