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[Premiere] Unchained Love, Between Us
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40 comentarios en "iQIYI – Drama, Anime, Show MOD 2022"

  1. I love this app! And I don’t mind the adds, but when I watch something there will be a pop-up add while I’m in the middle of watching my stuff. And it’s one of those when you click out of it the add doesn’t disappear! Please fix this, I don’t mind the video one, and if it’s a pop-up add please make Shure we can exit out so we can watch what we want to watch. Please

  2. T. O'T dice:

    *Updated to 4 stars, lack of synopsis and autoplay are still bothersome. Let me begin by saying that the available content is great, as is the ability to skip the intro and outro. The interface is severely lacking however; the app isn’t well organized and the search function is still lacking the ability to fine tune a search. The autoplay function when trying to read a synopsis is frustrating and unnecessary. Also having ads after paying for VIP is annoying even if there’s an ability to skip it.

  3. Pen Bra dice:

    This is one of my best go to Drama apps. Sometimes I receive refresh error messages even though I’ve paid until next November. I usually don’t have a problem. When I do issues are resolved! Very minor update can be made but it’s minor. Suggestions: English dubbing – please English Subtitles slowing down with enough time to read OR options to read choose CC speed English Subtitles on in order to catch(talking fast) up on what’s being said 😉 🤔.

  4. I changed my rating to 4 stars for 3 reasons. 1st having a drama start when you just want to read what it’s about. 2nd not being able to change the caption setting. Having it always in white makes it difficult to read if the background is light. 3rd even though I have no issues watching it on my cellphone when I try to watch it on my TV it’s slow, freezes and/or closes the app.

  5. L b dice:

    The content itself is fine, but the app itself is horrible. Navigation is difficult and finding what you want is hit or miss. I hate that I can’t click a show to find out details without it auto playing the first episode. I just want to know what it’s about before choosing whether to watch or not! And in the middle of every episode an annoying pop up shows up on screen asking me to rate it. I signed up for the $.99 intro month so I could binge a few shows, but I’ll definitely cancel after that

  6. Love the app. It would be better if it would open when I’m offline since half the time I have issues with that, even having some videos in my downloads. But once it reads that I have videos, it plays seamlessly. Also, if it wouldn’t automatically play a video if I accidentally click on it would be nice. I kind of wished it would give option to download beforehand. But besides those 2 minor things, I am rather enjoying this!

  7. Sno Queen dice:

    The selection and genres are wide, even including variety shows. But the app automatically plays first episode of anything even though I just wanted more information. It’s not allowing me to cast to my TV. I hate having to put the phone near my face to watch anything and it’s causing my hands to cramp. So hopefully there will be that option in the future. Until then a 3 star!!!

  8. Like the show selection but the captions are sometimes very hard to read. They are all in gray or white text so sometimes you can’t read what is being said if the caption is posted on a white or light background. An example would be if the speaker in the movie has on a white shirt and the captions are at the bottom on the speaker’s shirt. You totally miss some important parts of what is going on.

  9. The number of shows is great. It has shows my other apps don’t. Navigation is painful and the autoplay instead of a summary of the show or movie is frustrating. The subtitles are great on some, completely insane on others. Some are ugh but understandable. I wish I had a way to correct incorrect subs and submit. I could fix things like “You got struck by thunder” to “you got struck by lightning”…obvious mistakes. Sentence restructuring on sentences that make no sense at all.

  10. Updated review: Thank you for adding the ability to browse the entire library (there’s an extra icon to the right of the search bar now). It’s SO helpful! Also, I know machine-translated subtitles aren’t ideal, but everyone please keep in mind that many of these titles might otherwise never get subtitles because they’re not popular or new and so not a priority. I’d rather have machine-translated subs over nothing.

  11. This app works ok, though the interface is kind of clunky. What’s frustrating is that there are still ads even after purchasing a VIP subscription. It just gives the ability to skip the ads. Unfortunately, I realized this only after I had purchased a one-year subscription; otherwise I would not have signed up at all. Other streaming platforms provide an ad-free experience with subscription and it’s disappointing that this platform does not offer a comparable service.

  12. I would give the app a 5 star rating if shows didn’t automatically start playing when you click on them for a description. I constantly have to go and clear out my watch history because of the auto play. I wished descriptions were attached to the show title without you having to select the title to see what the show is about. The other annoying thing is how the app keeps trying to get you to upgrade to VIP, when you are already a VIP.

  13. seven dice:

    this app is actually really good! i’m using it to watch ‘youth with you 2,’ and i find no problems! the only thing that i would have to say is that the captions sometimes (not usually though) don’t show up for a few minutes… it’s not too big of a problem, but i would like to see that fixed if you can. other than that, everything else exceeds my expectations!

  14. Zeze I dice:

    I thought to take advantage of the free trial. A week before it was supposed to renew, I went into my account, and saw that my subscription was going to expire on 7/1/20. I looked everywhere to see if there was a cancel button just in case. There was none, so I assumed the subscription would expire and that would be the end. Only to find that my account was charged on 7/1. I’ve now spent over an hour trying to cancel. Still can’t find how to. My Google Play doesn’t have any subscription listed

  15. Alice W dice:

    Edit: Problems were resolved. Took a bit for the right support to reach out but once they did the support tech was very helpful and responsive and we were able to figure out what was wrong so change form 3 stars to 4. Good app when it’s working. I’ve been paying for vip subscription but I end up seeing less content available to view than when I’m logged out. Whole categories like “drama” show up with no results which makes no sense. Tried to reach out to get help but nothing happening.

  16. A great app and I love the smoothness of the ui alot. The only thing is whenever I click on a movie or drama it automatically starts the film instead of just showing a description. Although minor I think it’d be nice to be able to read about the film before it actually starts, that way I can manuver through my watch history easier as well. Otherwise a fantastic app

  17. I too, would’ve given this app 5 stars if it wouldn’t auto play shows when just wanting to read the description, and if you didn’t show ads/banners for upgrading to VIP to members who are already VIPs (me). Also, whenever I go to watch a show, unless it’s really late at night, like 2am or so, the video keeps jumping, stalling and then plays with no sound before freezing. So I’m constantly exiting the app and reopening it just to get through an episode. It’s seriously frustrating.

  18. They have amazing shows, but almost every thing is VIP it it’s a little annoying. I was watching a show and the 2nd episode was VIP it’s crazy! Overall the app is great. Not even a lot of adds. When I signed in it lol ost all of my progress with watching shows, so I had to redownload it because when searched up the name the show wasn’t there. But the app is amazing.

  19. Serena P. dice:

    Sometimes it’s laggy (doesn’t sync properly between sound and motions) compared to other streaming app, though the web version works nicely. I appreciate the anime collections, keeping up with popular titles, enabling many people to watch it legally. Also the speed options is really helpful, some dialogs on anime/drama feel too slow for me so I like to make it 1.25x or 1.5x.

  20. This is an excellent app, I love all the features while watching a show (volume and brightness control, 10 sec rewind and forward) very helpful. The quality and captions are good & I love the download an episode feature! Sadly, I will deleting the app. I got it to watch a certain show & was able to this past week but suddenly all the episodes are VIP only. I don’t understand why it changed & don’t like being tricked like that. If it was ViP from the beginning I might have signed up then.

  21. Terrible app. It seems like there has been no quality control for this app at all. I cancelled subscription to this service till they have a decent working app. – Android App – On my Google Chromecast with Google TV, the app has a host of issues. (a) Shows which have been watched do not show up as watched once the app is closed and restarted. (b) The app keeps buffering for ever! It is nearly unusable. And no, it is not my internet as I have a 1G wired connection and none of the other apps have this buffering problem. (c) No matter how many items are in the Watchlist, you can see only two random items on the app. Now, I also have the TVOS version of this app on my Apple TV 4K. While it does not buffer there, I cannot fast forward or rewind any of the shows or the movies! The fast forward/rewind/seek functionality is completely non-functional! This make the app useless and unusable, This app is an exmaple of how not to do software development.

  22. Ana G dice:

    With the PAID Premium subscription, a constant Feedback request pop up appears on screen during the movie/show and you have to swipe it away. So distracting and extremely annoying . Although the app offers a great selection of shows, most of them have no summary to describe the movie so you have to look them up yourself or select based on the cover image.

  23. Too many ads. Is the 4 ads before playing each episode of the movie was not enough that even at the middle of the play you even inserted two more ads. Huhu!!! Quiet annoying. The movie was good , the animation and the subtitles are also good. The ads is the problem!!! I can’t even give at least a one star.

  24. Even with premium subscription annoying notification about renew account is a dumb idea fix it and I will rate more ⭐ and setting is simple as app itself can’t change anything there for example resolution, subtitles and audio you only can change those while watching is a not good idea either…

  25. It’s an amazing app like I’ve done nothing but sit here and watch My Only 12% since I got this app. But the reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because it lags ALOT. Like, it lags so much and not just the app, it lags my whole phone. Like I can’t even text anyone without the cover of this app randomly popping up. Also, the adds. There are so many adds, and I wouldnt mind if they weren’t the same ones over and over again. But they are. I have to watch 3-6 adds every time. How aggrivating…

  26. A L dice:

    Old version of the app on my old device allows me to watch in 4K but latest update on a newer device only has 1080p? I have premium VIP. This doesn’t make any sense. Is the 4K a lie??? Also the app is now displaying ads on the upper left corner of the screen that are bigger than iQIYI logo. How am I supposed to focus on the content when there’s a giant telecom logo on someone’s face? Disgusting to put ads on the watch area especially for paid subscribers. 🤬

  27. I love this app so much, it’s perfect and easy to use and also I don’t mind the ads though. But the thing is when I try to watch an anime it says no network connection while I really have a strong connection, please fix this.

  28. I get frustrated with apps like this that say they have English subtitles when in reality only a small handful have English subtitles even with the expensive VIP subscription. It’s not just a wait until the first season ends before they put it the subtitles situation either. My proof: I’ve been waiting for 2 full years to see if they release them for “No Choice But To Betray The Earth”… Still waiting. Their translations are rough at best for the shows that do have them.

  29. The app overall is very good but idk if this affecting anyone else but i need premium in order to watch the rest of the episodes of my show.The subtitles are great,but the number of ads are quite annoying as one ad can be 1 minute long and 4 ads will pop up before watching any show. I hope yall can reduce the number of ads shown so that the expirience would be perfect.

  30. MJ Hood dice:

    I’ll keep posting this review until someone from iqiyi customer Support gets back to me when my VIP will start. Over a 3 day period I signed up thru my Roku and then 2 times directly through iqiyi website. In all 3 instances after paying I was not granted access to the subscription. I was able to get the Roku subscription refunded. Customer Support for iqiyi emailed and said they have the 2 payments but sill won’t give me access to what I paid for. Do not subscribe in the US, this is a scam scam

  31. The app kept crashing plus the ads are too long it’s so irritating and annoying it’s impossible to watch my favorite show without crashing or having a 30 secs ads The icons are easy to use but the app has alot of bugs please fix asap

  32. Bad streaming services. Pay for Standard plan (rm11.90/month), but cannot skip any ads. The ads also sooo freaking many! 3-4 ads before starting each eps, then in the middle got some more 3-4 unskippable ads. Plus, subscription clearly said Standard can watch up to 1080p, but when i want to change it in mobile apps, will always bring to subscribe more pages. Really bad service! Will not recommend to anyone! Youtube free still can skip ads laa

  33. I already updated my premium subscription but it is still trying to get into my gpay yet I have already paid for my monthly premium subscription. I’m starting to think that this app is a scam. You can’t cancel the auto renewal. It’s like it is designed to keep getting money from my account.

  34. Love this app, although the frequency and numbers of ads is really annoying unlike before. They have points system, anyway. Just save some points then download the series you want to watch. Then accumulate enough points while watching the downloaded series. Then spend it again to dl series

  35. i paid for vip, great cool yeah, but now every 5 minutes im being interrupted by an ad that closes out the video, and any time i try to write feed back it triggers another ad that closes out the video and causes lagging after i play the video again… im starting to feel like my money is literally being wasted right now. good app im, but im starting to feel unsatisfied. sorry.

  36. Used to work really well, but after redeeming VIP using my points and downloading the latest update, everytime I enter the app, the app freezes and never seem to work and jumps out back to the main screen after a few seconds. Please fix this and return me the remaining hours of VIP I have.

  37. Too many ads and a lot of vip.If that one story is over, there’s no need to vip again, it’s over, right?If you want your app to be liked by many people, you don’t have to give us stress. You know it’s because there are too many ads and I’m crushing my phone . Please have less ads in the story. Look at YouTube, there are not many ads, but many people watch YouTube . Please reduce the ads with the vip. I like to know this iqiyi. But because there are too many ads with vip, I don’t like it

  38. Nice app with plenty of dramas but if you’re on monthly subscription and looking to upgrade to yearly, DON’T!! I paid for 1yr subscription in Dec and still got charged in Jan. Raised a ticket with prove but they REFUSED to refund me with excuse – refund does not meet policy.

  39. I have subscribed but, I still can not get the benefits as I suppose too the app keep asking me to renewal and when I did that it said I have subscribed. I written an email to developer still no respond. This is my last effort to get notice. Where my money goes if the subscribtion privilege not work

  40. It used to be perfect. But recently there are toooooo many ads ! I dont mind if the ads is just short, but ads like Grabfood is ridiculously long and appeared too many time in each video.

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