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Order ahead & skip the wait!
Ordering through the Dunkin’ app is fast, easy and contactless! All app users can place their order ahead through the Dunkin’ app and skip the wait in store. Try all our contactless pickup options – walk-in pickup, drive-thru and curbside pickup! Options will vary by store. Check app for details.

Join Dunkin’ Rewards to earn FREE food and drinks!
Runnin’ has its rewards. Join our new rewards program, DUNKIN’ REWARDS, to earn your choice of free food and drinks, unlock Boosted Status to earn points faster and score members-only exclusive offers. Members earn 10 points per $1 spent on qualifying purchases in-store or when they order ahead.

Pay Any Way
Dunkin’ Rewards members earn points any way they pay – cash, credit/debit, Dunkin’ Card or Google Pay. Dunkin’ Rewards members can setup auto-reload so their Dunkin’ Card never runs out of funds.

Make it your own! There’s over 14,000 ways to customize your order when you order ahead on the app. Plus, Dunkin’ Rewards members can save their favorite orders and Dunkin’ locations, and schedule their mobile orders up to 24 hours in advance.

Send a Gift Card
Need a last-minute gift or a special pick-me-up? Dunkin’ Rewards members can send Dunkin’ Gift Cards via text or email from the app.


Dunkin’ Rewards members, your first Member Exclusive drink is here! Order our decadent, delicious Brownie Batter Signature Latte only in the Dunkin’ App, now through 2/21.

Not a member? Join today to earn your choice of free food and drinks, unlock Boosted Status to earn points faster and score members-only exclusive offers.

We’d love to hear from you! Leave us feedback under ‘Provide Feedback’ in the ‘Get Help’ section of the app. Love the Dunkin’ app? Rate us in the Google Play Store.


45 comentarios en "Dunkin’ MODDED"

  1. The app is okay when it works, however it is just too inconsistent to rely on. Loading errors, app freezes and crashes, and not a single credit card of mine can be processed without error. Also, if you schedule an order and there is an error, it won’t notify you until the time the order is supposed to ready. Keep a close eye or you will show up and have to order and wait again.

  2. Flawed at best. When trying to choose customized donut selection, add to order button is grayed out, no matter what you are selecting. Also, when ordering a reward, it should bring you to exactly what you are allowed to choose from. Ordering “conveniently” through the app should actually be convenient! The level of frustration to order something makes me just give up and go to a competitor with a less complicated platform. It’s just not worth the aggravation.

  3. While the app is great, getting a refund when purchasing an item the store cannot serve is ridiculous. I’ve contacted twice and still waiting for a call back and refund (for an item that is no longer on the menu). The store itself should be able to offer a refund of credit. And the point system is ridiculous. 600 points for a free refresher? 10 points for a $1 for a free $4 drink (large size). Do better.

  4. This app is the opposite of user-friendly. I’ve only actually successfully redeemed a reward one time, lol. What good are rewards if you can’t use them?! Not only that, but the app is so hard to use that twice I’ve ended up ordering something that wasn’t right. I tried to change the order that was in my cart, but it just went right through. Frustrating. Lately when I think about going to Dunks I talk myself out of it because I don’t have the time to try to figure out the stupid app. Sucks.

  5. As noted in some other reviews, this app can be difficult to use and the UI problematic. For the most part I’ve been able to navigate through these issues, but a major problem for me is the inability to cancel an order, even by calling the individual store (why are employees not provided this ability? They easily do so for an order occurring on the premises). Also, while I understand the hurdles of accomplishing this in the app, the refund process (having to go to the store) is often a chore.

  6. Jimmy San dice:

    This app needs some SERIOUS overhaul, its way too buggy, constantly losing your log in information, displaying incorrect pages, etc. Dunkin needs to fire all the people who worked on this app. Fact is, this is the buggiest app I have ever came across, to the point of it being completely useless. It just seems like the devs don’t really care about fixing it. This is not just a one or two time issue, with every single update, the most critical bugs were never addressed at all.

  7. I recommend this app easy to use, just wish dunkin it’s self had more flavor options on the option menu or had a place where you can go in there and write what you want. Also wish they had different choices for the points savings, like free cups, gift card, and ect. Overall it’s easy to earn point, look at past orders, and see pretty much the whole menu.

  8. Uodate: App was updated now takes almost a minute to open up. I thought it was broke. You guys can do better This came out after a lot of other places made apps and missing almost all of the quality of life features they have. Examples can’t scan receipt of you forgot to scan in store and have to buy a virtual gift card instead of linking to a debit card. Yet you’ve managed to over saturate the app with ads it looks cluttered and uneasy to navigate as a result.

  9. Kate W dice:

    I love the ease of ordering ahead but my order has frequently been wrong at various locations and there’s no way to rate the order like there is for almost every other fast food app or get any money back when an item is missing. If I have to unwrap and open every item in the order before leaving the drive through it doesn’t save any time.

  10. While most apps open within 3 to 5 seconds this one waits for almost 30 seconds to open on my phone and even after that it is extremely slow. I’m using a pixel 5 so that has a fast processor and this app is not only annoying it’s inconvenient especially because if it takes so much time I cannot really use it when I am at my gym or driving or doing something else. Even after that, there is no one tap order option and also the maps and the shop options take a long time to load.

  11. The latest change is the worst overhaul any company has ever made to any product that I can remember. It’s wholesale worse. The rewards program is confusing and offers less value, the app just doesn’t function often, looks worse, etc. I hate it. I used to go to Dunkin way too much. 5 times a week at least. The app change has made that 5 times a month maybe.

  12. Loved the app before the update and still love it now. (Lots of monthly offers) My only complaint is that if I’m using points or monthly coupons to get a free item I now only pay with a credit card. A few times I had them scan the offer and they said it was showing up on the screen at full price. I’m thinking it’s because it doesn’t register it unless they hit subtotal again (after scanning the offer) or until they open the drawer. I now only use a credit card so I don’t get overcharged anymore.

  13. Crashed several times when clicking on an offer then “start order”. Showed I had a coupon for a free sandwich and that it was activated and would be automatically applied at checkout. It was not automatically applied and there was no way to manually select it even though it was showing available right above the complete order button. Wound up having to pay full price. What a scam.

  14. Edited on 11/10/22: It’s less than 1 now, doesn’t record my visits or update my points. The new rewards program is awful. I gave it a 3 because it USED to be fine, no problems but lately all it is, is a problem. It’s just constant errors… network error, unable to process, etc. I couldn’t use it all this morning and Friday it took over 20 minutes to complete an order and double added items to my cart I had to go back and remove. Its extremely frustrating and eventually won’t be worth my time.

  15. I’ve been using dunkin rewards since it started. It’s was a simple system that was easy to follow & had a fair reward for a free drink every 200 points. With this new system, I can’t figure out how the points convert, I have to spend even more of the equivalent points to get my favorite drink, &the reward redemptions aren’t even appling properly! This along with the increase in prices mean I’m probably gonna stop going to dunkin, even after 2 years of being on a first name basis with my store

  16. The app works pretty well fairly easy to navigate. I wish the drink options were more customizable. I like the frozen chocolate drink with 3 shots of blueberry and 1 coconut but on the app if you add more than one flavor it changes it to one shot of each. Also not a fan of the new rewards system. It’s going to take at least twice as long to get my drink for free.

  17. TC 1977 dice:

    Not happy with new rewards program. You need almost 4 times the points for a free drink now. And I am constantly getting to the store and finding out they are either out of what I ordered, the food can’t be cooked at that time, or the espresso machine isn’t working. It’s like ordering ahead is not worth it anymore. The convenience of having an app goes right out the window. Maybe the stores need to connect better with the app.

  18. WOW! You guys took a great app and rewards program and turned it into….awful!! Rewards are harder to come by and even harder to redeem. App freezes constantly, tho didn’t before the “new and improved” version. Location is inaccurate. Even the franchisees don’t like it. What does that tell you? Don’t fix what ain’t broken!

  19. Three major issues. App shows reward credits, but that figure keeps changing (without redeeming them, or making purchases). If you use app to credit an in-store purchase, but decline a paper receipt, then you do not get credit for the purchase. It’s an app… Why do I need a paper receipt? FAIL. App is also not adding my number of visits to “stay boosted”.

  20. Hate the new rewards points system. It’s confusing and limiting on how to redeem points since the new update. My app also logged out on its own and I lost all of my rewards points. I feel like deleting it never using it and just not going to dunkin anymore It’s really annoying and not worth it. The reward system was so easy before you get a free drink and use it period done. Not sure why they changed everything.

  21. Rich K dice:

    Sometimes I won’t use the app for a few months. When I go to sign back in, I’ll use the fingerprint verification, the app will always tell me that the password is wrong. I go for the reset link and it always takes FOREVER to be sent. Then I start typing passwords from memory and get locked out for 30 minutes. Totally defeats the purpose of using the app. Much easier to just order in person. Send the reset links faster.

  22. I finally added $ to a Dunkin card to take advantage of ordering ahead and avoiding lines. Unfortunately the app doesn’t work. I started an order – then try to choose location and it freezes. Tried another option of picking location first – get a message “How will you pick up your order” – THERE ARE NO OPTIONS! Press the question and the dialog closes and I’m back where I started. I Wonder if this app has ever been tested.

  23. Recent overhaul is lacking. Slow to open, and unless you have absolutely perfect data or wi-fi service, it just won’t load at all. New program has its ups and downs, but overall this app and accompanied rewards program is lackluster and a few steps back from the last iteration.

  24. The app was great I never had any issues until this most recent update with the new design and different reward tiers. It now takes forever to load if it loads at all. I often have to close and reopen multiple times to get past the first loading screen. I have also noticed that it is much more difficult to obtain the rewards and apply to your order than it used to be. I do like that my extra shot of espresso is now included in my free drink reward just like it is at Starbucks.

  25. App doesn’t work, won’t track changes made to the account (either acquiring or spending points). The app is a useless waste of space. I likes the old system better, simple and easy, never had problems. You can talk to customer service all you want but their changes also do not appear to your account in this new app. Waste of time.

  26. D R dice:

    New changes are terrible. Hard to use rewards, can’t apply them to orders. Interface is more difficult. It’s nice being able to use rewards for things other than coffee but the entire process is much more difficult. The surge aspect is also annoying. End result, I’ll still get Dunkin, but much less often as it’s another hassle added I don’t need, I’ll just brew coffee at home more often now.

  27. I won’t go into how I liked the old rewards system better. When trying to customize my drink order, if you add more than 1 flavor swirl (the sweetened, not sure about unsweetened shots) it puts a check mark and doesn’t let you select more/less of either- AND IT SENDS TO THE STORE with 1 shot of each. The app used to let you add up to 6 shots of combined varieties. Can still add 6 of 1 flavor, but a 2nd flavor drops both to 1 shot onpy. Didn’t realize this and ew. This tastes awful.

  28. Dan Short dice:

    What is up with this app since it was redesigned? Twice now, I have activated rewards and they haven’t been applied properly. I add the items to my order, the checkout page shows the reward and when I go to pay, I’m told that the total has changed and to review it. I review it and submit it again, and it shows the discounted item, but I’m still being charged the full price as if the reward wasn’t actually applied.

  29. So many times orders are place and paid for then you get to store and they don’t have product. Store now refuses to refund so you have to go thru the app. Now customer service is refusing to pay the entire amount, stating they can Not pay back the tax…. Also been waiting for refund since November 25th for 2 separate orders. Multiple calls and emails made and each time it’s like starting over again. I’m sure it’s designed that way so you just give up trying to get refunded. Deleting app.

  30. With the new rewards system, to get the same level of reward (any free drink) you know have to spend over double of what you would have with the og system. I miss the simplicity! If they wanted to add food as a reward, there must have been an easier way to add it in to the existing program instead of this mess!

  31. Lisa D dice:

    I used to be able to quickly locate my dd app with the large pink border logo and bold letters. Now, the logo changed to a white sphere with a horizontal strip of text that is so tiny that it doesn’t show up amongst the other apps. It gets lost. I do not understand why people always have to change things that work perfectly fine. Idk if it’s my phone but has anyone else noticed the change….just put it back the way it was. It was better that way.

  32. Anwar dice:

    App functions fine and pretty easy to use and order. One star because of the revamped rewards program is definitely trash. Used to be 200 points for any drink which could be reached by spending $40. Now to get the same reward of any drink you’ll have to spend $90. Totally not worth it anymore. They should have kept the old point system and allowed other menu items to be redeemed. I guess I’ll stick to McDonald’s and their rewards.

  33. Khal Lee dice:

    Easy to use. Quick to order. A quick order of your favorites or previous order. A transaction history in the menu as well. Refunds are a little awkward to handle as it must be done by phone through customer service; however, it is rare that I required any sort of refund in any of my mobile orders and it is similair to how many others, like mcdonalds, handles it.

  34. With the new rewards program I will have to spend OVER TWICE as much as before, to get a free drink. ALSO everytime there is a deal such as free donut with a coffee etc… the app gives an error message that lasts until the deal is no longer valid (typically the next day), cant imagine that is a coincidence! Not to mention all the other bugs and glitches within the app. I used to go to dunkin 4-6 times a week, I will not go at all anymore. Very dissapointed

  35. The rewards are terrible, not only do you have to earn a ton of pts just to redeem a reward but then when you do try to redeem it, the rewards arent taken off the total price! Just tried to redeem a breakfast sandwich and when the code was scanned it was still the full price! Ended up having to pay for the entire thing and then they tried to scan the code again and magically this time it said “reward all ready used”!!!! What a complete JOKE! So i lost the pts and still had to pay full price!

  36. Edit: yeah, I am sadly not finding many redeeming qualities left to this app. Maybe I just don’t understand the tier system properly, but it is just too confusing. I attempted a free iced coffee today and tried to use all 700 of my points to get it, but it would not go through. While I like having more opportunities to get a lot of points, I am not enjoying having to figure out how to get my free drinks with the tiers. Please consider simplifying.

  37. The app DOES NOT show the correct amount it’s charging so the total is mysteriously $3+ higher than the amounts shown on the screen of your order! And the supposed “free” sandwiches or other “deals” you can add to your order if you purchase something else DOES NOT WORK! It’s takes WAY more purchases to get a free coffee now! The app even takes almost 2 mins just to load sometimes…. ???

  38. good app, although the older version seem more user friendly and easier to navigate. would be great if they let the customers know with a notification when a new option in the menu is available or not longer available. love the freebies 💕 but having to activate them is inconvenient, it would be great if they were automatic.

  39. Ginger K dice:

    The new rewards program is terrible. Makes it harder to earn any offers. Also all of the rewards and offers I had on my account magically disappeared. So I am unable to use the rewards I’ve acquired plus any of the monthly rewards offered on the app. I’ve been a customer for years but these changes make me want to take my business elsewhere. The rewards program and app changes are so aggrevating.

  40. I’m not happy with the overhaul of the new rewards program. Dunkin has always had a superior reward system to Starbucks, and made them my go-to for that reason. With the recent change, points accumulate the same, but cashing in those points is much more expensive. If you think inflation is bad, check out the new Dunkin point values! In some cases, rewards cost almost four times as much as they used to.

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