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Start earning Rewards (Leaves) with easy ordering and delivery. It’s a convenient way to order ahead and pay right on your phone. Earn Leaves and get free drinks and items for every dollar you spend. Get exclusive offers and much more!

Coffee, Tea, and Goodness are the very essence of what we serve. From the humble beginning in a small 1,100 square foot store located in the heart of Little Saigon, a band of brothers and close friends met in 2011. With backgrounds in law, banking, sales, and engineering, this group rolled up their sleeves and lit the fire. Pot and spatula in hand, they washed, tossed, and stirred the large pot as the sweet aromas of chrysanthemum, jasmine tea leaves, longan fruit, cane sugar, artichoke, and other herbs filled the kitchen. Paying close attention to every detail of how each ingredient mixed in the large boiling pot, they came to produce not just the 7 Leaves Herbal Tea, but a vision.

A vision to create a company that brings together the best products from various cultures around the world and apply the finer details to make them even better. Details such as consistent product quality, exceptional customer service, and a nurturing environment were added to the equation that encompasses the culture of 7 Leaves. Our goal at 7 Leaves is simple, to be the change in everything that we do, from our culture of care to the quality of our products, and to how we can better serve our communities.

Today, 7 Leaves has expanded across Orange County, growing from southern to northern California. We will continue to reach as many communities as we can across the country, starting with Nevada, Texas, and moving eastward. As we continue to spread our culture of care, we are constantly reminded and guided of our mission: “To enrich and embrace the human experience through our commitment to serve the very best coffee, tea, and goodness in every cup, in every community.”


40 comentarios en "7 Leaves Cafe MODDED 2022"

  1. Seems I’m the only one experiencing any issues with the app. The app is easy to navigate and understand, even for older people. I just wish that you can opt to pay cash in store while buying from the app and food can be added. Other than that, I really only had one issue with one store’s QR scanner not loading properly, but the cashier later added my points even after I left the store. I don’t experience spam calls and texts and massive ads other than the neat notifications about ongoing deals.

  2. The scanner is always out of service more often than not. Even after the cashier scans the QR code, the new leaves aren’t reflected in your account. I wish they could fix this or at least go back to using physical stamps cards. Other than this, the app is easy to navigate and the interface is pretty nice.

  3. Kogan Bao dice:

    6)7/2022 – they have address most of my concerns. only issue now is the zooming map when one picks a location takes an unnecessarily long amount of time. BEWARE: app defaults to adding 15% gratuity on all purchases!!! Click quickly to make a purchase and you will spend money you did not intend to spend. Such a blatant SCAM.

  4. I use this app 6/7 days I come here. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always collect tea leaves when paying at the counter. Also, mising about 75 points from 2-3 weeks ago. Employees keep saying they are logging it in but that’s what they said last year when the same thing happened and I never received my points for that week.

  5. Even after the cashier scan the QR code the new leaves aren’t reflected. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t. This app definitely needs more work. Please fix the issue!!!

  6. Terrible, terrible business. They can’t get orders right and refuse to correct or refund when they mess up. Honestly this is the worst food service app I’ve ever used, by a longshot. I’ll never give them a dime again.

  7. Matt Mon dice:

    Everytime app opens, it asks me the same 2 survey questions on where my favorite location is. My nearest location isn’t even on the list – I select a bogus one and the next time I open the app, it still asks me anyways.

  8. D Y dice:

    When this app came out, I had three drink cards punched out for free drinks and they wouldn’t honor my drink cards. When I ordered three drinks using the new app, I didn’t receive credit. Because of this, I stopped buying drinks.

  9. Pubfolio dice:

    This app sucks so bad. The damn owners need to make it better. It has so many bugs. It keeps asking me about the survey every single time when I logged on and I have already answered it. Also, the points disappeared when you change phones and sometimes it won’t even show up. Terrible app that is slow. Glitches

  10. This app sucks. Anytime I open the app it make me change my personal Info and then says the number is wrong. Worst part is I can’t even use the app without doing this. This should be fixed. I’ve head this problem for a year.

  11. App has been broken for the past few weeks for a lot of us. Freezes on startup.

  12. I like the store but it sucks that we have to pre-order our free drinks… I’ve forgotten many times so I just end up paying would like to see this feature changed.

  13. Shanae dice:

    Great app, easy and fast for making orders. YOU CAN PICK UP IN THE DRIVE THRU TOO, love that For some reason it doesn’t take Google pay, you have to put your actual card.

  14. Rofek S dice:

    Works great. Only thing missing is the ability to see a datetime stamp history of leaves added/used

  15. All the food and drinks are excellent. Wishing they would bring back their fried shrimp and garlic fries. Also, adding in your food menu a ham and cheese croissant.

  16. Strider dice:

    Doesn’t give option to customize your drink and points don’t get added from time to time even though it’s scanned at the store.

  17. Just opened my app today to find all my reward points gone and a login screen telling me I don’t have an account. Everytime the app updates you loose your points. What a scam.

  18. I can’t switch my account, it re-registered as a new account on my new phone and I lost all leaves… crazy how difficult it is to not be able to switch accounts

  19. The app is fairly easy, but I noticed you can only specify a couple preset percentages for tip. No option for exact dollar or custom percentage. In addition, it seems to force you to put a + in front of your phone number even though it’s not common in writing phone #s in the US.

  20. App works just fine except it won’t take payment info. I thought the update would fix this but nope. So far all you can do is use the points to redeem, but you can’t input other card info. It’s very annoying and I just want to place an order on the app but I can’t unless it’s with already earned points.

  21. It’s convenient for me to use to check hours and look at how I can modify my order without taking up time in the line. But I can’t pay for my order on the app, I can’t add my card information or use my google pay on the app. So I always have to order at the store and I can only order using the points I accumulated. I really hope the issue gets fixed so 7leaves can keep taking my money

  22. I miss the punch cards. The app is always having issues. It keeps asking me to rate my last service. I can take weeks to get my leaves from previous orders. When I do order it asks for my phone number, email and a whole lot of information. It is a glitchy app that goes out of service alot and I have had problems with the drivers delivering my drinks to neighbors. 7 leaves takes no accountability for their drivers and mistakes. Good coffee bad app and occasionally bad drivers. 👎

  23. apparently your 7-leaves account is tied to your physical phone, not your email address. that’s ridiculous, get it togther people. if you install the app on a new phone, or if you have multiple cell phones, you basically re-register and then have to transfer your loyalty points any time you install the app. lame.

  24. Dean W dice:

    Terrible app. Bought two drinks a week ago and they still didn’t show up. I don’t know if it’s the app or the clerk failed to scan it (I held my phone up and heard the beep, girl said it scanned). I even left a tip. Not sure why they replaced the stamp card with this. Disappointed.

  25. App said I had a birthday reward. Tried to redeem in app, doesn’t work. Go in store, they tell me it’s only on the day despite the app saying its still valid. What a nice treat. App is incomplete, rushed, and forced. It’s a grab for data than it is a convenience.

  26. Junk app. Better not to have. Every time after the cashier scanned my QR code for the leaves, it says ‘no network connection’ every single times!!!! I have got scanned my QR code 7 times and only 3 times actually worked. I have tried reinstall and turn my phone on and off but still have same problem. Is this only me?? Be alert whether you really received your leaves or not. Or is this what company intended to do so???

  27. Type RyRy dice:

    Haven’t had any issues with this app. Ordering and payment are super easy. Same with making any adjustments to your drinks. I really like how they notify you when there are special promotions.

  28. THY dice:

    Hassle with payment as many people complained. It also automatically adds tips and I only realized when I received email confirmation email. For so many years, the menu has just the same poor choices.

  29. Frank G dice:

    App sucks, wish they just go back to the punch cards, I’ve missed out on many leaves because either internet connection wasn’t working, or I forget my phone at home, with no way to manually enter in leaves, it’s just sad. Go back to you paper stamp, and get rid of this poor app. Or at the very least give us an option to enter in order number to claim the leaves, something your clerk always tells us we can do but I see no option to do so. And faq Section says you can’t either.

  30. Love this app and the fact that the price for the size is perfect!

  31. Staff is very nice. Easy to order on the app. Enjoy earning bbn points for free drinks.

  32. BEST MITCHA SOY AROUND!! App fixed now.

  33. dickey dice:

    Great app. Gets the job done for ordering ahead.

  34. Danny Lok dice:

    You Need an App for a Drink! If every restaurant wanted us to download an app for there food. Imagine how many apps you have. Imagine how many people are collecting your data. This place is only a drink place. I will go some where else. They are setting up a terrible way of doing buisness.

  35. App won’t work without Wifi for me for some reason. I get a notification that says “Function temporarily unavailable at this time.” Any time I use my data, so I can’t really use the app on the go.

  36. Bonnie N dice:

    Terrible application that never works right. They’re getting rid of paper stamp cards and provide this as the only alternative. Need better developers or offload it to a company that actually knows what they are doing.

  37. C L dice:

    You have to enter your name, email and phone number with “+1” every time you order. This information is already stored on the app, which makes this process seem extra redundant. Also, you can’t order all available store items.

  38. It looks like they’re still working things out but the main functions right now make it easy to place orders and quickly pick them up! Loving the new “Leaves” as their reward system.

  39. I’m finally getting the app since I got a new phone.l, but from a customer service point of view I don’t like how they wouldn’t honor the previously stamped cards which clearly came from them. I have almost 3 because I obviosly love and come to this place a lot.

  40. Clean interface, easy to use. I use it to order ahead every time and don’t have problems unless it’s a “secret menu drink”

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